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All In One SEO Software is an all-in-one software that allows you to manage your website’s SEO easily. It helps you to optimize your site for search engines by analyzing its performance and creating a detailed report about it. After analyzing the site’s performance, it will suggest changes that can be made in order to achieve better results. The software also provides tools for managing link building and content creation. It comes with an easy-to-use interface which makes it very user-friendly.

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All In One Seo Software

The Best WordPress SEO Plugin and Toolkit
Join 3,000,000+ Professionals who use AIOSEO to Improve Their Website Search Rankings.

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Advanced SEO
Rich Snippets
Finally, a WordPress SEO Plugin that’s Easy and Powerful
All in One SEO is the best WordPress SEO plugin. Here are the features that makes AIOSEO the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress SEO plugin in the market.

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TruSEO On-Page Analysis
Easily add title tags, meta descriptions, keywords, and everything else you need for proper on-page SEO optimization.
Rich Snippets Schema
All in One SEO Pro offers complete support for schema markup so you can get more clicks and traffic with rich snippets.
Local SEO
All in One SEO gives you all the tools you need to improve your local SEO and rank higher on Google Maps.
Smart XML Sitemaps
Automatically generate a WordPress XML sitemap and notify all search engines of any updates.
Video SEO Sitemaps
All in One SEO includes a video sitemap generator, so you can rank in Google’s video carousel widget and grow your traffic.
Social Media Integration
Easily control how your content and thumbnails look on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks.
Link Assistant
Get relevant suggestions for adding internal links to older content as well as finding any orphaned posts that have no internal links.
WooCommerce SEO
Advanced eCommerce SEO support for WooCommerce to optimize product pages, product categories, and more.
SEO Audit Checklist
Analyze your entire WordPress site to detect critical errors and get actionable insights to boost your SEO and get more traffic.
Redirection Manager
Easily create and manage redirects for broken links to avoid confusing search engines or lose valuable backlinks.
Google News Sitemaps
Get higher rankings and unlock more traffic by submitting your latest news articles to Google News.
Robots.txt Editor
Take full control over the instructions you give web crawlers about what folders and files to crawl on your WordPress site.
Get the #1 Most Powerful WordPress SEO Plugin Today
Join over 3 million smart website owners who use AIOSEO to improve their website search rankings.

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All-in-One SEO is a great product. I have been using it on all my WP sites for several years. I highly recommend it.

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Jack Brown
PJB Internet Marketing
Robust without nagging or bloat. All-in-One SEO has been my go-to SEO plugin for over a decade. It was the first one I used, though I later tried some others. But I’ve come back to All-in-One time and again.

Author Image
Mike Matera
WordPress Consultant
10 years using it allows me to say it is the best SEO plugin out there, we even have it in a yearly automated renewal basis. Keep up the great work!

Author Image
Ed Burckhardt
Top 5 Reasons Why Over 3 Million Users ❤ AIOSEO
AIOSEO is the perfect WordPress SEO plugin for YOU. Here’s why over 3,000,000+ smart business owners, marketers, and web developers love All in One SEO plugin for WordPress, and you will too!

Properly Set Up WordPress SEO Without Hiring an Expert
AIOSEO makes it easy to set up the proper SEO foundations in less than 10 minutes. Our smart setup wizard optimizes your website’s SEO settings based on your unique profile.

Easily Optimize Your Pages for Higher Rankings with TruSEO Score
TruSEO Score gives you a more in-depth analysis into your optimization efforts than just a pass or fail. Our actionable checklist helps you to unlock maximum traffic with each page.

Seamless Integrations With All Your Favorite Tools
All in One SEO offers seamless integration with popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

We also make it easy to connect with Google Search Console, Google AMP, and integrate with many popular WordPress plugins including WooCommerce, MemberPress, and more.

Support for Local SEO and WooCommerce SEO
All in One SEO offers complete support for Google Knowledge Graph and markup for local businesses.

You can also easily optimize your WooCommerce product pages, product categories, and more.

Top Rated Plugin + Exceptional Customer Support
Over 19 million websites use our software to grow their traffic and revenue.

With over 1,500 5-star reviews, our support team has been recognized for industry-leading ratings from our customers.

all in one seo


All in One SEO – WordPress SEO Plugin


Compatible up to: WordPress 5.9.3

Get All in One SEO – WordPress SEO Plugin
All in One SEO (AIOSEO) is the original WordPress SEO plugin that helps you improve your website SEO (search engine optimization). Over 3 million smart website owners use AIOSEO to optimize their website for higher search rankings.

We acquired the AIOSEO plugin in 2020 to finally create a beginner friendly WordPress SEO plugin that’s both easy and powerful.

All in One SEO

In our opinion, All in One SEO for WordPress is a must have plugin for all websites because it helps you improve your rankings in search engines like Google, so you can increase your website traffic.

What Do You Get with All in One SEO?
With AIOSEO, you get access to all the powerful tools to boost your website’s SEO rankings. Our SEO tools help you create website content that Google and other search engines can easily understand.

AIOSEO seamlessly integrates with important webmaster tools and social media platforms:

All in One SEO easily integrates with popular tools and social media platforms
Here are the features that make AIOSEO the best WordPress SEO plugin:

Powerful On Page SEO Optimization Tools – Do you know how to set up your website’s posts and pages correctly for search engines? AIOSEO makes it easy to add things like a meta title and description to your page.
Instant Sitemap Creation – It’s crucial to have an XML sitemap for your website that search engines can use to easily find all your content. AIOSEO will create one for you instantly when you install it. You can easily customize this to your needs, too.
Automatic Search Engine Notification – Whenever you update content or add something new to your site, AIOSEO will instantly notify search engines like Google and Bing.
Easy Connection to Important Webmaster Tools – AIOSEO makes it really easy to connect your website to tools like Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and Pinterest Site Verification.
Advanced WooCommerce SEO – With AIOSEO, you can easily optimize your product pages, product categories, and more in WooCommerce.
Image SEO – Many website owners overlook images when it comes to SEO. AIOSEO can automatically generate title text and alt text for your images, based on a specified formula (e.g. using the post title) that you can tweak however you like.
Great Tutorials – AIOSEO comes with lots of video tutorials that walk you through lots of different aspects of SEO. If you have a question, it’s easy to find an instant answer. Of course, the support team is also on hand to help you too.
Exceptional Customer Support – The amazing AIOSEO support team will help you through every step of your SEO journey. They’re committed to helping you succeed. No question is too big or too small for them.
And Much More – AIOSEO is packed with features to help you skyrocket your site to the top of search engines. You can keep things simple with the default settings, or you can tweak things as much as you want if you’re a power user.
It’s incredibly easy to install and use AIOSEO. The moment you install and activate the plugin, AIOSEO will do all the hard work for you.

For instance, your sitemap will be generated for you straight away. You can tweak this however you like. For instance, you might want to schedule updates so search engines check your site regularly, or you might want to include/exclude certain types of content from your sitemap.

All in One SEO will automatically create a sitemap for your WordPress site
The AIOSEO setup wizard will also automatically set up important features for your whole site, like canonical URLs. These mark your site’s content as the original version, so that if anyone scrapes or steals your content, their version can’t outrank yours in search engines.

You can use AIOSEO to easily set up things like a custom SEO title for your homepage or an SEO title structure for your pages and posts.

The All in One SEO dashboard
Ready to get more search engine traffic? AIOSEO does all the hard work for you, and offers powerful tools for you to go even further.


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