On Page Seo Software 2018

On Page SEO Software is a powerful website optimization tool that helps you improve your search engine ranking. It gives you a complete overview of your website’s performance and displays all the information you need to know about your site.

On Page Seo Software 2018

13 On-Page SEO Tools (+ How to Use Them)

The growth of global digital marketing precinct would have remained stagnant had there not been SEO Tools to create the most optimised contents. Hello readers, A1 Future Technologies today writes about the importance of SEO software alongside naming 12 most powerful of them for not only in 2018, but also for eternity.

What are SEO tools?

Researching the target keywords and using them efficiently for internet marketing strategy is a challenging task for all webmasters. SEO optimization tools help you to encompass both the technical and inventive elements required to drive traffic, improve your rankings and increase awareness in search engines.

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Mentioned below are some of the best free SEO tools. Utilizing these SEO software you would know how to improve SEO ranking on Google and beat your competitors. Some of the tools are available for free while others are available in paid subscriptions.

1. Google PageSpeed Insights: An easy to use tool for measuring page speed

Website Page speed plays an essential role in the success of any online business. Page speed is either the “page load time” – the time that it takes to display the complete content on a specific page or “time to the first byte”- how long it takes for a browser to receive the first byte of information from the web server.

According to Google, site speed and as a result, page speed is one of the significant signals used by Google’s algorithm to rank pages. The process is a bit detailed. Google measures the time explicitly to the first byte when it deals with page speed. Hence, a slow page speed means search engines crawl fewer pages using their allocated crawl budget which further negatively might affect your site. With the recent Google speed update status from July 2018 Page speed will be more critical because it will be the ranking factor in mobile search too.

So, it becomes an indispensable task for every webmaster to check the web page speed time and take necessary measures to improve when required. To help online business personnel in this regard, Google has launched Google PageSpeed Insights to create a greater impact on the overall user experience. This is an excellent tool that can determine which of your pages are fast or too slow.

PageSpeed Insights identify speed score by incorporating data from CrUX (Chrome User Experience Report) and finally sends reports on two important speed metrics:

  • Contentful Paint (FCP)
  • DOMContentLoaded (DCL)

SEO professionals have been working with this tool since long because it has the exclusive features of providing the user with all relevant information they need to improve the website load time.

The process of using this user-friendly free SEO checker tool is quite convenient. The user has just to enter the URL of his site and the tool will test the loading time and performance level for multiple devices. In addition to this, the tool also monitors opportunities to improve your proficiency.


2. Google Analytics: Offers the best analytics and marketing measurement

Google Analytics is an analytic web service and also a popular keyword tool offered by Google. This service provides data and analytical tools to track and report website traffic. This is a freemium service and hence is widely used by almost all online marketers today for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes. Google Analytics has unique features for providing complete web stats and searches insights to the users. It’s a vital tool and the best SEO tools for small business.

This powerful featured analytic tool is a program that integrates with other Google programs too like AdSense and AdWords. This integration process is designed to provide more valuable services to the users. Google AdWords is preferred for having internal split testing and conversion tracking software. Additionally it also offers data integration service with Google AdSense which is a unique service.


3. HARO or Help a Reporter Out: Enrich your SEO with this powerful tool

HARO or Help a Reporter Out is not a traditional SEO keyword tool but using it would bring a breakthrough in SEO practice. This tool provides the database of sources ideal for journalists. Using it, a reporter gets an idea for the upcoming stories and opportunities for sources to secure valuable media coverage.

HARO proves to be a useful tool to enrich your SEO by building high quality backlinks necessary for your website. Backlinks are valuable for every website and are crucial to the success of any SEO campaign. But getting excellent quality backlinks to a blog or a website sometimes becomes challenging. So, HARO can help you to build a strategy so that you receive high authority links which mean guaranteed SEO success.

HARO is a free among the powerful SEO tools in the industry. It’s simple to use and you just need to sign up and provide some necessary information on your company. The system enables three emails per day with media opportunities.


