Free Open Source Web Design Software

Web design is a constantly evolving field, and the tools that designers use to create the sites we all see every day are changing and improving as well.

Web design software comes in all shapes and sizes, from programs that can be used by novices to professional-grade applications for industry leaders. Some programs are designed for specific types of websites, like blogs or ecommerce sites, while others offer a wide range of features that designers can use to make any site imaginable.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best free open source web design software available today. We’ll discuss what sets each one apart from its competitors and why they’re worth trying out if you’re looking for something new to use in your next project.

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The 7 Free and Open Source Web Design Software Solutions

Free Open Source Web Design Software

What is Web Designing Software?
Web design software is a compare application that helps design responsive and adaptive websites as per the WYSIWYG principle. Most popular website designing software help people create websites on their own with a simple drag and drop functionality. You can design websites even without the knowledge of coding.

Best Open Source and Free Web Design Software for Beginners
Adobe Dreamweaver
CoffeeCup HTML Editor
InVision Studio
Visual Studio Code (VS Code)

Here’s the list of the best free, open source web design software that will help you create responsive websites and mobile applications with no coding requirement.

Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Dreamweaver is one of the most popular free web design software. It ensures fast and flexible coding with code hints and visual aids to help beginners create professional websites.

However, Adobe Dreamweaver is available on a free trial, only for seven days. After that, you have to get its paid version to continue using its amazing features.

Core Features of Adobe Dreamweaver:
Site previews with real-time editing
Flexible and fast coding
CEF integration & Git support
IDE environment
Dynamic display for every device
Multi-monitor support
Deployment Type: On-premise

Suitable for Business Size: Small & medium businesses, large enterprises

Pricing Mode: Plans start from ₹ 1675 per month for a single app. The monthly plan for all apps costs around ₹ 4230. Also available is a seven days free trial version.

Reasons to Buy:

Easy to customize starter templates for building blogs, portfolios and HTML emails.
Timely bug and security vulnerability fixes.
Compatible with the latest Windows & mac operating systems.
Supported OS: Windows 10 & above, Linux, Mac OS 10.12 Sierra & above

Here’re a few free and open-source web design software like Dreamweaver, which provides equally amazing features and support.

Brackets (Free and Open Source Web Design Software)
Best for: Visual tools for live previews

Brackets website builder provides pre-processor support and visual tools for writing codes and building websites. The open-source and free web design software is ideal for designing in the browser using live previews.

It provides visual tools along with editors to help web developers and front-end developers with error-free coding.

Brackets Core Features:
Live preview
Inline editors
Indent guides
Pre-processor support
Auto prefixes
Git integration
Deployment Type: Cloud-based and desktop

Suitable for Business Size: Small businesses and medium enterprises

Pricing Mode: Brackets is a free and open-source web design software.

Reasons to Buy: Brackets is ideal just not for web designers but also for front-end developers. It is simple to use and provides free extensions and syntax colouring.

Supported OS: Windows, Linux and Mac

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WordPress (Free and Paid)
Best for: Customizable templates

best web design software
WordPress is one of the best professional web design software. The web design software offers plugins and addons for building professional quality landing pages in minutes.

Thus, you can create websites easily without the advanced knowledge of coding. In addition, it provides Pro layouts to create professionally designed websites.

Features of WordPress:
Online store builder & booking tools
Electronic form
Full-text searching option
Document classification and data export/import
Auto file management
Customizable templates
Deployment Type: On-premise and cloud-based

Suitable for Business Size: All business types

Pricing Mode: Starting plan costs around ₹ 292 a month. You can also get started for free with limited features.

Reasons to Buy: Best for building fast websites and blog pages. WordPress can be easily integrated with plugins from third-party apps. Several instances are also available for live hosting and testing.

Supported OS: Windows and Mac, Android & iOS

CoffeeCup HTML Editor (Free and Paid)
Best for: Creating prototypes and mobile-friendly emails

CoffeeCup HTML editor helps businesses create an online presence with the help of professional web development tools. Implementing SEO strategies or adding web firms, all is easy with this website design software.

The best part is its HTML editor that can be used to design websites and edit the code and build mobile-friendly emails.

