Best Apps For Mac Os X

Back at the end of January, Craig Hockenberry, editor of the popular Mac website, Tidbits, posted his 10 favorite MacOS apps that had been released in 2011. While I liked most of them, there were a few that I thought deserved honorable mention. So here they are — ten more apps that might not make it onto Craig’s list but deserve some attention.

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Best Apps For Mac Os X

1 1Password – Password Manager

1password for mac

1Password is a password manager that makes signing into accounts and remembering passwords a thing of the past. With 1Password, you only need to memorize one password, which is called your Master Password. All other passwords and important information are protected by your Master Password. A password manager is something that you should heavily consider as it’s an essential Mac software application when it comes to security. It’s one of the top apps for a MacBook.

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Password Storage: 1Password stores your passwords within the app. You only need to create a Master Password and then you’re inside your vault. Within the vault, you can store passwords, secure notes, credit card information, identity cards, documents, your social security number, software licenses, and more.
Cloud Syncing: you can use 1Password on any operating system. This is super convenient as if you have a Mac, you can also use it on an iPhone, Android phone, or even a Windows computer. You can take your passwords with you everywhere.
Password Generator: I don’t like having to think of a new password and 1Password will do this for you. It creates a unique password and then will save it to the vault. You can even tell it what criteria to meet so if you need a capital letter, number, or symbol, it can do that for you.
Pricing: $2.99 per month

Free Version: Comes with a free trial, which you then have to purchase to get access to all of the features.

Supported macOS versions: macOS 10.13 or later

1Password is on this list as I think it’s one of the best MacBook apps when it comes to creating, storing, and organizing your passwords. I can’t recommend this app enough!

2 ClamXAV – Anti-virus and Malware Scanner


ClamXAV is an anti-virus and malware scanner for Mac. It puts you in charge of your Mac security by allowing you to scan either specific files or your entire computer. You can also set it to scan automatically or run instant checks on suspicious files.

Automatic Database Updates: ClamXAV has an updated database which is important for when there are new viruses or malware. You don’t have to worry about not having an updated anti-virus scanner that will miss something.
Silent and Deadly: Don’t worry about having your antivirus slow down your computer. ClamXAV is light on resources and won’t cause your Mac to slow down.
You and Your Mac: You can use ClamXAV as a home user, business user, or education user. It also provides protection on a single Mac, or it can be used on an entire network.
Pricing: $29.95 yearly

Free version: 30-day free trial

Supported macOS versions: macOS 10.10 or later

ClamXAV was put into this list due to its ability to find and get rid of viruses and malware. It has an always updated database which is attractive and light on resources, which I find can’t be said for all antivirus macOS apps.

3 Little Snitch – Firewall Protection

little snitch

Little Snitch makes visible the internet connections that are made to your Mac so that you can monitor and approve them. When you connect to the internet, applications can send whatever they want and Little Snitch gives you back control. If an app is connecting to the internet when you don’t want it to, you can deny it the ability to do so.

Alert Mode: This allows you to see the connection alerts that Little Snitch finds for you as you use your apps. Whenever an app attempts to connect to a server on the internet, Little Snitch shows a connection alert, allowing you to decide whether to allow or deny the connection. No data is transmitted without your consent. Your decision will be remembered and applied automatically in the future.
Silent Mode: If you are new to Little Snitch, you may get overwhelmed by the vast amount of notifications from applications wanting to connect to the internet. The all-new Silent Mode was re-built from the ground up to make dealing with them easy. It lets you silence all notifications for a while, or you can make all your decisions later.
Network Connections: Network Monitor is your window to the world of network connections. View your Mac’s network activity from three perspectives – a list of apps and servers, a web of connections across the globe, and a one-hour history of data traffic.
Pricing: $45

Free version: Without a license key, Little Snitch runs in demo mode, which provides the same protection and functionality as the full version. The demo runs for three hours, and it can be restarted as often as you like. The Network Monitor expires after 30 days. Turn it into a full version by entering a license key.

