Best Apps For Routines

Are you good at starting something but not great at finishing it? Do you find it hard to concentrate on one thing for a long period of time? You need a routine.

A routine will help you focus on the tasks at hand by telling your mind what to do and when to do it. Routines help you eliminate decision fatigue, which is a real thing. If you’re tired of spinning your wheels and want to make progress in life, here are our favorite apps to help you break bad habits and start new ones.

9 Best Morning Routine Apps to Start Your Day Right

Best Apps For Routines

Every day, our lives are governed by habits. These habits consist of little routines, as well as small ways you do things. What’s surprising is that many people are unaware of what their habits are.

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Some habits such as smoking can even have detrimental effects on your health. Meanwhile, other habits like procrastination can impact your work and career in a negative way.

Therefore it’s important to take back control of your life. Doing this can be hard because most habits are so ingrained that in people’s lives that they do it even without thinking.

Luckily there are tons of habits tracking apps available that are designed to help you to set goals, help you keep track of your habits, and solve your bad habits for free.

The best habit tracker website or app can help you in your journey to ensure you stay on track with your goals. It can also help you visualize your progress, and be aware of how much you’ve come.

Whether you want to use an app that has tons of features, or you prefer a productive habit tracker with a simple interface, you’ll find it here.

Habit Tracking Apps You Need to Try
Here’s a list of the 22 best habit trackers you can use.

  1. Momentum Habit Tracker
    22 Best Habit Tracking Apps You Need in 2022
    This app has tons of helpful features which makes it great for people who want to monitor their habits and routines.

One of the most interesting features is that with Momentum, you can import your data into an Excel document, which allows for cross platform viewing of your progress. On top of this you’re able to set weekly targets and take notes allowing you to easily take control of your habits.

But unlike many apps on this list, Momentum is optimized exclusively for Apple devices and as such, you won’t find it on Android which is unfortunate. However a benefit of this exclusivity is that your profile on Momentum can be easily integrated on the iCloud.

Download: iOS

  1. Habitica
    22 Best Habit Tracking Apps You Need in 2022
    Habitica is extremely creative in its approach to tracking and maintaining good habits. It is inspired by RPG video games, each task you complete will level up your customized avatar giving you an extra incentive to stay motivated.

Its unique video game inspired design makes keeping track of your habits and goals fun.

The app isn’t limited to just habit tracking, but with it you can join your friends and complete quests and missions. It’s not just video game inspired, but is a game in itself.

But those who aren’t interested in video games may not prefer Habitica.

Download: iOS and Android

  1. Productive Habit Tracker
    22 Best Habit Tracking Apps You Need in 2022
    Wondering how to track habit? This app is for you. Productive’s straightforward yet thoughtfully-designed interface makes watching over your habits simple. It offers an intuitive design so you’ll be able to start planning in seconds.

Although its design looks very simple, this app is packed with effective features. This app also helps you to keep an eye on your successes. This way, you’ll be able to measure your progress and improvement. This will help you stay motivated.

Download: iOS

  1. StickK
    22 Best Habit Tracking Apps You Need in 2022
    StickK was developed by behavioral economists at the prestigious Yale University. On signing up, you create a commitment contract with yourself and the app to reach your goals, you can even bet money on yourself.

For added motivation, you can assign a friend or family member to check your data to ensure you’re on your way to reaching your goals.

The unique commitment contract idea could be a brilliant way to stay motivated. This aspect is backed by great research, the app is based on the principles of Thaler’s nudge theory

On top of everything, the app has an eye-catching and interesting layout.

Download: iOS and Android

  1. Habitshare
    22 Best Habit Tracking Apps You Need in 2022
    Habitshare is the ultimate combination of a social networking site and an effective habit tracker. Therefore, it allows you to grow habits with friends. This is what makes it stand out as one of the best habit tracking apps.

The social options in this platform are relatively uncommon, and unlike others with social networking options, this app has messaging options that enable you to talk and communicate with people you know. This way, you can motivate your friends, or vice versa. With it, your individual goals transform into meaningful team efforts. Users also have the choice to disable this app’s social aspect if they want to be more private.

