Oberlo Chrome Extension For Iphone

Oberlo Chrome Extension For Iphone

The Oberlo Chrome Extension for iPhone is a must-have tool for Oberlo users who are looking to integrate their Shopify store with Facebook ads. This extension allows you to quickly and easily create new promotions, track results, and adjust your campaigns without leaving the app.

It’s also perfect for those who want to create ads on the go, so you can check out what kind of call-to-action works best when you’re out of the office or on the road.

Oberlo Chrome Extension For Iphone

If you’re in a dropshipping business or looking to get started with dropshipping, chances are you’ve heard of Oberlo. This ingenious helper is designed to connect your online store with the suppliers and manufacturers of the products you want to sell.

With Oberlo, it’s possible to run your store from almost anywhere in the world and connect to a global audience of potential customers.

However, the platform isn’t suitable for everyone as it only links Shopify stores with retailers who list their wares on AliExpress. That said, it’s an invaluable tool for streamlining your dropshipping business and is packed full of beneficial features that will make your life a breeze.

What’s more, the Oberlo Chrome extension is incredibly easy-to-use and included in the free starter plan. In this article, we will be looking at the Oberlo Chrome extension to see whether it’s all it’s made out to be…

oberlo chrome extension
Image source: Chrome Web Store

What is Oberlo?

Oberlo is an online platform that enables you to streamline your dropshipping business. It’s full of useful learning resources to aid you with anything from building your business to perfecting your marketing strategy and everything in between.

In addition to being full of useful advice and guidance to help you make the most out of your dropshipping venture, Oberlo also acts as a link between the Shopify store (where you sell your products) and AliExpress (where you find your suppliers). At the time of writing, these are the only platforms Oberlo integrates with. However, seeing that AliExpress hosts over 100 million different products, odds are you’ll be able to find the perfect items for your store here.

Oberlo has three different price points, perfect for helping you get your dropshipping business off to the best possible start or for aiding experienced dropshippers looking to take their business to the next level. The lowest price plan is completely free of charge, so it’s effortless to get started with your new venture.

Oberlo sign up page
Image source: Oberlo

What is the Oberlo Chrome extension?

The Oberlo Chrome extension is arguably one of the most useful features of Oberlo, as it allows you to effectively run your dropshipping business in just a few easy clicks.

By adding the Oberlo extension to your Chrome web browser, you can easily pick products you’d like to stock from AliExpress and integrate them effortlessly into your Shopify store. 

There’s even an auto-filled checkout form to help you deal with customer orders and ensure your dropshipping business is as straightforward and streamlined as you could possibly want.

The Chrome extension is available with every Oberlo subscription, including the free version, so it’s not considered a premium feature of the platform. However, the usefulness of this tool cannot be understated.

There are loads of benefits to this software, but three of the top perks include:

  • You can import products directly from AliExpress into your Shopify store.
  • You can sort your products by your preferred shipping options on the AliExpress website.
  • You can process orders containing AliExpress orders faster and reduce manual work thanks to the Oberlo extension’s automation options.

How do I get the Oberlo Chrome extension?

To install the Oberlo Chrome extension, you need to sign up to Oberlo. The extension is included in all the packages, even the free one, so you’ll be able to utilize this tool no matter which subscription you go for.

Once you’re signed up, you’ll need to head to the Google Chrome store and locate the Oberlo extension. 

Next, click “Add to Chrome”. Then, click “Add Extension.”

oberlo chrome extension on chrome web store
Image source: Chrome Web Store

The Oberlo Chrome extension icon should then appear in your browser bar.

It’s important to note that the Oberlo Chrome extension will only work with the Google Chrome browser – so you can’t download it to go with Internet Explorer, Firefox, or any other browsers – and it’s only compatible with Windows or Mac OS operating systems. You cannot install the extension on a mobile or tablet, so you will need a desktop or laptop computer to use it.