CoffeCup HTML Editor Core Features:
Components’ library
Live previews
Custom web forms
Custom email solution
Visual code selector
Semantic web-ready
Responsive and customizable themes
Deployment Type: On-premise

Suitable for Business Size: Medium and small-sized businesses

Pricing Model: Single package with a free trial available at the cost of ₹ 2119.

Reasons to Buy: Easy to use the HTML editor to create custom web forms and share them via custom emails.

Supported OS: Windows 7 and higher

Joomla (Free and Paid)
Best for: Powerful SEO features

free website builder software
Joomla is a website maker software and content marketing system, which offers command-line applications for building websites. The software’s graphical user interface offers customizable templates in varied layouts, colours and fonts to develop interactive websites and online applications.

Joomla Features:
Cache and user management
Publish tools and editor buttons
Custom fields with categories
Media manager with WYSIWYG editor
Content versioning with CMS management
Deployment Type: On-premise

Suitable for Business Size: Small, medium and large enterprises

Pricing Mode: Joomla 3.9.26 is available for free download with premium upgrades available.

Reasons to Buy: Joomla has a smooth learning curve with various video training materials and documentation available.

Further, you can use Joomla or its metadata management capabilities and powerful search engine optimization capabilities.

Supported OS: Windows and mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android

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Bootstrap (Free and Open Source Web Design Software)
Best for: Grid typography and fonts

Bootstrap open source web design software offers mixins and SaaS variables and responsive grid systems for creating responsive websites. The web design software provides essential features and colours for styling webpages and making webpages behave as per their screen size.

Also available are side features like popovers, modals, tooltips, glyph icons and pagination.

Bootstrap Core Features:
jQuery plugins
Basic style definitions
Various layout components
Grid typography and fonts
Predefined libraries
Deployment Type: Web-based

Suitable for Business Size: Small and medium businesses

Pricing Mode: Monthly plan available at ₹ 1097. Bootsrap also offers a free plan for up to 10 users and 2GB storage.

Reasons to Buy: Bootstrap free website builder is compatible with multiple browsers like Opera, internet explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc., thus making website building easy and simple.

Pre-styled customizations and components are the added advantages of using Bootstrap. Web styling is easy and doesn’t take very long.

Supported OS: Web-based

Top 12 Designing Software for Beginners Without Code
Mobirise (Free and Paid)
Best for: Image sliders & popup builders

web design software free
Mobirise is a free web design software, which is best for creating landing pages and high-ranking websites for non-profit and professional use. The web design software offers thousands of beautiful templates, blocks and website blocks to help you start quickly with the web designing process.

Non-techies highly prefer Mobirise to create Google and mobile-friendly websites without any coding knowledge.

Core Features of Mobirise:
Bootstrap builder
Trendy website blocks
Form builder
Image sliders
Popup builder
Deployment Type: SaaS, cloud and web-based

Suitable for Business Size: Small business, mid-market professionals and freelancers

Pricing Mode: Mobirise paid plan to start at ₹10k approx

Reasons to Buy: No coding is required for building websites. The free website making software is best for beginners with not much knowledge of coding.

Supported OS: Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and Mac

openElement (Free Web Design Software)
Best for: Customizing web objects

web page design software
openElement is a website editor offering a WYSIWYG interface for building websites. The website design tool helps automatically generate a code for displaying a website and its functions correctly.

openElement Core Features:
Custom CSS
Database management
Search engine optimisation
Element editor
Deployment Type: Desktop

Suitable for Business Size: Small businesses and mid-market firms

Pricing Mode: It is a completely free web design tool.

Reasons to Buy: Easy drag and drop functionality can be used to customise, insert, and modify web objects onto pages. This process is hassle-free and easy for beginners.

Supported OS: Windows 7,8, 10/ XP/Vista

GIMP (Free and Open Source Web Design Software)
Best for: Photo enhancement & digital retouching

best website design software
GIMP or GNU image manipulation program is a free web design tool offering professional features for image manipulation purposes. This web design software can also be used for designing graphical elements by changing the source code and distributing the changes.

