Best Apps For 10 Year Olds

10-year-olds are at a fun time in their lives: they are just beginning to get comfortable with their identity and starting to understand who they are as individuals.

In this article, I will be talking about the best apps for 10 year olds. These apps will help your child expand their creativity and learn new things. I’ll also share some suggestions on how you can make sure that your child is safe when using these apps as well as provide some tips on how to use them together as a family!

Best Apps for 10- and 12-Year Olds | Educational App Store

Best Apps For 10 Year Olds

Top 10 Apps For Kids 8-12 In 2019
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Are you the parent of a tween? If so, then you already know the challenges of finding quality, safe apps for them to use.

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Here at GoKid, we believe safety is paramount. It’s why we created GoKid, a safe and easy carpool app. Our free app is a safe way to find rides for your tweens to and from school and other activities. Families who upgrade now can enjoy extra features with GoKid Pro free for the first month!

With more younger kids using smartphones or smart devices, it is imperative that parents stay on top of their digital habits and find the best apps for children that will help them navigate the online world safely.

Common Sense Media explains, “Preteens need concrete guidelines for responsible use of the smartphone — these are powerful little devices. They also need to know what your expectations are for responsible, respectful online behavior.”

When it comes to finding great apps for kids 8-12 years old, you must look for apps that they will actually use and enjoy; however, it is also important to look for apps that will keep them safe (such as apps with parental control options) and educate them.

We’ve identified the top apps for children 8-12 years old to help you hand your kid a smartphone without fear.

1 – Froggipedia

Froggipedia has been named the Top iPad app of 2018 by Apple. Considering the millions of apps available, this award means it is a winner. Froggipedia is an AR app (augmented reality) that allows users to explore and learn about the anatomy of a frog – without the dissection.

2 – Box Island

With the STEM movement on the rise, kids have opportunities to learn new skills in fun ways. For example, Box Island is a computer science game app that uniquely teaches kids coding. Plus, the combination of STEM learning and fun makes this one of the best free apps for kids!

3 – Marble Math

Another educational app that using gaming to reinforce skills is Marble Math. As the name suggests, this award-winning app combines math and mazes.

4 – Duolingo

For middle schoolers and up, Duolingo is one of the best free apps for kids when it comes to language learning. Users can choose a language and then play games to build their vocabulary and fluency. And it doesn’t stop there: Parents can learn along with their kids, as every family member gets their own profile.

5 – A Dark Room

A Dark Room is totally different from all other game apps that rely heavily on graphics. Instead, A Dark Room is a strictly text-based adventure game that forces kids to think outside the box.

6 – Gorogoa

The 2018 iPad Game of the Year title went to Gorogoa, and it is easy to see why. This is a visually-rich puzzle game that will challenge kids and adults alike.

7 – The Infinite Arcade

Another playful way to reinforce STEM skills is the game app The Infinite Arcade by Tinybop. In this app, users design and build their own arcade games.

8 – GarageBand

Looking for an app for your music-loving kid? One of the best free apps for kids is GarageBand. This app lets kids record, edit, and produce high-quality music tracks.

9 – Terraria

If your kids love Minecraft but are aging out of it, introduce them to Terraria. Terraria is a multi-player game, but tweens will only compete locally (or with people they know) rather than strangers.

10 – Kudos

Parents looking for a safe way to introduce their tweens to social media will love Kudos. Essentially, this is a safe, photo-sharing app for tweens. Best of all, parents are informed of their kid’s activities on this platform.

As with all digital content, moderating usage is key. We are big fans of setting time limits and like that Apple lets you now monitor and set downtimes.

best drawing apps for 10 year olds

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

10 Best Drawing Apps for kids
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This post was last updated in December 2021

Kids’ cognition craves drawing because it provides it with an unrestricted space to exercise its creative performance. Through drawing, kids get to develop a number of key skills including fine motor skills, cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination skills, math and language skills, among others (see sources at the bottom of this page for more on the importance of drawing and creative art in kids whole development)

With the advance of technology and more specifically mobile technology, drawing has taken unprecedented dimensions empowering kids to take their creative skills to the next level. There are now a wide variety of great educational apps to help kids enhance their graphic expressivity through drawing and doodling. Below is a sample of some of the best educational drawing apps out there.