However, Habitshare doesn’t feature scheduling tasks on a monthly basis. This can be a deal-breaker for people who schedule monthly bills.

Download: iOS and Android

  1. Streaks
    22 Best Habit Tracking Apps You Need in 2022
    This Apple design award winner is built around encouraging you to maintain a 12 day streak of a good habit, as such it is a great way to stay motivated.

The interface is extremely customizable, as such, you can make it suit you and your tastes.What’s more it can be easily integrated with the Health app, one of the most popular apps on the IOS. Used together, you’ll be able to develop healthy habits with ease. If you’re falling behind, the app will send you a reminder, and keep you on target.

Download: iOS

  1. Habit List
    22 Best Habit Tracking Apps You Need in 2022
    Habit List is all about developing and maintaining a streak of beneficial habits.

This productive habit tracker is great at tracking your habits over a long period of time, enabling you to easily make sense of your progress in a way that is easy to read and understand.

If you have a complicated schedule, or want to complete specific tasks on specific days, you can easily set a calendar of activities to complete, and view them accordingly.

Download: iOS

  1. Balanced
    22 Best Habit Tracking Apps You Need in 2022
    Balanced is designed to help you keep track and measure your sleeping patterns, your exercise, and time you spend sitting, encouraging you to develop healthier habits.

Unlike many apps, Balanced is completely focused on healthy habits. It helps you stay concentrated on only three activities at a time so you won’t be overwhelmed.

Download: iOS and Android

  1. Simple Habit Tracker
    22 Best Habit Tracking Apps You Need in 2022
    Don’t be fooled by its name, simple habit tracker is one of the more interesting habit trackers and is packed with interesting features.

If you’re looking for inspiration, the app comes with over 200 pre-designed habits to get you started. One of the most appealing things about this app is its beautifully designed and eye-catching interface.

Download: iOS

  1. Habitbull
    22 Best Habit Tracking Apps You Need in 2022
    Habit-bull is one of the most feature-rich habit tracker apps and it’s detailed recording system means you’ll be able to get detailed information about your progress.

If you’re aiming to increase your fitness, Habitbull can be integrated with GoogleFit.

If you’re worried about losing your data, don’t worry it can all be backed up on the cloud, meaning you’ll never need to worry about losing track of your data.

But anyone who’s looking for a more simple habit tracker may find this best habit tracker complicated.

Download: iOS and Android

  1. Strides Habit Tracker
    22 Best Habit Tracking Apps You Need in 2022
    Strides Habit Tracker is a good all rounder, with all you expect from a great habit tracker and more.

The app is quick and easy to use, so you’ll be able to start developing great habits right away. If you plan to complete a set number of tasks for a specific date, the app calculates if you’re on track to complete it on time, enabling you to tailor your habits around your goals.

Download: iOS

    22 Best Habit Tracking Apps You Need in 2022 comes with all you might expect from a quality habit tracking app, with the extra unique feature of being able to hire either a habit coach or even a leadership coach for extra costs.

The coach hiring feature, if you can afford it, has the potential of having a radical impact on your goals and productivity. There are two options, leadership coaching and habit coaching, so you’ll be able to get the training you need.

Download: iOS, Android, Web Browser

  1. 42 Goals
    22 Best Habit Tracking Apps You Need in 2022
    42 Goals is quite simple in its design, but comes with many of the features you’d expect. Unlike many similar apps, it is optimized mostly for web browsers. The website has an online community allowing you to share your progress with friends.

Currently, it is neither on IOS or Android, but they are in development, so stay tuned!

Get started:

  1. Habit – 21 day routine
    22 Best Habit Tracking Apps You Need in 2022
    Habit – 21 day routine is built around the principle that it takes 21 days to form a new habit, as such, it encourages you to maintain a new habit over 21 consecutive days.

The app’s layout is beautifully designed. The idea that it takes 21 days to form a new habit is supported by research, as such it is possible you’ll find it extremely beneficial.