GIMP Core Features:
Photo enhancement and digital retouching
Support for USB and MIDI controllers
Channel mixer
Advanced graphic design elements
Support for photo manipulation
Ensures extensibility & flexibility
Deployment Type: Desktop-based

Suitable for Business Size: Small and medium-sized businesses

Pricing Mode: GIMP is a free and open-source web design software.

Reasons to Buy: GIMP web builder helps customize your company’s logo, images and vectors for advertisement purposes. Simple interface along with various options for filtering and effects make GIMP a convenient website designing tool.

Supported OS: Windows XP SP3, Vista and 7/8; mac OS 10.6 & above

Webydo (Free Trial)
Best for: Responsive breakpoints

web designing software list
Webydo is one of the best professional web design software trusted for creating responsive websites that are pixel perfect without deploying any code. What makes Webydo unique is its content management capabilities, something that makes it possible for clients to update or edit the content anytime they want.

Webydo Core Features:
Parallax scrolling animator
Drag & drop control
Web fonts
Video tools
Design without code
Deployment Type: Cloud-based

Suitable for Business Size: SMBs and large enterprises

Pricing Mode: Free trial available for all paid plans. The start cost of the paid plan is ₹ 5473 per month.

Reasons to Buy: Intuitive drag and drop interface besides visual tools that require no static mockups.

Supported OS: Windows, Mac and Linux, Android

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Webflow (Free and Paid)
Best for: Integrations for creating custom and flexible custom code

Free web design software
You can create professional websites with Webflow website builder software. This no-code website design software is best for developing animations, creating immersive interactions & building dynamic content custom databases.

It uses visual canvas to create attractive websites. Webflow further helps launch websites on a hassle-free hosting network.

Webflow Core Features:
Editor for creating & updating pages
Integration with marketing tools
Inbuilt SEO tools
Optimized images with CSS filters
Supports immersive animations
Deployment Type: Open API with cloud hosting

Suitable for Business Size: Freelancers, large enterprises and SMBs.

Pricing Mode: Free trial available for starter plan that begins at ₹ 1094.

Reasons to Buy: Various online resources available that make it easy to navigate through Webflow. Plus, it is quite simple for beginners and user friendly.

Supported OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android

Wix (Free and Paid)
Best for: Innovative design templates and features

Open source web design software
Wix is a website maker software helping businesses make their online web presence felt through high-quality websites. The website design tool supports site customization capabilities for getting the best websites designed for them.

In addition, Wix free web design software provides the best hosting facilities along with unlimited pages.

Wix Core Features:

Custom domains
Logo maker
SSL certification
Site boosters
Visitor analytics
Deployment Type: Cloud-based

Suitable for Business Size: Small businesses

Pricing Mode: Free trial available for fourteen days. The paid plan starts at ₹ 325 per month.

Reasons to Buy: Wix is a business-friendly tool providing free, suitable domain names for building attractive websites. The software also offers supportive website hosting services through search engine optimization.

Supported OS: Windows and mac OS, iOS and Android

Figma (Free and Paid)
Best for: Creating responsive designs

Figma web design tool
Figma website design software offers robust design modules and custom workflows for building attractive websites.

The software provides plugins for icons, charts, sticky notes, stock imagery and flow diagrams. This free website builder supports various flexible styles too for website development.

It also includes an online whiteboard, FigJam, that teams can use to brainstorm new ideas.

Features of Figma Web Design Software:

Arc tool for creating pie charts and watch screens
OpenType font features
Vector networks with sophisticated pen tool
Auto layout components for responsive designs
Space settings for design development
Deployment Type: Desktop and cloud-based

Suitable for Business Size: SMBs and large enterprises

Figma Pricing Mode: Figma is a free website design software for starters, and this plan has unlimited cloud storage capacity.

Paid plans includes Professional for ₹885 and for Organization ₹ 332.

Reasons to Buy: Figma makes file sharing an easy process through its live link option. Plus, cloud support makes file access faster & secure.

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows

Lunacy (Free and Paid)
Best for: Editing the vector graphics

Lunacy software
Lunacy is a free website builder that offers a centralized repository for creating and sketching website designs. The web design software is ideal for creating prototypes for testing user experience and measuring distances between cardboard borders and grouped objects.

