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Drip Marketing Tips to Improve Email Performance -

Email Marketing Software Salesforce Drip

Automated email campaigns—AKA drip email campaigns—can save you endless repetitive work and remove the potential for human error. You set it up once, and then any customer who takes a specified action will get a series of emails, in the exact order and cadence you specified. The drip email app does all the work for you.

Take your drip email app to the next level with automation
Automate your campaigns
With the right drip email software—which might just be one of your current email marketing tools—you can create brilliantly timed and fully personalized emails. I’ve been using email marketing apps for years, so to narrow things down for you, I considered and tested dozens of drip campaign software options to find the best. Here they are.

The best apps for sending email drip campaigns
Mailchimp for free drip email campaign software

Flodesk for large lists and simple drip campaigns

ConvertKit for solopreneurs

ActiveCampaign for live chat and advanced drip automations

Omnisend for eCommerce drip campaigns

Klaviyo for optimizing drip email campaigns through A/B testing

What is a drip campaign?
An email drip campaign is a series of automated emails that sends out to your email list subscribers, based on a specific set of predetermined parameters. These automations can be as simple or complex as you need them to be.

An example of a simpler drip email sequence is a free email course: someone signs up for the course on your website and receives daily emails with the course content written inside.

Other drip automations, like an abandoned email cart sequence that reminds people to come back and complete their purchase, are more complex since they require a few more considerations to run properly. Not only do you have to consider what might incentivize people to return and finish shopping (a picture of the item in the cart? a limited time coupon code?), but you’ll also have to include exit goals that will ensure the emails don’t continue to send once the order has been placed.

Note: We’re partial to the term “drip campaign,” but this marketing tactic goes by many names, including automated email campaigns, lifecycle emails, autoresponders, and marketing automation.

How to pick an email marketing app to send drip emails
How we evaluate and test apps
All of our best apps roundups are written by humans who’ve spent much of their careers using, testing, and writing about software. We spend dozens of hours researching and testing apps, using each app as it’s intended to be used and evaluating it against the criteria we set for the category. We’re never paid for placement in our articles from any app or for links to any site—we value the trust readers put in us to offer authentic evaluations of the categories and apps we review. For more details on our process, read the full rundown of how we select apps to feature on the Zapier blog.

I’ve been using email marketing apps for the past eight years, and it continues to impress me when I see how many great options are available—and accessible—for every type of email marketing need. If you want to use drip marketing automation to optimize your funnels, you’ll need to choose between a number of really strong options, from tools that “just” send emails to full-featured CRMs with marketing automation that happen to include drip email features.

To give you a head start in finding the best solution to fit your email marketing needs, I spent several days testing a few of the best drip email marketing apps, many of which I use in my day-to-day work as a content marketer.

I signed up for each drip app, configured an opt-in form, integrated with my website, and started building a test list of subscribers. Then, I created a welcome drip automation that would send out whenever the opt-in form was submitted, which allowed me to not only test the setup features, but also get to see what kind of data and tracking analytics were available.

This research took me down a few rabbit holes and allowed me to identify the strongest standout features of each tool. In addition to those unique aspects, all the apps on this list offer at least the following features:

Email personalization, so you can create a more intimate experience for your list subscribers. (“Hey you” might be a… fine way to begin an email, but using the subscriber’s first name is really powerful.)

Segmentation, so the emails are only sent to relevant subscribers. At the most basic level, this might look like a four-email welcome series to new subscribers. More advanced segmentation techniques use tags to identify subsets of subscribers who’ve purchased a specific product, clicked a link in an email, and so on.

Analytics, so you know what’s working and where you can improve. Most of the tools on this list include basic analytics like open rates. Some offer more advanced options, like A/B testing capabilities, email list health, and more.

Affordability, because you don’t need to break the bank to get results. All the apps on this list have a reasonable starting price point, and most charge by the number of subscribers. This is where you’ll have to do your own research to see if your #1 pick will still make sense financially as you increase your email list size.

Integrations that allow you to link your email drip campaign software with the other tech tools in your stack. This allows you to fine-tune your email sending strategy and reduces the manual work involved.