4. Ahrefs: Best tool-set for research and analysis

Ahrefs is one of the most recommended tools-set for backlinks and SEO analysis. At present among all other SEO tools online, Ahrefs has the most extensive base for providing Live links, huge indexing and the best speed of index updates. Industry experts prefer these tools because these are the best tools to aid you in growing your search traffic. Besides, they enable scope so that you can conduct research on your competitors and finally monitor your niche. This way you can discover newer ways and outrank your competitors.

Ahrefs continuously keep adding new tools and features.

Below is a list of tools provided for your SEO campaign success:

  • Site Explorer tool: analyze your site’s backlinks profile and also your competitors’ sites. Explore most profitable keywords for organic and paid search
  • Content Explorer: with this tool find out about the most shared content for any given topic on the social media channels
  • Ahrefs Keywords Explorer: helps you identify relevant keyword ideas and traffic estimations
  • Rank Tracker tool: lets you track desktop and mobile rankings for any location and get reports on daily/weekly/monthly basis.
  • Site Audit tool: this SEO monitoring tool allows you to analyze your website for common SEO issues and further monitor your SEO health.

Recently, Ahrefs has become the essential SEO checker tool because it’s an all-comprehensive tool. This freemium tool offers you fresh ideas to tackle link-building and content analysis and much more.


5. Open Site Explorer: All inclusive link analysis tool

Most new sites and links require indexing and this indexing is done by the spiders available in Mozscape and Open Site Explorer.

Open Site Explorer is the best source to identify leading pages, research backlinks, analyze anchor text etc. Use the free version of Open Site Explorer to view link building opportunities. With this tool, you can have a quick look at the complete range of link analysis and find out the most vital links essential for ranking.


6. Majestic: Perfect SEO backlink checker

Majestic SEO is another vital tool for link analysis. After Ahrefs it’s the second most used tool in the link building industry. It is preferred by industry experts due to its capability to judge link-values. Additionally, it’s the best indicator to identify domain/URL strength. The tool is paired together with SEMrush and Ahrefs.

Majestic SEO is ideal for SEO professionals, media analysts, entrepreneurs and developers.

Goyvaerts Timothy, (SEO consultant & human marketeer at Onlyhumans.com) states, “Majestic SEO When it comes to backlink analysis, my preferred tool is Majestic SEO for 3 reasons: their pricing, their metrics and their index.”


7. Seobility : SEO software for better optimization

Seobility is best among the SEO optimization tools. This online SEO tool helps you to build better websites quickly and easily. This tool is the most sustainable and straightforward way to achieve better rankings and more visitors to your website and your business.

Seobility is designed to check your entire website and this tool does it by crawling all linked pages. When it finds pages with errors or problems, it shows ways for the on-page optimization. The tool collects duplicate content and displays them on each check section. The tool has a specialty for sustainable and continuous review of your website.

The four major features of this tool are as follows:

  • SEO Check – to test your website and give you tips for better search engine optimization.
  • Keyword Check – to show how well your page is optimized for your target keyword.
  • SEO Compare – to compares two pages for a keyword term.
  • Ranking Check – to check your page’s rankings for any keyword.

Seobility is a free plan only used for one domain. Its premium plans start at $40 per month with a 30-day free trial.


8. SEMRush: Keyword and competitor analysis becomes easy

SEMRush, a freemium tool is used for keyword research as well as competitor research. Among several other Google SEO tools, SEMRush is unique in its ways- it has 20 different approaches to research competition. Using this tool, a user can find out the competitors best backlinks, keywords, contents and eventually plan one’s SEO strategy. SEMrush is also ideal for paid traffic and PPC.


9. Google Keyword Planner: Must-use SEO tool for all beginners

Keyword research is the basis for the success of every online business. Google keyword planner is a must-use SEO tool for all beginners. It provides comprehensive and detailed search results that can be immediately put into action. This free tool lets you find the popular and vital terms used in your niche industry.


10. Google Search Console: Improve your SEO ranking

Google search console is the SEO website ranking tool. It helps the webmasters to monitor and maintain the site’s presence in the Google search result. It is a freemium tool and using this a webmaster can understand how to improve SEO ranking on Google.

