Best Apps For Group Chat

Group chat is one of the great conveniences that smartphone apps provide, but sometimes picking one can be tough. To help you make an informed choice, we’ve put together this list of the best group chat apps currently available on the Android and iOS platforms to let the deciding factor be your own needs.

Best Apps For Group Chat

Live Chatting: Every app in this article is built for “live chatting.” In other words, they feel more like chat rooms than text messages. They have read receipts and typing bubbles (even in groups), and messages are sent and received without much lag.
Voice Video Chat: Most group chat apps, including Instagram and Facebook, support group voice and video chat.
File Sharing: You can share photos with any group chat app. Only a few services, however, like Whatsapp, Slack, and Microsoft Teams, allow you to send documents and files.
Channels: It’s hard to separate conversations in a group chat. So, some chat apps, like Slack, Discord, and Microsoft Teams, have a “channels” feature that allows you to easily organize and jump between conversations.
Statuses: Some of these apps, like Slack and Discord, allow you to set a public status. This way, friends know that you’re “online,” “away,” in a meeting, or getting your hair cut. Statuses are useful for workplaces and internet-centric friend groups, but they’re rarely useful for sports teams, schoolmates, bands, or fraternities.
Multi-Platform Use: Most of these apps are cross-platform, which means that you can access them through any tablet or PC. (There are a few exceptions—Instagram messenger is difficult to use from a computer or tablet, and iMessage is stuck in Apple’s ecosystem).
App Integration: Services like Google Calendar are helpful when you’re working with a group. But only a few group chat apps, like Slack and Microsoft Teams, actually integrate with third-party services.

Best group chat

  1. WhatsApp
    WhatsApp is a versatile chat client that lets you talk with friends around the world. Since the app works on data and wi-fi rather than sending text messages, your messages aren’t restricted by your network. Create group chats to send friends photos while on your international vacation, keep in touch with colleagues while they’re on a business trip overseas, or arrange a movie night right in your hometown.

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  1. GroupMe
    The free GroupMe app lets you set up multiple texting groups, so you can have a private chat among your fellow movie buffs, reminisce with your college friends, create a dedicated group for all your cousins and more. Set a picture for each group profile to easily identify them. GroupMe allows you to share photos, animated GIFs, videos and your location, and if you want to send information privately, just tap that friend’s avatar for a direct private message. You can also “like” messages in GroupMe, and your friends don’t even need the GroupMe app—anyone can chat with groups over SMS.
  2. Google+ Hangouts™
    Send photos, emojis, map locations or messages to friends with Google+ Hangouts. Start a phone call with a friend from your computer or turn any Hangout into a live video call with up to 10 friends and keep the conversation going on multiple devices. The video calls ring everywhere your friends have the Hangouts app downloaded—smartphones, tablets or computers. If they can’t pick up, they’ll receive a notification that you were trying to reach them.
  3. Facebook Messenger
    While Facebook helps you keep in touch with friends and family, Facebook Messenger can also help you chat with them as well. Gather groups of friends together to share specific links or events, make plans and more. You can even keep in touch with friends you haven’t seen in awhile, or new friends you’ve met on the internet.
  4. Voxer®
    The Voxer app lets you have a conversation with friends across the world from your smartphone or desktop computer. Send walkie-talkie-like voice messages, text messages, photos and locations in one-on-one or group chats.
  5. WeChat
    Chat with friends instantly via voice, text, photo or video messages with WeChat. Share, like and comment on photos or WeChat Moments with your friends. You can also find new friends nearby to start a new conversation. Create live group chats and invite your friends to a WeChat group via QR code (available in the latest versions for iOS and Android™). Use the walkie-talkie mode with up to 40 friends.


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