Best free drip email campaign software
A screenshot of Mailchimp, our pick for the best free drip email campaign software
Many email marketing apps offer a free option for small lists, to give you the opportunity to onboard and start building your lists before having to pay. But these free tiers are typically very limited in the number of subscribers you’re allowed to have or the number of emails you’re allowed to send, as well as the features that you have access to without paying.

This is where Mailchimp stands out, with a free plan that allows up to 2,000 subscribers, with up to 10,000 monthly emails. The number of monthly emails is especially important when you’re sending out welcome emails to new subscribers along with frequent newsletters.

Mailchimp has been a big name in the email marketing industry for a while, and it continues to deliver well on its features. You’ll find everything from the basic email sending and automations to more unique options like sending out postcards, and the Creative Assistant, which auto-creates branded marketing graphics based on your website’s imagery. All these features are starting to cramp Mailchimp’s “for beginners” style, but the navigation is still pretty straightforward, so you can quickly jump from reviewing your audience to creating new opt-in forms or landing pages and setting up your drip campaigns.

Keep in mind that the free version of Mailchimp limits you to a one-step automation. That’s great for automating your welcome email and other similar drips, but you’ll have to upgrade to a paid plan if you want to take advantage of their full automation builder with multi-step drip campaigns that include time delays, conditionals, and more. When you do decide to upgrade, the cost increases based on the number of subscribers you have. But the other apps on this list that offer a free plan only allow 500 emails/month (Omnisend and Klaviyo) or don’t offer drip at all on the free plan (ConvertKit). So while the limitation of one-step automations isn’t ideal, it’s still much more generous than any other free plan for drip functionality.

Since Mailchimp integrates with Zapier, you can shave off the manual work hours by automating tasks like adding new form submissions or leads to your email list.

Subscribe new Facebook Lead Ad leads to a Mailchimp list
Try it
Facebook Lead Ads, Mailchimp
Facebook Lead Ads + Mailchimp
More details
Create Mailchimp subscribers from new Typeform responses
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Mailchimp, Typeform
Mailchimp + Typeform
More details
Mailchimp price: Free for up to 2,000 subscribers and 10,000 monthly emails. Paid plans begin at $11/month with 500 contacts.

Best drip email software for large lists and simple drip campaigns
A screenshot of Flodesk, our pick for the best drip email software for large lists and simple drip campaigns
If you have a larger list size or want more than one-step automations, Flodesk is a great Mailchimp alternative. You pay a single monthly fee (currently $38) no matter how many people are on your list or how many emails you send per month. If budget is your primary concern, that’s more affordable than scaling with Mailchimp.

Flodesk is a standout example of an app that was designed for sending simple, beautiful emails with minimal effort. There’s no complex interface and no steep learning curve. The moment you log in, you’re met with a minimalist view and four self-explanatory menu items to choose from: Emails, Forms, Workflows, and Audience. The Emails option is for one-off emails (like a weekly newsletter). All drip campaigns are set up inside the Workflows tab.

Flodesk has a small number of pre-built drip templates for you to choose from, from a welcome sequence to a lead magnet delivery sequence. Or you can start with a blank canvas and create your own campaign from scratch. The minimal interface continues inside the workflow builder, which might be exactly what you’re looking for. Fundamental capabilities like time-releasing a drip sequence are totally doable, as is segmenting a subscriber based on whether or not they open and click into your emails.

And, when you integrate Flodesk with Zapier, you can do things like update Flodesk subscribers from WooCommerce orders (if you’re using WordPress), or add new Facebook leads as subscribers.

Update contacts in Flodesk from new WooCommerce orders
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Flodesk, WooCommerce
Flodesk + WooCommerce
More details
Add new Facebook Lead Ad leads as Flodesk subscribers
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Facebook Lead Ads, Flodesk
Facebook Lead Ads + Flodesk
More details
Flodesk price: $38/month

Best drip email software for solopreneurs
A screenshot of ConvertKit, our pick for the best drip email software for solopreneurs
Once you dip your feet into the waters of drip campaigns, you may decide that you’d like to have a little more control over what emails are sent (and when). And while “user-friendly” often translates to “not many features,” ConvertKit has taken the opposite stance: it’s both feature-rich and easy to use.