How to use the Oberlo Chrome extension

Using the Oberlo Chrome extension is really simple and makes importing products from AliExpress.com a breeze. 

oberlo chrome extension off
Image source: Oberlo

Initially, the Oberlo icon will be a purple-grey color. This lets you see that it’s installed yet inactive. When you can use the Oberlo Chrome extension on a webpage, the icon will change to blue/active. 

oberlo chrome extension on
Image source: Oberlo

When the icon is blue, this shows you that the page you’re on has products that are compatible and can be connected to your Shopify store via Oberlo. To add your desired items, follow these steps:

1. Finding Products

The first thing to do with the Oberlo extension is make importing products from AliExpress simple. 

First, you need to find a fantastic product that you want to sell in your store. Do this by using the categories or search bar on the AliExpress.com website.

You can’t import products from the home page or a supplier’s own page. Keep an eye on the Oberlo icon to help you find and sort products: it will turn blue when you’re able to import. It’s also important to consider the country you intend to sell to. Make sure these details are correct so that you don’t have problems with availability, shipping costs, or shipping methods. Don’t forget to check the currency, too!

aliexpress shipping options
Image source: AliExpress

Next, open the Oberlo settings by clicking on the Oberlo icon. Make sure your country, shipping, and currency options are all set to your preferences. Click ‘Update Settings’ to confirm your options.

oberlo shipping options
Image source: AliExpress

By altering the details in the extension, you’ll be able to see the shipping prices for every item to your chosen country, which makes selecting the right products even more straightforward. It will also automatically fill in this information when fulfilling orders.

2. Importing Products

Once you spot a product that you like the look of (and is in the right area), click on it to view more information.

If everything looks good, look for the blue button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen that reads “add to Oberlo.” When you click here, the Oberlo extension will add the product to your import list.

add to oberlo buttone
Image source: AliExpress

3. Customization

Once you’ve added an item to your import list, you can then customize it for SEO and to suit your store tone of voice. This includes editing the description, images, title, and even adding tags to make the items more discoverable.

import list customization
Image source: Oberlo app

4. Placing and Fulfilling Orders

In addition to being able to import products from AliExpress into your Shopify store, the Oberlo Chrome extension is also convenient when it comes to the placement and fulfillment of orders.

Single Orders

Once you’ve imported your chosen products to the Orders Page, click the orange “Order Product” button beside the item you wish to purchase.

oberlo single order
Image source: Oberlo app

Clicking this will redirect you to the AliExpress purchasing page. Here, Oberlo will automatically complete the product and shipping information on your behalf.

Once you’ve checked out, the extension will also automatically update the status of the order to “In Processing.”

Bulk Orders

The Oberlo extension can also handle bulk orders when you purchase one of the two paid plans, which really streamlines the whole dropshipping process.

For bulk orders, simply check all the products you want to buy from the Oberlo Orders page, then click “Place AliExpress Orders.”

oberlo bulk orders
Image source: Oberlo app

Again, Oberlo will automatically fill in all the shipping and product information on the AliExpress purchasing page, and you can proceed to payment.

In the upgraded subscription plans, Oberlo will also enable you to track the shipments and will continue to update the shipping information until the orders can be marked “fulfilled.”E-stores are going to make the big bucks this year.

You can do it too.

How do I connect Oberlo Chrome to my Shopify store?

Before you can start using Oberlo to import and customize items for your Shopify store, you need to connect the two platforms. The process is slightly different depending on whether you already have Shopify or if you’re making a new account.

Existing Store

To connect your existing store to Oberlo, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Oberlo Admin page and click “create or connect a store.”
  2. A pop-up will load, asking for the URL of your store. Type or paste the URL here and click “connect my store.”
  3. Once you click “connect my store,” you’ll be prompted to install the Oberlo app.
  4. Click “install app” to finish integrating your Shopify and Oberlo accounts.
connect to shopify
Image source: Oberlo app

New Online Store

If you don’t have an account with Shopify, Oberlo can help you complete this process and get the two platforms integrated immediately.

