Best Apps For Lucky Patcher

Android is an amazing platform. However, a major problem that has been bothering Android users these days is the fact that many apps are not available for free. Most of them require you to pay to download. Such apps are usually obtained by rooting your device, but lucky patcher is different as it can grant you the privilege of downloading paid apps for free .

Lucky Patcher APK Latest Version Free Download (UPDATED)

Best Apps For Lucky Patcher

Lucky patcher custom patch list games 2021
Apply Custom patch to get the full version for free (No Donate or pro key required). Here is a list of some collected Lucky patcher custom patch available games in 2022:-

PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator
– Hack Unlimited Bux by (Apply custom patch via Lucky Patcher)
Hill climb Racing v1.17.0
– Apply custom patch to get Unlimited fuel. It’s only on ARM v7 android devices.
Candy Crush Saga v 1.39.4+
– It Will Remain Active.. Until The End Of Level.
– Once You Enter The Moonstruck,
– unlimited Lollipop, Free Switches, Boosters, Moonstruck, Bomb’s Timer.
– Owl Never Falls Down.
City racing 3d
– Unlimited Cash
– All Cars Unlocked
– Unlimited Money
– Unlimited Diamonds Hack
Frozen Free Fall v2.0.0+
–Autumn, Halloween and Summer, Levels Unlocked (do this only ONCE, otherwise you risk to ruin the game)
PockerStar lite
– After applying custom patch, the minimum screen resolution size to run the app will be 239×239 pixels.
Where’s my perry?
– As above.
My Talking Tom
– Get 200k of credits for free.
Where’s my water?
– Apply custom patch to buy(hack) everything for free. But, water will be invisible.
Where’s my Micky XL?
– You know it.
Where’s my Micky XL?
– Same as where’s my water?, but Micky will be on loose.
Temple Run 2 v1.12.1
– For Unlimited Coins, Gems, player And Many More
Real Cricket 14 v2.0.4
– Hack Unlimited Coins And Everything Unlocked
Temple Run OZ v1.6.2
– Get Unlimited Coins And Gems
Diamond Digger Saga v1.1.1 and maybe future updates
– unlimited Lives.
– unlimited Boosters (It will show you 0 but you can use them).
Pinball Arcade
Unlock everything!(every table, pro menu, custom balls, movies)
Castle of Illusion v1.1.0 and maybe future updates
– unlimited Energy, Ammo (you need to have at least ONE).
Pyramid Solitaire Saga v1.5.0 and maybe future updates
– Chain Cards Easy Mode (one move unlocks chain).
– Jungle Cards Easy Mode (Once you unlock a Jungle Card never comes back in a locked one).
– unlimited Combo (Combo Streak doesn’t reset).
Bubble Witch Saga v3.1.10 and maybe future updates (maybe new version not working)
– No more score reset on Burst Fail.
– (instead of 10) 100 more bonus Balls at the end of the level.
– (you need to have at least ONE) unlimited Wishes.
– (instead of 7) 30 extra Balls at the start of the level.
– No more removing spiders on Burst Fail.
Swordigo v1.3 and maybe future updates
– unlimited Energy, Mana Spell.
Bubble Witch Saga 2 v1.4.2 and maybe future updates
– unlimited Lives, Boosters (you need to have at least ONE).
Papa Pear Saga v1.15.0 and maybe future updates
– unlimited Lives, Boosters (you need to have at least ONE).
Pyramid Solitaire Saga v1.4.2 and maybe future updates
– unlimited Boosters, Lives.
– Instant unlocking of next episode (no waiting time or asking friends for unlocking).
– 25 extra cards instead of 5 (booster need to be activated).
Candy Crush Soda Saga v1.26.24+
– unlimited Lives, Boosters.
Farm Heroes Saga v2.9.8+
– unlimited Lives, Boosters (you need to have at least ONE).
”Asphalt 8: Airborne” v1.6.0e and greater.( Booster limit patch)
– Universal path for ARM and x86, v1.3 devices.
– Set booster time for bigger value.
Zookeeper Battle v2.8.4 For ARMv7
– Unlimited CP
Cut The Rope 2 v1.2.8+
– get Lots of coins.
Shadow Fight 2
– Unlimited free money & gems
Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia
– Pro Pack
Zombie Roadkill 3D
– Unlimited money + Ads free
…….. and more.