In their free tier, you can send one-off emails, create landing pages and opt-in forms, and even sell digital products from inside ConvertKit. A paid account unlocks the drip campaign functionality, which ConvertKit calls “sequences.” Sequences are simple email campaigns that are released on a schedule. If you want to create more advanced actions (like segmenting subscribers who take action on your email, or removing them from a sales campaign when they purchase), you’ll need to build an automation on top of your sequence.

This is where you can really let ConvertKit do the heavy lifting for you, since it allows you to customize your automations with delays based on the date (so emails are never sent on the weekends) or deliver different emails based on the subscriber’s location.

When paired with the ability to integrate with Stripe and collect payments, ConvertKit stands out as a great option for solopreneurs who want to deliver exceptional drip campaign experiences without having to patch together a bunch of different tools to run their online business.

For even more functionality, you can integrate ConvertKit with Zapier to do things like automatically tag Calendly or Eventbrite attendees inside ConvertKit (so you can create custom follow-up drip campaigns).

Add tagged subscribers to ConverKit from new Calendly events
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Calendly, ConvertKit
Calendly + ConvertKit
More details
Add new Eventbrite attendees to ConvertKit tags
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ConvertKit, Eventbrite
ConvertKit + Eventbrite
More details
ConvertKit price: Free for up to 1,000 contacts but no drip functionality. Paid plans with drip functionality start at $9/month.

Best drip email software for live chat and advanced drip automations
A screenshot of ActiveCampaign, our pick for the best drip email software for live chat and advanced drip automations
Drip email tools empower you to target relevant emails to specific groups of people. ActiveCampaign stands out as a feature-rich option that gives you a lot of flexibility in your drip campaigns. The sheer number of options available in the sidebar navigation and campaign builder can be overwhelming at first, but this overwhelm fades quickly with repetition and use. As you become familiar with this tool, it starts feeling more like a treasure trove: with every click revealing something even more helpful for building the drip campaign of your dreams.

To create drip emails, head to the automations builder, where you can automate A/B testing in your emails, sync contact data with other apps via webhook, and even include SMS messages that match your drip emails.

While many options on this list either integrate with a chat app or include their own, ActiveCampaign really stood out with its native live chat feature that plugs into your website or Facebook Messenger, and even allows you to send emails to a subscriber from inside the chat app. It’s a great way to encourage your visitors to connect, build trust, and build your email list, since you can automate email opt-ins through the chat app.

ActiveCampaign also integrates with Zapier, allowing you to do things like turn Typeform form entries into email list subscribers and add Shopify customers to your ActiveCampaign list.

Create ActiveCampaign subscribers from new Typeform form entries
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ActiveCampaign, Typeform
ActiveCampaign + Typeform
More details
Add new Shopify customers to ActiveCampaign
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ActiveCampaign, Shopify
ActiveCampaign + Shopify
More details
ActiveCampaign price: From $9/month for up to 500 contacts

Best drip email app for eCommerce stores
A screenshot of Omnisend, our pick for the best drip email software for eCommerce stores
With so much noise, distraction, and competition online, it’s far too easy for a consumer to close out of a website before they bother completing an order. Recouping even a small portion of those abandoned carts on your own site can make an enormous difference in your overall revenue. Although many drip email tools do allow you to create basic abandoned cart follow-up campaigns, Omnisend really stands out in its innovative, streamlined approach.

Every part of Omnisend is structured around the overall revenue generated through your email marketing efforts. A prominent sales dashboard is front and center inside your Omnisend account, with tabs that break down the information into Live View (who’s currently visiting your website), and Advanced Reporting for Campaigns and Workflows. From there, the tools to help your eCommerce business only get cooler.

Every online user is inundated with opt-in forms, which can make it difficult for an eCommerce store to stand out and earn new subscribers. Omnisend not only includes the basic static signup boxes but also dynamic “wheel of fortune” pop-ups that deliver unique coupon codes and discounts to your website visitors.

As you’re building out your email content within the easy-to-use automation builder, you can insert dynamic product content directly from your eCommerce store. So instead of having to upload product images, copy/paste the description, and manually link the images and buttons to lead back to your products, you can simply browse your own site and tell Omnisend which products you’d like to have added to your email content. All you need to do is add a simple line of pre-written code to your website for this feature to work.

