Best Apps For Selfies Android

We all have that one friend who’s always posting selfies on social media. They’re always taking pictures of themselves, and they don’t even care about the quality of the image. They’re just focused on making sure that their face is in the picture, and you can’t help but wonder, “What are they doing?”

Selfies have become so popular because people just love to take photos of themselves. It’s not just a trend—it’s a lifestyle. But there are so many apps for taking selfies available for Android devices that it can be difficult to know which ones are worth downloading and which ones aren’t worth your time.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best apps for selfies on Android devices. You’ll find everything from simple photo editing tools to full-fledged social media platforms designed specifically for sharing your own personal brand of self-love with the world!

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The best selfie apps for Android for that perfect selfie - Android Authority

Best Apps For Selfies Android

Selfies are a great form of expressing self love, and a handy way of taking a picture with someone else if you want to be in it as well. The best Android smartphones now come with features that allow you to take good quality selfies even in insufficient or bad lighting conditions.

However, if you don’t have a phone with a fancy selfie camera, you can use one of the apps that specialize in improving the quality of your selfies. Here are some of the best selfie apps for Android that we found.

Table of Contents

  1. Snapchat
  2. Front Flash
  3. Afterlight
  4. YouCam Perfect
  5. Candy Camera
  6. PhotoDirector
  7. Retrica
  8. FaceTune2
  9. Snapchat
    Price: Free.

Best for: Adding masks and filters to your selfies.

People tend to think of Snapchat only as an Instagram-type app for sharing pictures and videos with your friends. However, Snapchat is a great app for taking selfies and enhancing them with the various lenses, emojis, filters, masks, and fonts. The app even allows you to create your own filters if you don’t find what you need on Snapchat.

If you don’t have it installed yet, you can download Snapchat for free from the Play Store.

Using Snapchat for taking selfies is easy: Open the app and take a picture as you normally would, using a mask or a filter. Then add text or effects if you like. You can choose to save your Snapchat selfies to Memories or Camera Roll, and then access them in your phone’s gallery.

  1. Front Flash
    Price: Free.

Best for: Taking selfies in low light conditions.

Taking good looking selfies requires good lighting. If your phone doesn’t have the right hardware for taking selfies in low light conditions, Front Flash is a must have.

Front Flash is an app that uses a front-facing flash to enhance the lighting on your photos. This helps if you need to take a selfie in the dark, or simply want to get the natural skin color on your photo and need a bit of extra light. The app is free to use, with non-intrusive ads on the main interface.

  1. Afterlight
    Price: Free.

Best for: Taking Instagram-friendly selfies.

Afterlight is a photo-editing app that every Instagram fan will appreciate. The editing tools and the overall style of the app is similar to that of Instagram, but Afterlight offers many more editing options.

If you’re looking to improve your selfies by adding a filter or a texture to it, you can use dozens of unique filters available on the app. Afterlight has frames that are the same format as the ones on Instagram, so you won’t have to crop the selfie to fit the Instagram square.

  1. YouCam Perfect
    Price: Free.

Best for: Taking and editing group selfies.

YouCam Perfect is probably one of the top selfie apps out there. There isn’t much this app can’t do when it comes to taking beautiful selfies. YouCam Perfect has a real-time beauty camera with special effects designed to enhance your selfies. You can use this app to take a photo as well as a video-selfie.

One of the best features this app can offer is the ability to use the beauty camera to take group selfies. It automatically recognizes all of the faces on camera and applies enhancing filters to all of them at once. In case you want to edit someone out of the picture, you can use the app to remove them from the frame.

  1. Candy Camera
    Price: Free.

Best for: Taking silent selfies.

Candy Camera is a perfect selfie app for when you need to take a sneaky selfie without anyone around you noticing. The app has a silent camera feature that allows you to take pictures without any sound, even if your phone isn’t in silent mode.

Aside from the silent camera, Candy Camera has a number of beauty features for enhancing your selfies, like face slim, whitening, smoothing, makeup and more. You can even use this app to add some tan or abs to your pictures.

  1. PhotoDirector
    Price: Free.

Best for: Removing annoying objects from your selfie’s background.

PhotoDirector is an AI-powered photo-editing app that can help take your selfies to the next level. One of the best features of PhotoDirector is the Object Removal tool. You don’t need to worry about other people or background objects ruining your selfie, as you can later remove them from the picture using this app.

06_photo director

PhotoDirector also has a beauty editor with auto skin toning options, as well as some cool filters and effects to spruce up your photos.

  1. Retrica
    Price: Free.

Best for: Creating selfie GIFs.

Retrica was originally the photo-editing app that specialized in filters that helped add retro style and atmosphere to your pictures. Now the app offers over a hundred different photo filters that add more texture and color to the photos.

