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Email Marketing Software Salesforce Certified

If one of your goals is to obtain your Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification this year, then this blog is for you! Marketing continues to become one of the most treasured skills in the marketplace, and there’s a growing trend for CEOs to come from the marketing side of the house.

Trailhead Academy Instructor, Brian Richardson sitting in front of cameras and a green screen.
Hi there! My name is Brian Richardson and I’ve been part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud for more than 11 years.

My primary focus has been to help new students learn how to use the Marketing Cloud, and that has included employees and customers.

I have Marketing Cloud Email Specialist, Marketing Cloud Administrator, Marketing Cloud Consultant, Pardot Email Specialist, Administrator, and Advanced Administrator Certifications.

My experiences as a teacher, mentor, and student give me some keen insight on how to prepare for the Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification exam, in addition to providing some practical test-taking strategies for any Salesforce Certification exam.

How do you obtain these sought-after skills?
If you ever have the pleasure to visit London, you’ll be met with the common phrase “Mind the gap” when you travel on the Tube. Before I share these tips, I want you to do the same.

Are you a marketing newbie? A digital pro but new to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud? Or are you a seasoned pro looking to prove it by obtaining this credential? No plan is one-size-fits-all. So, make sure you mind any gaps you have as part of your plan.

Now, let’s dive in.

  1. Read the exam guide
    Screenshot of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Exam Guide.
    You wouldn’t start a journey (pun intended) without a map, would you? Exam guides are so helpful for knowing the topics of consideration, but they also lay out the percentages that will be covered. You want to major in the majors, not the minors.

Also, many of our customers use the Marketing Cloud in very unique ways. Even if you’ve mastered part of the landscape that’s covered, maybe there are areas you have yet to traverse. The Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Exam Guide will give you an idea of where to go next.

  1. Hit the trails
    Marketing Cloud Basics. Explore our powerful suit of products and start building your digital marketing strategy. Guitar.
    You don’t want to trail behind, do you? Prepare for your Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Credential is a great trail that covers key information you need to know.

But don’t stop here! If you haven’t noticed, there’s been a real increase in Marketing Cloud content over the last year, and that’s a trend that continues.

Simply go to the search bar, type in the topic you want to know more about, and pick the trail that best suits you. Some of my favorites are Email Deliverability Concepts and Quick Start: Create and Send a Message in Journey Builder.

  1. Go live
    Welcome to Trailhead Live Screenshot.
    One of the coolest things to happen in the last couple of years is Trailhead Live, where you have the opportunity to see our pros dig into particular topics of interest.

Think of Trailhead Live’s content as bite-sized training snacks inspired by the full meal of a training course. It’s the perfect place to go if you want to review course concepts that may be a bit fuzzy. You can find some content that I’ve posted, in addition to some great content from my colleagues.

Some sessions that I think will be particularly helpful include:

Marketing Cloud — Roles and Permissions
Preparing for your Marketing Cloud Consultant Certification — Data Designer and Attribute Groups.
Don’t let that last title throw you off — the concept of Contact Builder and attribute groups is relevant for the Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification, too.

  1. Take a webinar
    Salesforce Certification Days banner with Trailhead character Hootie flying over a green field nearby holding a diploma.
    Salesforce also offers many webinars to help extend your learning of the Marketing Cloud. Be sure to check in to see what current topics are being offered, many of which are on-demand.

The Preparing for your Marketing Cloud Email Marketing Specialist Certification webinar is a great way to cover the basics you need to know for the exam.

Also, look out for our Certification Days. What are Certification Days, you ask? These are 1-day sessions focused on the topics you need to master to take a certification exam.

Now, we can’t take you from 0 to 100 in one day. We also can’t cover every topic on the exam in detail. But what we can do is break down the topics and share some tips or tricks to learn a concept — and instructors can offer their advice, too.

Think of passing a certification like having all the numbers for a combination lock. I’ve had students send me messages saying that Certification Days helped them with the last push they needed to pass.

  1. Learn from the experts
    Learn from the experts. Hootie, Cody, Astro, Cloudy, and Ruth.
    One of the most important pieces of advice I can offer is this: If you have the opportunity, take the Build and Analyze Customer Journeys using Marketing Cloud (MKT101) course.

This course launched in 2020 and is 5 days of awesomeness! You’ll get an opportunity to go over the foundations of data, administration, segmentation, email creation, automation, and so much more.

  1. Take the practice test
    The Email Specialist Practice exam will give you a chance to see where you feel confident as well as what areas need more attention before you take the test head-on. Even if you’re an expert in the Marketing Cloud, maybe there are parts that you don’t often use.

When you take a certification exam, you have to apply your knowledge in such a way as to know the pros and cons of each option available. Certification exams require us to think a bit differently than we do in our day-to-day missions, and the practice test can really help you zero in on that skill.

  1. Read on for more information
    Astro in headphones looking at iPad.
    Seriously… read! There are so many free resources available to you, and you can find many of them right here at Email Marketing Best Practices.

From email blogs on psychology to a podcast offering unique content every month, there’s something for you here. And long after you’ve obtained your Marketing Cloud Email Specialist certification, there’s still great information to help you grow in your career.

Did someone say rap?
That’s a wrap! And as the rapping instructor, I’d be remiss not to share my Marketing Cloud rap with you…

🌟 Pro tip: Check out the Trailhead Academy Instructor Tips to Make Salesforce Concepts Stick blog for memory tricks (and to see my rap on Automation Studio!)