Pedro Dias – Managing Partner and Managing Director at apis3 recommends Google Search Console as a perfect SEO tool. With this tool, one can get the required data needed to create and maintain Google-friendly websites and mobile apps.

Google Search Console

11. Buzzsumo: Effective tool to increase traffic

No other tool is as robust and useful as Buzzsumo. This is the ultimate and one of the most effective SEO tools to increase traffic. Utilizing these users can develop and amplify the online content that finally builds audiences and drives revenue growth. Besides providing SEO, this tool also offers scope for audience development for major news and magazine publishers and content strategy.

Matthew Barby, Digital Marketing Expert Hubspot puts forth, “BuzzSumo has to be the most important tool that I use for my content marketing and SEO campaigns. The ability to quickly identify what content is working well in an industry and who the major influencers are. For me, no tool comes close to providing the kind of insight that BuzzSumo gives.”


12. Screaming Frog: Powerful SEO Spider

Screaming Frog is among the best SEO tools 2018. This SEO spider is one of those flexible and powerful tools that crawls exceptionally quickly allowing the user to analyze the results in real-time. It gathers significant onsite data and enables SEO professionals to make informed decisions. Some of the typical uses of screaming frog include-

  • Finding broken links,
  • Analyzing page titles and metadata,
  • Generating XML sitemaps,
  • Integrating with Google Analytics and
  • Discovering duplicate content

The recent version of screaming frog -Screaming Frog SEO Spider Update Version 9.0 will prove to be a useful SEO tool for all.

Freelance SEO consultant Krystian Szastok says, “Screaming Frog – My favorite SEO tool for competitor analysis has been Screaming Frog. This may come as a surprise to many, but scanning your competitors’ sites once a week for new content changes can reveal a lot about their content strategy.


Rounding off

Organic ranking is fundamental to the success of any website. But appearing at the top of any search engine is no cinch. Thus you need to implement robust marketing strategies and continuously update your technique in this ever-changing industry. Digital marketing experts recommend some SEO tools for webmasters. Combine your marketing strategies with these optimal Search engine optimization tools and reach your desired goal.

At A1 Future Technologies, we provide online branding services for businesses worldwide. Our strategies are based on the analysis of market trends which in turn help us to design the most competent branding blueprints for online success. Explore our bouquet of services for your need today.

on page seo software 2018 mac

I do run a small company where I daily work on SEO. Indeed, that’s the main source of bread and butter for my company. Long research and extensive usage made me experience some top SEO software for Mac and here I come to you with my collection of Best SEO tools for Mac OS.

It is often I feel that I am somehow unique when I use a Mac. At the same time, I feel I left out with no help when I try to use some tools on my Mac as every blog assumes that all the world using only Windows!!

Top Best SEO Tools For Mac OS X

That’s how a few months back I felt while I tried to use a few SEO tools on my Mac and felt disappointed because there were very few blogs guiding on the same. Indeed, I am listing both free and premium SEO software for Mac users. So, if you are looking for the recommended set of best SEO tools for Mac OS, then here you go.

However, the SEO process and tasks remain the same irrespective of the Mac or Windows or Linux users. A hint – you cannot install and dump your MAC system with multiple SEO tools for different needs. If a single tool can serve you all SEO needs, then go for it.

Indeed, SEO is a wide topic. You may or may not achieve proper keyword research, content writing, or link building altogether in a single SEO tool. Still, the best SEO tools for Mac I have listed serve you broadly.

And, for a few specific purposes like content proofreading, social media monitoring, I have shared separate SEO tools for Mac.

Everything like free and premium, web-based and desktop-based, multi-purpose, and specific – all varieties of SEO tools are accumulated at one place for your easy reference and make SEO easier. Sure, you will need those as an SEO professional using Mac OS

Free SEO Tools Mac OS X: How To Find The Right choice?

First things first, all the SEO tools must be compatible with Mac OS. Since there are more web-based SEO tools are out there, Mac OS compatible tools are less noticed. If you are likely to work offline installing a desktop tool, then you will have to search for tools like SEO PowerSuite. Otherwise, any free SEO tool works with Mac via popular browsers. Indeed, there are different usages of SEO tools. We will go to one-by-one.

