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A Complete Guide to App Store Optimization (ASO)

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Top 8 Best App Store Optimization Tools in 2021
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Your app’s position in the App Store and Google Play is affected by several factors, and the number one factor is app downloads and engagement.

Downloads are self-evident metrics, but engagement is a mixture of the number of daily and monthly active users: how often each customer opens the app on a monthly basis, along with the amount of time they spend in the app.

Engagement largely depends on the features of your app: useful features that get users through their day lead to better engagement. Downloads, on the other hand, hinge on the visibility of your app to customers. Both elements of your app’s success require effort and investments.

Mobile App Store Optimization
One could say that the app market today favors the law of the jungle where the fittest survives: big-name app developers with impressive marketing budgets seem to get more media coverage. On the other side of that, we have indie developers who have to find ways around to get any attention at all, regardless of how good their apps are.

App store optimization (ASO) is the ultimate solution that can fill the gap between the extremes of the today’s app market.CLICK TO TWEET
ASO techniques take into account such things as the app’s name, icon, screenshots, videos, etc. The app metadata along with keywords will play a vital role in your app’s rankings in Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Let’s look at some of the app store optimization tools available for app developers. And while they don’t guarantee you instant success and the number one spot in app stores, using these tools will help you make your app more visible to users.

What is App Store Optimization?
Before we jump into this though, let’s briefly recap what app store optimization is, really. Wikipedia defines the term as the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app in an app store.

So basically any activity that makes your app appear higher in the search results in App Store or in Google Play is ASO or App Store Optimization. Or plain and simple — SEO for mobile apps / App Store SEO. ASO tools teach you how to do SEO for an app.

Benefits of App Store Optimization Tools
With the mobile app market predicted to grow by USD 653.91 billion during 2021-2025, the competition gets as tough as ever. Those who decide to leverage app store optimization tools can definitely earn their place in the sun.

If you’re still not sure whether ASO is the right instrument to encompass in your mobile app strategy, then we’ll briefly note down the key benefits it brings for you to succeed.

Alongside with enhanced user engagement that we mentioned above, mobile app optimization delivers several core values:

Improved app visibility
Increased number of downloads
Reduced user acquisition costs
App revenue growth
Global audience reach
After covering the advantages, let’s move to the key part of the article and explore the best ASO tools in detail.

Types of ASO Tools
There are more than 40 ASO tools available on the market today. And so deciding which one to use for app search optimization may easily become a nightmare.

We’ll group these ASO tools for you by type and then will take a closer look at the most popular ones.

ASO Tools — comprehensive app intelligence suites
ASO tools that come with the most complete set of options can usually help you take care of any ASO task: from keyword optimization to competitive analysis and user reviews overview.

ASO Tools for app keyword optimization
As the name suggests, these ASO tools focus solely on keyword optimization, showing apps that rank for a given keyword. Their features include app keyword suggestions and tracking.

ASO Tools for user review analysis
Working with user reviews is another crucial aspect of app marketing. ASO tools that focus on user reviews and app rating offer analysis of what users struggle with in the app and where you could improve.

ASO Tools for A/B Testing
Mobile app optimization tools that allow you to A/B test your app product page variations will help you choose the single best-performing landing app page that converts to downloads.

ASO Tools for search ads optimization
To run ad campaigns on Apple Search Ads you may want to get the scoop on what your competitors are doing. Such insights will help you.

Top 20 ASO Tools 2021
Check out these top-performing ASO tools available as of 2021:

Keyword Tool
App Annie
App Radar
Let’s review some of these ASO tools that may amplify your app store optimization efforts.

  1. AppTweak
    Trusted by more than 1,500 mobile leaders, AppTweak is one of the best ASO tools presented on the market today. It aims to improve app visibility and organic downloads, monitor app performance, uncover new growth opportunities, and empower ad strategy.

Mobile App Store Optimization Tools: AppTweak
Key features:

Keyword Impact
With more than 3M words tracked daily, AppTweak provides an advanced opportunity to leverage keyword analysis.
Competition Monitoring
The tool allows you to monitor your competitors in the context of ranking growth, distribution, history, and install statistics.
Downloads to Reach Top
Giving plenty of details on your app’s performance, AppTweak also provides you insights on the number of downloads for your solution to get into top 100, 50 or even 5 apps.
Marketshare Seasonality
Supported with visal charts and yearly density map, the tool offers you data to analyze growth per year, top and worst months or days.

There’s a large number of plans available to use AppTweak. Each of them supports a 7-day trial period where you can explore the benefits of this tool. In general, pricing starts at $58 monthly.