Supported macOS versions: macOS 10.11 or later

Little Snitch is on this list as the best Mac program when it comes to firewall protection due to its transparency with the user. When you run the app, it is made clear what apps are trying to connect to the internet so that you can allow or deny them.

4 Disk Drill – Data Recovery

recovering pictures in disk drill

Disk Drill is a data recovery app that allows you to recover files even after you have deleted them, rather this be on purpose or accident. This is because the data is still there and Disk Drill is able to scan your Mac and find the data for you.

I have used Disk Drill multiple times to recover lost data on my hard drive and it has always been reliable and easy to use. It is one of the most useful Mac applications that I own, and it can do so much!

Extra Free Disk Tools: Disk Drill for Mac isn’t just a data recovery tool, it comes with many other disk tools that you can use. Things such as Disk Health, Mac Cleanup, Duplicate Finder, Recovery Drive, Data Protection, and Data Backup—whose purpose is to keep your files better organized and protected so you’re less likely to lose them.
One-Click Scanning: What makes Disk Drill for Mac so much more accessible compared with other data recovery apps for Mac is its one-click approach to data recovery. It makes data recovery easy with one-click scanning and a preview window that allows you to see the file you’re trying to recover. Most of the time, Disk Drill can recover your data so that you don’t have to have a computer technician take a look at it, which saves you time and money.
Powerful Scanning: with options such as Quick Scan and Deep Scan, you’re able to find the files that you’re looking for. When you initiate a Quick Scan, Disk Drill compares the content of your hard drive with its massive database of file headers, which allows it to deliver outstanding results in a matter of seconds. Deep Scan takes longer than the Quick Scan feature but can search your entire Mac to help you recover the data that you have lost.
Pricing: $89 yearly

Free version: Disk Drill can be used but to recover data, a purchase is required. However, there are many other features available without a purchase.

Supported macOS versions: macOS 10.11.6 or later

Disk Drill was picked for the best data recovery due to its reliable, packed feature set, and just how well it can actually recover your data. It has a beautiful and modern interface that won’t let you down.

5 SuperDuper! – Backup Software


SuperDuper! is a program that makes recovery easy, because it makes creating a fully bootable backup painless. It comes with a built-in scheduler that makes it easy to back up automatically. It’s the perfect complement to Time Machine, allowing you to store a bootable backup alongside your Time Machine volume.

Back-Up Your Mac: SuperDuper! allows you to back up your Mac and create a bootable volume alongside Time Machine.
Built-in Scheduler: The built-in scheduler makes it easy for your Mac to back up automatically with you not having to do anything. This is really handy if you forget to back up your Mac.
Smart Wake: This feature ensures that your backup happens even if your Mac is asleep so that if you’re not around, your computer will still back up. Another way to set something and just forget about it.
Pricing: $27.95

Free version: demo version and then a purchase is required to unlock all of the features

Supported macOS versions: macOS 10.10 or later

SuperDuper! was picked as the best backup tool due to its ease of use and just how powerful it is. The price is reasonable, and it can create a bootable volume which is extremely helpful should something happen to your Mac.

Having the right productivity apps can make us more productive. They help us tailor our workflow, create shortcuts, or simply just make our lives easier. Productivity apps help me get more done on my Mac, and they also make the experience more enjoyable. In this section, we’re going to take a look at the best Mac productivity applications for Mac.

6 Things – Best To-Do List


Things is the best to-do list app that there is if you ask me. It has an elegant design, beautiful interactions, and is super easy to use. What I love about Things is how intuitive it is. You can create todos, lists, projects, and it also can integrate with your calendar as well. Things works on every Apple product being Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. iCloud also lets you sync your things between devices so that you’re always up-to-date when you open the app. This is a must-have app for your MacBook.