The dashboard module is another convenient option for editing digital asses for layers, symbols, vector images and text styles.

Features of Lunacy Free Web Design Software:

Symbols, overrides and library content
Code export
Innovative shapes with cloud sharing option
Reporting analytics with data import & export
Customizable templates
Data transformation and synchronization
Deployment Type: Cloud-based (for sharing files) and desktop-based options

Suitable for Business Size: Large companies and small & medium businesses.

Pricing Mode: Lunacy is free when design software for Windows. Price of paid plans would vary depending on your requirements for plugins for illustrations, photos and icons.

Reasons to Buy: The website design software has quite a simple user interface for beginners. The updates are regular as per the latest sketching and website editing requirements.

Supported Platforms: Windows

InVision Studio (Free and Paid)
Best for: Vector-based prototyping

Invision Studio Online
InVision Studio is an all-in-one tool, supporting multiple website building processes such as prototype, animate and design. The website builder is quite popular in preparing pixel-perfect layouts, doing flexible layer styles and completing vector editing.

You can also use InVision Studio website design software for advanced pinning and percentage-based geometry.

Features of InVision Studio:

Collaborative connections for syncing workflows
Shared design library for teamwork
Interactive designs through rapid prototyping
Adaptive layouts for responsive designs
Deployment Type: Desktop-based

Suitable for Business Size: Small business owners and medium enterprises.

InVision Studio Pricing Mode: InVision Studio is a popular free web design software for small teams and individuals with limited features. Monthly plans start from ₹ 586 per month.

Reasons to Buy: InVision Studio is a reliable platform for collaborating with teams over multiple tasks and assets. Additionally, you can manage the access rights for project viewing and access. Another wonderful feature is its designing mechanism for finishing archival artifacts.

Supported Platforms: Windows and Mac

Vectr (Free Web Design Software)
Best for: Online vector graphic editing

Vectr Software
Vectr free web design software is a powerful tool for doing graphic designing on websites. The best free web design software lets you undertake collaboration in real-time besides creating crisp vector graphics.

Vectr is an ideal website builder for preparing blur-free website mock-ups, and it also provides powerful desktop and web-related cross-platform tools.

Features of Vectr Web Designing Software:

Image editing and powerful collaboration tools
Pen and shape tools
Fills, strokes and pathfinders
Gradients for alignments
Deployment Type: Desktop and web-based

Suitable for Business Size: Small, medium and large businesses

Pricing Mode: Vectr is an entirely free website design software

Reasons to Buy: Vectr software is available for free, suitable for all user types. It allows you to share Vectr documents easily and facilitates real-time collaboration.

Supported Platforms: Mac, Linux, Chrome, Windows and web-based

Marvel (Free)
Best for: Sketching and wireframing

Marvel is a web design software platform, providing a centralized workspace for creating app prototypes. This web design software has a unique design mode for mock-ups and interface assets based on sketches or photoshop.

You can also use the software for link sharing and real-time team collaboration.

Features of Marvel:

User testing
Developer handoff
Rapid prototyping
User testing support
URL based sharing of web designs
Offline downloads
Transitions & gestures
Sketching and interactive designing
Deployment Type: Cloud-based web design software

Suitable for Business Size: SMBs and large companies

Pricing Mode: Marvel is a free website design software with limited features. Monthly paid plans include:

Pro Plan:
Team Plan:
Reasons to Buy: Integration with Slack and regular software updates. There is no coding required here and making interactive drawings is so easy. Create presentations, edit them as per your client’s preferences and see your business reach new levels of success.

Supported Platforms: It’s a free prototype software for desktop, Android & iOS devices.

Visual Studio Code (Free & Open Source Web Design Software)
Best for: Git integration & extensions

Visual Studio Code Software
Visual Code Studio is a powerful web design app supporting VS code tools for website debugging and customising workspaces. This software supports various options for web design colours, fonts, icons and layouts. You can also depend on VS Code software for installing extensions.

Features of Visual Studio Code:

Interactive console for debugging codes
Inbuilt Git commands
Editor for reviewing stage files
IntelliSense for smart completion
Code debugging directly from the editor
Built-in Git commands
Customized & extensible features
Deployment Type: Web-based and desktop

Suitable for Business Size: Large businesses and SMBs

Pricing Model: VS Code is a free and open-source web design software.