The app limits you to one habit at a time, with extra costs attached to additional habits. And at the moment there seems to be no free version

Download: iOS

    22 Best Habit Tracking Apps You Need in 2022 is fairly unique in its approach, each time you stick to your habit, your chain grows, helping you stay motivated.

The app has a beautiful and intuitive interface. Most importantly, it can be used both online and off, allowing you to keep track of your habits wherever you are

This is not a free app but it is relatively inexpensive.

Download: iOS

  1. Done
    22 Best Habit Tracking Apps You Need in 2022
    Done gives you the ability to track an activity multiple times a day, on top of this, the app is full of the features you’d expect from a great habit tracker.

With the app, you can easily track habits you want to build up, and ones you want to slowly eliminate. Unlike many other apps, it features a number of customization options making it suit your tastes.

The Premium version (paid) even allows you to export your habit data as a CSV file or on Dropbox.

Unless you upgrade to premium, you can only track 3 habits on the basic version.

Download: iOS

  1. Good Habits
    22 Best Habit Tracking Apps You Need in 2022
    Good Habits offers many great ways to track the progress of your habits thanks to its smart design.

The app enables you to look at the precise data of your habits and chains. Enabling you to check your progress with ease (paid version).

It can be used with Apple Watch and the Today Widget for extra usability.

Unfortunately, there ultimately is not too much to set it apart from other apps. But if you like the way it looks, you might have a great time.

Download: iOS

  1. Habitify
    22 Best Habit Tracking Apps You Need in 2022
    Habitify is bold in its design, and is both sleek and easy to use, and complicated and detailed.

Habitify allows you to keep focused by showing you the habits and jobs needed to do sooner first, making it ideal for busy people. Detailed graphs and statistics show you all you need to know about your progress and your habits.

It can also be seamlessly synchronized across all your iOS devices.

It is relatively low on customization options, but if this isn’t a problem for you, you’ll find a lot to love

Download: iOS

  1. Sessions
    22 Best Habit Tracking Apps You Need in 2022
    Sessions is an everyday habit tracker that is great for timing your activities and habits.

It is visually pleasing to look at thanks to its uncluttered interface. It allows you to set specific amounts of time to perform each activity, you’ll be able to carefully structure your day and even plan your routines. You can also track your progress as you develop your habits and routines for maximum efficiency.

Download: iOS

  1. Morning Routine Habit Planner
    22 Best Habit Tracking Apps You Need in 2022
    Morning Routine allows you to focus on one habit at a time, ensuring you stay focused.

It can be used in conjunction with Siri, for hands free use, a rare and useful feature.

The app includes inspiring advice from influential and successful people, which is a great motivator.

Download: iOS

  1. Persistence
    22 Best Habit Tracking Apps You Need in 2022
    Want to stay motivated? Persistence is the answer. This app lets you know if you are on track to achieve your goals.

With this app, you can tell whether you are on or off target. This will ensure you’ll always know when and where to strive hard to push your limits, and most especially, you’ll know when to relax. This app also offers numerous options and methods to monitor your goals.

It also allows you to enter notes about your progress and habits to ensure you remember all you need.
It has a $1.99 price tag with no free version. But it’s still less than a cup of coffee!

Download: iOS

  1. Way of Life
    22 Best Habit Tracking Apps You Need in 2022
    Way of Life markets itself as an “ultimate habit building app” and you can see why. This everyday habit tracker comes loaded with many features for people who want to take control of their habits and routines.

On first use, users are presented with an interactive tutorial, to ensure they quickly know how to understand and use all the key features, including: the ability to share your progress on your social media profiles, export your data as an Excel file or CSV file, archive your completed goals for a full record of your success.

Some may find the layout complicated, however this is mitigated thanks to the tutorial.

Download: iOS and Android

Key Takeaways
Now that you know the best habit tracking apps, you can finally become more productive. However, keep in mind that making good habits last takes more than just relying on the best habit tracker. You must also cultivate the right mindset to maximize the results.

daily routine app for android

There might be affiliate links on this page, which means we get a small commission of anything you buy. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Please do your own research before making any online purchase.