With Omnisend’s Zapier integrations, you can further improve your sales process by setting up automations that do things like automatically adding new leads to an email list, or creating Omnisend subscribers from new form submissions.

Send new Sumo subscribers to Omnisend
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Omnisend, Sumo
Omnisend + Sumo
More details
Create or update Omnisend subscribers from new Leadpages submissions
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Leadpages, Omnisend
Leadpages + Omnisend
More details
Omnisend price: Free for up to 500 emails/month (unlimited list size). Paid plans start at $16/month.

Best drip email software for optimizing email marketing with A/B testing
A screenshot of Klaviyo, our pick for the best drip email software for optimizing email marketing with A/B testing
Once you start automating your email marketing, you have time to step back and really consider what’s working—and what needs to be improved. The problem is that improving your email marketing requires answers to a lot of unknowns. Would changing a subject line increase open rates? Would a different messaging angle result in more sales?

If you want more data to inform your email optimization goals, you might gravitate toward a tool like Klaviyo, which goes above and beyond in helping you see exactly how your emails are performing.

Klaviyo has been a popular option among email marketers for many years, and a quick glimpse inside the tool quickly indicates why. The interface is both clean and functional, with the primary dashboard full of customizable analytics that you can use to monitor your email effectiveness. A sidebar gives you quick access to the various areas within Klaviyo, each one filled with a powerful feature set.

Inside the automation builder, you can opt to view the overall open rates, click-through rates, and bounce rates to monitor the performance of your drip campaigns. But you can also dial in a lot deeper. If you integrate Klaviyo with your website, you can also see data points like where a subscriber went on your site after clicking the link. Yes, you could cobble together the same insights by using various tracking tools and aggregating the information, but it’s a huge time-saver to have Klaviyo do it for you, in a way that’s contextually appropriate for your email marketing efforts.

Overall, Klaviyo is a strong tool that can help you better understand your subscribers and tailor your marketing and sales copy to better fit their preferences.

With Klaviyo’s Zapier integrations, you can alleviate even more manual work by creating automations like adding new Klaviyo subscribers from your QuickBooks contacts or ShipStation orders.

Send new QuickBooks Commerce contacts to Klaviyo
Try it
Klaviyo, QuickBooks Commerce
Klaviyo + QuickBooks Commerce
More details
Create Klaviyo events from new ShipStation orders
Try it
Klaviyo, ShipStation
Klaviyo + ShipStation
More details
Klaviyo price: Free for up to 250 contacts and 500 email sends/month. Paid plans start at $20/month.

Which drip email software should you use?
Whether you simply want a drip campaign that welcomes new subscribers to your email list, or you’re looking for a way to optimize your funnels with personalized automations, there’s a tool for you to get started with drip email marketing.

That tool might be part of the email newsletter app you’ve already been using, or it might be worth switching to a new platform for more features (and better pricing). Either way, there’s a world of opportunity for you to start upleveling the email side of your business.

salesforce email sequences

As a salesperson, one of the most frustrating aspects of your job is manually sending cold emails.The process is mind-numbingly boring and it drains away entire chunks of your day which could be spent on building relationships with prospects.

Executing cold outreach manually therefore leads to low productivity per rep, decreased Sales and the possibility of not meeting revenue targets.

There’s a straightforward solution to this issue – what you need is an email sequence software that automates your cold email sequences and takes manual email outreach off your hands, leaving you free to focus on closing more deals.

However, taking a peek into the candidates in this super-saturated marketplace can reveal dozens of such tools, from which you need to select the right email sequence tool for your sales process.

It is a thankless, fruitless task to rummage through the Internet and every marketplace available, desperately jabbing trial button after trial button to find an email sequence software that fits your sales needs.

We get the frustration better than anyone else out there.

That’s why we’ve done the heavy legwork for you.

We’ve put together a list of 23 Email Sequence Software tools, and what’s more-we’ve divided them into 3 categories based on their features.

Email Sequence Software plugins
Email Sequence Software with simple integrations
Email Sequence Software with powerful CRM integrations
-so that you can read, evaluate and choose an Email sequence software that integrates with your existing outreach process just right.

