best apps for tv shows

When you’re trying to watch a TV show, there are so many apps and platforms to choose from these days. Do you have the one that’s going to give you the best experience? Of course, if you have a smart TV, you can watch everything on your TV, but it can be hard to find what you want if your smart TV’s interface is clunky.

The apps below will help you find what you’re looking for in no time. They’re also great for watching shows on the go on your phone or tablet, so whether you’re traveling or just taking some time at a coffee shop to watch a new episode of Stranger Things, they’ll come in handy.

best apps for tv shows

Best Android Streaming Apps Image

There is a way to get content on your Android media device, with the help of Kodi and its best Kodi movies and TV shows addons. This is a great way to find content to stream, but sometimes using Kodi and its addons could be complex, depending on your device. When this happens, it might require some effort to get this setup to work properly. If you are an Android user, an easier way to get content is to use an Android streaming app. The setup of these apps is way simpler, and they mimic the effect you get if you install Kodi and some addons, in just one piece of software. The best Android streaming apps offer the same content as Exodus Kodi addon, for example, and are more convenient to install and use. Here’s a list with some of the best Android streaming apps.

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Best Android Streaming Apps Image
Here’s A List With Some Of The Best Android Streaming Apps You Can Find Around The Internet.


1. SnagFilms

Streaming Android Apps Snagfilms

The SnagFilms Movie app is available on most mobile devices, as well as some videogame consoles and other platforms. Of course, the SnagFilms movie app is also available for Android, and lets you share movie suggestions on social media besides offering you the ability to stream movies through it. The films are organized by categories and you can also see the most popular ones, recently added, and other sections.

2. ShowBox

Best Streaming Apps For Android Showbox

The ShowBox Android app is regarded as one of the best Android streaming apps available. If you want to stream movies on Android, then you have surely heard about ShowBox. As with most apps of its kind, it is not available on the Google Play store, so you have to sideload it on your device. In the past, this app has enabled its users to stream even music, but these days it offers only movies and TV shows. Not too bad, anyways!

3. VideoMix

Streaming Apps For Android Videomix

Still interested in more apps to stream movies on Android? Then you have to take a look at VideoMix as well. One of the oldest Streaming Apps for Android, VideoMix Android app offers a great selection of content, albeit not much of it is in HD. Still, you can sort movies by genre, year, and even country of production. The VideoMix Android app also offers Chromecast functionality.

4. PlayView

Stream Movies On Android Playview

The PlayView Android app offers content in English as well as in Spanish. With this app you can find movies and TV shows in both languages. The PlayView Android app lets you choose stream quality, as well as organizing streams by genre, popularity and so on. As most of the free Android streaming apps, the PlayView Android app lets you stream to your TV via Chromecast, as well as sending your streams to other DNLA devices.

5. Terrarium TV

Stream Tv Shows On Android Terrarium Tv

With the Terrarium TV Android app you get access to movies and TV shows in a few clicks or taps. We have written previously a tutorial on how to install Terrarium TV on Android, so you can check it out if you are interested. Among the useful things you get with the Terrarium TV app, there’s support for subtitles, which are presented automatically for you to choose before your media starts to play

6. Movie HD

Stream Content On Android Movie Hd

With the Movie HD Android streaming app you get access to a great variety of content, which can be organized by genre, popularity, rating, and other aspects of the media you are browsing. A good thing about the Movie HD Android streaming app is that it also offers 3D movies. You can download media through the Movie HD application, as well as save it to favorites and even stream it to your TV via ChromeCast.

7. Newest Movies HD

Free Movies On Android Newest Movies Hd

With the Newest Movies HD Android app you can watch the most recent movies directly from your Android device. The usual is also true here, since you can organize content by type (new content, movies, cartoons and TV shows). However, if you don’t feel like choosing or don’t know what to watch, the Newest Movies HD streaming app for Android features also a random content option.

8. Cinema Box

Free Android Movies Cinema Box

The PlayBox HD Android app changed its name to Cinema Box, and is still as useful as it was under the old name. It lets you stream content for free from your Android device. You can favorite, sort or download any movies and TV shows you find with this app. There’s also the possibility to request movies through an in-app interface, as well as a Kids Mode setting in order to keep content appropriate for young viewers.

