Best Apps For Making Ads

These are the best and most popular apps for making ads, among which you will find social networking, presentation, media streaming, and design apps. The platform is ideally suited for beginners and professionals and attracts a trendy audience who are interested in making apps.

Best Apps For Making Ads


With partners like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and many more, Promo is a professional business ad maker.

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You can try it for free and customize your videos, add your text, logo, or select the template of your choice from the wide range of templates. You can add images from Shutterstock or Getty. The UI is easy to use, and you don’t need any prior knowledge for using it.

Promo has separate templates for Ads and videos and provides templates based on the industry, like real estate, travel, e-commerce, etc.

This one is a little different than the rest because it focuses on digital ads. WASK is an AI-Based digital ads optimization software and it published a free tool to enable its users’ design whatever they want.

WASK Design Tool is an easy-to-use, simple way to create images that can be used as Facebook and Instagram ads. It gives you the most popular formats automatically before designing, if you need a specialized layout, you can determine your own. Once you have done your design, you can immediately publish it as an ad. You can also save the images to the media library, and use them as Instagram posts later.

It has lots of cool features. Free templates make the design process quicker while the layers section enables you to edit better. WASK Design Tool also provides lots of stock images, background colors, shapes, emojis, and story borders. Simply everything you require when you design for social media.

To conclude, WASK Design Tool is a great way to design ads images with drag and drop. You can check it yourself, it does not require any payment or signing up for now. Give it a try to see if it works for you.


With Animoto, you don’t need any prior experience in creating videos. It takes only a blink of an eye to create that perfect video you’d use to build your brand.

Animoto is a certified partner with social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You can make short ad videos or create promo videos for your company using the many templates provided or customize your own videos with easy filtering and personalization. Animoto has a music library, online video templates, stock library, and video trimming options.

You can use it for free or choose out of many subscriptions available on their website.


Canva is free, and you can make some really eye-grabbing stuff within minutes. Canva is quite popular for making Facebook, YouTube, Instagram ads and doesn’t need you to be a designer or even an exceptionally creative person. Whatever you have in mind, you can create it using Canva.

You can use images or videos from the existing media library or upload your own and add designs, text, and many other features to it. Everything is drag and drop, which makes Canva absolutely a breeze to use. You can also use Canva for Flyers, postcards, invitations, business cards, and much more.

Invideo is a versatile, easy-to-use tool that lets you control your videos completely. You can take care of the smallest of details and customize every small bit that you want to. It is intuitive, quick, and powerful. What’s more, Invideo is AI-powered, thus making sure your videos make sense. It has a huge music and media library, which you can use to create stunning videos in minutes.

The call-to-action (CTA) makes it easier for users to identify with your brand. Invideo also supports multilingual videos, automated voice-overs, and intelligent frames. You can easily create timelines, modify the text, place it anywhere using drag and drop, add filters, change colors, fonts, and so much more.


Bannersnack is a feature-rich tool that helps you create ads of any type. You can get access to thousands of fonts, stock photos, clip-arts, custom animations, and much more. Just use your touchpad to drag and drop the designs you want in your ad. It is a perfect tool for video ads, social media ads, posters, flyers, and banner ads.

You can explore more than 8000 professional designs for various ads. The animation option uses the latest HTML version to create beautiful effects, timelines, and transitions like never before. From basic animations like blur, fade, slide, scale, etc., to advanced visuals like a cross, drop, flip, roll, and many more, Bannersnack is your go-to tool for enterprise designs and visuals.

With clients like Airbus, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, and many more, Biteable is your stop to create all types of stunning ads, videos, and images. You can create all sorts of animations, motion graphics, movies, ads like Facebook, YouTube, Linked In, or Instagram, cover pages, book trailers, cartoons, presentations, etc. You name it, and it’s there. You can create from scratch or use existing templates.

It takes just a few seconds to create your own video using the templates. You can use Biteable for free with limited features or take a monthly/yearly subscription to explore the full potential.


A great tool for creating banner ads, Crello is popularly used for the leaderboard, wide skyscraper, medium rectangle, and large rectangle banner ads. It has thousands of professional templates available for free. You can choose the format and the template and start customizing your ad as you want.

Crello is also great for creating Instagram & Facebook stories, Pinterest graphics, Facebook and Twitter posts, Tumblr graphics, and more. It also has provisions for creating memes, newsletter, catchy blog headers, eBook designs, invitations, posters, flyers, etc.

Crello is a smooth option to make ads for Google Adwords, Bing display, Google Display Network, etc.


You can create compelling and high engagement ads using Offeo even if you are not a designer or never create any video in your life before!

Highly suitable for Instagram feeds, Facebook feeds, and other similar social media platforms, you can create the designs within minutes using the existing templates. The tool is feature-rich and intuitive with drag and drop options and requires almost zero effort, thus saving time and design cost without compromising ads’ quality.

The animations are smooth and can be done with a single click. You can use your own pictures or videos and store them in the graphics library for reuse. Offeo is a great tool for influencers, marketers, and freelancers alike to promote their services.


There are thousands of online ad templates that you can use and customize to make your personalized content. Motionden is popularly used for animated videos, slideshows, business intros, commercials, explainer videos, Facebook and Instagram videos, Logo animations, Text animation, trailers, and many more.

Free apps to create advertisements

Is this app easy enough for anyone to use? Tools like Photoshop and Illustrator are incredible in the right hands, and unusable in the wrong ones. Social media management is rarely done by people with a design background, so any app has to cater to regular people. This isn’t to say there won’t be some learning curve, just that it doesn’t require a textbook to climb.

Is this app suited well for social media marketing? Again, Photoshop and Illustrator can do incredible things, but they are complete overkill for most people trying to create images for their social media marketing channels. I wanted apps that streamlined the process of creating strong graphics, not offering every tool under the sun.

Is the app experience good? A free graphic design app has the potential to be, frankly, awful to use. But even if you’re not (yet) paying for a service, you shouldn’t be hamstrung by a slow, janky, and just unpleasant experience. Especially when there are great apps out there you could be using.

Are the design assets varied and professional? It’s easy to find social media templates online, but many of them are awful. You can’t slap some cheesy clipart on a graphic that represents your brand, or keep recycling the same social media post design over and over. We only included apps that had assets that would allow you to represent yourself or your company in a professional light. (To be honest, this criterion cut the most apps.)

Can you use the app in multiple ways? If you create one post for Twitter, it should be easy to repurpose it for Instagram, or even for a flyer. Similarly, you should be able to quickly edit and update last year’s Christmas sale post with this year’s info. Apps that made this list had to be multi-purpose, rather than force you into one way of working.


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