Best drawing apps for kids

1- Draw it
This is an engaging drawing game that involves kids competing against each other. Winners are those who can draw as many objects as possible in a limited time frame. Some of the app’s features include:
“Simple and addictive gameplay
Variety of word packs to unlock and collect
Number of different objects to draw and sketch
Fierce competition
Limited time to draw”.

2- Drawing with Carl
Drawing with Carl allows kids to import pictures and draw over them. They write their names with stickers, draw Talking Monsters, use Mirror painting to explore creative drawing, and more. Some of its features include: Easy and fun drawing tools, Talking Stickers, magical pattern paint bucket, mirror drawing, cool stickers of Carl and friends, share on Facebook Wall, email your drawings, import from photo library, and more.

3- Draw In
Kids can use Draw In to draw outlines to sketch. The way it works is simple and easy: “you draw a line, reckon up the length of the shape and close it! The stars will be awarded depending on how perfect the line covers its outline! The more close it closes, the more you can see what the shape really is! The line can be close but you need to try again if it’s too long.”

Some of its features include: Free to play, suitable for all ages, length of outlines are not know till one starts drawing, kids try to find images hidden in the shape, and more.

4- Draw.AI- How to draw
Draw.AI provides kids with guided drawing activities in which they get to select a drawing they like and follow the step to draw and color it. Kids can choose from anime, animals, flowers, and more. Some of its features include:
“Seamless animations showing you how to draw step by step.
Tons of awesome drawings created by our artists, updated regularly!
Amazing tools! You can even use our GLOWING pens to create your unique glowing artworks!
Coloring mode for you to practice your coloring skills.
Auto generated video of your drawing & coloring process!”

5- Draw Story
In Draw Story, kids use their drawing skills to get out of touble. The way it works is simple:
‘• Simply use your finger or Apple Pencil to draw each objective
• Try to get out of school!
• Discover all of the different level endings
• Immerse yourself in a world a drawing!’.

6- Picsart Color Paint
Picsart id another good drawing app for kids (and adults). It offers a wide vareity of drawing features including: the ability to draw with both color and texture, use numerous layers to draw on, pattern and color fill, a color wheel and mixer to match colors, use different blending modes, a text tool to draw and erase using text, and more.

7- Drawing Games Learning Kids 2
In this app, kids use their drawing skills to improve their learning. Some of its features include:
“150 step-by step drawing tutorials in 10 thematic sets with different complexity levels for kids aged 2 to 6
“ABC” and “Numbers” packs to get children interested in learning letters and numbers through drawing with pictures they make themselves
a huge variety of tools, including pencils, crayons, stickers, patterns, and paints
tracing and free-drawing mechanics to help prepare your child’s hand for writing with step-by-step motor-skill refinement, from the moment they first scribble to their finalized masterpieces
activities that form a customized age-based learning program, taking your child’s interests into account
unique easy-to-follow tracing exercises that guide your child’s creativity without limitations and stimulating free drawing”.

8- ArtWorkout: Learn How to Draw
ArtWorkout teaches kids drawing using a game-based methodology. While drawing, the app evaluates kids performance and analytic insights. ArtWorkout also provides a plethora of resources to help kids amp up their drawing competencies. These resources include over 200 lessons, step-by-step guides, interactive courses (e.g., in doodling, sketching, drawing, painting, and handwriting), Apple pencil support, and many more.

9- Doodle Buddy
‘Doodle Buddy Gold is the most fun you can have with your finger! Finger paint with your favorite colors and drop in playful stamps. Connect with a friend to draw together over the Internet.’

4- Kids Doodle

‘”Kids Doodle” is a pretty easy-to-use painting application that is designed specifically for little kids to enjoy doodle freely on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It supports more than 10 brushes, such as glow/neon brush, rainbow brush, crayon brush, oil brush, etc. The brush size and color is randomly adjusted to let kids entertained all the time.’


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