Email Marketing Tools For Free

In the past, email marketing was a difficult task. It took hours of work and still didn’t look like much.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of tools out there nowadays that can make your email marketing easier and more efficient. Put in a fraction of the effort and get awesome looking results!

This article will cover some of the best free email marketing tools available today.

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10 Free Email Marketing Tools to Save Time and Money | Sprout Social

Email Marketing Tools For Free

Marketing trends and channels evolve over time. While some trends come and go quickly, one of the channels that has remained more or less the same is email. In fact, email continues to be the top channel for content marketing with both B2C and B2B marketers. 87% of B2B marketers and 77% of B2C marketers use it to nurture their audience.

It can even help you amplify your other marketing channels such as social. With that said, marketers still face a ton of challenges in their email marketing efforts. One of these key challenges is simply the amount of time it takes to create a great looking email from scratch. Without efficient tools, marketers may end up spending a lot of time creating and sending out emails that don’t exactly look stunning. This hinders productivity while dragging down your email marketing ROI.

A lot of companies settle for this situation because they’re not ready to invest in a tool to simplify the process. However, email marketing tools don’t necessarily have to be expensive. You can find plenty of free email marketing tools that can help you save time and money.

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Read on for our list of the top free email marketing tools:

  1. HubSpot Email Marketing
    HubSpot, probably best known for their marketing automation platform, recently launched a free email marketing tool that can support a lot of a small business’ transactional email needs.

Whether you need to send kickback emails from lead offers, thank you emails after purchase, or just promote current campaigns, HubSpot Email Marketing’s free version can do that. One of the best parts of HubSpot’s free email tool is its ease of use. The tool features a handy drag-and-drop visual editor, and it also comes equipped with ready-made templates to get you up and running immediately.

What makes HubSpot Email Marketing stand out is, of course, its native integration with other HubSpot tools, such as the free-forever CRM. Once you start an account, you get access to both tools so you can create a centralized contacts database, organize it in lists, and manage and track email performance.

hubspot email marketing tool

  1. Sender
    Sender is one of the best free email marketing tools in the market with features to ensure deliverability. It lets you create stunning newsletters without any HTML knowledge. Just choose from a template and customize it with elements like images, videos and text. You can even personalize your newsletters for each recipient to create an even bigger impact.

Sender dashboard screenshot
Sender’s robust analytics feature is one of the top reasons why it’s on our list. It lets you track who opened your emails and clicked on the links, when they were opened and more. It even helps you build accurate buyer profiles based on your subscriber actions, so you’ll be able to optimize your existing email strategy and craft compelling offers.

  1. Sendinblue
    Sendinblue is a marketing communication platform that features both email marketing tools and additional functions such as customer relationship management and landing page creation. With over 70 design templates, Sendinblue’s email design functions make it easy to create a great-looking email. Plus, all of these templates are responsive, and you can preview your results to can ensure your design looks the way you want on any screen format.

After you design your email, you can use features like A/B testing and segmented recipient lists to take the manual effort and guesswork out of optimizing your campaigns and targeting your ideal audiences.

sendinblue email editor

  1. Omnisend
    Omnisend is a sophisticated ecommerce marketing platform that integrates all your communication platforms in one place. Its free plan includes only email, but it’s more than enough to support the email marketing efforts of small and medium businesses. It allows you to automate your email delivery using behavioral triggers and easily time your communications based on your customers’ convenience.

You can utilize its comprehensive audience insights to send out more relevant email marketing messages. Design attractive newsletters using time-saving features like the Product Picker, which lets you select all the products you want to include in your email. You can also include scratch cards, discount coupon codes and gift boxes to further optimize your email performance.

Omnisend dashboard screenshot

  1. SendPulse
    SendPulse advertises itself as a multi-channel marketing platform, but its email marketing feature is the most popular. It comes with a ton of professionally-designed email templates that you can easily customize using a drag-and-drop editor. You can then set up these customized emails to be automatically sent out at the right time based on user behavior, event trigger and other variables.

SendPulse’s subscriber rating feature is an excellent way to identify your most valuable subscribers. It lets you analyze the open and click rates as well as the read and unread rate of each subscriber. You can even set replaceable text fields to personalize your emails by name, gender, date of birth, age and job role.