Oh, and by the way, if pure play email sequence software plugins are what you need, you should totally skip to Tool no 16.

With that said, let’s dive into our breakdown of 23 Email Sequence Software tools.

Table of Contents
Email Sequence Software With Powerful CRM Integrations
Email Sequence Software With Simple Integrations
Email Sequence Software Plugins
Email Sequence Software With Powerful CRM Integrations

  1. Klenty
    Demo image for Klenty – one of the email sequence tools mentioned in the article
    Klenty is an Email Sequence Software that helps you personalize outreach at scale, automate repetitive work and get more meetings booked.

What makes Klenty the best thing to happen to your sales outreach?

Features like

Auto-importing prospects from CSV files, Google Sheets or CRM
Flexible and easy-to-edit sequences
Intent-based Playbooks
High Intent Detector
Native Sales Dialer
Semi-automated Linkedin Plugin
Mail Merge
A/B testing
Cadence throttle
Delivery windows
Liquid Templates
Personalized videos
Team Reports
Live Feed
Prospect History Report
But hang on, Klenty can do so much more!

Contextual Relevance
Use Klenty to

group prospects into buckets based on purchase intent
set up automation rules to execute a relevant playbook for each group
identify and focus on hot prospects while you put the rest on autopilot
Native integrations with all popular CRMs

Klenty syncs deeply with CRMs such as Pipedrive, Zoho, Hubspot, and Salesforce.
This guarantees automatic data flow between Klenty and your CRM.
Your CRM remains fresh and updated with zero manual work which means you save 15+ hours every week.
Effortless task execution

Discover your daily to-do list waiting for you as soon as you login, organized in terms of activity type or sequence.
Batch tasks together and complete in rapid-fire mode.
Put your reps in a state of flow with an email sequence software built to execute at the speed of light.
Try Klenty free for 14 days. No credit card, no surprises.

Pricing for Klenty starts at 35$/user/mo.

  1. Woodpecker
    Email sequence software – Woodpecker
    Woodpecker is a followup automation tool that allows you to nurture inbound leads and automate email outreach.

How Woodpecker helps you manage email sequencing –

Woodpecker possesses features like

A/B split testing
Import from CSV/ Google sheets
Detailed reports
Agency dashboards
Open and click rates
Reply detection
What about integrations?

Beyond automating your email outreach, Woodpecker also has a native integration with Pipedrive CRM with limited functionalities. You need to use Zapier with other CRM’s. You can also connect Woodpecker with Gmail/ Outlook/ Office365/ IMAP.

The pricing for Woodpecker starts at 40$/account/mo, with a free trial of 14 days.

Discover how Klenty’s features compare against Woodpecker and why Klenty is the best Woodpecker Alternative

    Email Sequence Software – Reply(io) is a sales engagement platform that helps salespeople to send personalized cold emails and sequence automated followups at scale.

How can Reply help you sequence emails?

Reply has email campaign features such as

Import prospects from CSV and CRM
A/B testing
Open and click rates
reply detection
auto reply and bounce detection
delivery window
default email signatures
set time zone
BCC emails to CRM
customize unsubscribe links.
But does it stop there?

No. Reply goes further with additional features such as integrations with CRMs such as Pipedrive, Salesforce,, Base, and Copper as well as communication platforms like Slack. You can connect Reply with Gmail/ Outlook/ Exchange/ SMTP/ IMAP.

You can access a 14-day free trial with Reply, and its plans start at 70$/user/mo

Discover how Klenty’s features compare against and why Klenty is the best Reply Alternative

    Email Sequence Software – Prospect(io) is an Email Sequence tool that helps you target prospects through cold email and automated follow ups. can boost your email outreach through features such as

mail merge
bounce detection
open & click tracking
delivery window
email validation
import prospects from CSV files and CRM
team reports
live-feed and template reports
What else does offer?

A native 1-way integration with CRM like Pipedrive,, Hubspot, and Zoho alongside integrations with apps like Slack and Zapier to keep your workflows synced. You can connect with Gmail/ Exchange/Outlook/ SMTP.

The pricing for starts at $79/month for 250 email credits.