  1. Go to the Oberlo Admin page and click “create or connect a store.”
  2. Beneath the URL bar on the pop-up, there will be a link to “start your free trial of Shopify.”
  3. Click this, then fill in the requested information on the Shopify website to create your account.
  4. Once you’ve completed the sign-up process with Shopify, you’ll be able to return to the Oberlo page.
  5. From here, navigate back to the Admin section of your Oberlo account, and click “create or connect a store” again.
  6. You can now follow the instructions for connecting your existing online store to your Oberlo account.
Image source: Shopify

It’s worth remembering that an Oberlo account can only ever be connected to one Shopify store. If you wish to connect Oberlo to another online store, you will need to create a new account.

Does Oberlo work with other websites?

It’s only possible to use Oberlo to connect your Shopify store with suppliers listed on AliExpress. You can, however, use your Shopify platform to sell products on other channels, including Facebook and Instagram.

You’ll be able to see when you’re on a page featuring products that are importable via Oberlo when the extension icon turns blue.

You may also be able to use Oberlo with your third-party eCommerce platform via Shopify’s Buy Button sales channel, which embeds the products available on your store into your own blog or website. Using these buttons, buyers can purchase from your store without ever leaving the website they’re on, and Oberlo can aid with the process.

Oberlo Benefits

By now, you’ve probably realized how helpful the Oberlo Chrome extension can be when it comes to creating an import list, customizing products, and fulfilling orders with AliExpress and Shopify. But when you click the Oberlo “add to Chrome” button, there are many other benefits too:

1. Changing Product Suppliers

When you’re shopping for products from AliExpress, you may notice that one product can have multiple potential suppliers. The Oberlo Chrome extension can help you select the best supplier for your needs based on cost and delivery times.

2. Updating Inventory

When you import products using the Oberlo Chrome extension import list, Oberlo will immediately communicate with Shopify to update your inventory. This also runs the other way so that you never need to worry about selling out-of-stock products. Not only will this save time and effort as you won’t have to run manual inventory reports, but it also improves the customer experience as they won’t be ordering unavailable items.

3. Customizing Your Products

The customization option offered by Oberlo is probably one of the best features and an excellent reason to install the Oberlo Chrome extension. When you import products from AliExpress using the Chrome extension, Oberlo will allow you to customize the product information. This includes creating your own product title, writing a captivating and SEO-friendly description, and even adding your own images to the listing. 

4. Updating Product Pricing

Oberlo also makes running your business easier by enabling you to update pricing in bulk. This is great for setting promotions or sales or for adjusting your prices to maintain a profit margin.  

5. ePacket delivery

Because AliExpress predominantly works with suppliers in China, getting products to customers quickly can be a concern. However, with the Oberlo Chrome extension, you will have the option to use ePacket delivery: an agreement between the USPS and China or Hong Kong delivery services that expedite small package deliveries. This means that items can be shipped within 7 days, rather than a month. This package also includes free returns if an item is undelivered, and premium accounts can benefit from door-to-door tracking.

6. Order Processing and Tracking

The Oberlo Chrome extension also offers the ability to track delivery and shipping of items when you sign up for a paid package. To use this feature, you need a premium or basic account, then click the Oberlo “Order Product” button as usual to complete the customer order. As the order is processed, Oberlo will monitor the shipment status and provide updates so the customer can track their order from door-to-door.

7. Multiple User Accounts

Again, this feature isn’t available with the free Oberlo package. However, the ability to integrate multiple user accounts is a fantastic feature for premium dropshippers. As your business expands, Oberlo will enable you to delegate roles and responsibilities to other team members and provide separate log-ins to help streamline the business.

Oberlo pricing plans

Oberlo offers three pricing plans to ensure you’re always able to find the right level of service, no matter how amateur or advanced your dropshipping empire might be.