SendPulse subscriber rating

  1. Benchmark Email
    Benchmark Email is a great option for an email marketing tool to design responsive emails that look great no matter which device they’re viewed on. If you need to add images to your email, you can even edit the image right on the platform. The email editor lets you add effects, stickers and text to effectively send across your message.

You have the option to choose from tons of pre-designed templates based on industry, type and occasion. For the more HTML savvy, you can even use the code editor to build emails from scratch. The dual view feature lets you see your email design as you’re editing it, which simplifies the whole email creation process.

Benchmark Email responsive design templates
social media engagement learn more banner

  1. Mailchimp
    Mailchimp is a leader in email marketing tools that you’ve probably heard of. Their free plan provides you with basic email marketing features such as email creation and scheduling. What makes this a great email marketing tool is its smart recommendations feature, which provides you with valuable audience insights to optimize your marketing efforts.

Designing emails on the platform is easy using the Content Manager, where you can store your images and files for easy access. Mailchimp lets you automate your emails at crucial steps of the buyer journey, so you can easily send out welcome emails, order confirmations, abandoned cart reminders and more.

Mailchimp content manager screenshot

  1. MailerLite
    Sophisticated features like the landing page builder and the pop-up customizer make MailerLite stand out among free email tools in the market. In addition to the basics like the drag-and-drop email builder, the tool comes with a rich text editor and a built-in photo editor to create stunning emails.

MailerLite email customizer
You can create responsive landing pages to match the emails that you send, which will improve your chances of driving conversions. You can run split tests on different variations of your email to see what works best to drive clicks and conversions. MailerLite also provides you with a comprehensive campaign report that contains important stats like click rate, unsubscribe rate, open rate and more.

  1. Mailjet
    Mailjet comes with intuitive and collaborative tools to help you build effective email marketing campaigns. Customize any of the pre-designed templates and create responsive emails to impress any recipient no matter which device they’re using. If you work with a team, you’ll love the platform’s real-time collaboration feature that allows for seamless collaboration.

This email marketing tool also lets you add dynamic content so you can create personalized and relevant emails for each recipient. This helps you get much better results out of your email marketing campaigns. You can also integrate the platform into your CRM and easily manage your mailing list through a single dashboard.

Mailjet contact statistics

  1. Moosend
    Moosend is an excellent email marketing tool that lets you automate repetitive tasks and saves you time. You can design behavioral email campaigns based on your subscribers’ information and/or activities. You can use its advanced segmentation feature to send highly accurate emails to each recipient, increasing open rate and click-through rate as well as ROI.

This tool provides you with a detailed campaign performance report so you know exactly how to optimize your campaigns and get even better results. You can even integrate it with some of your favorite apps to seamlessly pass on vital information between different tools. It’s also one of the only free email marketing tools that won’t include its logo in your emails.

Moosend email performance report

  1. EmailOctopus
    EmailOctopus is a simple email marketing tool that runs on the Amazon SES infrastructure. While the free plan doesn’t offer as many features as some of the other free email marketing tools on this list, it does allow a lot more emails per month than most of them.

You can send out unlimited emails from as many email addresses as you like. This makes it the perfect solution for a small agency or entrepreneur representing other brands. It also integrates with third-party apps like MailOptin, WordPress and Zapier so you can seamlessly exchange customer data between different tools.

EmailOctopus email performance report
Bottom line
Most of these free email marketing tools come with robust features even without the need to upgrade to a paid plan. Small businesses and marketers should be able to make the most of them while saving time and money. Even if you need to upgrade to accommodate your business needs, you’ll find that many of the paid plans are affordable and flexible enough to fit your budget.

free bulk email marketing

Any business, new or old, needs to inform customers about their offerings and their unique selling points to engage them in a successful manner. If you have a wide customer base then reaching out to each of them can be an arduous task.

But thanks to free bulk email sender tools, you can send personalised mails to customers in a single click. Moreover, you can also use bulk emails software to inform and interact with potential customers.

free bulk email sender
How to Send Unlimited Bulk Emails Free?
There are two ways in which bulk email senders can be employed. The first is a targeted email marketing campaign. In this, you scout for consumers who have a high chance of interacting with your business. The second is an email blast.

