Automated Seo Software Free

Automated SEO Software Free

SEO is the short form for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process of getting your website ranked higher on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. For example if you want to rank your website high on Google then you need to do some difficult things which can be done by using automated seo software. To get your search engine optimized, you need to write good quality content on your website. Also you need to use some keywords which are related to your business or product so that it will help in getting more traffic and sales. These are some basic things which are required for getting ranked high in search engines like Google etc.

You can easily use automated seo software free online for doing these tasks quickly and effectively without any hassle of doing these things manually in any way possible as it will take time and effort as well as money too if you want it done professionally then there are many companies providing this service at affordable rates but still they charge money from you so here I am going to tell you how can we do all these stuffs without spending any money at all because some people may not have enough money or may not want to spend money on something else so here

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Automated Seo Software Free

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7 Best SEO Automation Tools For Marketers
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July 13, 2020
7 Best SEO Automation Tools For Marketers Featured Image

Do you have a steady flow of customers organically showing up on your doorstep? While most SMBs can not compete against market and category leaders with paid tactics — SEO is a different ball game.

However, it’s easier said than done…

Tracking rankings, researching keywords, and coming up with content ideas can take hours of your time. The workday can be gone by the time you know it.

How do you get around this? SEO automation. There are several SEO automation tools on the market that will speed up all of the processes I just mentioned. And whether you realize it or not, you’re probably spending way too much time on SEO.

These platforms allow your agency to become more productive and experience less headaches. Seeing as 82% of marketers agree that the effectiveness of SEO is on the rise, you don’t want to be late to the party, either.

That’s why Morphio has put together a list of the best automation tools for SEO. Keep reading to see what they are!

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  1. SE Ranking
    Homepage of SE Ranking website
    SE Ranking is a complete SEO suite that will help your agency improve its on-page SEO, backlink profile, and more all while taking the weight of these tasks off your shoulders.

Their website auditing tool will save you hours of work by automatically scanning any URL and collecting data on:

Technical errors and status codes.
Meta tag and header information.
Website loading speed and suggestions for improvement.
Image analysis.
Internal links.
Here’s what a sample report looks like:

A sample report from SE Ranking
Why do all of these things by hand when SE Ranking will do all of them at once? You can easily share reports with team members to improve your SEO faster while allowing different departments to handle specific fixes.

Similarly, SE Ranking’s on-page checker ensures that your pages and content are in the best condition to rank in the SERPs. Their software gives you a detailed report on any page with optimization suggestions to save significant amounts of time.

Likewise, wouldn’t it be nice to snoop on competitors to find out what keywords they’re targeting for organic and paid search? Well, you can do so instantly with SE Ranking’s competitive analysis tool.

Users can receive a full list of competitors for any search query along with a historical list of effective PPC ads. This means SE Ranking is capable of enhancing both organic and paid campaigns while saving agencies valuable time.

  1. SEMrush
    The dashboard of SEMrush
    SEMrush is one of the world’s most popular SEO automation platforms and for good reason. It’s a freemium tool that will allow you to automate how you track your keyword rankings, backlink profile, and more from a convenient dashboard. Despite it being so thorough, it’s also extremely easy to use.

Furthermore, you want to ensure that your SEO efforts pay off, right? Then it only makes sense to use a tool like SEMrush to gauge how your campaigns are performing.

Similarly, you don’t want your backlink building campaigns to be in vain. Are they building authority? Are they do-follow versus no-follow? You can figure this out and more in the snap of a finger.

Your keyword rankings are updated every single day so you’re never in the dark, either. Additionally, the traffic graph shows how your organic and paid traffic are performing over time.

  1. Ubersuggest
    Homepage of Ubersuggest
    Neil Patel needs no introduction. However, have you used his SEO automation platform? This completely free tool called Ubersuggest will help your agency streamline keyword research and curating content marketing ideas.

Because if you know one thing about keyword and topic research… it’s that it’s very difficult. Look how Ubersuggest will take all of these hassles away.

Typing in a search term on the homepage will bring you to the keyword overview page which looks like this:

The dashboard of Ubersuggest
Ubersuggest instantly pulls the search volume, difficulty, and CPC along with a trend graph. Say goodbye to scrambling to find this information.

The “Keyword ideas” tab will find more search terms for your agency to target within content based on the original search.

Pair that with the content suggestions on the right and you’ve effectively automated keyword research, content research, and competitive analysis at once!