Site Auditing – A Site Auditing tool helps you to track conversion rates, better search engine visibility, user experience in your website and helps you to improve your content for low bounce rate, higher time-on-site & page views per user.

SEO reporting – A SEO reporting tool helps you to track all the keyword ranking results in periodicals like daily and weekly. The ultimate use of the SEO reporting tool is to report your client the results you got with the hard work you put in the form of on-page and off-page SEO efforts.

Rank tracking – A good Rank Tracking tool not only helps you to track your own website rankings on the search engine but also your competition’s rankings too.

Link Building – Major part of the OFF-page SEO work depends on our link building efforts for the keywords we want to rank for.

Social Media – A good social media tool must report your presence on all the social media and how you can expand the exposure to more social media.

Other tools – There are some other tools like content writing tools, grammar check and proofreading software which make sure you write quality and error-free content and you not to miss the fructification of your SEO efforts at any cost.

Top SEO Software For Mac Users

I review the best SEO tools one-by-one with its pros and cons. Based on the pros and cons, you can choose your preferred best SEO tool for your Mac.

Apart from a few desktop SEO SEO tools for Mac, there are other web apps also there to reduce our SEO efforts like SEMRush. Let’s call those tools also as the best online SEO tools for Mac. From your Mac, you can just open your browser and use any of the below SEO programs for Mac.

#1. SEMRush – Best SEO Web Tool For Mac


SEMrush is the favorite SEO and marketing tool without which most of the bloggers won’t love blogging. The tool has a variety of modules to take care of your SEO, paid marketing, market research, content promotions, and social media. Hence, it is something beyond SEO. And, digital marketing professionals call it as all-in-one marketing toolkit.

SEMrush SEO toolkit helps you in areas like technical website audit, rank tracking, competitive intelligence, link analysis, competitor spying, and evens more. Indeed, the analysis and results will be authentic so that any business can strategize its online promotions.

SEMrush has over three million happy users for one of the reasons being it has 800 million keywords in its database. Are you familiar with these brands? Isn’t it? eBay, SEOBook, Overstock and a plethora of leading businesses are its clients.

SEMRush Pro 14-Day Free Trial – EXCLUSIVE!

You must know about regular SEMRush 7-day free on its Pro and Guru plan. If you still find you couldn’t explore the entire features of the tool in this 7-days, here is the exclusive deal. Yes, HiBlogging partnering with SEMRush gets you exclusive 14 day free trial on its Pro plan. Without even spending a single dollar, explore the premium features of SEMRush from today for 2 weeks.

  • Click here to head over to HiBlogging – SEMRush partner page.
  • Further, click on ‘Start Your 14 Days Free Trial‘ to get started.
SEMRush 14-day free trial
  • If you already have free SEMRush account, login here. Otherwise, create your account with your professional email address.
  • You’re just a step ahead activating your SEMRush Pro 14-day free trial at zero cost. In the next window, enter the essential billing information and check. The promo code will applied automatically.

Once if you’re done, make sure to cancel your subscription before the 14-day trial period ends sending an email to mail@semrush.com or just continue using the tool.


  • A comprehensive tool to research, analyze, strategize the marketing efforts studying the competitors and industry standards and trendiness
  • Simple-to-use tool with abundant features built-in even to assist beginners in surviving online with strategic marketing suggestions
  • SEMrush brings every aspect of marketing in a single place from organic ranking to paid traffic to social media
    The tool is smarter enough even to assist you on SEO-friendly content writing and its promotions


  • You will have to go for its most expensive plans if opting for white-label reports
  • Regular renewal may be hitting your head at times

User Opinion

“The Swiss knife for digital marketers, SEMRush is the best “gift” you can give to your SEO efforts today – period!”Try SEMRush Now

#2 SEO PowerSuite: Best SEO Software For Mac:  (Free & Paid Versions)

SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite has all the following features: Keyword Ranking – Using “Rank Tracker” of SEO PowerSuite, I can track 329 search engines, not just Google.

If I track manually keywords one by one in each search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.), it is going to waste my precious time. Otherwise, just enter the page URLs and hit the button. My report is ready.