In this method, online email verifiers blast out emails to a large audience without focusing too much on how the recipients would interact with your business. The main aim of the email blast method is to cover as many recipients as possible in one go.

What are the Bulk Email Senders?
Bulk email verifier is a software whose main purpose is to send out numerous mails to different people at the same time. Bulk email marketing services can be hosted in two ways- either on a third-party server or self-hosted.

The mail you send can be anything from a newsletter to a simple promotional message. Many bulk mailing software solutions use sophisticated algorithms to prevent your messages from ending up in the spam section of recipients.

How to Find the Best Email Sending Software?
Although there are several mass mailing software solutions available in the market, not all of them will fit your needs. We tell you about some of the most important criteria which you should keep in mind before purchasing a bulk email marketing software.

Subscription process
Go for a double-opt in subscription rather than a single opt-in. This ensures that your mails are not marked as spam or blocking of mail id.

Mail list segmentation
By integrating CRM solutions with bulk email marketing software, you can gauge what makes your customers respond and you can customize your mail body to involve that hook.

Domain and IP warming
To ensure that your mass mail marketing campaign is a success, you should go for domain and IP warming. This means that you start sending a particular number of mails in the beginning and slowly take it up.

Engagement metrics
The best free bulk email sender online should provide you with engagement metrics and inbox placement figures. This way you will know how many people received your mails, how many opened it and how many people engaged with it.

Creating crisp HTML campaigns
The HTML template for email campaigns should be clutter free. If you are using image and text both, then ensure that those are in the same proportion.

15 Best Free Bulk Emails Sender Software for Mass Email Blasts
If you are looking for free bulk email senders for boosting your email marketing strategies, then you have come to the right place. We list some of the best bulk email software which will be suitable for small as well as large businesses for bulk email blasts.

Elastic Email
Amazon SES
Send Grid
Online email verifier
ActiveCampaign bulk email sender assigns each contact a score depending on how they interact with your mails. Once that score crosses 100, it automatically classifies that contact as highly engaging and notifies the sales team.

The bulk email marketing software uses an advanced alert system to follow up on a customer in case they abandon the cart before purchase.

What Makes ActiveCampaign a Good Online Email Verifier?

Drag and drop functionality for creation of automated workflows.
High degree of customization for different customers
You can even change photos and text for each individual customer
Lead scoring to follow up with the best prospects to come on board.
Is ActiveCampaign free?

ActiveCampaign is a not a free bulk email sending software. However, it offers a 14-day free trial plan for each of its paid version.

ActiveCampaign Bulk Email Verifier Pricing-

ActiveCampaign Price Details
Lite ₹657.04 Up to 3 users
Plus ₹3577.22 Up to 25 users
Professional ₹9417.58 Up to 50 users
Enterprise ₹16,718.03 Unlimited users
Elastic Email
Elastic email bulk email verifier has an easy to use email designer which helps create intuitive images and textual creatives. For each marketing campaign, you can manage the recipient list and make suitable alterations to them. Elastic Email has the feature of auto responders, which is useful for sending automated texts and responses.

With Elastic Email, you have the option of creating detailed web forms which you can attach as a part of your bulk mails. The email marketing software has designated plugins for managing your site developed on WordPress.

What Makes Elastic Email a Good Bulk Email Marketing Services?

You can use the API provided by the software for completely integrating the software with your existing apps.
You can attach unlimited sub accounts with your main account. These can be used to send mails to different clients and so on.
It has the feature of A/X testing to know whether a particular style of sending mails works for you or not.
Is Elastic Email free?

You can get started with Elastic Email free bulk email sender anytime and send up to 100 emails per day.

Elastic Email Bulk Email Verifier Price

Elastic Email Price Details
Unlimited ₹657.04 Up to 5000 contacts but does not offer unlimited custom fields.
Unlimited Pro ₹3577.22 Up to 5000 contacts with unlimited custom fields.
Amazon SES
Bulk email marketing services
Amazon SES bulk mailing software is an easy to use solution, even for beginners. The software can be used for email use cases which includes tracking and mass mail marketing. Its IP deployment feature ensures that all mails have a high deliverability rate and provides detailed reports for studying the impact created by each mail.

