Best Apps For Seniors 2021

Whether you’re on the hunt for a new app to send photos, or just want to learn more about the best ones out there, this article is for you.

We’ve gathered up five of our favorite photo-sending apps and put them through their paces to see how they stack up against each other. We’ll go over what makes each of them unique, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they compare to one another.

You’ll be able to find your own favorite from this list—and maybe even discover something new!

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Best Apps For Seniors 2021

Mobile apps like Medisafe, Blood Pressure Monitor, Dozee, etc are taking care of elderlies for quite some time. With time, as smartphone users are growing, seniors are having a fair share of the app market as well. Pew Research Center has published a report stating that among all senior smartphone users, 74 percent of elderlies belong to the age group of 50 to 64, while 42 percent of users were 65 years old or more.
Our Top Picks
Now, when there are so many apps existing with the claim of being “best phone apps for seniors”, it might get confusing to choose one. Therefore, we are mentioning a few good apps for older adults. These apps might offer different features. However, they are shortlisted here due to their popularity and user-friendliness for seniors. Let’s find out below!

Best Apps For Senior Citizens
Now, you are going to find a few good apps for the elderly. These apps are specifically built with the consideration of services senior citizens might find useful.


WebMD is designed as an app to help elderly adults with features such as Symptom checker, Doctor Directory, Medication Reminders, etc. The purpose of the app is to serve seniors with instant medical needs. Currently, WebMD is also offering additional features like Coronavirus Updates and news.

Features of WebMD
In WebMD, you can choose your symptoms and identify potential health issues
Doctor Directory uses your geolocation and provides detail of doctors and specialists around you
With Medication reminders, you can set notifications according to your prescription schedules along with images of the med
Drug Interaction checker gives you an insight on harmful combinations of medications
WebMD Rx provides details of the lowest prescription medicine prices by partnering up with leading pharmacy chains in the US
Download this one of the good apps for seniors
iOSWebMD – iOS app download link
ANDROIDWebMD – android app download link
Express Script‪s


Express Script‪s is one of the best apps for elderly care designed to deliver medicines 24×7. Moreover, the app allows users to consult with doctors through chats or calls as well. You can order refills for prescriptions and check the real-time status of your orders. This app has been designed with the consideration of immediate medical requirements.

Feature of Express Scripts
Order prescription refills for you or family members any time
Check real-time status of your medicine deliveries
Set-up automatic refills to automatically order medicines according to schedules
Add reminders according to your prescription schedules
Access your medical ID on the go
Download this one of the top apps for seniors
iOSExpress Script‪s – iOS app download link
ANDROIDExpress Script‪s – android app download link


Medisafe is used to track medicine schedules to save patients from overdose and track their medicine usage. Medisafe can be one of the most useful apps for retirees or seniors with a diagnosis like Alzheimer’s or Amnesia. The app offers a simple User Interface to make it one of the best apps for senior citizens to use.

Features of Medisafe
Medtones is a feature integrated into the app to remind you of your medicines according to the prescription schedule
Refill reminder alerts you before you should get meds refilled
You can track and export your medical records and share them with your medical expert in PDF format
Family Interaction feature lets you manage medicine records of family members with a single account
The app is rated 4.7 and 4.6 on the App Store and Google Play Store, respectively
Download this one of the good apps for seniors
iOSMedisafe – iOS app download link
ANDROIDMedisafe – android app download link
Magnifying Glass + Flashlight


This app is designed to help seniors in zooming on small prints, texts, objects, etc. The integrated LED torch is useful to read texts in the dark. Elderlies can use this one of the top mobile apps for seniors in situations where prescription texts are so small to read, or the ambiance lighting is too less to properly see things.

Features of Magnifying Glass + Flashlight
The app has a magnifier camera integrated with the LED torch to zoom on small prints
You can also save pictures on the device
Dark contrast mode can help you in reading texts more clearly
You can magnify up to 5x over texts
Auto Focus mode can focus on the text your camera is directed onto
Download this one of the best apps for seniors
iOSMagnifying Glass + Flashlight – iOS app download link
ANDROIDMagnifying Glass + Flashlight – android app download link
Better Me


Better Me is one of the best fitness apps senior citizens can use. The app comes with thousands of free workouts. Moreover, the app also includes step-by-step walkthroughs for exercises. You can stay fit even in your 70s with personalized fitness lessons for you including yoga, meditation, and walking among others.

Features of Better Me
Better Me is designed to make exercise convenient for older people
The app has been awarded as the Fastest Growing App 2018
It includes certified training coaches for a better learning experience
Meal plans included in the app are designed to keep them senior citizens friendly
Download this one of the top apps for seniors
iOSBetter Me – iOS app download link
ANDROIDBetter Me – android app download link


Empowerji is one of the best apps for elderly people designed to help them in the learning process of operating apps and websites. The app is dedicated to making seniors technologically literate through workshops, mobile apps, and helpline numbers. To begin with, you can create an account on the app and login every time you need to use it.