All-New Design: Things 3 has an all-new design that changes not just how it looks, but how it feels to use as well. When I interact with the app, I really enjoy the colors and animations that it gives out. It’s a calming feeling that is hard to describe until you use the app.
Today and This Evening: Amongst the many ways you can organize your to-dos, you can simply use the Today tab if you would like to. This allows you to choose between things that you want to be due throughout the day, but you can also add things to the Evening tab for later on.
Upcoming and Calendar Integration: The Upcoming tab lets you view to-dos that are in the future. This is useful for setting things that you want to do, but they don’t need to be done today. You also have the option to integrate your calendar as well right into the Today and Upcoming view to let you see the full picture.
Pricing: $49

Free version: 15-day free trial before a purchase is required but it’s worth it, I promise.

Supported macOS versions: macOS 10.13 or later

Things is on this list as it’s a top application for MacBook that will allow you to organize your life. It’s a powerful productivity app for Mac that goes beyond just a simple to-do creator and comes with powerful calendar integration and project support. It’s one of the top apps for Mac.

7 Fantastical – Calendar

Fantastical for Mac

Fantastical makes using your calendar a delight. It comes with an all-new design that allows you to see your calendar information in a predictive and concise way and is a joy to look at and use. It has natural language for your calendar inputs making it easy to create events and it also comes with task integration allowing you to add to-dos to your calendar so that you can have everything in one spot.

Your Calendar on All of Your Devices: Fantastical works on all of your Apple devices, allowing you to sync your calendar events and todos between them so that they’re always up-to-date.
All-New Design: With a modern and clean interface, Fantastical is a joy to use. The interface allows you to even add things such as files and photo attachments to calendar events, giving you even more out of your calendar.
Weather: Fantastical integrates a detailed 10-day weather forecast right into the app and it displays this information on the days throughout the week so you always know what the weather will be.
Pricing: $3.33 per month billed annually

Free version: 14-day free trial that gives you limited access to the app. After that time, a purchase is required.

Supported macOS versions: macOS 10.13.2 or later

Fantastical is on this list as I truly feel that this is what a calendar app should be. It is just packed with so many other amazing and helpful features that make it one of the good apps for Mac.

8 Daily – Time Tracking


Daily is an app that takes a more minimal approach, but I think that this is a benefit when it comes to the experience. Keeping track of the time that we spend on tasks not only helps us manage our time better but can also be used to report our work hours for our paycheck.

Report Your Hours Stress-Free: Sometimes, we forgot to record our hours for work. or we might be trying to keep track of how much time we have worked on something and we forget. Daily will track this time for you and display it in the app.
Create better invoices: Daily will create invoices for you so that when you turn in your hours for work they’re detailed and easy to understand.
Increase your productivity: With insights as to how much time you have spent on something, you can delegate your time to your tasks.
Pricing: $19.99 per year

Free Version: 7-day free trial and then a purchase is required

Supported macOS versions: macOS 10.15 or later

Daily is on this list because it takes a minimalist approach to something and I enjoy how it is designed and implemented. It is a simple app, but it focuses on one thing, and it does it well.

9 Spark – Mail Client

spark email app for mac

Spark allows you to love your email again and take control of your inbox. With a beautiful and modern interface, it’s easy to see why people love using Spark. It has intelligent email prioritization helping to put what’s important up top, it comes with noise reduction, and it has an advanced set of tools to help you get the most out of your email and hit that inbox zero that we all want.

Focus On What’s Important: Spark will intelligently prioritize your email. Emails that you receive from real people will appear at the top, while other things such as social networking and promotional email will come after those.
Distraction-Free: You can configure Spark to only allow notifications from those that you know so that you’re not being overloaded with constant email notifications.
Email Super Powers: Send later, follow-up reminders, built-in calendar, smart search, quick replies, and powerful integration.
Pricing: $6.39 per month, billed annually

Free Version: limited features. A purchase is necessary to unlock all features.

Supported macOS versions: macOS 10.13 or later

Spark was included in this list because of the approach that they take to managing email. With the intelligent email prioritization feature, clean and modern look, it deserves to be on this list.