  1. App Radar — ASO App Growth Tool
    App Radar
    With AppRadar, you can thoroughly analyze how your app is discovered. This robust tool promises to save 3-10 hours per month on ASO work and scale your user base with the help of an AI engine.

App Radar — ASO App Growth Tool
Key features:

Keyword Rankings
Suggestions on which keywords to use in your app store listings and which of them drive more downloads.
Optimization Score
Includes app optimization score and personalized tips on the improvements. This ASO tool allows you to manage app localizations and define which updates boost the app’s growth.
Ratings & Reviews
App Radar’s helps you reply to user reviews with templates and increase conversion by enhancing the app rating.
Ads Intelligence
With Ads Intelligence, you’ll know your share of ad impressions, focus on the right keywords to drive traffic, and optimize paid and organic user acquisition.

The starter package is $39 per month and includes all essential features for app store optimization. You can always opt for a trial period. However, there’s a free plan for those who require only the basic tools.

  1. AppFollow — ASO Organic User Acquisition Tool
    AppFollow is one of the top ASO tools for organic user acquisition. According to statistics, it helps boost conversion rate to installs by 11% and grow the number of organic installs by 490% on average.

AppFollow — ASO Organic User Acquisition Tool
Key features:

Store Performance Index
Allows for easy detection of the weaknesses in your app performance and quick fixing.
ASO Dashboards and KPIs
AppFollow provides valuable data on ASO strategy backed up with dashboards and KPIs tracking to measure the results.
Competitor’s Overview
Monitor your competitors and keep up with the key changes in their products and app rankings.

While the advanced plan allows you to benefit from a full set of features for $111 on a monthly basis, a free tool with a limited capacity is still available. For greater flexibility, AppFollow offers customized pricing with optional add-ons.

  1. App Annie — ASO App Store / Google Play Intelligence Tool
    App Annie
    App Annie is probably the best-known app market analyzing platform that serves the most trusted app data and insights for you to succeed in the global app economy. Over 1,000,000 registered users use App Annie’s statistics and research to make informed decisions in the app market, grow their businesses and outsmart the competition.

Mobile App Store Optimization Tools: App Annie
Key features:

Market Data Intelligence
This high-end product offers you revealing insights into the demographics of your app’s users and how they interact with the app. The key data points include stats on user retention, downloads, and competitors’ performance.
App Analytics
A free solution for tracking the basics of your app’s performance, e.g., usage, downloads, revenue, and spend across the App Store and Google Play.
Mobile Store Statistics
A free product for minimal ASO, providing such market data metrics as historical rankings, ratings, user reviews, and keywords for any app across the globe.

Market Data Intelligence is a paid product with individual pricing options available upon request. App owners can also resort to App Analytics and Advertising Analytics with Store Stats that are free.

  1. ASOdesk — A Variety of ASO Solutions
    ASOdesk is a whole set of diverse tools for your team to implement a full-cycle app store optimization process. Valuable data insights help companies grow their app business on the App Store & Google Play.

ASOdesk — A Variety of ASO Solutions
Key features:

Store Console
This functionality allows you to facilitate the process of creating and updating metadata of your app and its publishing on the App Store.
Top Charts & Store Analytics
Providing details on App Store and Google Play analytics, this tool will help you explore trending apps, searches, and popular keywords across any country.
Replies and Reviews
The core advantage of this feature is that it serves to automate the work with user reviews, which leads to reduced efforts for your support team.

There’s a great diversity of options to pay for an ASOdesk tool. Going for an annual subscription allows for 15% off of the standard pricing.

  1. Sensor Tower — ASO App Keyword Optimization Tool
    Sensor Tower
    Sensor Tower is a powerful platform that mobile app market leaders rely on for vital data-driven competitive insights and understanding of the global app economy. The company’s solution provides enough features to increase app downloads through app store optimization.

Mobile App Store Optimization Tools: Sensor Tower
Key features:

App Intelligence
Similar to its other products, Sensor Tower’s App Intelligence combines many tools in itself. Built around ASO, the solution enables you to analyze user reviews, the results of being a “featured” app, daily sales and app usage analytics, category and keyword ranking, detailed analysis on the competition, etc.
Store Intelligence
The Store Intelligence platform provides data on app downloads and revenues, with estimates for both available across several categories, types of devices, and countries.
Ad Intelligence
This tool becomes useful when you want to uncover statistics about user acquisition campaigns run by other publishers and app developers. The overview that the platform provides lets you see top advertisers and publishers for each week. On top of that, you can see if the increase in ad budgets affected the number of downloads.
Top Charts
The basic version of Sensor Tower’s platform — it’s free and shows top-performing apps across different categories and countries. Top Chart also displays the apps that have got the most ratings and have been recently updated.

