Best Apps For Make Videos

Video creating apps are necessary tools for individuals who wish to make promotional or tutorial videos on YouTube. These apps can record every feature of your face, body and also the surrounding to make a perfect video for your viewers. Here we listed 5 top-rated video creation apps for android that are easily accessible on google play store.

10 Best Photo Video Maker Apps for Android in 2019

Best Apps For Make Videos

Included in this guide:
Premiere Rush
Quik (cross-platform)
LumaFusion (iOS)
iMovie (Apple devices)
Apple Clips (iOS)
Filmmaker Pro (iOS)
Inshot (cross-platform)
A video editor uses one of the best video editing apps on his phone while in his home studio
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The best video editing apps can be very handy tools, allowing you to edit videos on the go from your phone or tablet. Whether you’re a professional video editor, YouTuber, or you just want to edit personal videos to share on social media, this can be a very convenient option, not to mention affordable option.

And after plenty of hours playing with all the best video editing apps, we can assure you that many are often easier to use than desktop software, due to their stripped down interfaces and fewer functions. While that does mean they have certain limitations, it makes them the perfect choice for quick tweaks or for beginners and casual users who don’t want to spend a lot of time getting to grips with more complex software.

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There’s an ever-increasing array of video editing apps to choose from so it can be difficult to choose which one’s worth your time and money. However, our reviewers have tried out a lot of the best-known options through hours of editing on their own projects in order to make our selection of the best video editing apps available. Based on our own reviews, we’ve made the selection below considering ease of use, functionality and value.

In the list below, you’ll find video editing apps for iOS, video editing apps for Android, and apps that can be used on both platforms. Most are suitable for both smartphones and tablets (see our guide to best tablets for video editing if you need one of those). And if you have one of the latest iPhones (13 Pro or Pro Max), some even support the new ProRes format.

Some of these apps let you move your clips between mobile devices and computers, too. If you like the sound of that, then also see our guides to best computer for video editing. You might also want to check out our guides to the best video editing software overall, the best monitor for video editing and the best MacBook for video editing. But in the meantime, these are our choices as the best video editing apps. We’ll start with quick links to our top three choices, then continue with detailed pros and cons of all of our choices.

The best video editing apps: our top 3
Premiere Rush: the best video editing app overall
Premiere Rush: the best video editing app overall
A scaled-down version of Premiere Pro, Premiere Rush is the best video editing app overall. It’s great for beginners, but also useful for pros because you can move footage back and forth into Premiere Pro. There’s a free version too!

Quik: The best video editing app for GoPro
Quik: The best video editing app for GoPro
The Quik app is the best app for editing your action-packed GoPro footage, and allows you to remotely control your GoPro device too. This advanced, yet easy-to-use app is free to download, and supports 4K.

LumaFusion: the best iOS app for advanced features
LumaFusion: the best iOS app for advanced features
If you’re using an iPhone or iPad for your video editing, LumaFusion is the most comprehensive app available today. Its sophisticated interface offers an unmatched range of colour, effects, audio, and keyframing options.

The best video editing apps in full
Holiday footage being edited in Premiere RushCB

(Image credit: Jason Parnell-Brookes)

  1. Adobe Premiere Rush (cross-platform)
    The best video editing app overall
    Platform: iOS, Android, Windows, MacOSMulti-track editor: YesExport directly to YouTube: Yes4K support: Yes
    Adobe Premiere Rush CC
    Adobe Premiere Pro & Premier Rush CC
    Adobe CC All Apps
    at Adobe
    +Useful export options
    +Free starter plan
    -Full version needs subscription
    Let’s keep things simple. Whether you’re using iOS or Android, Adobe’s Premiere Rush is the best video editing app available today, bar none. Why? Well, we’ve yet to see another ap that offers such wide functionality from such a simple interface. The UI offers large icons and panels, making it very straightforward for standard video editing tasks, such as dragging-and-dropping footage onto the timeline, correcting colour, mixing in music or voiceovers, or adding titles and transitions.

The focus is on letting you process clips quickly to upload them to social media. For example, it automatically converts your videos to the specific aspect ratios and quality levels required by each platform. That makes it the perfect choice for YouTubers, social media users and anyone wanting to experiment with video editing.

This cross-platform, video editing app is much easier to use than Adobe’s more complex desktop software, such as Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition. That said, Premiere Rush isn’t just for amateurs. It’s also the best video editing app for professional video editors, because it lets you move content back and forth into Premiere Pro, where you can make more sophisticated edits to it.