Discover how Klenty’s features compare against and why Klenty is the best Alternative

  1. Mailshake
    Email sequence software – Mailshake
    Mailshake is an Email Sequence Software that helps you find leads and reach out to them through cold email outreach.

What’s Mailshake got in their locker?

Features like

A/B testing
Import prospects from Google Sheets/ CSV
Mail merge
open and click rates
reply detection
auto-reply and bounce detection
delivery window
email threads
BCC emails to CRM
default email signatures
customize unsubscribe link
set time zone.
What about Integrations?

They also have integrations with the Salesforce, Hubspot and Pipedrive CRMs. Additionally, they possess strong integrations with Zapier and Slack. You can connect Mailshake with Gmail/ Outlook/ Exchange/ Office365/ SMTP.

Mailshake’s package starts at 59$/mo.

Discover how Klenty’s features compare against Mailshake and why Klenty is the best Mailshake Alternative

  1. Outreach
    Email sequence software – Outreach
    Outreach is an Email Sequence Software that helps you automate your email outreach, drive efficiency with every interaction and turns your sales team into a revenue driving machine.

How does Outreach do that?

Through Email Campaign features such as

Sales Sequences
Prospect Import via CSV/ CRM
Sales Intelligence Tiles
Workflow Governance
Targeted Reporting
What about integrations?

Outreach has native integrations with Microsoft Dynamics365, and Salesforce CRM. It has other integrations with tools like Datanyze, SendGrid, Crunchbase, DarkSky and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It can be connected to Outlook, Microsoft Exchange and Gmail.

The pricing for Outreach starts at 140$/mo for one seat.

Discover how Klenty’s features compare against Outreach.

  1. PersistIQ
    Email sequence software – PersistIQ
    An email sequence software that helps send personalized email campaigns, PersistIQ is a great solution for your lead generation needs.

How does PersistIQ help you?

It has email campaign features like

Import prospects from CSV files
A/B testing
Open and click rates
Reply detection
Auto-reply and bounce detection
Default email signatures
Set time zone
Email thread
Template, campaign and Team reports
Customized unsubscribe links
But what about integrations?

PersistIQ has bidirectional integrations with Copper and Salesforce CRMs. Connect with PersistIQ using SMTP/ IMAP.

The pricing for PersistIQ begins at 49/seat/mo.

Discover how Klenty’s features compares against PersistIQ.

  1. Cirrus Insight
    Email sequence software – Cirrus Insight
    Cirrus Insight is an email sequence software that helps you manage your sales email outreach without leaving your inbox.

How does Cirrus Insight help you?

Through email campaign features like

Email Analytics
Prospect Import through CSV
Drip campaigns
Meeting scheduling
Automated followups
Email Templates
Followup reminders
Email tracking
What about integrations?

Connecting with Gmail and Outlook, Cirrus Insight offers integrations with Salesforce. It also possesses integrations with other tools such as Marketo, SalesWings and

Cirrus Insight has a 14-day free trial period. Beyond that, its pricing begins with the 27$/user/mo plan.

Email Sequence Software With Simple Integrations

  1. Quickmail
    Email sequence software – Quickmail
    Quickmail is a Sales Engagement platform that allows you to send personalized emails and close more deals.

How does Quickmail help you accomplish this?

Through Email Campaign features like

Import prospects from CSV and Google Sheets
Open and Click rates
Reply detection
Bounce detection
Delivery window
Default signature
Customized unsubscribe links
What about its Integrations?

You can connect Quickmail to a CRM using Zapier. You can also connect it to Gmail or Outlook.

Quickmail has a 14-day free trial.

The pricing for Quickmail begins at 49$

Discover how Klenty’s features compare against Quickmail.

  1. Yesware
    Email sequence software – Yesware
    Yesware is a Sales Productivity platform that enables you to send a sequence of emails automatically.

How Yesware can be your go-to for email sequencing-

Yesware has features such as

Mail merge
Auto-import from CSV files
Open and click rates
Reply detection
Auto-reply and bounce detection
Delivery window
Email threads
Default email signatures
Template reports.
In addition, Yesware possesses a native integration with Salesforce CRM as well as an integration with LinkedIn Sales navigator. You can connect Yesware with Outlook or Gmail.