You’ve probably heard that a rock-solid morning routine can lead to success. We’re here to tell you that it’s true.

Many successful people credited the activities they do upon waking up for where they are today. These activities often include meditation, an exercise routine, and other acts of self-care that promote positivity. These people usually wake up earlier than most of us, too.

You may not be a morning person. However, you can probably learn from the habits of successful people to jumpstart your own success.

Keep in mind that the things we do and experience in the morning set the tone for how the rest of the day will be.

Fortunately, these days, it’s quite easy to have a morning routine app that helps you get things done the moment you wake up. Looking for inspiration on what constitutes a morning routine? This post has over thirty suggestions for quick habits you can incorporate into your morning rit​ual.

Moreover, the following benefits are directly derived from having a solid morning routine:

Develop self-discipline
Promote mental resilience
Keeps you productive
Reduces stress
(Side note: If you want the perfect morning routine, then check out this seven-step process for creating a morning routine that will become a vital part of your daily life.)

What You Will Learn [show]

The Rituals in a Morning Routine
Are you wondering what makes a good morning routine? In this article, we profile 34 different habits you can incorporate into a morning routine. However, if you’d like a step-by-step process, then we also recommend the S.A.V.E.R.S. method that’s outlined in The Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod.

(If you don’t have time to read the book, check out our post about the Miracle Morning.)

Miracle Morning (morning routine)
Miracle Morning: SAVERS Method
S – Silence.

Once you’re awake, you can spend a few minutes in meditation or prayer. Focus on your breath. Calm your thoughts. If you think meditation is not for you, you’re not alone. Nevertheless, you can try to sit quietly for a few minutes, focus on your breathing. You might come to love this ritual.

A – Affirmations.

What are your goals and your core beliefs? If you affirm these things – writing them down if you feel like doing so – you will attract them in your life.

V – Visualization.

Imagine your goals coming true. Use as much detail as possible. If it’s a future career, imagine what responsibilities you will have, what your office will look like, and even how you feel about going to work in this future role. The more you visualize your goals coming true, the closer you are to manifesting them. (Use a good goal setting app to help you.)

E – Exercise.

Get active! You can take the dog and walk around the block. It could be a heart-pumping workout right in your living room. Do whatever gets your body moving.

R – Reading.

Mornings are the ideal time for learning something new because the brain is more receptive to information. You might think that the time isn’t enough. However, just spending 5 minutes of intentional reading or learning something can help.

S – Scribe.

Write your thoughts down. Keep a journal to record your morning affirmations, ideas, and your visualizations.

RELATED: 12 Good Morning Routine Habits
Want to build a success-focused morning routine? Well, watch this video to learn about the 12 morning routine habits of the world’s most successful people.

We mentioned apps earlier. In this post, we present nine morning routine apps that can help you conquer 2020 (and beyond).

And here they are.

Best Morning Routine Apps

  1. Alarmy To Help You Get Up Early
    best morning routine app | morning routine timer | morning routine ideas

This has been christened as the “most annoying” alarm app.

But in this case, “annoying” is actually praise. When it comes to getting up early in the morning, annoying can be a good thing. A majority of users rave about how this app has helped them with their morning routine.

The key feature here is the different modes for the alarm. In photo mode, you set up the next day’s alarm by snapping a photo of an area or room in your house. This becomes the registered image.

The only way to get the alarm to stop blaring is to get up and take a photo of the registered image.

In shake mode, you are required to shake your phone according to a target you’ve set earlier. It’s a good way to get some physical activity for the day.

Other choices for turning the alarm off include solving puzzles, solving math problems, and scanning barcodes.

  1. Streaks To help you Track & Manage Your Habits
    Streaks To help you Track & Manage Your Habits

This app helps you develop good habits. It begins when you choose up to 12 tasks that you wish to develop into habits.

