Best Apps For Ringtones

Are you looking for the perfect ringtone?

Using your favorite song is an option, but what if you can’t find the right version of it? Or what if you only want a few seconds of it? What if you want something that will make everyone turn their heads when it goes off, or maybe something a little more subtle?

We’ve rounded up the best apps for creating ringtones. Whether you’re looking for simplicity or a lot of bells and whistles, there’s something here for everyone!

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10 Best Ringtone apps for iPhone (2022) - iPhone Topics

Best Apps For Ringtones

Smartphones have evolved a great deal over the past few years. But one of the core features that phones have offered from a long time is the ability to change your ringtone or notification tone. The options are much more diverse on the Android platform, which can sometimes make things quite confusing for the users.

While it’s fun to create ringtones, we strongly recommend against downloading tunes from unrecognized sources online. Despite all the security features embedded with newer versions of Android, some malware is proven to be immune to them.

This is why we’ve decided to talk about some of the best ringtone maker apps available for the Android platform. Most of these apps are free to download, but maybe ad-supported and/or offer in-app purchases for additional features. So let’s take a closer look at some of the best ringtone apps available in the Play Store today.

Best Ringtone App for Android
best ringtone app for android

  1. ZEDGE
    Zedge is undoubtedly one of the best ringtone app for Android while also offering media, as well as wallpapers. The library that Zedge possesses is hard to match by any other app, which is also because the app has been around for a long time. If there’s a ringtone you can’t find on Zedge, it’s unlikely you will find it anywhere else.

Zedge also has a very healthy selection of live wallpapers to choose from, thus letting you customize your entire phone using just one app. Zedge has undergone major UI changes over the past few years, with the dark theme still intact. Zedge also has a vast collection of creators who make new wallpapers and ringtones for Zedge users.

The also allows users to personalize wallpapers by adding stickers to their designs, thus adding to the customization aspect. The combination of all these features makes this a must try.

Most of Zedge’s basic features are free to download, but the makers also offer a premium version through an in-app purchase. The app also has a built-in currency known as Zedge Credits which can be used unlock features. Free users of the app will also have to make do with ads.

Download Here: Google Play
best ringtone app for android

  1. Popular Ringtones
    This is one of the better designed apps, although it’s somewhat limited in terms of functionality. Popular Ringtones comes with a fairly easy to use interface, and you can select from a wide range of choices made available by the app makers. In addition to offering ringtones, the app also lets you choose from a fresh selection of wallpapers.

Once you’ve picked the tune of your choice, you can set it as your default ringtone, or assign it to a particular contact as well as set as alarm tone. All of this can be achieved right within the app, although you may need to provide system and device permissions to the app.

Just like the app we discussed above, Popular Ringtones is free to download and has no in-app purchases. Customers may see a few ads, however. The app requires phones running Android 4.1 or above to work.

Download Here: Google Play
best ringtone app for android

  1. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker
    This is a versatile audio/MP3 cutter app which gives you more freedom with regards to the ringtone you choose. If you have a custom audio file that needs trimming, you can do all of that within the app. Once you have the ringtone of your choice, you can choose to set it as a default or custom contact ringtone right within the app.

The app makers mention that it supports formats like MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR, FLAC, and others, so customers should face no issues with regards to incompatible audio formats. The app also comes with a recorder feature which allows you to record a live event to set it as your custom ringtone.

Since you can name the files as well, searching through a big list of ringtones becomes much easier. MP3 Cutter is free to download on the Play Store and comes with ads. It doesn’t have in-app purchases. The app will work with Android versions 4.0 and above.

Download Here: Google Play
best ringtone app for android

  1. Bird Calls, Sounds & Ringtones
    While we’ve spoken about a handful of standard ringtone maker apps, this one is quite unique. That’s because in addition to offering basic ringtones, it also offers bird sounds with a wide selection to choose from (120+) including pigeons and flamingos. While a bird chirping may not make a good ringtone for everyone, it’s certainly a nice option to have.

The app also comes with an elaborate collection of wallpapers (yes, with birds). These bird sounds are also an excellent option for alarms as it can be quite refreshing to wake up to bird sounds in the morning.

The developers have put in a bit of work in the user interface of this app as well, with all options and settings accessible easily from one screen. This bird calls ringtone app is an ad-supported free app on the Play Store with no in-app purchases on board.

Download Here: Google Play
best ringtone app for android

  1. Ringtone Maker – MP3 Cutter
    This is one of the most popular ringtone maker apps available in the marketplace today, as most users are probably aware. Ringtone Maker offers the ability to create your own tunes, while also cutting from stock MP3 files stored on your device. The app also offers a built-in browser which makes it easier to search for the songs that you’ve previously saved or recorded.

The app makers mention that Ringtone Maker supports formats like MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR, 3GPP, 3GP, and M4A, thus covering pretty much every audio format you may encounter. What makes this app really stand out is the fact that it offers a variety of options to edit and modify your audio clips extensively.