Top Charts and Leaders are free and go with all Sensor Tower paid tiers. App Intelligence starts at $79 per month, which makes it a killer product for small businesses.

  1. App Figures — ASO App Rating & Review Analysis Tool
    App Figures
    App Figures is a mobile app tracking platform of choice for top app developers. From indie devs and small studios to giant app publishers, AppFigures can automatically connect to everything that matters for your apps and turns your app data into powerful, easy to understand reports for your entire app portfolio.

Mobile App Store Optimization Tools: App Figures
AppFigures is an all-inclusive reporting system that integrates with the App Store and Google Play, mobile ad networks, and in-app analytics providers. AppFigures provides the following reports.

Key offerings:

Downloads and Sales
Track sales, downloads, and in-app purchases.
Get notifications via Slack or email when someone posts a review on your app.
Your app’s rankings are updated hourly and compared to competitors.
App Usage
Track sessions, active users, bug reports, and other usage data.
Monitor ads in your app and revenue across different ad networks, apps, and countries.
Top Charts
Know the top-performing apps in any category.
The reports by AppFigures are customizable and can be integrated with other dashboards, and exported to various data formats.


The platform features a free plan with limited functionality. Premium service with access to all features starts at $4.99 per month, and there is a 14-day trial available.

  1. SplitMetrics — ASO A/B Testing Tool
    SplitMetrics is an advanced ASO App A/B testing tool trusted by such brands as Rovio and Reddit. This platform allows you to A/B test your App Store and Google Play app pages and discover the content elements that get you conversions.

SplitMetrics — ASO A/B Testing Tool
Key features:

App page audit
Сomprehensive app page audit that helps you pinpoint the bottlenecks and growth areas.
Test webpages
Optimize your app page with a test web page before going live.
30+ experiment types
Test all elements of your app page, search ads, and category.
User behavior analytics
See how users interact with your app description, screenshots, video, etc.
API & 3rd-party integrations
Integrate with your marketing tools for a stronger ASO effect.
Best Free Mobile App Optimization Tools 2021
Let’s take a look at some of the best free ASO tools 2021 has to offer. As you might imagine, finding a 100% free ASO tool is a tiresome task. But we’ve managed to uncover a couple of variants for you.

Mobile Action
Mobile Action provides app market intelligence and ASO keyword analysis. The free option of this ASO tool allows tracking 5 keywords on the App Store and Google Play. They also offer app analytics and a competition analysis. In addition, Mobile Action explains how you can improve your app rankings. And all of that is free.

SearchMan provides free access to app market research. The tool has data for over 4 million apps (iOS and Android) and almost two million keywords. With SearchMan, you can check your app’s visibility, track its rankings, analyze competitors, and learn if your app is easy to discover.

app store seo tools 2018

Jonathan Chum
Jonathan Chum
Sep 29, 2018

9 min read


30 App Store Optimization Tools in 2018
Below is a comprehensive guide to available tools that helps you to automate some of the processes discussed above.

There is no single one size fits all when it comes to picking an app store optimization tool. Therefore my recommendation is to figure out which strategy you want to focus on and put your marketing dollars towards achieving those goals.

Some tools provide a set of features that will give you a greater bang for your buck thus it’s difficult to categorize apps as they may fall into multiple categories.

In this guide, I am going to show the 30 top app store optimization tools you need to know to supercharge your ASO strategy in 2018.

App Annie
Sensor Tower
Mobile Action
Make App Icon
App Icon Maker
What is App Store Optimization or ASO?
App Store Optimization or ASO is a set of strategies to get your app discovered on the app store.

App Discovery Methods
With over 2 million apps on the app store, getting your app discovered is the most significant pain point many app developers are facing today.

Unlike Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short, the audience intention is much different as shown in the chart below.

App Discovery Methods
The goal of App Store Optimization is to drive, relevant, consistent traffic to your app page.

To have a successful App Store Optimization or ASO strategy, you need the right tool for the right job to succeed in your mobile marketing strategy.

App Store Optimization or ASO, you need the right tool for the right job to succeed in your mobile marketing strategy.

That’s why I put together, a comprehensive guide of the top app store optimization tools for 2018.

App Store Optimization or ASO tools generally fall into the following categories:

Keyword Optimization
Asset Optimization
Keyword Tracking & Ranking
App Intelligence
App A/B Testing
Review Management
Depending on your goal(s), each tool will solve a specific set of problems you may have.

If you been in the app development space, have users, you may decide that an A/B testing tool is right for you.

If you are an indie hacker or starting out, a combination of keyword tracking and optimization is a must.

Getting visibility takes precedence over running A/B tests. This is so you have enough statistical significance to make a decision from the results of your test.