Reasons to Buy: The software is ideal for all types of coding projects. You get access to multiple plugins for customizing the website’s environment. Prototyping for individual components is easy, and the integration with Git is convenient.

Supported Platforms: Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac OS, Ubuntu.


Free web design tools are quite in demand given their beginner-friendly interface and high-level functionality. Create your responsive website using any of the above enlisted best professional web design software.

best free open source web design software

The presentation and the layout of your website act as the prime factors for an effective online presence. After all, in the digital world, any online business can hit well with the audience only based on its appearance, visibility, and accessibility. A properly planned Web design can help a business sustain itself well. Any professionally created and easy-to-navigate website can attract the attention of the audience. The process of web designing varies depending on the type, size, and products or services of a business. Web designing is a skill, and it encompasses several disciplines in terms of producing and maintaining a website. The process may throw several challenges to those who are at this work.

Let’s discuss the challenges faced in web designing:

Integration – It is tough to allow seamless synchronization with third-party applications.
Responsive – Web designers are unable to serve content across multiple screens and platforms.
User experience- It is challenging to maintain a consistently good user experience throughout the website.
Accessibility – All levels of society that include the elderly or less privileged don’t have the convenience of the website. It is tough to ensure compliance.
Security- It is tough to provide sound safety to websites from viruses, malware, or hacker attacks.
Retention- Web designers find it tough to keep visitors coming back to the website.
All the challenges associated with web designing tasks can be overcome by making use of the latest technology. The implementation of technology can help in providing unique web designs. Moreover, web design software can make the web designing task more exciting and appealing for web designers and developers.

There are lots of website designing tools available in the market. If you are into small business and have low budget cost, then the apt option is to have free and open source website design software. The open source software allows you to customize the functions efficiently.

Let’s have a quick look at the comparison chart of free and open source website design software.

comparison chart

Free and Open source web design software solutions

1 GIMP (free and open source)

GIMP is a free and open source software that provides original artwork creation. The artists can have the power and flexibility to transform images into truly unique creations. This free website design tool can provide high-quality image manipulation. GIMP manages the tasks related to photo retouching, image composition, and image authoring.

Graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, and other artistic people can create design elements, icons, and scripted images with the help of GIMP.

GIMP(Source: GIMP)

Core functionalities:

Photo Manipulation
The full suite of painting tools
File Handling
Customizable Interface
Photo Enhancement
Digital Retouching
Hardware Support
File Formats (JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF)
Image Editor
Artwork Creation
Graphic design elements
Programming Algorithms
Desktop publishing Workflow
Extensibility and flexibility
2 Brackets (open source)

Brackets is an open source tool that can design in the browser effortlessly. Brackets software is crafted for web designers and front-end developers. You will find this open source website design tool light-in-weight yet compelling.

The software helps in creating new pages or sites and provides a simple interface to web designers. With live preview functionality, the user can connect to the web browser in real-time. It is an excellent tool for coding exercises.


(Source: Brackets)

Core functionalities

Inline Editors
Live Preview
Preprocessor Support
Front-end editor
Simple user interface
Effortlessly switch between the tabs or pages
Multiple Cursors
Open Source Text Editor
3 openElement –free

openElement is free software for creative professionals. This powerful and intuitive web authoring program provides tools to build a reliable, compliant website. This software supports all the latest technology (like HTML5, CSS3).

This free web design tool can maximize productivity by simplifying tasks and optimizing workflow. This tool helps in providing efficiency in the web creating process. Custom elements can be effortlessly modified and created with openElement. OpenElement can optimize your site for a better user experience and a higher position in search results.

openElement(Source: openElement)

Core Functionalities:

Intuitive Interface
Responsive design
Drag-and-drop facility
SEO Management
Element Editor
Image and Code optimization
Easy integration of scripts
Reusable styles and element packs
Manage Codes
4 Adobe Dreamweaver (open source)(free trial)

Adobe Dreamweaver is an open source software that is fast and responsive. The developers can create websites and web applications for any device with the help of this tool.