Suggestions from Ubersuggest

  1. Morphio
    You likely recognize a lot of tools on this list, but you probably have not yet heard about Morphio – that’s because we’re new – and we’re different.

You may recognize a lot of the tools on this list, but if there’s one that’s sure to stand out, it’s us!

Our very own marketing automation platform here at Morphio will help transform how you manage SEO thanks to machine learning, anomaly detection, and other state-of-the-art features we offer.

Additionally, you can automatically track competitor metadata updates and related search performance. This keeps you on top of competitors and capitalizing on opportunities.

Morphio AI and SEO
Firstly, our AI will help your team measure and understand your best performing content and keywords so your agency can double-down on them, fast-tracking your SEO success.

You simply plug in a campaign, do work as usual, and our software will find improvements along the way. That means your SEO and content becomes better over time without any extra work.

Secondly, anomaly detection is an advanced AI feature that helps your agency discover data that stands out from the rest. Here’s what it looks like:

Morphio’s anomaly detection example
For example, you may find that certain phrases you weren’t targeting are generating significant amounts of website traffic. Learn more about anomalies and similar terms on our resources page.

  1. Google Search Console
    Google is too kind to us marketers. They provide mountains of data and information to help improve our SEO completely for free. One of these resources is Google Search Console.

Connecting this tool to your website will help you discover critical metrics including search result CTR, internal/external backlinks, impressions, and more.

You don’t need to spend budget on expensive tools when you can achieve automated SEO analysis with GSC. Here’s how.

Navigating to the “Performance” tab will give you a complete overview of your website’s performance in the SERPs.

Google Search Console performance dashboard
Specifically, total clicks, impressions, CTR, and average position gives your agency a birds-eye view of your overall organic profile. Agencies can use this data to optimize meta descriptions and title tags for more clicks as an example.

The “Queries” tab will show you the exact search terms being used to find your website and inner pages, as well. Target these to increase the organic traffic to your website and further narrow down results through the “Pages”, “Countries”, “Devices”, and other filters.

Google provides other features and alerts through GSC to improve your search engine presence, such as:

Mobile usability errors like small text.
Page speed suggestions.
Sitemap submissions.
Top linking pages and sites.
Indexing coverage and problems.

  1. Answer The Public
    Let me ask you this: would you like hundreds of keyword and content ideas in the click of a button? Then you need to try Answer The Public. This free tool will take any search term you enter and find the following related information:

Alphabetical results
Related terms
For example, if I type in “machine learning” this is some of the data it yields:

This makes it easily one of the best automated SEO tools on the market. They give you five free searches per day which many agencies will find sufficient but feel free to upgrade to one of their paid plans for more features like saved reports, high res images, and unlimited team members.

While it seems like a straight-forward tool, don’t underestimate its power. Internet marketers like Robbie Richards have generated over 150,000 views on their website thanks to the data it provides for SEO and content marketing.

  1. Screaming Frog
    Screaming Frog is a freemium SEO automation software that will scan your website to find error codes, indexing issues, and areas for improvement like meta data.

Unlike some of the other tools I’ve outlined today, Screaming Frog is a software you download and run straight from your computer. The interface can look intimidating but speaks to the amount of information it gives you.

Instead of manually inspecting areas such as what I just mentioned, this software will do it all for you within minutes and provide a neat spreadsheet of the data it finds.

The free version will fetch and analyze 500 URLs which is perfect for smaller agencies, but the paid version with unlimited features will be better for established agencies.

All of the reports can be exported out as spreadsheets for deeper analysis and plugging into other tools, as well. You can filter reports by elements like HTML, header tags, meta tags, and more to get a report that precisely suits your campaigns.

Google Analytics, Google Search Console, among other integrations can be connected to Scream Frog to make it that much more powerful, too.

Wrapping up the best tools for automating SEO
SEO is an extremely rewarding strategy for digital agencies but requires intense organization and execution. Keyword research, content creation, and backlink building are a few of a dozen beasts you’ll be taming every day.

Wouldn’t it be nice to automate most of them to reap the benefits of search marketing while making your team’s lives easier? Thankfully you can with the SEO automation tools I showed you today.

If you want to streamline your agency’s SEO strategies while making your team more productive and engaged, start a free trial with Morphio today! You will be able to try out a marketing automation platform and see how it will transform your SEO first-hand.

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