10 Pagico – Powerful Planner


Pagico is a powerful planner that allows you to manage all of your tasks, files & notes. I look at this app as a step further than a to-do list manager, as it offers so many other features and with that, comes more complexity. With Pagico, you can turn to-do lists into meaningful timelines and look at them using a beautiful graphical interface.

Project Status: Keep track of your projects. Visualize the health of your projects which keeps you up-to-date on what you should accomplish that day to keep you on time.
Timelines: View a timeline of the todos that you have and what you’re trying to get done throughout the week. No training is required, and you get a professional layout that’s easy to understand.
Stay Organized: Being able to put all of your todos and ideas into Pagico will keep you organized as everything is located in one spot for you.
Pricing: $50

Free Version: 15-day trial and then a purchase is required

Supported macOS versions: macOS 10.11 or later

Pagico is on this list because it is a powerful planner for those that want more than just a to-do manager. It allows you to use timelines to view your projects and keep track of them.

Design apps let us get creative. They allow us to create things that we didn’t even know that we could. These tools not only can be used for professional work but also to do for pure enjoyment.

11 Adobe Photoshop – Photo Editing

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is synonymous with photo editing. Over the years, it has continued to improve and is used by many in a consumer and professional environment. With continued support and a large following, it has many features that make it an attractive photo editor.

Powerful and Easy Editing: With tools such as one-click selections, easy masking, and unlimited layers, you can create what your camera can’t capture.
Brushes: Photoshop comes with a multitude of brushes which gives you a large number of possibilities when it comes to adding color into whatever you’re working on.
Retouch Tools: Something in your photo that you don’t want there? You can remove it. You also have the ability to add in or take out anything that is in your photos.
Pricing: $20.99 per month

Free version: 30-day free trial

Supported macOS versions: macOS 10.14 or later

Adobe Photoshop is on this list because it is an amazing photo editor. It’s one of the best apps for MacBook and has been a top choice for years. With powerful editing features, a large brush set, constant updates, it’s easy to recommend this app to everyone.

12 Final Cut Pro – Video Editing

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is the best video editor that is available on Mac. It combines revolutionary video editing with a powerful media organization and incredible performance. Since Final Cut Pro is designed by Apple for its own hardware, it’s optimized and runs extremely smoothly.

The Tools That You Need: With video edits, organization tools, motion graphics, audio, and many delivery options, Final Cut Pro can do it all. When you launch the app, you’re greeted with a large canvas and a powerful magnetic timeline, you can do anything that you can imagine.
Optimized for Apple Silicon: Final Cut Pro features improved performance and efficiency on Mac computers. Rendering a complex timeline is up to 6 times faster and editors can expect amazing playback performance — two streams of 4K ProRes on the MacBook Air and one stream of 8K ProRes on the 13-inch MacBook Pr0, all at full quality.
The Flexibility of RAW With the Performance of ProRes: Import, edit, and grade original, untouched footage with RAW data straight from your camera sensor — without sacrificing any speed or smoothness. Create native ProRes RAW files using ATOMOS recorders and the DJI Inspire 2 drone of RAQ with real-time performance of ProRes.
Pricing: $299.99

Free version: 30-day Trial

Supported macOS versions: macOS 10.15.6 or later

Final Cut Pro is on this list as it’s one of the best Macintosh software solutions that you can get when it comes to video editing. With the powerful features and beautiful interface, some users use a Mac just for this app, and it’s easy to see why.

13 Canva – Storyboarding

Canva software for Mac

Canva is a storyboarding app that allows you to design and create your own graphics. I don’t think that people realize how much work goes into being a graphic designer, and this app helps you create designs without having to use complex software.

Create a Design: Canva allows you to create designs. These designs can be for things such as social media apps or a presentation. You can even make things for a video!
Design Types: Loaded with many design types, you can create things such as brochures, business cards, calendars, canvas prints, Christmas cards, custom mugs, and much more.
Edit and Create: You can edit things such as a business card and move the text around. You can truly create something of your own or start off with a template to get an idea and then make it your own.
Pricing: Free or $9.99

Free version: Free version and a Pro version for $9.99/month on a yearly plan

Supported macOS versions: Mac OS X 10.10 or later

Canva is on this list because of its ability to allow you to create designs. It works well and is simply, yet also feature-packed and powerful. Now everyone has the time to learn graphic design, and with Canva you don’t have to.