One feature that makes Retrica truly stand out among the other selfie apps for Android on this list is the ability to create GIFs. Now you can use Retica to create a GIF from a video or an image easily.

  1. FaceTune2
    Price: Free.

Best for: Putting a smile on your selfie.

FaceTune2 is a selfie editor that has it all. You can apply filters to your selfies, remove blemishes, smoothen your skin, whiten your teeth, and change the shape and size of some of your facial features. You can even tweak your smile to make your selfie look friendlier.

Aside from the beauty options, you can use FaceTune2 to accentuate certain details of your photo, blur the background, and change the lighting of the picture.

What app do you use for taking selfies? Is it on our list? Share your opinion on the best selfie apps for Android in the comments section below.

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best selfie camera app with stickers

Getting bored with how the basic color correcting filters look on your selfies? Well, maybe it’s time to add a little bit of spice to them!

There are lots of selfie sticker apps for Android and iOS that can make your pics look more fun and cute. All these apps are bundled with versatile stickers and filters so everyone will be able to find something they would enjoy!

In case you don’t mind to look silly in pics, check out this article: 7 Free Distorted Face Apps (Android & iOS)

Here’s the list of 8 best apps in that category you should try. Have a look!

B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera
YouCam Perfect – Best Selfie Camera & Photo Editor
Sweet Selfie Camera & Photo Editor & Pic Collage
FaceArt Selfie Camera: Photo Filters and Effects
Selfie Camera Stickers
Camera360 – Snap&Edit A Better Selfie&Photo
Papaya -Selfie Camera, Beauty Camera & AR Stickers
B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera

Let’s start with an app called B612. This is a beauty cam the intends to make your selfies funny and cute.

In the first place, the app runs on face recognition tech so all the filters and masks superimpose on your face perfectly. As for the stickers, there are more than 1500 options you can try to all of them are unique.

The app has lots of masks that can distort your face and make it look giggly. Plus, there are multiple sparkly options that can highlight particular areas on your face or colors. Beyond that, the app has a drawing brush that empowers you to draw whatever you want on your pics.

Wherein, you can settle the tilt angle of the brush, switch its shade, or even use a neon brush! It needs to be said, you can draw on both pics and vids which makes it even more fun. Besides, there are lots of other thematic stickers you can add to your pic and adjust.

Furthermore, the app has multiple beauty masks that enable you to optimize the shape of your face, the size of the lips and eyes, or smooth out the skin. All the filters and stickers you use frequently will be placed on top of others so you always have quick access to them.

B612 1 B612 2


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YouCam Perfect – Best Selfie Camera & Photo Editor

YouCam Perfect is a famous app for selfie editing that empowers you to make your pics magical.

The app has more than a thousand effects, frames, stickers, and other stuff that can add spice to your shots. All the decorations in the app a versatile — there are funny ones, holiday-themed ones, animal ones, and so on. Speaking about stickers, its amount is massive and the new ones are being added quite frequently. You can look for stickers via searching engine or scroll through thematic collections.

Therewith, the app empowers you to save pics in HD so no quality loss there! Another cool thing about this app is that it has cloud backups to all your images so you can reach it on all your devices easily. Besides, the app has an object removal tool that empowers you to erase all the undesired stuff.

Plus, the app has multiple beauty filters that smooth the skin, add shine to your eyes, and even empower you to apply virtual makeup. Furthermore, you can use frames or make collages — the are lots of trendy options for those as well. There’s also a bg removal tool that enables you to turn your shot into a PNG sticker.

YouCam 1 YouCam 2


Sweet Selfie Camera & Photo Editor & Pic Collage
Sweet Selfie

As you can guess by the title, Sweet Selfie Camera is an app that is fully dedicated to selfie perfecting and decorating.

This app empowers you to express yourself as you want — you can try beauty and art filters, add stickers, settle the backdrop, and more. Let’s talk about the stickers first — there are hundreds of options and still counting. Wherein, all the stickers are split into collections so you won’t get lost. Plus, you can use a searching engine and look for options via tags.

Furthermore, the app has multiple filters that can make your pics look like a pro made. Plus, the app has a beauty cam that empowers you to perfect our appearance. For instance, there’s a skin-smoothing tool, the one that gives you shiny eyes and even virtual makeup supplies.

And of course, there are the basic tools like teeth whitener, red-eye eraser and all that. You can even change the shape of your face — make the chin smaller, chicks skinnier, and lips fuller. And you can retouch your body as well. The app also has a collage maker and an automatic backdrop changer that can change your pic cardinally.