Oberlo pricing
Image source: Oberlo

Please note, these are only Oberlo’s prices, and won’t include other dropshipping costs such as your Shopify fees, domain charges, marketing, etc. 


Explorer is the starting point for most Oberlo users and is free of charge to get set up with. This package includes:

  • Access to two digital courses with Level Up.
  • eBooks, guides, and blogs.
  • Dropshipping products up to 500 per month.
  • Unlimited monthly orders
  • The Oberlo Chrome extension


The graduate package is the next level up from Explorer. Prices start at $7.90 per month. It includes all the features of the Explorer package, plus:

  • Unlimited courses with Level Up
  • Members-only Real Talks with Oberlo advisors
  • Trending product reports


The Boss package is the most advanced option for Oberlo users. Prices start at $29.90 per month. This subscription includes everything offered in the Explorer and Graduate packages, plus:

  • Up to 30,000 dropshipping products per month.
  • The ability to complete bulk orders.
  • Shipment tracking.
  • The ability to create multiple staff accounts.
  • An affiliate program.
  • Variant mapping.
  • CAPTCHA solver.

Oberlo Chrome extension summary

where dreaming becomes doing
Image source: Oberlo

Even as a free service, the Oberlo Chrome extension is a highly beneficial tool for anyone looking to improve and streamline their dropshipping enterprise. By almost instantly allowing you to import products from AliExpress to your online store, making order fulfillment a breeze, and even offering customization options via the chrome extension, Oberlo is a dropshipper’s best friend.

You can take it even further by upgrading to one of the more premium packages. While these do come with a fee, the ability to complete more orders, import more products and enjoy access to even more learning resources are brilliant for the more advanced dropshipper. 

Remember, the Oberlo Chrome extension will only work in a Chrome browser on a desktop or laptop computer running Windows or Apple OS.

best aliexpress chrome extensions

Ryviu – Import reviews from Aliexpress, Amazon

The Ryviu Chrome extension may be one of the most helpful tools you can use when dropshipping from AliExpress.

This extension helps you import product reviews from AliExpress with just a few clicks into the Ryviu Platform. This platform supports both Shopify and Woocommerce.

After installing it, open an AliExpress single product page for which you want to import the reviews. Then, click on the Ryviu Chrome extension on your browser. Paste the permalink of the product in your store in the field “Enter product handle manually”. Finally, click the “Get Review” button, and you are done.

If you use Shopify, you can choose the “Get product handles from your store” option. After that, select the products you want to import reviews from AliExpress.

As you can see, this extension is fast and easy to use. With good reviews, your sales and conversions can be boosted up to 30%.

Some of the other valuable features are:

  • Import reviews by countries
  • Import photo reviews
  • Get reviews from many products
  • Disable empty reviews
  • Integration with Oberlo, Dropified, Expressfy, Zonify, Importify, Shopmaster Shop, etc.

Oberlo – Aliexpress.com Product Importer

This is an excellent option if you are currently using Oberlo to add AliExpress products to your Shopify store.

After importing products, you can order them from AliExpress with an autofill payment form.

The Oberlo Chrome extension also makes it easy to see processing times and whether sellers have ePacket shipping available.

Lastly, the Oberlo extension also helps you link order details between your store and AliExpress to simplify bulk orders.

With the Oberlo AliExpress extension, you will not have to worry about packing and shipping. Instead, you can spend your energy on selling and growing your business.

Oberlo is not the only option to import AliExpress products, though. There are a lot of other product importer apps that are also really good. In case, you are creating a WooCommerce dropshipping store, you should go for other Oberlo alternatives for WooCommerce.

AliScraper – AliExpress Shopify Dropshipping

The next option in the list of best dropshipping Chrome extensions is Spocket that has been created to make AliExpress dropshipping easier if you are using Spocket. It is called AliScraper.

Previously, their customers had to use another AliExpress Chrome extension to process their AliExpress orders. That is why they launched AliScraper, so their customers can easily import AliExpress products into their store while still using Spocket at the same time.