Avail Yesware at the starting price of 12$/mo. However, CRM integration can only be unlocked at the 55$/mo plan.

Discover how Klenty’s features compare against Yesware.

  1. Mixmax
    Email sequence software – Mixmax
    Mixmax is an email sequence software that automates email outreach.

How can MixMax take your outreach campaign to the next level?

Through Email campaign features like

Import prospects from CSV or Google Sheets
Team Reports
Mail Merge
Reply detection
Open and Click tracking
Auto reply
Bounce detection
Set Time zone
What about integration?

Mixmax can be connected to Gmail, and it has native integrations with Pipedrive, and Salesforce CRM. It can also be integrated with other tools like Greenhouse, Typeform, SMS, Giphy and Dropbox.

You can try MixMax free for a period of 14 days. Their pricing begins at 12$/user/mo.

Discover the detailed feature comparison between Mixmax and Klenty

  1. Autoklose
    Email sequence software – Autoklose
    Autoklose is an Email Sequence Software that enables you to target the right prospects, engage them and convert them by sending out sequences of highly tailored emails at scale..

Lets take a look at how Autoklose will help you achieve this.

It has email campaign features such as

Tracking open, click, delivery, bounce and reply rates
Import prospects from CSV files
A/B Testing
Prospect management
Email sequence templates
Campaign Management
Sales Intelligence and Data
Real-time Reporting
What about integrations?

Autoklose can be connected with Gmail, GSuite, Outlook and Office365 and has native integrations with CRMs like Salesflare and Salesforce. You can integrate it to Hubspot, Pipedrive, Nimble and Copper CRM through Zapier.

Autoklose has a native integration with Calendly and Vidyard and can be integrated with other tools like Mailchimp, Sharpspring, ActiveCampaign, Act-On and Drip through Zapier

Autoklose has a 14 day free trial and their package starts at 49.99$/account/user

    Email sequence software – SmartReach(io) is an Email Sequence Software that helps you supercharge your email outreach without sacrificing personalization.

What qualities does SmartReach have to help you?

Email campaign features such as

Dynamic emails
Conditional merge-tags
Import prospects from CSV files
A/B Testing
Advanced email sequencing
Reply detection
Campaign monitoring
Detailed reports and analytics
What about integrations?

Smartreach has native integrations with CRMs such as Hubspot, Zoho, Pipedrive and Salesforce. You can also connect it with email servers such as G Suite, Outlook, Zoho, Microsoft Exchange, Mailgun, and others.

SmartReach has a 14-day free trial, and its pricing begins at 24$/user/mo.

    Email sequence software – Snov(io) is an Email Sequence Software that helps you manage contacts, automate cold outreach and saves your salesperson’s time.

How does Snov aid your Sales team?

Through email campaign features like

Import prospects from Google sheets
Automated email sequences
Drag and Drop Email Campaign builder
Scheduled email followups
Email tracking
GBlast- mass mail merge chrome extension
What about integrations?

Snov has strong integrations with CRM such as Hubspot, Zoho, Salesforce, Pipedrive and can also integrate with Project Management tools such as Asana and Trello. It also syncs with lead gen tools like Adapt as well as Phantombuster. You can connect Snov with Gmail/ SMTP.

Snov follows an Unlimited Freemium model, and its pricing begins at 39$/mo.

  1. SalesHandy
    Email sequence software – SalesHandy
    SalesHandy is an email sequence software that allows you to send automated followup emails and helps your sales teams increase productivity.

Lets go through how SalesHandy achieves this…

SalesHandy has email campaign features such as

Email Scheduling
Import prospects from CSV
Condition and Time-based triggers
Custom domain tracking
Email templates
Engagement Analytics
Mail Merge
What about Integrations?

SalesHandy allows you to connect using Gmail and Outlook, and it can be integrated with the CRM you use through BCC login.

SalesHandy has a 14-day free trial, and its pricing begins at 7$/user/mo

Email Sequence Software Plugins

  1. GMass
    Email sequence software – GMass
    GMass is a mass mail Chrome extension service inside Gmail that allows you to automate, analyze and track email campaigns without ever leaving your inbox.

How does GMass excel at this?