This is a free app on the Play Store and is ad supported. There are no in-app purchases. Be sure to have a closer look.

Download Here: Google Play
best ringtone app for android

  1. Z Ringtones Premium 2020
    Given the similarity in the name, this can be confused for an offshoot of Zedge. However, it’s a completely different app which has its own set of features that make it stand out from the rest of the competition. Among these is the inclusion of brand new ringtones just as we recover from the Holiday season.

The catalog is updated regularly, so users can get a good selection of ringtones at any given time. This app focuses on tunes only, which is why it doesn’t have wallpapers or any other additional features. But if you’re looking for an app that just gives you excellent ringtones without much effort (and for free), Z Ringtones fits the bill perfectly well. Add this among some of the best ringtone app for Android.

Much like most apps in this genre, Z Ringtones is a free download and is ad-supported. Unlike Zedge, this app has no in-app purchases. The app will work on devices running Android 4.1 and higher.

Download Here: Google Play
best ringtone app for android

  1. Pop Music Ringtones
    This one’s for the pop music lovers as you probably guessed. It comes with a wide selection of ringtones belong to pretty much every genre you can think of, with the focus being on pop music. Moreover, the content is updated each week, so users can be assured of finding fresh content periodically.

The developers mention that there are around 10,000 ringtones to choose from, although the number is likely to be much higher with more tones being added each week. The app also offers a searching feature, allowing you to find exactly what you’re looking for. This ringtone app doesn’t serve as an MP3 or audio cutter, so you’re limited to just using the tunes available in the library.

The user interface is well designed with all the crucial features easy to access from any screen. This app is a free download on the Play Store, but comes with ads. There are no in-app purchases, however. Unlike most apps on this list, this phone will require phones or tablets with Android 5.0 or higher. Be sure to have a closer look at this app.

Download Here: Google Play
best ringtone app for android

  1. Best Classical Ringtones
    Flashy and loud ringtones are not for everyone. This is why it makes sense to check out an app that offers a viable alternative in the form of classical tunes. The collection includes music from legends like Tchaikovsky, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and so on, making this a true delight for classical music lovers.

The app allows you to set these classical tunes as ringtones or notification tones, while they can also be set as your alarm tone. This is also an excellent alternative for those who are unsatisfied with the default ringtones option offered with their Android device. Since every icon and music type is highlighted on the app, all you have to do is long press on your selection and select it as your ringtone or alarm tone.

The app is free to download, and has no in-app purchases. There are ads onboard, however. Users will find that this app is quite limited compared to some of the audio editors we’ve discussed above, but it’s definitely worth checking out, particularly for a new alarm tone.

Download Here: Google Play

best ringtone app for iphone

iPhone comes with a pretty impressive collection of default ringtone sounds. However, it may not suit the taste of everyone. Thankfully, the dedicated iPhone ringtone maker apps can help you make your own ringtones with ease.

Also, let’s not forget about getting confused by hearing similar-sounding default Apple ringtones while in the crowd. We keep checking our phones, thinking it’s ringing. But it’s not. Let’s be honest here; it drives us nuts!

Fortunately, the solution is simple here. All we need to do is personalize our iPhone with custom ringtones and text alerts.

With this in mind, we’ve made a list of the 7 best free iPhone ringtone maker apps. Now, it’s time to stand out in the crowd with these unique music ringtones for iPhone.

7 Best iPhone Ringtone Maker Apps for Free
There are tons of free music ringtones maker apps for those wondering how to make ringtones for iPhone. Typically, they also boast other valuable audio editing tools to simplify the ringtone creating process.

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Generally speaking, there are no alternatives to iPhone ringtones apps if you want to create different types of custom tones. Hence, we’ve discussed some of the best free ringtones apps for iPhone to make it easier to choose.

Here are the 7 Best iPhone Ringtone Maker Apps for free
Ringtones: Ringtone Maker
Ringtones HD ∙ Ringtone Maker
Ringtones for iPhone! (music)
Ringtones Maker – the ring app
Best Ringtones 2022 : Songs
Ringtones for iPhone: TUUNES
Ringtones for iPhone: Infinity
Ringtones: Ringtone Maker
Ringtone Maker – the best free ringtone apps for iPhones
Price: Free (In-App Purchase)

Compatibility: iOS 11.0 or later

At the very first, we have the Ringtones: Ringtone Maker in our list of the best ringtone apps for iPhone. The app comes with a comprehensive collection of top ringtones for free. Hence, with the ever-expanding library, you can change your phone’s ringtone anytime.

Alternatively, it’s the most ideal app out there for those looking how to make a custom ringtone on iPhone.

Want to set part of some aesthetic or dubstep songs as your ringtone? Or create custom tones from your own recordings? Then, break no sweat. Because Ringtone Maker has you covered.

Thanks to the audio trimmer feature, you can edit songs on the go. Furthermore, converting MP3 files to iPhone ringtones is as seamless as it can get. Personalizing your call, SMS, calendar, and alarm tone has never been this easy.