You can subscribe to Premiere Rush as a single app, as part of a limited free starter plan, as a bundle with Premiere Pro, or as part of the entire Adobe suite. Either way, you’ll get access to updates. For instance, the most recent version (2.0, released this November), introduced unlimited exports on desktop, additional languages, and thousands of new royalty-free sound effects and loops. See our full Premiere Rush review for more info.

Quik screenshot on phones plus the Quik logo

(Image credit: GoPro)

  1. Quik (cross-platform)
    The best video editing app for GoPro users
    Platform: iOS, Android, Windows, MacOSMulti-track editor: YesExport directly to YouTube: Yes4K support: Yes
    +Easy interface
    +Sync songs to footage
    +Horizontal levelling
    -Doesn’t work with all phones

If you use a GoPro, there are a number of third-party apps for editing your footage. However, the best option we’ve tried to date is the official GoPro app, Quik. It’s focused on two specific things: allowing you to remotely control your GoPro device, and edit your GoPro footage. Quik automatically imports your footage, and makes it easy to do things like sync your clips to music, add photos, titles and timelapse sequences, and include graphs based on your stats.

The Horizon Levelling editor tweaks the angle of your scene to correct things if your camera wasn’t mounted in line with the horizon. You can go through your footage frame-by-frame to find standout still images. And once your photos and videos are ready, you can directly upload them to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and more, or share them via text or email.

Currently on version 10.9, Quik saw a big update in December 2021. This tuned up the app’s navigation and made workflows easier and faster. This app is free, but you can pay for extra themes and filters via in-app purchases.

Screenshot from our review of LumaFusion, one of the best video editing apps

(Image credit: LumaFusion)

  1. LumaFusion (iOS)
    The best iOS app for advanced features
    Platform: iOSMulti-track editor: YesExport directly to YouTube: Yes4K support: Yes
    +Advanced features
    +Thunderbolt 4 support
    +No subscription needed
    -iOS only
    If Premiere Rush isn’t quite advanced enough for you, then check out LumaFusion, which has the most comprehensive feature set of any video editing app, although it’s only available for iOS. Produced by the creators of Pinnacle Studio, LumaFusion is kind of like a mobile version of Final Cut Pro, with a multitrack timeline along the bottom, media browser top left, and a preview monitor.


Any effect can be keyframed, as can clip animation, allowing precise adjustments to your project. You get six video/audio tracks for photos, videos, titles and graphics, along with an extra six audio tracks for narration, music and sound effects. LumaFusion offers insert/overwrite capability, colour correction, a fully featured audio mixer, lossless export, support for vertical video, advanced title creation tools and slow motion/fast motion (forward and reverse). There are also an impressive number of effects you can apply.

For casual users, this is mostly overkill, and for beginners it would be a frightening learning curve. Professional video editors, though, will appreciate the range of powerful features it has to offer. These include a MultiCam Sync feature, which lets you sync and edit clips from multiple camera and audio sources. Plus, if you have the latest iPad Pro, you can take full advantage of your Thunderbolt 4 port for faster download and upload speeds. And there’s a nice integration with Dropbox to make it easier to collaborate on footage with others.

Once you’re done editing, there are endless sharing options and exporting options. For instance, you can export at different resolutions, qualities and frame-rates, as well as exporting audio and video separately. The app even supports for XML export to Final Cut Pro. At such an affordable price, Lumafusion is a real bargain, making it one of the best video editing apps for pros. For more info, read our full LumaFusion review.

Screenshot from our review of Kinemaster, one of the best video editing apps

(Image credit: Kieron Moore)

  1. KineMaster (Android, iOS)
    A cross-platform video editing app with pro appeal
    Platform: Android, iOSMulti-track editor: YesExport directly to YouTube: Yes4K support: Yes
    +Advanced features
    +Multi-track editing
    +Precision control
    -Watermarks on free version

If you’re a professional video editor, KineMaster is well worth checking out. Available for both iOS and Android, this app allows you to shoot, edit and export your footage on your phone or tablet via a mult-layer interface. High-end features include blending modes, chroma-keying, and audio mixing.

Smooth and precise, KineMaster is one of the best video editing apps for trimming clips and layers with frame-by-frame granularity. Audio clip timing can be adjusted, too, with sub-frame accuracy. You can upload multiple layers of video (on supported devices), images and text, as well as multi-track audio. Other features include instant edit previews, precise volume envelope control, colour LUT filters, speed controls, chroma key compositing and 3D transitions.

In short, while this isn’t quite Premiere Pro on a mobile device, in our experience it isn’t far off. Its interface will be quite off-putting for a beginner or casual user, but video editing professionals will appreciate its comprehensive range of tools. You’ll need an up-to-date phone or tablet to use it without lag, though.