If you decide you only want to focus on building the app, then there are agencies you can hand off ASO to.

This is the general picture of app store optimization in 2018.

Let’s begin breaking down the tools.

App Store Optimization Tools for Keyword Optimization

App store optimization keyword research tool by ASO Zen
This technique comes from search engine optimization. But, instead of researching keywords to target for search engines, you are researching keywords to target app stores.

The user behavior on app stores is different on App Stores than Search Engines. This is because users are looking to discover apps to try.

The general uses cases are searching apps for entertainment, utility, or news consumption.

User behavior on search engines is generally doing research and comparison.

When it comes to keyword optimization on the App Store, you want to change your mode of thinking. Think like a user and how they are searching on a mobile with limited space.

In a previous guide, I explained why picking relevant keywords are very important. And how shortening the words will provide you more bang for your buck especially for the Apple’s App Store.

Because you have a limit of 100 characters for Apple’s App Indexing engine to index.

I also talked about a localization hack to increase the number of keywords by 5X (500 characters).

Keyword Tracking & Ranking
After coming up with 5–10 keywords, the next step in App Store Optimization is beginning tracking your app’s rank.

There are several app store optimization tools built for this purpose.

Every app developer needs to have a budget that includes ASO tools for tracking keyword rank.

Otherwise, it’s very cumbersome to track by hand every day and see which keywords are working, and which isn’t.

The goal is to get your app ranked in the top 10, top 5 of the keywords you are targeting.

New apps appear daily and the App Store indexing engine will make changes all throughout the day. This will affect your ranking.

ASO Zen (free trial), App Annie (~15,000/yr), Sensor Tower ($79 — $499), App Radar ($149-$499), and Mobile Action ($69 — $499) are a few that offers keyword tracking.

App Annie
App Annie is one of the early pioneers in the app store optimization and app intelligence space, started 8 years ago.

When I worked at Zynga, most of the decision making on what games to make, who our competitors were, etc. were based on the data App Annie provided.

App Annie gets this app intelligence data by luring app developers early on to connect with their system for free, so you can see your game’s analytics in one dashboard.

However, this data is pulled into their app intelligence offering and resold to companies with deep pockets.

There is no pricing plan and the only way in is to be engaged by their sales team.

At one point, they had 375 customers, each paying an average of 80,000 a year!

Generally, the contract is annual and you pay upfront for the data.

This has allowed them to scale out to 450 employees in their SF office.

Their target demographic is enterprise app development houses, not indie app shops.

Store Stats with App Annie

Key Features: Aggregated store dashboard, keyword tracking, app intelligence
Price: 20K — 250K a year
App Stores: iOS Apple Store and Google Play

App Intelligence
App Intelligence are big data platforms for researching trending apps or estimating downloads or revenue an app is making.

Companies in this space include App Annie, Priori Data, and Mobile Action.

App Intelligence tools are great for establish companies such as game or app development studio to research their competitor’s downloads, revenue, and assist with strategizing to enter a specific genre of games or niche for a utility app.

How these companies get this data is by offering a free, analytics dashboard to app developers to lure them in.

Automatic bots will then extract this information from Apples iTunes and Google Play analytics dashboard and save it to their own big data store.

Then that data can be mined and turned into reports for app intelligence.

Not all apps will opt in and participate so these big data company will have to “estimate” based on other competitors app histories they’ve collected.

Asset Optimization
These tools assist app developers who don’t have the means to do in-house or outsource their creatives to make eye-popping screenshots or icons for their app.

Why you would need a tool like this is to quickly generate an icon for every size needed to list and get your app approved on the App Store.

Other asset optimization tools assist in taking your screenshot, vertically or horizontally, and in turn, superimpose them on backgrounds so they stand out in the search results page.

Getting the right messaging and copy, then and testing these assets are important which leads us to the next type of App Store optimization tools, A/B testing.

A/B Testing
Much like A/B testing features in your app, you also need to A/B test assets.

One case study of an app recently saw a 25% lift in installs by changing from a control group where the screenshot was imposed inside of a device shell with headline copy to a carousel depicting a lifestyle.

In short, the screenshots that show the app used in the wild did far better in conversion.

App Store Optimization Agencies
When you don’t have the time to focus on App Store Optimization because you are focused on building your app, you can outsource the ASO strategy.

ASO agencies will first analyze your existing app listing, then provide recommendations.

Meanwhile, they will use the tools discussed above to put together reports on how your app is performing for target keywords and advise on any changes if necessary.

Picking the right agency for the job can be difficult.

Questions to vet out an agency can be asking a few simple questions and check if their answers resonate with how you would do personally do ASO or if their strategies make sense to you.


Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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