After that, the orders can be processed on the same dashboard as the Spocket orders.

They also have a dedicated support team that works 24/7 to help you anytime with AliExpress dropshipping.

In short, if you are currently using Spocket and want to sell AliExpress products, this is the dropshipping Chrome extension for you!

Sell The Trend

This is a great dropshipping Chrome extension that helps you import AliExpress products easily. After that, you can process the orders directly inside the Sell The Trend dashboard. Besides, they also offer 1-click order fulfillment.

You should use this if you already use Sell The Trend to research products, so everything is easily accessible in one place! (Similar to Spocket above)

In case you do not know, Sell The Trend is an app that helps you automate your entire dropshipping eCommerce business easily with their AI technology.

Whether you use Shopify or other platforms, they will connect you with vendors and show you actual trending products with complete descriptions and images.

The great thing is that they keep adding new features to the extension. They started out supporting only Shopify, but recently they also support integrating with WooCommerce.

Alitools Shopping Assistant

This dropshipping Chrome extension will not be the one to help you process orders. Instead, it assists you in choosing the appropriate AliExpress dropshipping suppliers.

With the Alitools extension, you can see a large amount of data about AliExpress sellers. For example, you can view the price history of their product.

Another great feature of this Chrome AliExpress extension is that it can help you find sellers on AliExpress if you have a product picture.

Keep in mind that there may be better AliExpress suppliers selling that product. Still, it is an excellent tool if you cannot find it yourself and are guessing whether it is sold on AliExpress.

AliSave | Download AliExpress Images & Videos

With this AliExpress Chrome extension, you can easily download AliExpress videos and photos in high resolution with just a few clicks.

Once activated, it will add small buttons to AliExpress product pages. You can quickly click one of them to select and download AliExpress product images or videos you want.

After downloading, you can use them on your Shopify and Woocommerce store.

This AliExpress image downloader extension also helps you organize downloads with subdirectories and remove image metadata if needed.

Aliexpress ePacket identificator

This AliExpress ePacket extension can help you determine if a product is eligible for the ePacket shipping method without opening the product’s page.

With it, you can easily tell if a seller uses ePacket and if it is free because the extension categorizes them by colors.

  • Free ePacket: Green color
  • Paid ePacket: Blue color
  • No ePacket: Red color

You can also determine if a product offers SF eParcel. This is also a fast and cheap shipping company for some countries.

We recommend you work with products that have ePacket or SF eParcel as the shipping methods.

PriceBlink is an extension that will show you if there are any coupons available. You can use it on many eCommerce platforms, including AliExpress.

Using PriceBlink, you can get up to 40% off and sometimes more, depending on the coupon.

It also lets you know if you have found the lowest price on a product or if you can find a lower price at another retailer. And for many products, PriceBlink displays aggregate user ratings.

We recommend that you always use this to check if any sellers are selling for a lower price or any coupons are available before processing the order.

Ali Insider – AliExpress Product Research Tool

Ali Insider is another free yet powerful dropshipping Chrome extension.

This is one of the best dropshipping product research tools that helps you research and analyze any AliExpress products, including average daily sales, sales trends, price history, logistics, and suppliers.

You also get a list of new trending products with few competitors to start dropshipping right away.

Furthermore, you get access to a list of your competitors on Shopify, Amazon, and eBay for any items.


Besides Shopify and WooCommerce, AliDropship is another powerful tool you can use to create full-fledged dropshipping stores.

With the AliDropship Chrome extension, you can import AliExpress products directly into your online store.

You can also use it to view product price history and search for similar items with lower prices for extra profit.

Additionally, the extension has a built-in store rating and photo review previewer for you to gauge sellers’ credibility.

Lastly, you can filter for AliExpress products that have the ePacket shipping option.


From product import, product research to coupons, we have provided you with a relatively complete list of all the best AliExpress Chrome extensions.

With the help of these tools, you can gain huge advantages over your competitors and earn a lot of profits.


Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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