Amazon SES can be integrated with your existing solutions thanks to its console, APIs and SMTPs. You can regularly monitor the performance of your account and even obtain anti-spam feedback.

What Makes Amazon SES a Good Bulk Email Sending Software?

Amazon SES provides the reports related to email open and click through rates.
It offers virtual private cloud support thus ensuring that you send mails in a secure manner.
Amazon SES partners with experts such as M3AAG to improve delivery rates.
Is Amazon SES free?

Amazon SES offers a free usage tier where you can send approximately 2,000 messages per day without any charge.

Amazon SES Online Email Verifier Price- It is a free bulk email sender for the first 62,000 mails. After that, ₹7.29 would be charged for every 1000 mails.

SendinBlue mailer is an automated mass mailing software which provides different email templates and a drag and drop functionality. It helps draft personalized content such as adding your contact’s name at the start of the email. SendinBlue segments customer data based on variety of filters such as geographical location, gender, age and more.

The software also has a send time optimization feature backed by machine learning based tools. This feature ensures that you send mails to your contacts at the right time of the day to ensure highest engagement rates.

What Makes SendinBlue a Good Mass Mailing Software?

You and your team can access a shared email box to keep track of a customer’s interaction history.
Easily create and launch Facebook ads for reaching out to a wide audience.
It offers greater compatibility with CRM solutions to store a customer’s details in one place.
Is SendinBlue free?

SendinBlue free bulk email sender plan supports unlimited contacts and up to 300 emails per day for a month.

SendinBlue Bulk Email Sender Price

SendinBlue Price Details
Free Bulk Email Sender – Up to 300 mails
Lite ₹1510 Up to 100,000 emails
Premium ₹3895.5 Up to 1,000,000 emails
Enterprise Available on request Custom volume of emails
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MailerLite bulk email marketing software is highly suitable for beginners. They can use its drag and drop functionality to easily create email newsletters. MailerLite is also a boon for ecommerce business owners as they can easily attach product listings into emails.

The bulk emails sender software provides the option of sending automated mails to 1 the customer for following up on them and gauging their interest. You have the option of hiding certain sections of your newsletter and make it visible only to specific subscribers.

What Makes MailerLite a Good Free Bulk Email Sender Online?

Integrate social media posts from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter into your marketing mails.
The HTML email editor has a CSS Inliner for previewing your code before finalising it.
Engage customers with call to action pop ups such as a countdown pop-up.
Is MailerLite free?

MailerLite free bulk email sender plan supports 12,000 emails per month for up to 1,000 users.

MailerLite Bulk Emails Software Price- It’s a free bulk email sender if you send upto 12000 mails in a month. After that, the price starts from ₹729.88/month.

Mass mailing software
Mailjet bulk email marketing services are known for designing mail layouts that would be neatly visible to the consumer, no matter what device they are using. It also supports real time collaboration and exchange of comments between team members.

With Mailjet free bulk email sender, you have the option of adding image and textual blocks and buttons for social media sharing. While working on a team account, you can assign role-based access to team members for the protection of critical data.

What Makes Mailjet a Good Free Bulk Email Sender?

You can use its subscription forms feature to grow your contact list.
Mailjet SMTP server can be set up in no time for sending your mail to numerous contacts.
It also provides extensive documentation in case you need to know more about running a successful email marketing campaign.
Is Mailjet free?

Mailjet’s free bulk email sender plan can be used for sending up to 6000 emails per month or up to 200 emails per day.

Mailjet Bulk Emails Software Price

Mailjet Price Details
Free Bulk Email Sender – Up to 6000 emails/month
Lite ₹704.49 Up to 30,000 emails/month
Premium ₹1529.44 Up to 30,000 emails/month
Enterprise Available on request Customised offer
ConvertKit free bulk email sender online has a number of email templates using which you can quickly draft marketing campaigns. The software also allows you to add images and videos within your mail body.

ConvertKit provides a very high delivery rate of 98%. It also has a decent reputation which means your mails will most likely end up in the consumer inbox and not spam.

You can apply filters while sending out mass emails so that only certain types of recipients receive them. With this bulk email sender software, you can even schedule your messages to be sent on a later date.

What Makes ConvertKit a Good Bulk Email Sender?