14 Affinity Designer – Graphics & Design

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is a fast, smooth, and precise vector graphic design software tool for Mac. Built from the ground up and created for professionals at its core. It’s best in class for creating concept art, printing projects, logo design, creating and editing icons, UI designs, mock-ups, and more. The app is also very attractive as it’s a one-time fee and doesn’t require a subscription-like the Abobe suite does. It’s a good alternative.

Real-Time Performance: Affinity Designer comes with some powerful features. Things such as pan and zoom at 60fps, live gradients, transforms, effects, and adjustments. It is also optimized for documents of any complexity. You can zoom to over 1,000,000% for absolute precision.
Precise Vector Tools: When it comes to vector tools, there are a lot to choose from. This includes vector tools that work the way that you want to, powerful pen tools, and pencil and brush stabilization for drawing super-smooth curves freehand.
Raster or Vector: Switch between vector and raster workspaces with a single click! You can also use high-quality raster tools for texturing, masking, and finishing your artwork. There is even an option to create your own brushes.
Pricing: $49.99

Free version: 90-day trial

Supported macOS versions: macOS 10.9 or later

Affinity Designer is on this list because it’s a powerful, robust, and solid alternative to something such as the Adobe suite. It’s a really cool application for Mac, and I love the interface.

15 Lightwave 3D – Animation

Lightwave 3D

LightWave 3D is a flexible software solution for 3D graphics and animation. With a design focused on independent artists who desire control of their vision from start to finish. LightWave is affordable, complete, and feature-packed.

Global illumination Render Engines: With features such as brute force, an unbiased radiosity engine, and irradiance cache, you can do more than ever and you now have the power to get it done.
Shaders in FiberFX: The new shaders are more realistic when it comes to things such as hair and physical-based rendering. You can adjust the given inputs: color, cuticle tilt, roughness, radical roughness, and index of refraction.
Redesigned Motion System: LightWave has a new motion system that makes it easy to adjust the motion of your subjects or anything else that you create.
Pricing: $995

Free version: 30-day trial

Supported macOS versions: OS X 10.11 or later

LightWave is on this list because it offers powerful tools for animation. If you’re doing anything that requires 3D rendering, you can’t go wrong with LightWave, and I would recommend that you download the trial and give it a go!

Using your Mac isn’t always about work. We need to take time for ourselves, and that’s what this section is about. Rather it’s talking with friends, listening to music, or just writing about our day. These are the best apps for Mac when it comes to entertainment.

16 Google News – Newspaper

Google News

When it comes to a newspaper app for Mac, Google News is the way to go. It allows you to get news on your Mac and view it right on your computer. It is a news aggregator service developed by Google. It presents a continuous flow of articles organized from thousands of publishers and magazines.

Multiple Accounts: With Google News, you can manage multiple accounts and switch between them easily.
Your Own Window: View your news accounts within their own window, making it easy to find and view your news.
Light or Dark Mode: Google News allows you to use either a light or dark mode allowing you to customize your news experience.
Pricing: Free

Free version: This app is free

Supported macOS versions: macOS 10.11 or later

Google News is on this list because it’s one of the best newspaper apps for Mac. It’s free, supports multiple accounts, and allows you to view the news. It also has a light and dark mode.

17 VLC – Multimedia Player


VLC is a free and open-source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files, and various streaming protocols. With VLC, you can open and play pretty much any media file that is on your Mac.

