Autobuy Chrome Extension For Android

Autobuy Chrome Extension For Android is a chrome extension that allows you to buy anything from websites without leaving the page.

With this extension, you can save your credit card information and use it for quick purchases. You can also store your shipping address so that you don’t have to enter it every time you want to make a purchase.

This extension is not affiliated with Google or any other website mentioned in this blog post.

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Autobuy Chrome Extension For Android

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FlashSale AutoBuy

FlashSale AutoBuy
20,000+ users

Compatible with your device
FlashSaleAutobuy- Features: buy phones in Flash sale like Redmi Note 11T 5G,Sony PS5,Infinix Note 11 & Many More
Download Our Android Application:- 👈😀

Buy New Product In Flash Sale Just In Seconds With FlashSale AutoBuy.

  • Support for Autobuy Redmi 10A on Amazon Added
  • Support for Autobuy Infinix Note 11on Flipkart Added
  • Support for Autobuy PS5 on Amazon and Flipkart Added

Follow this steps to Buy Products:-

  1. Install FlashSale Autobuy Chrome Extension
  2. Then simply click on extension icon, it will Show You Product.
  3. Now choose The Product You Want.
  4. it Will redirect you to Sale Page.
  5. You are all set at the sale time our extension will add the product to cart.
  6. Use this extension to buy any type of Flash sale mobiles.

Keep checking we are adding features frequently.

This Privacy Policy can be also found here:

Process How To Update Extension Manually :-

For any query related to FlashSaleAutobuy you can reach to us via our Official facebook page here:

a autobuy chrome extension for android phone

Home » Android » 12 Best Chrome Extensions for Your Android Phone
12 Best Chrome Extensions for Your Android Phone
written by Ravi Teja KNTS June 4, 2021

Unlike Firefox, Chrome doesn’t support Chrome extensions on the mobile. Anyhow, we have third-party Chromium-based browsers like Yandex and Kiwi that can install Chrome extensions on Android. Now that you know which browsers support Chrome extensions on smartphones, there are some of the best Chrome extensions that you should consider for your Android smartphone.

Best Chrome Extensions for Android
Extensions are optimized to work on desktop, so you can find a lot of Chrome extensions that are completely broken. Also, few extensions like LastPass, Bitmoji, Google Keep, Pocket, etc. have dedicated Android apps, and installing Chrome extension doesn’t add any value. So after using a plethora of extensions, here’s the list of Chrome extensions that work great on Android.

  1. Buster: Captcha Solver for Humans
    If you are in incognito mode or using a VPN, Google sometimes throws captchas for you to solve which are boring and inconvenient, to say the least. That’s where the Buster comes in to play. Once you install Buster Chrome extension phone, you can complete the entire captcha with a single tap. The extension uses Google’s own API and voice accessibility features to complete the captcha for you. The best part is that it works on Kiwi browser in Android just like on the desktop.

Buster Chrome extension
Download Buster

  1. I don’t care about cookies
    Due to GDPR compliance, every website has to disclose that they are using cookies. Over time, it can be quite frustrating to keep on accepting cookies. If you do feel the same, then this extension is just for you. There isn’t much you need to manually do with the extension, just install it and it will remove all the cookie pop-ups automatically.

Download I don’t care about cookies

  1. Ginger
    Ginger is a grammar correcting tool. You might have heard about Grammarly, but unfortunately, Grammarly does not work on Android phones. You need to enable desktop mode in order for the Grammarly extension to work. Alternatively, you can try Ginger. It is also free and works just as good as Grammarly.

Correcting grammar using Ginger
Download Ginger

  1. Honey
    Honey is a great Chrome extension for Android to find the best coupon codes while shopping. It works on 30,000+ sites including Amazon. Once you install the extension, it pop-ups automatically when you are making any online purchase, finds you a coupon code that works for you, and automatically apply it saving you a lot of time and money. Anyhow, the UI isn’t that great in mobile browser and takes up the complete screen. Nonetheless, it works great on phone just like on the desktop. Though I normally use apps to shop when I am on phone, Honey is enough reason to switch to the browser.

Download Honey

  1. Keepa Price Tracker
    When you open any product page on Amazon, Keepa shows you historical price of that product. You can also enter your desired price level and get reminded when selling price hits or goes lower than what you entered. Advance options include price including shipping cost and cost for prime users. All this info will be added on the product page itself as another section that you can find by scrolling down and it works on the phone too. The font size is soo small for my liking, but is just as seamless to use.

Keepa Price tracker on Android Phone
Download Keepa

  1. Evernote Web Clipper
    Evernote users will find its web clipper extension on Android handy while adding content found while browsing to their Evernote notebook. Though Evernote has an Android app, it does not provide the same functionality of grabbing text from the web. This extension is also useful for taking screenshots of websites and add annotations to it, but the experience is buggy. Tools cover most part of the screen without leaving space to annotate and edit.

Evernote Web Clipper on Phone
Download Evernote Web Clipper

  1. GoFullPage
    Speaking about screenshots, you can try out GoFullPage to take a screenshot of the entire webpage. The functionality of the extension is quite limited, you open the three-dot menu and click on the extension icon to take the screenshot of the entire webpage. You don’t have the option to grab only the part of the webpage or add any annotations or editing to it. But that limited functionality makes the extension even use on the mobile without getting cluttered with tools.

Taking screenshot using GoFullPage on Android
Download GoFullPage

  1. Hover Zoom+
    This extension helps zoom into images on the web just by hovering your mouse on it. On Android, you just tap on the image to open it and zoom. As photos on the phones are normally much smaller than you see on the web, it’s hard to view it unless you zoom in. Or, you can use this extension and tap on the image to open it in full-screen.

Hover Zoom+ on Android phone
Download Hover Zoom+

  1. Noisli
    Noisli Chrome extension is for those who like listening to white noise sounds while working. You can easily access the settings and change sounds, timer and also combine multiple sounds and save them, add to playlists, etc.

Noisli extension on mobile
Download Noisli

  1. Google Translate
    Just long-press on the word or sentence that you want to translate, tap on the three-dot menu in the pop-up, and select the Translate option. This will open Google Translate in a pop-up view.

Google Translate Chrome extension on Android
Download Google Translate

  1. TLDR This (Too Long Didn’t Read This)
    If you find a web page that is too long to read then you can click on the TLDR This extension icon which will create a short summary of the article for you. This might not work in tutorials, recipes, or other kinds of searches. But works really good in news articles, announcements, etc.

TLDR This summery on Android
Download TLDR This

  1. WOT Web of Trust
    It is a quite popular extension that adds the ratings on the websites in the Google search. So you can check out the trust of the website based on user ratings, trackers in the website. Along with that, it can also block trackers and also provide you warnings when you are opening any phishing websites.

Download WOT Web of Trust

Wrapping Up: Best Android Chrome Extensions
Most websites and web apps have dedicated apps for Android phones but for everything else, there is an extension that you can install in Kiwi. However, this means you will have to use another browser instead of Chrome. Few widely used features like ad blocker, dark mode, etc. come in-built in Kiwi browser. If you are using Yandex, then you can also consider the ad-block plus extension.


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