Best Apps For Makeup Artist

The first and only makeup app collection of its kind, The artist’s eyes: best apps for makeup artist is the definitive guide to the hottest makeup apps. This compendium will help professionals gain a competitive edge by understanding how to use mobile technology to maximize their earning potential.

Best Apps For Makeup Artist

  1. Makeup Photo Editor App
    makeup artist app

Developer: Best Photo Apps

Rating: 2.9

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Play Store link

The Makeup Photo Editor app consists of many makeup stickers that are attachable to a selfie. It also has a makeup camera that lets you to instantly take a selfie and put touch-up. The Makeup Photo Editor app is user-friendly as a user can navigate in it in a lucid manner. Moreover, there are many choices of fashion accessories like eyelashes, lipsticks, foundations, eye-shadows, and hairstyles. Moreover, this app helps the user to change the background aspect of each selfie.

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  1. Beauty Makeup Editor App
    makeup artist app

Developer: Lyrebird Studio

Rating: 3.9

Play Store link

The Beauty Makeup Editor is a free application on the Play Store that instantly provides customized makeup. It changes every normal selfie into more attractive photos. The makeup editor present in this app gives the user an opportunity to simulate the process of makeup application several times. Other features that are present in this application are lip shaper, eye shaper, skin smoothener and, teeth whitener. The presence of multiple filters and easy sharing convenience makes this application a good companion for online makeup artists.

  1. Makeup 365 App – Beauty Makeup Editor- MakeupPerfect
    makeup artist app

Developer: Oshihar Apps

Rating: 2.9

Play Store link

The Makeup 365 app has a professional approach in terms of virtual makeup artist applications. Apart from the face, this app gives the opportunity to change the fashion statement of the picture too. The Photo Face Makeup feature changes the outlook instantly with slight variations. Makeup accessories like colours, brushes, eyeliners, lipstick are also available on this application. One can also carry out wedding makeup with the help of this application.

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  1. Looks- Real Makeup Camera App
    makeup artist app

Developer: Snow, INC.

Rating: 3.9

Play Store link

Looks Makeup Camera is primarily a makeup application. It allows you to take a picture and apply various make up things on your face. New users who are aspiring to become makeup artists in the future can use this application. The best part about looks is that it does not hamper the naturality of the selfie. As a result, the output remains outstanding in most of the cases. However, on using this makeup artist application, you can find little changes that dramatically improve the way you look. The only thing one has to ensure when using Looks is the efficiency of the camera. This app also allows you to compare both versions of your face with or without makeup.

  1. Face Makeup Camera and Photo Editor App
    A screenshot of a cell phone

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Developer: Astralwire Studio

Rating: 4.4

Play Store link

Virtual makeup artists always seek an application where they can get most of the professional features. The Face Makeup Camera and Photo Editor Application feature some options that are common in photoshop. This makes it unique and credible to most people. With this application, you can get a professional-quality touch-up and the final photo. Moreover, this app gives you a hassle-free experience when it comes to handling. Features like the automatic detector, skin editor, and one-touch makeup enhance your comfort using this app.

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  1. Pretty Makeup – Beauty Photo Editor Selfie Camera
    A screenshot of a social media post

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Developer: Photo Editor Perfect Corp.

Rating: 4.5

Play Store link

The Pretty Makeup is a top-ranking makeup artist app on the Play Store according to its current rating. The user-friendliness and response of the application make its ratings so high. The most unique feature present in this application is ‘auto-recognition’. The user will not have to take selfies time and again when using this app. The colors, styles, filters, and features present in this app make the final photo cool, cute, and realistic. Moreover, several options for jewelry are present like earrings and, necklaces. Once the user is done with the virtual makeover, she can easily share the picture on social sites.

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  1. Man Makeup App : Handsome Men Editor
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Developer: SASSY APPS

Rating: 2.1

Play Store link

The Man Makeup is one of the few applications present on the Play Store that comprises of all the features that complement the makeup for men. Different types of accessories like masks, filters are available on this app. Moreover, features like acne remover, tattoo application, and multiple hair colors and styles are present in Man Makeup. Exciting beard and mustache styles are present in this app and it can be applied with proper finishing. Overall, this application is the best a man can use for a virtual touch-up. Furthermore, it has many options to include abs and muscles to the photo.