Users of this app love the huge buttons on its interface. It’s very user-friendly.

For health-related activities, the app can integrate with iOS’s Health App and check if you are meeting your goals. It helps you keep track of your progress on long-term and short-term projects, making it easy for you to stay motivated.

The timers feature allows you to spend a chunk of your time per day doing a certain activity. Click on a task and the rim around its icon becomes a timer. It’s quite handy, especially if you are doing Yoga in the morning.

Streaks will send you reminders whenever it detects that you are falling behind in meeting your goals. This can help stop procrastination on it tracks.

  1. Todoist: To Schedule, Track and Manage your Tasks
    best app to start your day | routinist app | morning routine checklist

If you want to be as productive as possible the moment you open your eyes, this app will help you. You can handle your mornings with ease.

Since Todoist has been designed to be a task-management app, it has a wide array of functionalities that can help you boost your productivity.

One feature that can help you with your morning routine is the recurring task scheduler. If you’re planning to have an early walk every morning, you can schedule this in the app as: “Take walk every! 6:00 am”. That exclamation point cues the app to schedule your morning walk on the time you specified.

Enter your goals and tasks and set reminders for yourself through the day of what you need to accomplish. So if you’re starting a new positive habit or needing a daily, weekly or monthly reminder about finishing a project you’re currently working on, this app can be a great ally in helping you stay on track.

If you think this app can help you boost your productivity in other areas of your life, head over to this post for an in-depth look and for a Todoist walkthrough and tutorial.

  1. Loop Habit Tracker: For Help Building Good Habits
    Loop Habit Tracker: For Help Building Good Habits

If you want to develop positive habits, this app is of a great help.

Ease into your morning routine with prompts from this app. Your long-term goals are within reach, especially when you include your morning routine in the habits that you continue to develop.

Use this app to remind you of the things you need to do the moment you wake up.

What users love about this app is its simple and customizable interface, allowing them to choose what priority tasks they can start accomplishing for the day.

If your morning routine includes doing certain things just several days a week (write on gratitude journal at 5:00 a.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays), the flexible schedule feature allows you to set this part of your routine in the app. It’s not necessary to change the schedule every so often, as doing this will put you at risk of losing your streak.

A graph provides you with a detailed view of your progress in developing a habit or accomplishing tasks.

  1. Habitica: “Gamifies” Your Daily Routine
    Habitica app “Gamifies” Your Daily Routine

Who said that new routines need to be boring? Habitica is all about adding making your habits more fun and interactive.

This app infuses an element of game-playing and a little bit of nostalgia (1980’s Dungeons and Dragons) in helping you get up and attend to your morning routine.

Gamify your goal setting. Its vintage design is a pleasing deviation from the customary designs and interface of most morning routine apps out in the market.

Begin by setting up positive and negative habits you want to work on. Put in a positive habit and do it repeatedly (e.g., “I had breakfast before leaving for work.”) can increase your gold. Alternatively, you can name a negative habit you’re trying to break (e.g., “I procrastinated with my project”). Falling into a negative habit will cost you some losses.

To-do lists in this app will not count against you. However, they can help you earn more points. What can be more satisfying than being rewarded as you cross off items from your to-do list?

In a nutshell: In this app, for you to advance to higher levels in your goal-setting game, you need to complete your daily tasks, practice your daily habits, and cross off what you’ve accomplished for the day.

  1. MealBoard: Helps you Plan Your Meals in Advance
    MealBoard app Helps you Plan Your Meals in Advance

Deciding what to eat in the morning can also be a time-consuming task. However, if it’s part of your morning routine, then it’s time to streamline your process.

The correct meal planning strategies can help you breeze through the task of preparing breakfast so you can take care of other things.

This app is an ideal kitchen partner. Its features provide you with the tools necessary to prepare home-cooked meals at your preferred schedule.

You can use it for storing your favorite recipes for easy access anywhere. It can also import recipes from top cooking websites.

Need help with meal plans? This app can help you plan what dishes to prepare on any given day of the week and on any type of meal that you wish to serve.