Sweet Selfie 1 Sweet Selfie 2


FaceArt Selfie Camera: Photo Filters and Effects

FaceArt is another app that gives you diverse instruments when it comes to editing selfies.

Along with this sister apps, this one has hundreds of filters, masks, and stickers you can put on your pics. Wherein, all the decorations are spilled into packs and collections so you can easily reach the ones you currently need And to be more specific, the app covers multiple animal face masks, wings, and all that.

Plus, most of the stickers are animated so you can make live photos or GIFs with it. On top of that, you can optimize all the stickers by setting its size, spinning, or mirroring them, so they would match the image perfectly. Besides, the app has a whole section of multiple beauty filters. These filters smooth out your skin, make your eyes bigger or brighter, and even plump your lips.

As for the interface, the app empowers you to scroll through the stickers and masks to see how all the options would look on your pic. Therewith, you can mark your fave ones to always see them on top of others. The app also has some basic tools like collage maker or color corrections in case you want to use it as an ultimate photo editor.

FaceArt 1 FaceArt 2


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SNOW is a cam app that empowers you to get artistic with your shots.

The app covers multiple filters, stickers, and masks you can try on your pics and vids. Some masks made specifically for your selfies but there are lots of ones that work with your rear cam as well.

The coolest thing about this app is that it empowers you to combine stickers or masks and save them as your personal ones. Thus, when you’ll find your perfect combo you will always have quick access to it. You can also mark your fave filters, so they would appear on top of the others.

The amount of stickers in the app is truly massive but all of them are categorized so you won’t get lost. Wherein, you can rather scroll through thematic sticker packs or look for them via the searching engine. It also needs to be said, the developers regularly add seasonal and holiday-themed stickers and masks that get trendy quite often.

Furthermore, the app covers all the AR makeup options you can possibly think of. You can try full-on makeup looks or add some products individually. Plus, all the makeup options are optimized, so they won’t look drawn.



Selfie Camera Stickers
Selfie Camer Stickers

In the case of this app, the name fully reflects its features. Selfie Camera Stickers is an app that can make your selfies look trendy as hell in a couple of clicks.

As you can see on the screenshots below, the app is fully dedicated to cute soft-girl vibey stickers and masks. Wherein, you won’t need to spend an hour placing each and every sticker and erasing all the undesired parts — everything is already seated in places for you.

It needs to be said, the app doesn’t have that many sticker options but it’s still enough for you to have diversified options. The concept of all the stickers is similar — the same item is copypasted and placed around your figure which makes it look like a Snapchat mask. Therewith, some stickers are only visible in half, so they kinda hide behind you.

To be more specific about the stickers, there are peaches, flowers, clouds, animal faces, and other food — basically most of the emojis you can find on your keyboard. You can also set the transparency of the stickers and move the mask till you like the view. You can even erase some stickers individually in case you feel like they ruin the whole picture.

Selfie Camer Stickers 1 Selfie Camer Stickers 2


Camera360 – Snap&Edit A Better Selfie&Photo
Camera360Camera360 is an app that empowers you to add cute stickers on your selfies and try lots of other fun stuff. The app is bundled with versatile stickers and filters that can make any pic look harmful. All the stickers and masks are drawn in different styles so you can bring a versatile atmosphere to your shots.

Wherein, all the stickers are split into packs so it’s easy to look for something specific. Beyond that, the app emperors you to scroll through all the options to see who each of them looks like on your shot. Plus, there are lots of animated stickers and masks in this app so you can make live photos or GIFs. You can rather add the stickers and makes to pre-made shots or try them on live via in-app cam.

The app also has a live beauty cam that empowers s you to put on virtual makeup. It needs to be said, the app has a nice face recognition tool so the makeup looks quite realistic. Furthermore, you can optimize the transparency of the makeup to make sure that it doesn’t look drawn.

Camera360 1 Camera360 2


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Papaya -Selfie Camera, Beauty Camera & AR Stickers

And lastly, Papaya is an app filled with kawaii stickers that will make your selfies look truly adorable.

This app is all about AR filters and stickers you can put on your face live. Therewith, you can take shots, record short vids, or GIFs with these stickers, and share them directly on your SM. With all this sticker diversity, all the options are categorized by the themes and drawing styles which makes it easy to find the perfect one.

Plus, the app has lots of animated stickers you can add to your selfies and save them as live ones. Wherein, the app supports both the front and the rear cams so you can shoot whatever you like. Besides, the app has multiple body reshaping and beauty effects that empower you to completely change your appearance.

You even get to try on virtual makeup — from the full-face looks to the individual products. Furthermore, the app has all the basic color correction tools along with the collage one. As for the cam, it supports the flash and you can turn the timer and the grid lines by your wish.


Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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