Competition Analysis: I can track up to 10 competitors’ keyword rankings. There are no limits on keywords means you can track the unlimited number of keywords.

I use Rank Tracker mac tool to find out what keywords my competitor website ranks most, and I often do reverse engineering to improve my website page rankings.

Backlink Report – Link Assistant tool of SEO PowerSuite helps me to produce backlink reports for both my own websites and to see my competitors’ rankings.

Site Auditing – Running a Site Audit tool produces reports for Conversion tracking and Content Optimization.

White Label Reports – I customize the reports as per my need. When I work on my clients’ site, I can create reports with white-label, means I can add your own SEO company logo on all pages of client reports.


  • SEO PowerSuite is an all-in-one tool which creates all the necessary SEO efforts we need to work on
  • 50+ backlink factors and competitor analysis of up to 10 sites
  • Unlimited keywords – There are no limits on the keywords you can track and rank
  • White-label SEO reports – This feature allows you to produce the SEO reports with yours or clients’ logos. This adds more credibility to your reports
  • SEO PowerSuite works on Mac OS flawlessly


  • Free plan doesn’t allow saving reports
  • Paid plans are costly if you buy the full SEO PowerSuite. Go to below modules for separate purchase, if your needs are very particular

User Opinion

“No matter what your SEO needs are, SEO PowerSuite has got you covered! I love its versatility, and I adore its effectiveness. So good.”Buy SEO PowerSuite

Note: Buying SEO PowerSuite all-in-one tool, you will get access to its four individual tools like Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO SpyGlass and LinkAssistant (those products will be discussed below).

#3 Rank Tracker: Best Keyword Tools For Mac OS

Rank Tracker tool from SEO PowerSuite can be used on my Mac machine to track my own website rankings & our competitor rankings. Rank tracker available as free and paid versions.

Rank Tracker

Features of Rank Tracker

Rank tracker analyses 400+ search engines. Now I don’t miss any search where a chance to rank to TOP.

I can configure this Mac keyword tool to track the top 50 results or all 1000 results. It is my entire wish! I can set it the number. I prefer to set it 100 all the time as I don’t care anything beyond the 10th page.

Geo-Specific reports – If I type and search on Google, I find my site on Page 1, but my client doesn’t see it in the same place, it goes little more down. It happens because we both search from different locations. I can’t report just what I see; I should report what my client needs, right? That’s where the Rank Tracker’s Geo-specific ranking reports come handy.


  • Rank Tracker tool from SEO PowerSuite works perfectly on my Mac
  • Track top 50 or top 100 or even top 1000
  • Keyword tracking can be done through any of the 20 top used keyword tools like AdWords, Google Analytics, Yahoo search assist etc
  • White-label reports are available in Rank Tracker


  • The interface of the Rank Tracker tool is still in the old school, needs GUI improvements
  • I bought SEO PowerSuite for a little high price as a bundle which includes website auditor, link assistant, Rank Tracker and SEO Spyglass. You can buy just the Rank Tracker tool alone for a little lower price

User Opinion

“Who said rank tracking is hard? With Rank tracker, always you are two steps ahead of your competition every single time!”Buy Rank Tracker

#4 Website Auditor: Best  Site Auditing Tool For Mac OS

Website Auditor is what we see in other competitor tools as “Site Auditing“.

This serves the reports of Conversions and Content Optimization.

“Website auditor” tool of SEO PowerSuite does this auditing job pretty easy and clear. A major important SEO tool is this, Site auditing.

Website Auditor

As I am working on websites on behalf of my clients, my clients often care about making money than any SEO efforts like backlinking or keyword ranking. Making money is all about conversion rates which is what a Site auditing report focuses.

Website Auditor is the tool that better helps you to understand the site’s structure. The tool runs through your all pages and organizes it in a tree-structure. So, checking each page against the on-page factors will be ease-to-do. If you want to fix on-page optimization factors, do it within the tool itself.

Also, you can find and fix the broken links, if any. The visualization helps you to have hassle-free control over the internal links.

The tool itself creates and manages XML sitemaps. Also, you can create and edit robots.txt file within the tool.