It has a shopping list feature that creates a grocery list based on the meal plans you’ve created previously.

If the recipe calls for prep time, this app has a prep notification feature to tell you ahead of time about the tasks you need to accomplish for a particular dish.

The app also checks your stock of supplies and ingredients in the pantry, plus reminds you that you’ve all set to make a mermaid smoothie for today’s breakfast.

  1. Transform My Morning: Applies the Entire S.A.V.E.R.S. Method to Your Morning Routine
    apps to help you get out of bed | apple watch habit breaker | apps that help you wake up
    This app has been nicknamed “The Miracle Morning App.” It lets you apply Hal Elrod’s entire S.A.V.E.R.S. method in your morning routine to give you a solid start to your day.

The app helps you become consistent in following your morning routine. It has trackers to monitor your progress every step of the way.

Furthermore, there are features that help you have a better experience as you work through each step of the S.A.V.E.R.S. method.

For example, you can choose soothing sounds to enhance your experience of Silence. You can also save your Affirmations to play them back as needed.

Meanwhile, for Visualization, you can upload your own images for more personalized and portable access to a representation of your goals.

Finally, for Scribe, you can create journal entries for the day and send them to yourself via email, making them more convenient to access, review, and archive later on.

For iOS

  1. Morning Routine Habit Tracker: Minimizes Decision Fatigue
    morning routine tools | motivational alarm clock app | create your own routine app
    Here at Develop Good Habits, we believe that the quality of your morning affects the rest of the day, so it’s important to set a positive tone the moment you wake up. The best way to accomplish this is by having the right morning routine habits.

This app helps you have a morning routine that sets a positive tone for the rest of the day. You can set habits to support your goals, or choose from pre-set, customizable routines. This app lets you move from one habit to the next in a seamless way, minimizing decision fatigue related to what to do next.

Some features that users enjoy include:

Daily reminders
Voice-over instructions
Recurring habit schedule
Routine tracker
“Breathe” section (integrated with the Mindful Minutes in the Health App)
Timer and notification when it’s almost time to change to another activity
The app is free, with an option to upgrade to a premium service that starts at $4.99 per month.

For iOS

  1. Sleep Cycle App: Tracks Your Sleeping Patterns
    apps to help you wake up earlier | app for bedtime routine | app that wakes you up when you are ready
    This app aims to help you achieve better sleep quality by using its tech to track your sleeping patterns.

An article from Harvard Medical School reveals the impact of sleep quality on a person’s health. One takeaway from the article is that not having enough sleep for an extended period of time shortens one’s life. In order to avoid this, we need to be mindful of our sleeping habits.

The app’s free version comes with the following features to help you understand your sleeping patterns:

A patented tech that utilizes an accelerometer to analyze your sleep quality
Sleep statistics
Daily sleep reports (graph format)
Integrates with Apple Health
A choice of alarm melodies
Customizable wake-up window
In addition to these free features, the following are accessible in the premium version:

Sleep aid (a collection of stories, meditation guides, and calming sleep sounds to help you fall asleep faster)
Report on the long-term trends of your sleep pattern (in relation to snoring and weather)
Comparison of your own sleep pattern with that of statistics from around the world
Heart rate monitoring
The subscription rate for the premium version is $29.99 per year.

For iOS | For Android

(You can check out this post for tips on healthy ways to fall asleep earlier, or this article on how to get better sleep.)

A Final Word on Morning Routine Apps
Although the most challenging part of having a routine in the morning is getting started. The right morning routine app can help motivate you to keep going.

Do not force yourself to do everything all at once. Take things slowly, in a pace that you’re comfortable with. Gently integrate morning activities that encourage you to look at the rest of the day positively. If you feel forced into doing an activity, you may end up being resentful about the whole process.

Do you have a favorite morning routine app in the ones featured above? Or do you follow a certain routine in the morning? We appreciate it if you share your experience in the comments below.

If you’re more of a pen-and-paper person, check out these printable morning routine checklists.


Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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