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lucky patcher games list 2022

Games Compatible with Lucky Patcher

  1. Dictator 2 (with achievements):
    You are powerful, you are a young dictator and you have unlimited power. Try to be a more powerful dictator and you must determine your approach of the 6 factions. Build your army and lead them to victory. You need to make 2,000 critical decisions and build oil drilling towers, banks, prisons and more. We know you also want to be a dictator if you’re saying no, just install it for once! We want you to be addicted to playing again. Link here.
  2. Robots (with achievements):
    To survive you need to shoot. The first quick shooter will survive. Others will simply die. Using different weapons, tactics and upgrades to claim the leaderboard. Just download and get started. You will receive some advanced features in this advanced weapons and customization game, a great menu of options. 60 fps on most devices. Full of customizations and super control will give you the best shooting experience. Earn achievements and enter the in-game leaderboard. Link here.

Buy everything, just select the ‘Restore Purchase’ option and close the app, open it again, your purchase is successful.

  1. Brothers: Clash of Fighters (with achievements):
    Do you like the tournament and like to fight? If your answer is yes, then this fighting game is for you. The hero of your dream movie will fight there. Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra will fight there. Gymnastics boxing ring, the R2F sand wins your battle and ends all achievements to become immortal. Some features will surprise you, such as Arcade Street Fighting, tournament mode, 8 characters including David (Akshay Kumar) and Monty (Sidharth Malhotra), 6 international fighters, combo moves, finished moves, 4 fighting environments, daily missions and missions, daily Rewards, rock music and soundtrack. Link here.
  2. Farm away! – Idle agriculture (with achievements):
    Now for the one day folks love to play farm games on their favorite Android device. Growing domestic animals, cultivating if you are fascinated with them, download this game. This agricultural game will give you some special features that will make this game more interesting and addictive. Automate agriculture by collecting crops. Feel free to play online or offline without a mandatory connection. Be more profitable, make money and get rich. Link here.
  3. Unfinished mission (with achievements):
    Play as a brave soldier, your mission will be saving innocents and will hunt down enemies. He stacks the lens of the long-range ass as the hero of the film. Amazing 3d view of graphical interface, upgrade gadget, upgrade weapon, real command test will be there, hundreds of missions, 3d sniper shooting based missions, time based missions, confirmed murders with dramatic killing camera, defend your with antibral vest and medi Kits, work on your way, in inventory Every weapon will be realistic and each has a unique feel and performance. Link here.
  4. Golga 2 (with achievements):
    The third party shooting game will give you 27 different types of mercenaries, 41 types of rifles, weapon. This game is for shootings. Build your team and earn rewards. I like to shoot, download this game and shoot the enemy. Reflect the Real Weapon feature, multiple firing assignments, a list of powerful mercenaries, Google Play Service support, weapon collection, assault rifles, sending rifles, these words will be addictive. Link here.
  5. Build off! -Idle builder (with achievements):
    Do you like city building? If yes, this is the best game for you, automate, collect money massively, carnival ice cream, play anywhere, online offline. You will receive a virtual test of real estate moguls. This game has a smart control, 3D graphics with good animation. Make money from every company. You will be a city of billion-dollar construction and making money. Very addictive game with high quality graphics. Link here.
  6. The factory (with achievements):
    If you want to start a factory, this game is for you. Create your craft simulator, resource manager, basic construction, materials and slow work. The factory will contain two in-app purchases, a rescue package, and supplies. If you want to start a production run, a delivery package saves time. There the construction manufactures profits, slow work. Link here.
  7. Bio Inc. – Biomedical game (with achievements):
    This game is about Bio Inc, the simulation of biomedical strategy is more fun. Be a scientific doctor and try to save the victims. 18 Stages with different gameplay, over 100 realistic biomedical conditions. Real-time human body degradation and amazing graphics. Thousands of ways to play the game. Stay tuned with them because they are updated continuously. Link here.
  8. Mad Day – Truck away game (with achievements):
    fight against extraterrestrials. This game is to fight aliens with your truck and other unique quality vehicles. Over 1,000 unique character combinations. Buy new hats, clothes and other accessories. Tough boss fight, multiple upgrade, weapon, Rocketaches, alien flow, and armor are available to play. Social resource, simple control, friends ranking table, many achievements. Link here.


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