Through email campaign features such as

Automated email sequences
Mail Merge
Auto-importing through Google Sheets
Tracking open and click rates
Campaign level reports and analytics
Optional Unsubscribes
In addition, GMass provides a 1-way integration with Salesforce CRM.

The pricing for GMass begins at 8.95/user/mo.

  1. Right Inbox
    Email sequence software – Right Inbox
    Right Inbox is an Email Sequence Gmail Add-on that helps you schedule emails to be sent automatically so that you can take your email productivity to the next level.

How exactly does Right Inbox help you?

Through Email campaign features such as

Automated Sequences
Send Later
Email templates
Recurring Emails
Email Tracking
Mail Merge
It also allows you to integrate with every CRM through a smart BCC email sync.

Right Inbox has a free plan that you can upgrade with pricing starting at 5.95$/mo

    Email sequence software – Vocus(io) is an email scheduling software that allows you to personalize email campaigns, automate followups and track your cold outreach performance.

How will adding this Chrome extension boost your email outreach?

Through email campaign features such as

Import prospects through CSV files
Automated followups
A/B Testing
Tracking email opens and clicks
Mail Merge
Campaign monitoring
You can connect Vocus to either Gmail or GSuite. It also has integrations with Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho and Hubspot CRM.

Vocus features a 30-day trial, and you can begin using their paid package from the Basic 5$ plan.

  1. Rebump
    Email sequence software – Rebump
    Rebump is an email sequence software that allows you to automate your cold email campaigns, thereby pushing your sales productivity to new heights.

How does Rebump get your cold outreach rolling?

Through email campaign features such as

Automated followups or Bumps
Custom merge fields
Email tracking
Email analytics
Rebump is a Gmail extension that allows for integration with your CRM through BCC sync, and its pricing begins at 5$/mo, after a 30-day trial.

  1. If No Reply
    Email sequence software – If No Reply
    If No Reply is an Email Sequence software that helps you automate your cold email outreach, save time and convert more prospects.

How does If No Reply manage this?

Through email campaign features like

Drip email campaigns
Automated followups
A/B Testing
Campaign management
Dynamic Content Templates
Mail Merge
This Gmail extension starts its pricing at 20$/user/mo.

  1. Airborne
    One of the email sequence tools mentioned in the article
    Airborne App is a Email sequence Tool designed to help lead generation agencies automate outreach.

Airborne is made to execute both inbound and outbound prospects with multi-channel communications involving emails, calls and Linkedin.

Airborne lets you send emails from multiple accounts, randomizes your sending intervals and throttles sequences to improve deliverability.

It’s simple interface eliminates admin overhead and makes sure you never need to build complex reports externally again.

  1. Respona
    Respona-All in one outreach tools for email campaigns.
    Respona is an all-in-one email outreach solution for all types of outreach campaigns, be it sales, marketing, digital PR, link building, content promotion, etc. It includes all of the necessary tools to set up, launch and track an outreach campaign.

How exactly does Respona help you?

Some of its most important features are:

Built in search engine for prospecting
Import prospect lists from .CSV files
Open, reply and bounce rate tracking
Reply and bonce reduction
Built in email finder
Automatic email signatures
Custom sending schedules
Email sequence builder with automatic follow up
Default and custom email templates
Variables like {name} and {day_of_week} that automatically change for each prospect, as well as the ability to create custom variables
Easy personalization
Integration with Help A Reporter Out
Multiple email accounts
Being a certified Google partner, Respona integrates directly with Gmail. The pricing for Respona starts at $95/month.

  1. EngageBay
    Demo image for Engagebay – One of the email sequence softwares mentioned in the article
    EngageBay is an incredibly affordable all-in-one marketing and CRM platform. It helps with cold email sequences, personalized and automated email campaigns, lead management, canned responses, autoresponders, and even Live Chat.

What can EngageBay do for your email marketing?

Some of its most important features are:

Segmentation of contacts
A/B testing of email sequences, landing pages
Analytics for open rates and lead scoring based on customer response
Custom domain to reduce bounce rates
Time-zone based delivery of emails
Email 2-way sync between your inbox and the software
Double opt in and unsubscribe options
Live chat with chat box and help desk
Coding support for landing pages


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