Hardware Decoding: VLC has hardware decoding on most platforms. It supports 0-copy on the GPU and can fall back on software when required.
Play Every Format: VLC can play every file format that you can think of. The list is honestly too long to list here, but chances are you will be able to listen to or watch anything that you want. I haven’t yet been able to find something that it couldn’t open.
Controls: VLC comes with tons of controls that allow for subtitles, synchronization, and video and audio filters.
Pricing: Free

Free version: VLC is free, but you can donate

Supported macOS versions: Mac OS X 10.7.5

VLC is on this list because it’s the best way to enjoy media on your Mac. With the ability to support almost any format and powerful controls, every Mac owner should have this app. Not to mention it’s one of the best free Mac apps when it comes to viewing media.

18 Zoom – Video Chat

zoom cloud meeting app for Mac

Zoom is a video app that allows you to video chat with others either as part of a team or to those that you love. With COVID making us much more reliant on video chat, Zoom came to the top and is now an app that most use, and for good reason. It offers a free video chat tool that most will be just fine with, and it works on almost any platform, so it’s accessible to everyone.

Compatibility: Zoom works on almost any platform which makes it great as you don’t have to worry about what other platform the person you’re trying to video chat is using. When you’re done with work or when you need to get something done, you can trust that Zoom will run and work without issues.
Low Cost: If you’re using Zoom with another person or a small team, the software is essentially free for you to use. This makes the barrier to entry low and allows for everyone to be able to join.
Easy-to-use: Zoom is simple and easy to understand. This is handy as people of all ages can download and use Zoom without having to understand confusing controls for when it comes to video chat.
Pricing: Free. For pricing when it comes to teams and small businesses, you can view this on Zoom’s website.

Free version: Allows you to video chat with up to 100 participants

Supported macOS versions: macOS 10.9 or later

Zoom is on this list as it’s the easiest way to video chat with others among other devices. If you want something that’s free and works well, I would recommend Zoom.

19 Day One – Journal

Day One Software for Mac

Day One is a journal for your life. What I really like about Day One is the simplicity that it offers, but at the same time, it is packed with features. It comes with a normal text window field for your journal entry, but you can also add photos, videos, drawings, audio recordings, and even timestamp what the weather was for that day helping you really remember your entry.

Attractive and easy-to-use design: Day One comes with a beautiful and modern interface that makes writing in your journal a fun experience.
Power Features: With an amazing design, unlimited number of text entries, markdown support, and the ability to create different journals, Day One can do it all.
Security: Your journal is password protected with end-to-end encryption, and it also comes with a backup feature that will sync your journal to your other devices.
Pricing: $2.92 a month billed annually

Free version: Comes with a basic version that has limited features

Supported macOS versions: macOS 10.13 or later

Day One is on this list as it’s a great way to write about your day or thoughts. Journaling is a good way to reflect and get your thoughts out there and relive memories.

20 Houseparty Desktop – Fun Videochat

Houseparty Desktop

Houseparty is the face-to-face social network where you can connect with the people you care about most. While Zoom is more for business users, Houseparty is great for playing games with your friends and is more casual.

Hangout With Friends: Video call with multiple friends using a modern and beautiful interface.
Play Games: You can play games with your friends helping you interact with them when you can’t be with them in person.
Video Share: Share your screen with others to show them the game that you’re playing so that they can react to it.
Pricing: Free

Free version: the app is free and doesn’t require a purchase

Supported macOS versions: Requires macOS 10.10 or later

Houseparty is on this list as it’s a more fun way to video chat with others. It doesn’t have the serious tone that something like Zoom would have, and it gives you the ability to share your screen with others which adds another element of fun to the video chat.

Optimization apps help us get the most out of out Mac by either making tweaks to how core functions work or by helping us keep our Mac clean and running fast. Below are some of the best apps for doing just that.

21 Bartender – Menu Bar Control


Bartender allows you to take control of your menu bar on your Mac. It basically gives your menu bar superpowers. With these powers, you can control what is displayed, and when, with menu bar items only showing when you need them.