9. Cartoon HD

Stream Cartoons On Android Cartoon Hd

Despite what its name might suggest, the Cartoon HD Android streaming app lets you watch much more than just cartoons. You can sort media by several aspects such as genre, year, name, popularity and so on. The movies and content are also organized in collections grouped by similar theme or kind, like 3D movies for example. Add the ability to save, favorite and stream to ChromeCast and you get a solid Android streaming app.

10. MegaBox HD

Watch Free Movies On Android Megabox Hd

One of the apps that let you stream movies on Android, the MegaBox HD Android app lets you stream and download HD movies and TV shows to your Android device. Easy to navigate and browse, the MegaBox HD Android app lets you watch media in qualities between 360p to 1080p. If you want to watch your media in the big screen, then the MegaBox HD app helps you do that with its ChromeCast integration as well.

apps to watch tv shows free

Free streaming apps to stream free movies

Ditching some or even all of the paid services to which you subscribe might mean missing out on some of your favorite new content as it’s released. But some people might not have a choice right now. And keep in mind that this is a temporary solution. You can always cancel Netflix and all those other services for just a few months. Then, subscribe again once you’re interested in it again. In the meantime, let’s take a look at 10 free streaming sites that will help tide you over. You can check them all out below.


IMDb TV is a free streaming service that people have really been loving it. This emerging streamer has a bunch of popular movies and TV shows that you can stream for free without paying a dime. It works in your web browser of course, but also in IMDb’s apps, which means you can stream all this free content straight to your iOS or Android device! This plays on your PS5, Google TV, Roku, Xbox, and more. Plus, while you’re using IMDb TV, you can see who is in your film or TV show and what projects they have coming up!

Watch IMDb TV

Redbox Free Live TV

Another service we told you about a while ago comes from Redbox, and it’s unlike any of the other Netflix alternatives we’re going to cover in this roundup. Whereas every other streamer we’re covering is like Netflix in that it uses an on-demand streaming model, Redbox Live Free TV uses a more traditional television model. We love this service.

There are a bunch of different channels and they all stream live TV, just like the name of the service suggests. You’ll find news, web culture content, comedy shows, and even a bunch of popular TV series like America’s Funniest Home VideosForensic FilesFamily Feud,  and Unsolved Mysteries. It’s all totally free to watch even without a login, and you can stream it from the Redbox site or from within the Redbox app on any platform. Also, you’ll get a better idea of what movies you can get when you go to a Redbox kiosk.

Watch Redbox Free Live TV

More free streaming apps


Crackle has been around for a long time and yet it’s still one of the best places to stream content for free. As is always the case with free streaming services, you’re not going to find any brand new releases. But there are plenty of movies and TV shows to choose from. The selection includes plenty of things you’ve never heard of, but you’ll also find popular favorites. You can watch every single episode of Barney Miller for free! Also, watching Marvel Cinematic Universe actors like Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen in Wind River is free right now! How great is that?!

Watch Crackle


Kanopy is probably the greatest streaming service you’ve never used. And the best part is, you already have access to it without even knowing it! If you have a library card or attend college, you probably have access to Kanopy’s huge library of thousands of streaming movies. If you don’t have a library card, this is a terrific reason to go get one (not to mention you can be reading more). You’ll be shocked at how impressive the streaming selection is, and there are Kanopy apps for every major platform including iOS, Android, Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, and more.

Watch Kadnopy


Hoopla is just like Kanopy in that you can access it for free as long as you have a library card and your local public library participates. What’s crazy is that you might find even more popular movies and TV shows here than you did on Kanopy. Hoopla is one of the great free streaming apps and the app even allows downloads for offline viewing when you travel. Just remember, Kanopy and Hoopla work just like the library, so you only have a certain amount of time to stream content before you have to “return” it. You can watch the content that you’ve downloaded on your laptop, computer, or phone.

Watch Hoopla


Vudu isn’t an entirely free service, but it makes the list because it has a rather large catalog of free content. In fact, there are more than 1,000 different movies you can stream for free. All of Vudu’s free content is ad-supported, but so are all the other free streaming services included in this roundup other than the ones supported by public libraries. Trust us, you’ll be shocked at how many awesome movies you can stream on Vudu without paying a single cent. Sit down and enjoy both of the Ace Ventura films for probably the 1,000th time. Plus, if you do want to splurge on a new release, you can buy new releases weekly.


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