This tool is apt for everything from single page design to the development of dynamic pages. It is a powerful and fully-featured web designing software tool. The software can build beautiful sites for any browser or device. In a few easy steps, you can set up your website. The software can provide a dynamic display on every device.

Adobe Dreamweaver(Source: Adobe Dreamweaver)

Core Functionalities:

Multi-device products
Dynamic Code editor
Regular Updates
Quick Publishing
Code Themes and Introspection
Real-Time Browser Preview
Syntax Checking
Fast and flexible coding
Creative cloud
Seamless live view editing
Multi-monitor support
5 Mobirise (free)

Mobirise is free software that can efficiently create a mobile-friendly website. The software can create landing pages, online resumes, and portfolios effortlessly. Without HTML/CSS skills, the professionals can create a stunning site in a few minutes with the help of this free software.

This free web designing tool can effortlessly set up a stunning personal site or a fully functioning landing page for the business. The software is a downloadable offline web builder that can be supported on Win, Mac, and Android Operating systems.

Mobirise(Source: Mobirise)

Core Functionalities:

Latest website blocks and techniques
Drag-and-drop website builder
Website builder
Themes and Templates
Bootstrap and AMP (accelerated mobile page) pages
6 Webflow (free)

Webflow is free software that can translate the design into clean and semantic code, which can be quickly published to the web. The pre-built pieces can be used for complex elements like tabs, sliders, and background videos. The software can create reusable symbols and can effortlessly keep the items organized.

It is easy to build the site with real content by employing this free website design software. The software can create responsive sites and can create reusable CSS classes. The user has complete control over the layout. The software allows the building of website interactions and animations visually.

webflow(Source: Webflow)

Core Functionalities:

Build CSS (Cascading style sheets) grid-powered layouts visually
Add CSS filters
Clean, compliant, exportable client
Responsive Images
Flexible and responsive layouts
Reusable and editable symbols
Creative Control
Content Management System (CMS)
Customizable forms
Marketing & SEO
Website animations and interactions visually
Custom Branding
Fine-tune typography
Global color swatches
Motion design
7 Webydo (free trial of 30 days)

Webydo is a cloud-based software that can create beautiful websites without handling any code. The software is apt for businesses and design agencies. With the help of intuitive tools, it is effortless to have an excellent website-building experience.

The software is easy-to-use that allows for building responsive SEO-friendly websites along with a powerful content management facility. Users can efficiently create interactive and attractive sites.

Webydo(Source: Webydo)

Core Functionalities:

SEO-friendly websites
Content Management
Client Billing
White label branding
Customizable Templates
Web Analytics
Social Integration
Mobile styling
Drag and drop elements
Responsive websites
Parallax Scrolling Animator
Professional design tool
Although the list mentioned above of free and open-source web designing tools is of top-notch quality that can provide amazing results to the users. Along with it, there is also one more web design software- Google web designer, which is gaining popularity. Below you can explore the core functionalities of Google web designer:

Google Web Designer- Popular

Google Web Designer is remarkable software that can create engaging and interactive HTML5-based designs and motion graphics. The software allows seamless integration with other Google products like Google Drive, display and video 360, and Google ads.

The software provides a full design suite and can edit HTML, CSS, and JavaScript directly. Across the advertising platforms, this web designing tool can support a wide range of display and video ad formats.

Google web Designer

(Source: Google Web Designer)

Core Functionalities:

Drag-and-drop component
Dynamic workflow
Animation-3D content
Content Creation Tools
Display and Video ad formats
Google Integrations
Responsive Ads
Conclusive statement

In the digital marketplace, your website defines your online presence. It is essential to make your website appealing to the audience. If the design of your website is attractive, then it will surely hold the attention of the people, which in turn allows them in completing a visit to the website.

Web design software enables designers to experience drastic growth in the designing arena. The software can effortlessly and creatively build an excellent website for the viewers. With the help of free and open-source web design tools, it is effortless to have a fully-functional and professionally-designed website for business use.

If you are looking for more advanced features of web design tools, then you can explore the GoodFirms platform where you will find the top web design software available in the market. In case you have come across any of the free and open-source software mentioned above, then feel free to share your valuable reviews on the same.


Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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