Quick Reveal: Lightning-fast access to your menu bar items is now included with the new Quick Reveal feature. This allows you to get instant access to your hidden menu bar items simply by moving your mouse to the menu bar. You can also make it so that you have to click your menu bar to make this happen.
Bartender Menu: Access your hidden menu bar items in the Bartender Bae beneath the menu bar. Great if you need more room for all of your menu bar apps.
Menu Bar Item Spacing: This feature allows you to delegate how much space is between each menu bar item.
Pricing: $15

Free version: 4-week trial and then you’re prompted to make a purchase.

Supported macOS versions: macOS 10.11 or later

Bartender is on this list because it truly allows you to change your menu bar and do things with it that you can’t with how macOS is by default.

22 CleanMyMac – Mac Cleaning

CleanMyMac X software for mac

CleanMyMac is an all-in-one package app that allows you to clean up your Mac at the core, but it offers many other features as well. The newer version of CleanMyMac has a redesigned interface that is a joy to use, and I love the new modern look that the app has.

Clean Your Mac: As the name implies, you can clean your Mac and keep it running smooth. CleanMyMac will search your entire Mac and find unneeded files. This can be outdated caches, broken downloads, logs, and useless localizations.
One Button Cleaning: CleanMyMac has a one-click which makes it easy to scan your Mac.
Safety Database: This feature helps CleanMyMac know the difference between junk and important files. It knows the ways of your Mac and never deletes anything without asking.
Pricing: $64.95 one-year subscription

Free Version: Trial version with limitations and a purchase is required to unlock all of the features.

Supported macOS versions: macOS 10.10 or later

CleanMyMac is on this list as it allows you to keep your Mac running fast and is also packed with many other features that allow you to optimize and get the most out of your Mac.

23 OnyX – Maintenance and Optimization Tool


OnyX is a utility that you can use on your Mac to verify the structure of the system files, to run miscellaneous maintenance and cleaning tasks, to configure parameters in the Finder, Dock, Safari, and some Apple applications, to delete caches, to remove certain problematic folders and files, to rebuild various databases and indexes, and more.

Large Support for Operating System Versions: OnyX runs on almost every version of macOS. This is great for those that have an older Mac but want to use the maintenance tool.
Powerful Interface: OnyX allows you to do so much to help maintain your Mac. It’s a reliable application that provides a clean interface to many tasks that would otherwise require complex commands to be typed using a command-line interface.
Support: OnyX’s developer is extremely responsive and is always updating the app to make it the best that it can be. If you ever have any questions, you can contact the developer and get a response from them directly. Something that can’t be said about all apps out there.
Pricing: Free

Free version: The app is free, there are no limitations that require a purchase

Supported macOS versions: all versions of macOS

OnyX is on this list as it’s a free and great way to ensure that your Mac is running the best that it can be. With so many powerful features and an active developer, you can’t go wrong with this one.

24 AppDelete – Uninstaller


AppDelete helps you remove all files associates with an app when you want to remove it from your Mac. When you uninstall an app, you probably drag it to the trash, and then it’s gone right? Most likely, that is the case but many apps install other files that will sit on your Mac and not be removed. AppDelete helps solve this problem.

Uninstall Everything: AppDelete can remove applications, widgets, preference panes, plugins, and screensavers along with associated files.
Powerful Yet Simply: Drag what you want into AppDelete, and then it will be removed from your Mac, easy as that!
Associated Files: AppDelete will search your Mac and also remove all associated files that could be on your Mac from installing and using whatever it is that you want to remove. This helps free up space on your Mac and keep it running fast.
Pricing: $7.99

Free Version: limited uses before a purchase is required

Supported macOS versions: macOS 10.7 or later

AppDelete is on this list as it helps you remove all files with any app that you download and install. This helps make sure that there are no files on your Mac that you don’t want there and it will help you free up storage.

25 iStat Menus – Computer Monitor

iStat Menus

iStat Meanus allows you to monitor your Mac to make sure that you’re getting as much performance out of your machine as possible.