Option of organising your contact list with tags based on how they interact with your mails.
Automatically provide an incentive to customers whenever they fill your form or subscribe to your mailing list.
Robust email funnels ensure that a customer never gets pitched the product they have already bought.
Is ConvertKit free?

ConvertKit free bulk email sender plan helps manage up to 1000 subscribers at a time and get access to unlimited forms/landing pages with additional support for sending email broadcasts.

ConvertKit Online Email Verifier Price

ConvertKit Price Details
Free Bulk Email Sender – 1000 subscribers
Creator ₹2117.13 per month 1000+ subscribers
Creator Pro ₹4307.27 per month 1000+ subscribers
Free bulk email sender online
Due to its impactful A/B testing and drag and drop editing feature, Moosend is one of the preferable options for both beginners and experts. It provides automated methods for drafting mails quickly and detailed reports to understand consumer response to your campaigns.

Moosend free bulk email sender has the feature of personalising each mail to drive in more returns. It lets you design exemplary landing pages which can be grouped, cropped and edited even if you don’t have any web page designing experience.

What Makes Moosend a Good Bulk Email Verifier?

Feature of creating customised subscription forms.
Quick construction of landing pages with a drag and drop functionality,
Sort your customer list with help of different filters such as cart abandoners, most engaged customers and more.
Is Moosend free?

Moosend free bulk email sender plan lets you send unlimited email, but only for up to 1000 accounts. After that, you can switch to the premium plan starting at Rs 580 approx per month.

Moosend Bulk Email Marketing Service Price

Moosend Price Details
Free Bulk Email Sender – For individuals
Pro ₹583.86 per month For 5 team members
Enterprise Available on request. For 10 team members
SendGrid bulk mailing software makes use of powerful mail APIs to prevent your mails from ending up in spam folders. It takes automation a notch up with each mail having some unique element rather than just duplicating them.

With SendGrid, you can avail dedicated IPs and custom domains for ensuring that your mails are seen in the inbox. It’s an all-round free bulk email sender software which provides the option of drafting both transactional and marketing emails.

What Makes SendGrid a Good Bulk Mailing Software?

Gain useful insight by tracking your email history over the past 30 days.
Distribution of mails over different IP addresses so as to protect your reputation and ensure high rates of deliverability.
Obtain inbox rendering previews and spam testing to know how an email looks before sending it.
Is SendGrid free?

SendGrid Unlimited free unlimited email sender plan supports up to 100 emails a day.

SendGrid Bulk Email Sending Software Price

SendGrid Price Details
Free Bulk Email Sender – Up to 3000 emails/month
Essentials ₹1091.09 per month Up to 40,000 emails/month
Pro ₹6566.75 per month Up to 100,000 emails/month
Premier Available on request Custom plan
Mass mailer
SendBlaster mass mailing software is a cloud based service best known for tracking the performance of your email marketing campaigns. It also provides insightful reports on consumer response to your mails. You can know how many customers received your mail, how many opened it, how many interacted with it and so on.

SendBlaster builds on a legitimate practise of sending mails to those who want to receive it. This free bulk email sender adds opt-in and opt-out buttons for customers to decide whether they want to continue receiving your mails or not.

What Makes SendBlaster a Good Bulk Email Marketing Software?

Drafting and sending newsletters as part of email marketing campaigns.
HTML experts can open documents in source editing mode only, thus retaining their original code.
In-built editor for beautifying images and attaching them within the mail.
Is SendBlaster free?

SendBlaster bulk email sender software can be downloaded for free. It provides access to around two lists and simultaneous connections besides the option to send up to 100 messages at a time.

SendBlaster Bulk Emails Software Price- Available at ₹9900 per user per month.

free bulk email sender online
Mailchimp is a free bulk email sender online offering under email communication insights and marketing channels for connecting with the audience.

The bulk email verifier provides inbuilt marketing tools along with a custom domain for boosting sales. Mailchimp makes it easy to create and share social ads, emails, postcards and landing pages to clients and customers. 

What Makes Mailchimp a Good Email Verifier?

Behavioural targeting and predicted demographics for sending messages to the right audience
Subject line helper for managing feedback in real-time
Marketing automation with integrations for data syncing
A/B testing and surveys
Is Mailchimp free?