Further, you can monitor the social engagements and traffic statistics of your pages using the Website Auditor tool. Then, you can have custom reports as what we have seen in Rank Tracker.

Content Optimization – This report checks for ideal keyword optimization where the tool analyses Top 10 competitor pages which rank for our target keyword and based on that, the content optimization report suggest us to use proper keywords for the required number of times.


  • I can ROI for my SEO efforts. ROI is the most important report for our clients
  • I can check duplicate content issues
  • Broken links, HTML code errors, website crawl errors
  • I can track page indexation issues


  • If you buy Website auditor tool alone, you can’t get much help. You should go for full SEO PowerSuite
  • Only the Top 10 competitor pages can be analyzed, not more than that

User Opinion

“I love this tool; I really do. Thanks to the website auditor, my website is booming like crazy. It’s now a lot faster and reliable too”Buy Website Auditor

#5 LinkAssistant: Best Link Building Software For Mac Users

Next tool I needed was a backlink tracker for my mac. I found the “Link Assistant” fit for the purpose. Link Assistant works on my mac without any issues.

Using the “Link Assistant” module of SEO PowerSuite, We can see 50+ backlink factors which include internal factors like domain age, domain IP and external factors include Alexa rank, Dmoz listing.

The strategic link building tool for any domains – whether it is a new-born or an authoritative site. Any link building technique from social bookmarking to guest posting opportunities, the tool can get you the link opportunities.


Moreover, Link Assistant tool fetches the email addresses of the prospects for outreaching. You can send, receive, and manage outreach emails within the tool. To do your job easy, it also has more email templates for various outreaching purposes.

Then, the tool helps you to verify your existing backlinks. Know whether it is still alive, follow or dofollow, SEO impact, and notably, those are safe.

Like other SEO PowerSuite tools, you can have custom reports to share it with clients when SEO progresses.

Also, you can check competitors’ backlink reports which you can use to reverse engineer and hike your rankings to beat competitors’ rankings.


  • Link Assistant tool works perfectly on my MacBook
  • Quality of links checked by 50+ factors
  • Competitor backlinks can be analyzed


  • Link Assistant module can be purchased separately. Full SEO PowerSuite may seem costly

User Opinion

“Bad backlinks? Need high-quality links? Satisfy all your backlink needs forever with the link assistant software. Trust me; it’s awesome.”Try LinkAssistant

#6 SEO SpyGlass: Best Backlink Analysis Tool For Mac Users

SEO Spy-Glass does all the works of Link Assistant tool plus advanced analysis on the competition. I can track in-depth analysis of competitor sites. The name spyglass says it all. I am using the tool for spying my competition.

SEO SpyGlass

If I run SEO spyglass, it shows for which keywords my competitor ranks, for which anchor text my competitor builds backlinks most, whether my competitor gets authority from social media websites.

I can track whether my competitors get links from Dmoz listing, Yahoo directory and other web directory listings.

I can see whether my competitors buy links in bulk and also I can track whether they build links through guest posting.


  • SEO spyglass works perfectly on my all Mac devices
  • The best tool for tracking my competition and follow the same SEO strategies my competition uses to rank my sites fast
  • Not just normal backlinks, I can see whether my client buys backlinks


  • Free, professional version(paid) don’t allow saving reports
  • Enterprise version needed even to store reports to my computer

User Opinion

“I came across SEO SpyGlass three days ago, and today, it’s the cornerstone of all my future SEO plans –that’s how good it is.”Try SEO SpyGlass

#7 LongTailPro


The leading but also powerful keyword research tool to fetch the most potential long tail keywords to target. LongTailPro gets you more keyword metrics to analyze and stick to the profitable target keywords.

There is no hard rule that you must target a long tail keyword with average search volume and low keyword difficulty. But, if you do so, then you are the master influencing the Google top rankings towards the particular keyword.

Most of the niche bloggers and digital marketers prefer to use other keyword tools like Google keyword planner, keyword.io, UberSuggest or anything. Still, finally, they love to check the keyword capability and ranking potential in LTP before deciding upon.