Monitor Your Mac: iStat Menus allows you to see how much CPU, GPU, and RAM that you’re computer is using at a given time. This is helpful so you can keep track of what is using your resources and you will know when your Mac is being pushed to it’s limits.
Weather: View the current weather including the temperature, hourly forecast, and weekly overview.
Colors: Change the color of iStat Menus to give you the perfect color combination.
Pricing: $9.99

Free Version: Limited functionality until you purchase the app.

Supported macOS versions: macOS 10.11 or later

iStat Menus is on this list because it allows you to see not only your computer resources but other useful information such as weather. It’s a handy utility that every Mac owner should have.

We use our Mac to get things done. Whether it’s for work or school, our Mac is a tool that can also us to create things and meet deadlines. These are the best apps for allowing us to get things done.

26 QuickBooks – Accounting Software


QuickBooks helps you take care of all of your accounting needs. This can range from bookkeeping to getting your taxes done. Quickbooks has been around for a while and for good reason: it is a reliable and easy way to get things done.

Automatic Payment Reminders: Get paid faster by automatically reminding customers when payments are due.
Statement E-payments: Improve your cash flow by emailing statements with payment links that encourage clients to pay their balances with ease. Payments are processed with 1-click downloads automatic reconciliation.
Combine invoice emails: Receive payments more quickly by sending multiple invoices in one easy-to-process email. Ensure that your customers don’t overlook outstanding invoices when sending payments.
Pricing: $399

Free Version: Trial version that then requires payment to continue using

Supported macOS versions: macOS 10.12 or later

QuickBooks is on this list because it’s a great solution for accounting and bookkeeping. It allows you to keep track of expenses and manage your taxes.

mac app store

The App Store (also known as the Mac App Store) is a digital distribution platform for macOS apps, created and maintained by Apple Inc. The platform was announced on October 20, 2010, at Apple’s “Back to the Mac” event.[1][2][3] Apple began accepting app submissions from registered developers on November 3, 2010, in preparation for its launch.[4]

The Mac App Store was launched on January 6, 2011, as part of the free Mac OS X 10.6.6 update for all current Snow Leopard users.[1][2] After 24 hours of release, Apple announced that there were over one million downloads.[5]

1 Regulations
2 Usage by Apple
3 Counterfeit apps
4 History
5 See also
6 References
7 External links
Like the App Store on iOS and iPadOS, the Mac App Store is regulated by Apple.

To submit an app for consideration, the developer must be a member of the Apple Developer Program. As of June 2019, the membership fee is US$99 a year.[6]

Apps must be approved by Apple before becoming available on the store. Disallowed types of apps revealed by Apple include apps that:[7][8]

change the native user interface elements or behaviors of macOS.
do not comply with Apple Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines.
are similar in look or function to current Apple products (e.g. the Mac App Store itself, Finder, iTunes, and iChat).
are similar to other apps that are already present in the Mac App Store (e.g. Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw, Photoshop Lightroom and Apple Aperture, Cinema 4D and 3D Max).
contain or display pornographic material.
are or install shared components (kernel extensions, browser plugins, QuickTime components, etc.).
provide contents or services that expire.
do not run on the currently shipping version of macOS.
are beta, demo, trial, or test versions of software.
reference trademarks for which the developer does not have explicit use permission.
are free software licensed only under GPL (because the App Store Terms of Service imposes additional restrictions incompatible with the GPL).[9][10]
use software libraries that are either optionally installed or deemed deprecated by Apple for macOS users. Examples given:
Apple’s implementation of Java SE 6 (although the OpenJDK implementation of Java SE 7 is permitted if bundled into the app).[11][12]
PowerPC code requiring Rosetta.
are not sandboxed (as of June 1, 2012).[13] At WWDC 2013, Apple announced that this rule no longer applied, and that so-called “temporary exceptions” may be used when the app has a reason not to be sandboxed.
are not 64-bit apps (as of January 1, 2018)[14]
contain malicious code.
As with the iOS and iPadOS App Store, Apple rates applications worldwide based on their content, and determines the age group for which each is appropriate. macOS will allow blocking of objectionable apps in System Preferences. The following are the ratings that Apple has detailed:


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