Key Features:

Create custom ringtones for iPhone from various songs
Extract audio from videos or record audios directly to make ringtones
Collection of popular music ringtones & wallpapers from different categories
Regularly updated trending ringtones
Mark your favorite tones & download them later
Share ringtones via iMessage, Email, WhatsApp, etc.
Does not require any PC or Mac connection to install ringtones; do it via Apple’s GarageBand app
Learn how to make a ringtone on iPhone

App store download icon
Ringtones HD ∙ Ringtone Maker
Make your own ringtones for iPhones through Ringtones HD
Price: Free (In-App Purchase)

Compatibility: iOS 11.0 or later

With a deep and rich catalog of tones, Ringtones HD gives your iPhone a truly personal touch. Not only can you search ringtones from different categories, but also there are various themes for deep personalization.

In addition, the trending segment helps you to stay updated with the best music ringtones. And if it’s still not enough, you can make ringtones for iPhone on your own too.

Key Features:

Fantastic collection of ringtones
Themes to personalize iPhone
Create original ringtones and sound effects
Friendly and simple interface
Ringtones for iPhone! (music)
With Ringtones for iPhone, stop worrying about how to set a song as a ringtone on iPhone
Price: Free (In-App Purchase)

Compatibility: iOS 12.0 or later

This feature-packed app is one of the best free iPhone ringtones makers available on the App Store. Besides having hundreds of free ringtones and ringbacks, you can record and make your own soundtrack.

Moreover, this iOS ringtone app can adjust the start and end marker alongside fade in and out options. Naturally, fine-tuning the pitch and volume is possible. Not to mention, you can convert or edit MP3 files as well.

Key Features:

Integrated recorder for recording voices and tunes
Ability to convert MP3 and AAC audio files
Useful audio editing tools
Share unique ringtones on social platforms
Ringtones Maker – The Ring App
Create awesome tunes with the iPhone ringtones apps
Price: Free (In-App Purchase)

Compatibility: iOS 9.0 or later

Without a doubt, the Ring App packs one of the most unique features to make iPhone ringtones. And that is the ability to extract audio from any videos and convert them into iPhone tones. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Despite being the smallest app in this list, the Ring App has an extensive collection of music and tones. Of course, you can make a ringtone by yourself as well using the standard audio editor. Most importantly, you don’t need to connect to any computer at all.

Key Features:

Real-time update of the latest call and text ringtones
Option to extract audio from videos
Support for audio conversion to MP3 and M4R formats
Standard editing features like splicing, fade-in, and fade-out
Best Ringtones 2022 : Songs
One of the best ringtones applications in 2022
Price: Free (In-App Purchase)

Compatibility: iOS 10.0 or later

Discover mesmerizing ringtones daily with the Best Ringtones 2022 : Songs app. You can browse through vast catalogs of songs from 24+ categories. Namely, the categories include tones from Nature, Classical Music, Anime, Electronic, Rock, Hip Hop, Most Popular, and many more.

However, remember that the free version contains a fair amount of ads. Nevertheless, this is one of the best free ringtones apps for the iPhone.

Key Features:

Vast number of ringtones in 25 categories
Regular ringtone updates
Special holiday contents
Ringtones for iPhone: TUUNES
Free music ringtones for iPhones
Price: Free (In-App Purchase)

Compatibility: iOS 11.0 or later

Featuring the biggest collection of tunes from professional labels and producers, Ringtones for iPhone: TUUNES is your one-stop solution. This app got it all – from caller, alarm, and calendar tones to the best text tones for iPhone.

Even though you can’t create custom ringtones for iPhone, enormous catalogs of ringtones cover this shortcoming. Also, lightning-fast audio previews and the advanced search option make browsing easier.

Key Features:

Massive catalog of ringtones to choose from
Live stats and trending section
Create your list of favorites
Search ringtone by tag, artist, title, and categories
Ringtones for iPhone: Infinity
Get free ringing tones via Infinity
Price: Free (In-App Purchase)

Compatibility: iOS 13.0 or later

Give your device a premium feel with Infinity – one of the best free iPhone ringtone maker apps. Get rid of the default mail, alarm, and caller tones and replace them with a brand new one.

Coupled with discoverable trending songs every day, add custom ringtones to your iPhone easily. Thankfully, making your own ringtones don’t require any complicated process. Infinity makes it fast and simple.

Key Features:

Fully licensed premium songs from artists
Daily new songs
Tons of premium categories to choose songs from
Make custom iPhone ringtone
Wrapping Up
Admittedly, there are countless other apps in the store that can do the job of changing your iPhone ringtones. But not every app deserves your time or attention.

And that’s precisely why we’ve come up with this list of the 7 best free iPhone ringtone maker apps. We’ve spent and wasted our time researching them so that you don’t have to.

However, creating custom ringtones still involves some steps. So, if you’re not sure about how to make a ringtone on iPhone yet, don’t fret. Our handy guide has got your back.


Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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