And hey, if you want to learn about some Sales Cloud concepts like Record Types or Record Access, you’ll find links to those videos on the blog, too. Or maybe you just want to watch some bad rapping… Either way, there are some fun things to check out!

Good luck in getting your Marketing Cloud Email Specialist credential, and give me a shout on social (bonus points if it’s in the form of a rap).

how to become an email marketing specialist

An email marketing specialist is an ideal job for someone with a strong writing ability and an understanding of digital media. Email marketing allows you to create and curate various email based marketing campaigns. If you are interested in this kind of work, it can be helpful to know what steps to take. In this article, we explore what an email marketing specialist does, the types of email campaigns they may compose and some suggestions about how to start your career.

What does an email marketing specialist do?
An email marketing specialist is a type of digital marketer who specifically works on email campaigns. Email marketing specialists write emails, manage email contact lists, optimize email sign-ups and gather insight on their target audience. They may also be responsible for technical and design duties such as creating graphics, automating emails and basic coding tasks.

Types of email marketing
There are multiple types of email marketing, most of which fall into two broad categories. Some examples of subtypes of email marketing include:

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Welcome emails: Welcome emails introduce a client to an email list or newsletter and thanks them for signing up.
Newsletter email: A newsletter is a regularly scheduled email containing small news stories, promotions and community engagement pieces.
Announcement: An announcement email informs customers of important information such as a change of staff or updating your website.
Re-engagement: Re-engagement emails are sent out to members of a mailing list who have not responded for a while to attempt to recapture their interest.
Survey: A survey email is a questionnaire sent out to customers in order to ask them specific questions about your company.
Milestones: Milestone emails celebrate important milestones such as anniversaries, accomplished sales goals or a certain amount of people subscribed to an email list.
Promotional emails: Promotional emails advertise a particular promotion, such as a large sale or a partnership with another company.
How to become an email marketing specialist
Here are some steps for how to become an email marketing specialist:

  1. Get a college degree
    While it is possible to become an email marketing specialist with only a high school diploma, most positions ask for a bachelor’s degree in a major that relates to digital media. Common majors for marketing specialists are communications, business, advertising or marketing. You may also consider a design or computer science degree because the position requires knowledge of software programs and automation processes.
  2. Find an internship
    A marketing internship can teach you about digital media practices and improve your professional connections. Most email marketing specialists work as independent contractors, so there may not be any specific internships for that job. However, an internship in a similar field can teach you valuable skills and show a potential employer that you have relevant digital marketing experience. Consider internships for social media management, public relations or advertising.

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  1. Consider a certificate program
    While certification is not required to become an email marketing specialist, a certificate in email marketing or a similar field may interest an employer and increase the possibility of an interview. Many online certification programs have course for email marketing, marketing analytics and content marketing. You may consider also getting certificates in related fields like design or coding to develop additional useful skills.
  2. Publish
    Many employers prefer to hire someone who has previous writing experience. You can earn this experience by accepting freelance work or publishing text independently. Consider starting a blog, publishing a newsletter or your curating your own email list. You can also use these published works on your portfolio.
  3. Create a portfolio
    A portfolio is a collection of your previous work that you can show to a potential employer. Having a portfolio allows employers to see your work and technique which may convince them to hire you. Collect pieces of writing or graphic design that you are proud of and compile them together to form your portfolio.

Read more: How To Design Perfect Marketing Portfolios

Salary and job outlook
The average salary for an email marketing specialist is $58,414 per year. Your salary may be different depending on where you live and how much experience you have. Although the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t collect statistics specifically for email marketing specialists, marketing managers have a projected growth of 10% from 2020 to 2030.

Skills and qualifications
Employers look for both technical and soft skills when hiring email marketing specialists. These are a few skills and qualifications that may increase your chances of finding an email marketing career:

Email marketing specialists are often in charge of the pictures and layout of an email as well as the text. An understanding of design principles can help you make engaging and visually interesting email content. Try to read about design from books or the internet, take a design class or find a design certificate program.

A strong writing ability is the primary skill of an email marketing specialist. Developing your ability to write, particularly for business, may help you create a strong resume or cover letter. You can improve your content writing skill by practicing, taking writing courses or asking professionals for advice.

Read more: 5 Persuasive Techniques To Improve Your Writing

Creative thinking
An email marketing specialist delivers company announcements or promotional materials in creative and engaging ways. Employers look for candidates who can apply creative thinking to professional subject matter. Try brainstorming to yourself on various ways you can improve your creativity.

Coding languages
Coding can help you with formatting newsletters, setting up email lists and automating emails. Try to learn simple coding processes in common languages such as HTML, CSS or JavaScript. You can learn to code by studying independently, taking a class, or participating in a coding certificate course.

Read more: Learning How To Code

Analytics is the use of data to make marketing decisions. As an email marketing specialist, you may use analytics to decide what content to produce, which keywords to use and when to deliver your emails. Understanding how common analytics programs work can help you research for your email marketing campaigns.

Time management
Email marketing specialists often create email campaign items on a short schedule. This means mastering time management skills can improve your ability to perform the job quickly and efficiently. Try to find a time management style that works for you and give yourself personal deadlines to practice producing with a time limit.


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