KineMaster is free to download, but adds watermarks to videos, which you have to take out a subscription to remove. This also allows you to export at 1080p or 4K, and get access to over 1,000 premium assets. Find out more in our KineMaster review.

Screenshot from our review of Apple iMovie, one of the best video editing apps

(Image credit: Tom Johnson / Apple)

  1. iMovie (Apple devices)
    Free video editing app for all iPhone and iPad users
    Platform: iOS, MacMulti-track editor: YesExport direct to YouTube: Yes4K support: Yes
    +Free for Apple users
    +Easy to use
    -Not the most feature-rich
    -Not the most powerful

It’s great to find a useful app that’s genuinely free. But what’s even better is one you don’t even have to download. And iMovie is a great example: it’s already there on your iPhone, iPad or Mac, so you may as well give it a try.

iMovie is aimed at ordinary users who don’t necessarily have any experience of video editing, so it’s much less sophisticated than the likes of LumaFusion or Kinemaster. However, if you’re a video editing beginner, or just want an easy way to add titles, music, voiceovers and photos to your home clips, it’s a great choice.

In our review, we found the interface easy to use. The app also supports 4K on modern devices, and it integrates beautifully with the Apple ecosystem as a whole. So for example, you can save your clips to the iCloud drive or stream them to an Apple TV via AirPlay. iMovie plays nicely with Apple Photos, Mail and Messages too. To learn more about the app, see our full iMovie review.

The last big update since we did our full review came last October, and introduced the ability to import and edit video captured in Cinematic mode on iPhone 13. If you have a new iPhone or iPad, you can now use the Cinematic control in the inspector to modify the intensity of the depth effect; focus on faces or other objects by selecting them in the viewer; and view and delete focus points in the timeline.

Apps for making videos with pictures and music

  1. Create Slideshow Videos With InVideo

How to create a slideshow video on InVideo?
On InVideo, you can create stunning slideshow videos using three distinct methods:

  1. Premade Templates – perfect for an absolute novice!
  2. Text-to-Video – if you want to convert an article or text into a seamless video!
  3. Blank Templates – for video editing pros!

(1) Premade Templates
Our premade templates are designed to help you create professional videos in minutes and we have one for every purpose and use case. You will find many templates for your slideshow video and you can simply click on the best-suited one to start creating.

For example, you can use the Elegant Slideshow template to create a stunning portfolio, or compile favorite photos of your child using the Cute Moments Captured template. There are plenty of options to choose from, depending on the theme and the type of video you want to create.

Each template element is fully customizable. Watch this video tutorial to understand how you can create stunning videos using our premade templates.

(2) Text-To-Video
The Text-to-Video approach provides you with various creative options. You can import a script, insert a website URL, or upload your media files. Your input will be transformed into a series of scenes that you can play around with as much as you like, ultimately creating a video.

Watch this video tutorial to see how easy it is to create a slideshow video using our text-to-video feature.

This option is fantastic for creating videos from music and pictures because you can edit your video in two modes:

  • Storyboard: In the Storyboard mode, you can view all your scenes in detail. So, you can rearrange your pictures, add new ones that fit your slideshow and delete those that you don’t need. You can also add captions and pick if you want them to appear as stories, questions, headlines, etc.
  • Advanced Editor: In this mode, you can do everything you could with storyboard mode as well as apply all the features that InVideo has to offer and edit your video in greater detail.

(3) Blank Templates
The Blank Templates option allows you to start creating your video from scratch. You get a stripped-down template that you can customize any way you like.

This is the best option for those who want to make their slideshow videos by being in control of every step of the creation process. You can insert various effects, media files, and textual elements by yourself and get as creative as you want to be.

Here’s a complete tutorial for InVideo that will show you how you can max out on the editor to create stunning videos.


Pre-made templates, 8M+ stock footage, royalty-free music, effects (light, sound, and text), and 24/7 customer support.


Free — with InVideo’s watermark

Pro — Business: $15 per month
Unlimited: $30 per month

  1. Creating videos with pictures using PhotoStage Slideshow
    Creating videos with pictures using PhotoStage Slideshow

If you’re looking for an affordable and easy-to-use app for creating lovely slideshows, PhotoStage Slideshow is a great solution. It’s not as feature-rich as some of the other options, but it’s the perfect tool for putting together your photos and music without too much hassle.