Yes, Mailchimp offers a free bulk email sender plan with up to 2000 contacts and 10,000 emails in a month with the daily limit of 2000 emails.

Mailchimp Bulk Email Verifier Pricing

Mailchimp Price/month Details
Essentials ₹ 770 Up to 50,0000 contacts with multistep journeys, custom branding & A/B testing. Maximum send limit is 10 times of your contacts’ count.
Standard ₹ 1150 Up to 100,000 contacts with support for dynamic content, custom templates and behavioural targeting. Maximum send limit is 12 times of your contacts’ count.
Premium ₹ 23000 Up to 200,000 contacts with comparative reporting and multivariate testing. Maximum send limit is 15 times of your contacts’ count.
Omnisend bulk email marketing
Omnisend bulk email marketing services are ideal for automating your eCommerce marketing activities. The bulk mailing software also provides preset automation of emails for welcome back, offer on the cart value, etc. to help businesses drive more sales 24×7.

It improves customer targeting by collecting the right insights about the shopping behaviour of customers and helps you connect with them via targeted emails and SMS.

What Makes Omnisend a Good Bulk Email Verifier Software?

Multiple marketing channels and automation for e-commerce businesses
Templates library for developing stunning, professional-quality emails
Automation splits with drag and drop content/automation editor
Product analytics and funnels for the customer lifecycle stage
Is Omnisend free? 

Omnisend offers a free trial plan with support for up to 15,000 emails, campaign forms and performance reports. 

Omnisend Pricing

Omnisend Price/month Details
Standard ₹ 1187 For up to 15,000 emails
Pro ₹ 7347 For up to 15,000 emails along with free SMS credits
Enterprise Available on request
Sender is an email marketing software deployed by businesses for sending emails to connect with the customer. The bulk email sending software offers a customizable templates library to help you create attractive email content.

Sender has an easy interface because of an inbuilt drag & drop builder that lets you create newsletters and emails in a single click.

What Makes Sender a Good Bulk Mail Sender?

Custom HTML editor for coding the email templates
Responsive and readable emails
Free gallery of templates for preparing unique emails
Is Sender free?

Sender provides a free forever plan for up to 15,000 emails per month with up to 2500/subscribers. 

Sender Bulk Email Sending Software Pricing

Monthly plan starts at ₹3489 around for up to 20000 subscribers and 240000 emails.

free bulk email sender software
SendPulse is an all-in-one communication platform used by enterprises for connecting with the audience regarding promotional campaigns. The free bulk email sender software offers automated chatbot campaigns and flows along with web push notifications for subscriber management.

Also, available are a range of email marketing tools for sending bulk messages. 

What Makes SendPulse a Good Bulk Email Sending Software?

Free templates with support for automated complex workflows
Event triggered emails for connecting with customers over abandoned cart
Telegram, Facebook and Viber chatbots
Is SendPulse free?

Get support for up to 500 emails and 15,000 email subscribers with SendPulse free bulk mail sender.

SendPulse Bulk Email Software Price

SendPulse Price/month Details
Standard ₹ 474 Available for up to 500 users
Pro ₹ 569 Complete access to email marketing features
Enterprise ₹ 797 Advanced features for large enterprises
Mailgun online bulk email sender provides powerful APIs for sending, tracking and receiving emails. Mailgun’s unique selling point is its SMTP integration designed for sending transactional emails in bulk.

This mass email sender provides email validation in real-time for protecting web forms. 

What Makes Mailgun a Good Bulk Email Sender?

Advanced email analytics for tracking engagement metrics
Advanced email validation features
Is Mailgun free?

Mailgun provides a Pay as You Grow plan wherein for the first three months, you get free support for up to 5000 emails every month. After that, you have to pay only for the messages that you send.

Mailgun Bulk Email Sending Software Price

Mailgun Price Details
Foundation ₹ 2597 Support for around 50,000 emails
Growth ₹ 5938 Support for around 1 lakh emails
Scale ₹ 6680 Support for around one lakh emails with advanced deliverability tools

Free bulk email sender helps you in creating effective campaigns that will drive in more customers. The best bulk email senders automate your workflows, provide beautiful templates and help you keep track of the campaign’s performance.


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