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  1. Face Beauty Makeup
    A picture containing food

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Developer: Opeslink

Rating: 3.5

Play Store link

The Face Beauty Makeup app does not connect with the phone camera rather allows the user to choose a photo from the gallery. This application is mounted with all the basic features and accessories related to makeup. Another useful feature present in this app is basic jewelry. You can easily add a diamond ring to your ears or a crown on your head. It also allows you to add girl quotes to your photos.

  1. Makeup Camera
    makeup artist app
    makeup artist app
    Developer: Photo Editor Perfect Corp.

Rating: 4.2

Play Store link

The Makeup Camera comprises of some crucial things that differentiate traditional makeover to virtual. It is an easy reshaping feature. This app allows the reshaping of the different parts of the face. It also replicates the traditional means of doing it with instruments like puffs and brushes. As a result, it provides the real feeling of a virtual makeup simulator to the makeup freaks. Moreover, you can remove the negative elements in your face like dark circles, eye bags, and acne. Furthermore, with this app, you can turn your gloomy eyes bright.


All the makeup artist apps mentioned in this article are free and they have a decent rating on the Play Store. This can help you to get good access to it with the help of any smart gadgets. As a user, you can try all the above apps and stick to the one that serves you the best. Virtual makeup is also a thing to learn as it provides you with the idea of how it is actually done.

Best app for freelance makeup artist

  1. Beauty Plus

Beauty plus is one of the best photo editing apps for makeup artists that I’ve ever used. It lets you make small edits on portrait photos, making you look even more gorgeous than you already do.

My favorite part about BeautyPlus is that you can smooth out complexion, add more light to the eyes, narrow the face contour, brighten the face, edit the skin tone. Briefly, you make the person in the photo look more attractive in just a few seconds. Therefore ladies, if you want to post professional and perfect makeup photos on your social media profiles, edit them with Beautyplus and let your audience discover how talented you are.

Click here to download BeautyPlus app for iOS.

Click here to download BeautyPlus app for Android.

  1. PicsArt

Picsart is the ideal MUA app that lets you take photo editing to the next level. You can create amazing images, before and after collages, and drawings.

Millions of professionals in the beauty industry use PicsArt because it offers a variety of premium tools like photo blending, artistic filters, photo effects, Photoshop-style layering and drawing tools, cropping, and more.

With Picsart, you can add to your photos free stickers, fonts, backgrounds, and brushes. Furthermore, the app also has a tutorial section from where you can learn how to use it best.

Click here to download PicsArt app for iOS

Click here to download PicsArt app for Android

  1. Snapseed

Without any doubt, it is one of the very best photo editing apps for makeup artists. Snapseed lets you achieve the high-quality editing you would never ever expect from a photo editing app.

Photos play a very important role in a makeup artist’s career. They are those glimpses of your past work which you want to keep with you and expose to your gorgeous clients every day. Obviously, you’re most likely to keep those photos that reflect the very best quality possible of your work.

Most often, when you take a photo of makeup you do, it does not exactly turn out the way you expect it to be. Factors like lighting, size limitations, or skin imperfections can lower the quality of your photos. You will rarely find a captured photo to turn out the way you’ve expected. However, now with the help of some makeup photo editing apps, you can bring that required originality to your captured photos.

The Snapseed editing app is totally free. You don’t need to pay a single penny to turn your makeup photos into professional-looking ones in just a few seconds. Now, how great is that?

Click here to download Snapseed app for iOS

Click here to download Snapseed app for Android

  1. Facetune

Facetune is an easy-to-use photo editing app that allows you to retouch your selfies. Shortly, you can get that natural beauty look in a few seconds, remove imperfections, and share it with your followers. Isn’t it the dream of every woman to look impeccably while appearing on social media channels?