  • You can get plenty of keyword ideas since it generates around 800 keywords for a single seed keyword you feed
  • Enables you to study the market, focus on profitable niches and create campaigns to boost your organic traffic towards the potential keywords
  • Also, you can track keyword rankings of any URL’s whether it is yours or competitors


  • Since it is just a keyword research tool, you can expect more SEO functionalities like link analysis, etc.

User Opinion

“Okay, LongTailPro is, bar none, the best cloud-based SEO analysis tool I have ever used, ever – high praise? I don’t think so!Try LongTailPro

#8 Ahrefs

Experts would say that Ahrefs is one among their best SEO tools for strategic online marketing. Even I wonder how simple the tool interface is with more filtering options.

It would be more apt to refer to it as a powerful competitor analysis tool than a plain SEO tool. And the Ahrefs team never accepts that it touches the peak. It often comes with new tools and features.

It’s the compilation of modules like a content explorer, site explorer, and keyword explorer to perform entire SEO tasks.

The domain rating and other metrics by Ahrefs are more reliables representing any domain’s authority and potential to rank in the search engines. Also, those metrics can help you to determine the strength and quality of your link profile.

The great thing that comes in mind while talking about Ahrefs is its link database. The freshest backlinks index in the arsenal with trillions of links and root domains. And it keeps crawling billions of pages every day to offer the most updated analysis results to its users.


  • Proficient SEO tools and resources to grow your traffic outranking even the tough competitions in your niche
  • Neat GUI, simple dashboard, more filtering options to get strategic reporting and easy export options
  • Uncovers from rank tracking to competitor analysis to backlink audit to site analysis to reporting as a full suite SEO tool


  • Being a comprehensive SEO tool, it is quite an expensive choice for new bloggers or online marketers
  • No free version or free trial to run through the tool. Access Ahrefs 7-days free trial for the price of $7

User Opinion

“If you are into SEO, Ahrefs is a no-brainer. It’s the best tool for SEO strategies, digital marketing, and competitor analysis.”Try Ahrefs Today

#9 WebCEO

Since 2000, WebCEO is in the SEO market. The numbers will be quite inspiring. Like it offers 15+ marketing tools, more than a million businesses trust WebCEO, 24+ languages translated and so on. The tool is excelling enough to get you 70+ in-depth reports uncovering all your SEO and marketing needs.

You can embed lead generation widgets on your website through which you can offer free SEO reports to your clients for the price of their email addresses. Further, you can easily convert those interested leads to your prospects.

Likewise, WebCEO is more keen about boosting an online business presence and hence conversions-centric. As it also offers white-label reports, you can have even hundreds of clients and offer SEO services to earn something big.


  • Get access to 15+ Pro marketing tools along with DIY SEO Checklist, multi-lingual SEO reports, third-party SEO data and even more
  • At no additional cost, you can assign SEO tasks to your team associates and spread it evenly among them from the tool itself
  • Create white-label reports to impress your clients and showcase the works done by the tool on behalf of you


  • No freemium or free tools are available though
  • Sometimes, the ranking results on other search engines would be inappropriate
  • Needs some formatting and tweaking before while generating white label reports for client to make it appealing

Try WebCEO Today

#10 NinjaOutreach

Ninja Outreach, the outreach tool that has no alternative literally. Hence, millions of expert bloggers and influencers rely on this smart tool for their outreach marketing efforts. It includes link building, guest posting, content promotion, content marketing, influencer marketing, branding and so on.

This outreach tool has incredible features to automate your outreach campaigns and make it hassle-free. You can export your email contact to more than hundred CRM platforms like Zoho, MailChimp, Zapier, HubSpot, etc.

Also, the tool helps to identify top influencers in your niche, their email contacts, and even business leads. It offers plenty of effective email outreach templates for different purposes. You can set and schedule your email campaigns to outreach bloggers and influencers to automate your link building campaigns.


  • Helps to find also top Instagram and twitter influencers in your niche to take your business products and services to reach a wider audience
  • Build credibility among your target audience promoting your brand offerings through influencers
  • Flexible to use influencer outreach tool with more features to make your outreaching efforts more effective


  • No free version available to help beginners to try and benefit out of it


Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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