Features of Empowerji
Empowerji is dedicated to helping seniors in learning daily mobile apps, sites, etc
It is available in four languages including English, Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati
It supports learning process for Android and iOs both apps and websites
The app comes with explanation videos for users
Download this one of the top apps for seniors
iOSEmpowerji – iOS app download link
ANDROIDEmpowerji – android app download link


This AI-based health monitor app is built by Indian developers to serve seniors for their medical needs. The AI integrated with this app is capable of detecting symptoms and alerting in advance. Moreover, with the remote health monitoring feature, you can keep an eye on the health of your loved ones as well.

Features of Dozee
You can use Remote Health monitor feature to track vitals and sleeping cycle of your loved ones
The AI keeps a track of vibrations generated by your heartbeats regularly to detect any possible symptoms
Regular app reports can give you a weekly, monthly, or annual track record of your health
The AI-supported meditation library can help you in meditating peacefully
The sleep music library is integrated to make you relaxed
Download this app to check on elderly
iOSDozee – iOS app download link
ANDROIDDozee – android app download link
Oscar Senior


Oscar Senior is a communication app designed with a simple UI to make it an app to check on elderly. The app comes with functions like One-touch video call, auto-answer, internet access, fun games, etc. The purpose of this app is to make it as simple as possible so that seniors can use it without any hassle and stay in touch with their loved ones.

Features of Oscar Senior
Oscar Senior is a communication app with functions like the auto answer, one-touch video calls, etc
You can track the activity of the user through this app
Reminders can help in keeping the track of important events
The app is free from spam advertisements
Local news and weather updates are available on Oscar Senior
Download this one of the best phone apps for seniors
iOSOscar Senior – iOS app download link
ANDROIDOscar Senior – android app download link
Google Fit


Google Fit, collaborated with the World Health Organization (WHO) can track your activity and suggest your goals to boost your fitness. Moreover, you can keep a track of your everyday activities including exercises, walks, or biking. The app is also capable of integrating with third-party apps such as MyFitnessPal, Xiaomi Mi bands, etc.

Features of Google Fit
You can use Google Fit to keep a track of your daily activities and add health points in the app
These health points can set goals for you to follow to remain fit
The app can integrate with third-party apps like Nike+, MyFitnessPal, etc
Keep a track of your exercise and other fitness activities and see how impactful they are for you
Download this one of the good apps for the elderly
iOSGoogle Fit – iOS app download link
ANDROIDGoogle Fit – android app download link


Uber is one of the best cab booking apps existing to assist seniors. The app has a global network of cab drivers to book Sedans, SUVs, or other types of taxis. This cab booking app to help elderly also provides emergency contacts to help elderlies during rides. Moreover, senior users can share ride details with family and friends to inform them about the ride.

Features of Uber
Uber is a cab booking service with a global network of cabs and drivers
The app has a rating system for users to provide feedback on the riding experience
In case of emergencies during the ride, you can use the app to alert local authorities
Uber is rated 4.3 and 4.5 on the App Store and Google Play Store respectively
Download this one of the best cab apps for elderly people
iOSUber – iOS app download link
ANDROIDUber – android app download link


Duolingo is one of the best language learning apps for retirees. Senior citizens can use this app to learn their favorite language from the comfort of their homes. Moreover, the app provides a detailed feedback system along with periodically divided personalized learning goals for a better learning experience.

Features of Duolingo
Duolingo Plus comes with a 14 days free trial
The app is free with basic language learning features like daily lessons, language practice, etc
The app is rated 4.7 and 4.6 on the App Store and Google Play store respectively
You can use Duolingo to learn languages like English, French, Korean, Spanish, etc
Download Duolingo
iOSDuolingo – iOS app download link
ANDROIDDuolingo – android app download link
In the end, let’s just summarize what we discussed above. These apps for elderly which we can see above have different purposes to assist seniors in many ways. Some apps like Duolingo or Oscar Senior are perfect for seniors if they are looking for something to pass time with and learn as well.

Moreover, Magnifying Glass + Flashlight is suitable for seniors who might have weak eyesight. In short, the conclusion is that these apps can be used in different situations, therefore, keeping them installed in your phone might really come handy.

Before we wind up this blog, we hope you got an idea of the current app market trend and how it’s revolutionizing to assist senior citizens in a better way. Now if you are a developer and you are also planning to develop an app; you can contact MobileAppDaily to get your app reviewed. Additionally, you can visit the website for more app related blogs and news.

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