Some of the main Facetune features are smoothing skin, whitening teeth, swiping away blemishes, contouring the face, adding makeup in the app, and so on. This original selfie editor costs 20$, but I think it’s worth investing in looking good on socials, isn’t it?

Click here to download Facetune app for iOS

Click here to download Facetune app for Android

  1. Appointfix

When it comes to earning more money, the best makeup artist apps aren’t the photo editing ones, but the appointment scheduling ones.

Your main business goal is to have a full schedule, and you can certainly achieve that. But what if your clients forget about their appointments? It happens all the time! They don’t do it on purpose, they don’t realize that it means wasted time for you. They simply forget.

You can use Appointfix, the makeup artist scheduling app to send automated text message reminders to clients. According to an MGMA poll, nine in 10 (88%) professionals in every service industry use automated appointment reminders to reduce their no-show rate. You can download for free this scheduling app from the App Store or Google Play.

If you try Appointfix, you can use the online booking feature for free! Having a “Book now” button on your social media profiles is a must-have nowadays. Women looking for a service online, see your photos, they like you, but if you want them to make an appointment to your salon, you should make the booking process as easy and fast as you can. Well, until now, the easiest way is to use an online booking system.

Click here to download Appointfix app for iOS

Click here to download Appointfix app for Android

  1. Amazon or other shopping apps

Shopping apps like Wish, Amazon, or Aliexpress are some of the best apps for makeup artists. Why do I say that? Because as a makeup artist, you need a lot of stuff that you don’t even think you do. Makeup organizers? You can find them on Wish. Need a ring light with a tripod? Amazon is the best choice.

Anyway, besides the thousands of advantages, these shopping apps have (huge variety of products, low price, etc), there’s also an inconvenience: the delivery time. It takes weeks or even months to receive your order, but if you are able to think in advance of what you need and have a little bit of patience, those absolutely must-have apps in a makeup artist’s phone.

Click here to download Amazon app for iOS

Click here to download Amazon app for Android

  1. Sephora

As a makeup artist, you must be in love with Sephora. The shop where you can find all kinds of brands and products you want, from white brands to luxury brands, is the idyllic place for every woman who wants to maintain eternal beauty. The advantage of installing their app on your phone is that they have many promotions and you can buy your favorite products at a convenient price directly from the app: it’s comfortable and fast to purchase your lovely makeup products.

Click here to download Sephora app for iOS

Click here to download Sephora app for Android

  1. Digital books

Constantly learning is essential if you want to be called a professional. Staying up to date, knowing other expert’s opinions and techniques makes you a universally valuable makeup artist. On these apps, you can also find personal development books that will help you improve your communication skills and develop stronger relationships with your clients. Therefore, consider taking into your phone at least one app from where you can read books and documents in your industry. Here’s a list of some apps for digital books you can use.

  1. Social media apps

Maintaining a social media page like Facebook or Instagram doesn’t mean simply posting a photo from time to time or overwhelming people with 10 posts per day with your work. In fact, it requires implementing a smart social media strategy and sticking to it.

Luckily, in our previous article, we already discussed how important it is and how you should implement a social media marketing strategy for makeup artists. If you haven’t seen it yet, now it’s time to do it. You have some priceless tips, examples, and tools you can really start using right now. Hope you find it useful! 🙂

  1. Canva

Well, I just said how important it is to promote yourself on social media. The truth is, it is just as important to promote your business offline as it is online.

There are many ways to do that, but both offline and online you need some visual elements to attract people, to make them want to know more about you and your business. What better way to do that than to have an impressive and colorful design in your flyers, posters, and business cards?

Hiring a professional designer to do that for you can be really expensive and it may take a lot of time, as designers are busy people generally. Therefore, what do you say about this proposal? Take some free time on a weekend, prepare a strong coffee and download Canva or use it online from your laptop. Find out the most inspiring templates and create your own visual elements for your makeup business. Not only will they contain exactly the information you want, but they will have a personal touch on them: they are made by yourself, for yourself. Ready? It is easier than you ever thought…and it’s free. 🙂


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