The app doesn’t provide filters and special effects, but you can apply a wide range of transitions to make your slideshow a dynamic visual experience. The transition effects library is rich with eye-catching solutions such as:

  • Zoom
  • Slide
  • Fade
  • Morph
  • Bounce
  • Tetromino

Editing your images is a simple task. You can crop and rotate them, and adjust hue, contrast, and brightness. The app provides fantastic color quality and ensures that your slideshow video plays as smoothly as possible.

Aside from images, you can upload the majority of popular audio and video formats. This gives you the option to create an engaging mixed-media project. Set up your favorite song to play in the background and throw in a couple of videos as an appealing contrast to the pictures. PhotoStage Slideshow allows you to upload your videos to Vimeo, Flickr, and YouTube.

PhotoStage Slideshow Overview


Transition effects

Mixed-media support

Image editing features

Uploading to Vimeo, Flickr, and YouTube


Home Edition—$50

Pro Edition—$70

Watch this video tutorial to see how you can create a slideshow video using PhotoStage Slideshow.

  1. Making Slideshow Videos with Icecream Slideshow Maker
    Making Slideshow Videos with Icecream Slideshow Maker

Icecream Slideshow Maker is a robust app for creating high-quality slideshows videos. It allows you to import a variety of popular image formats and add other types of multimedia content, such as music and videos. The tool enables you to upload multiple songs and apply them to different sections of your slideshow project.

Icecream Slideshow Maker provides an extensive library of effects and transitions that you can use to give your slideshow video an impressive look. One of the greatest benefits of the app is that it lets you export your videos in high-quality video formats. This way, you can ensure that your video is as appealing as possible.

In terms of editing, you can perform a variety of actions, such as:

  • Set up the duration of every scene
  • Change the speed of transition effects
  • Adjust the volume for each audio track

While you can get the app for free, the downside is that you can create only ten slides and export your video in WebM format. You also don’t have access to all the features that Icecream Slideshow Maker has to offer. To use the tool without restrictions, you need to purchase the Pro version.

Icecream Slideshow Maker Overview


Extensive effects library

Multimedia content support

High-quality exporting options

Multiple songs per project




Watch this overview video that takes you through the features and how you can use them to create your own slideshow video in Icecream Slideshow Maker.

  1. Using MAGIX PhotoStory Deluxe to create slideshow videos
    Using MAGIX PhotoStory Deluxe to create slideshow videos

MAGIX PhotoStory Deluxe is a great slideshow video creator for beginners. The interface is user-friendly and easy to master. You can start making your video using the app’s wizard that will introduce you to the majority of PhotoStory Deluxe’s essential features.

The app provides an image editor that allows you to set up your photos for the slideshow. There’s a feature called Short Match Tool that enables you to give all your photos the same look in terms of color and lighting. You can choose from an assortment of eye-catching filters and transition effects and turn your images into lovely collages. There’s also a template library that can help you get started.

Aside from various image formats, you can upload audio and video files. Pick an appropriate music track for your slideshow and mix up different media types to create a stunning visual journey.

The unique feature that Photostory Deluxe has to offer is MAGIX Travel Maps. It enables you to create amazing animations for your vacation slideshows with a red arrow tracking all the places that you visited. You can get the Ultimate Traveler Package to make use of over 500 audio and design elements made specifically for travel-themed slideshows.

Even though MAGIX PhotoStory Deluxe comes with some amazing options—such as VR and 360 video support—it doesn’t provide many video editing features.

MAGIX Photostory Deluxe Overview


VR and 360 video support

Travel Maps feature

Photo editor

Template library


Free—30-day trial

Full version—$69.99

Watch this video tutorial for a complete understanding of how you can create a slideshow video with MAGIX PhotoStory Deluxe.

  1. Creating Slideshow Videos using PixGram
    Creating Slideshow Videos using PixGram

PixGram is a mobile-based app for the quick and easy creation of slideshows straight from your device’s gallery. You can get it both on iOS and Android.

The app is made for crafting slideshow videos with music and uploading them to social media websites. You can choose between different aspect ratios, such as 1:1 for Instagram or 16:9 for Facebook. You can import images and videos from your gallery into PixGram and add any of the songs you’ve got on your device as background music. The app provides an assortment of filters that you can use to make your slideshow video look unique.

When it comes to video editing options, they are limited in line with the app’s purpose. If you’re looking for more advanced features, such as transitions and special effects, you should choose a different tool.

PixGram may be a simple app for mobile users, but it’s an affordable solution for what it can do. It has both a free and premium version. The free version limits your exported videos to three minutes and contains in-app ads that can get annoying. The good news is that the premium version costs only $2.99.


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