Online Board Meeting Platforms

Online Board Meeting Platforms

Online Board Meeting Platforms are a great way to manage your meetings. They allow you to conduct your board meetings online, and they make it easy for you and your team to stay on track. You can use them to share documents and presentations with each other, which makes it easy to collaborate on projects. You can also use them to schedule meetings, so you don’t have any last-minute conflicts or cancellations.

Online Board Meeting Platforms

1. Wrike.

Best for teams that want full visibility in collaboration.

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wrike homepage

With Wrike’s board meeting software, you can easily create tasks and assign them to the relevant team members.

This will help everyone in your organization keep track of what they are doing and align their efforts towards achieving the company’s vision.

360° visibility, genuine cross-departmental cooperation, and powerful automation empower your employees to do the best work of their lives.

Simply put, Wrike software helps you create a collaborative environment where you can easily track the progress of every project in an organization by team members across departments.

With everything from customizable dashboards to workflows for simplifying operations, Wrike has you covered. There’s nothing else out there with this level of flexibility.

Key Features:

  • Organize your departments and instill best practices throughout the company as a whole.
  • You can easily create tasks, schedule calendar events, and monitor projects.
  • Find information quickly and make decisions in real-time by eliminating divisions with complete insight into operations. Find knowledge swiftly and take action in the moment when it matters.
  • You can collaborate and transmit data, documents, and reports instantly. With visual proofing and automated approval systems, you may shorten the feedback process.


wrike pricing

With 4 pricing plans available, Wrike includes a free version that allows unlimited users. After that, the paid pricing plans are as follows:

  • Professional: For fast-growing teams – $9.80 per user per month
  • Business: For all teams across an organization – $24.80 per user per month
  • Enterprise: For large teams

For the Enterprise plan, you’ll have to get in touch with them for more information.

Get started with Wrike.Try Wrike

2. Boardable.

Best for those that want truly effective team meetings.

boardable homepage

Boardable ensures that your company’s board is executing all necessary actions, managing liability concerns, sharing board meeting materials (such as recordings), and requesting e-signatures for effective and modern governance.

For teams that want to deliver a hybrid meeting experience, Boardable’s board meeting software is a great choice. This software allows you to conduct virtual and in-person meetings with the same level of effectiveness.

In addition, it offers features such as effective meeting minutes documentation, easy information sharing, personalized communication channels for groups and committees, etc.

With the ability to find the right time for a meeting that fits everyone’s schedule, you can book one-off meetings or recurring events with no hassle at all.

Key Features:

  • You may quickly manage your tasks and projects with Task Manager. During and between meetings, you can create, assign, and manage activity items. This ensures that tasks are moving along through intelligent reporting.
  • Keep the conversation flowing by sharing interesting articles and content, uploading presentations, or scheduling events with one click. Also, you may create polls to get everyone involved. With Boardable’s board meeting software, you can manage your team easily.
  • The Document Center connects all of your board’s documents to one location. You avoid the mess and fuss of email attachments by organizing and distributing documents quickly while going paperless.
  • Boardable Spotlight provides the tools you need to communicate with others on a global scale, collaborate effortlessly, and make document decisions all in one place.
  • Automating your meeting scheduling not only saves time, but also frees up your board’s attention so that everyone can focus on corporate governance, strategy, and other aspects of your mission.


boardable pricing

Boardable focuses on offering transparent pricing, where you can know exactly how much you’ll pay as you go along. Their pricing plans are as follows:

  • Grassroots: Starting at $79 per month
  • Essentials: Starting at $149 per month
  • Professional: Starting at $249 per month
  • Enterprise: Contact them for a custom quote

They also have a free trial so you can test out the software before making a final decision.

3. InVision.

Best for taking ideas from design to execution in one platform.

invision homepage

With InVision‘s strong design system, team members can accomplish more at work by working smarter, faster, and in sync.

Drive alignment like the team’s spirit, improve communication between you and your stakeholders, simplify the design process, and build a library of components – all with one platform.

Use annotations to create boardmaps showing your customer’s journey and collect real-time feedback. You get to spend more time improving your product and less time figuring out how you’re going to build it.

InVision emphasizes achieving a better, faster workflow through features such as allowing for testing and prototyping before the development starts, easy file sharing and more.

Connect your meeting process using diligent boards with essential connections. InVision works with your current tools to streamline the whole product development process.

Key Features:

  • Create genuine-feeling experiences without any code so that you can prototype and test your product with real users before development even starts.
  • Create clickable, interactive wireframes and design prototypes that look and work exactly how you intend to code them.
  • Unlock continuous development and choose the correct specs to make each component feel great in any environment.
  • With Sketch integration, you can create connected designs more efficiently making your workflow seamless.


invision pricing

With three simple plans, InVision makes it easy for everyone to understand what they’re getting:

  • Free: Free forever for individual and small teams
  • Pro: $7.95 per user per month (billed annually)
  • Enterprise: You’ll have to contact them to get a custom quote

4. Ayoa.

Best for integrating mind mapping, whiteboard, and task management.

ayoa homepage

Ayoa‘s program solutions have been utilized by millions of individuals, both neurotypical and neurodivergent, to complete tasks individually and together.

People think in various ways, and there’s a lot of diversity which means that Ayoa is built to be accessible by everyone involved. The program is fully customizable, allowing your team to adapt the dashboard just the way they want it.

Don’t let technology limit your ability to work. Ayoa allows you to work the way you want by providing you with the tools to work better.

Designed for teams with diverse makeup, Ayoa offers a simple and efficient way to communicate with everyone involved.

With the integration of mind mapping, whiteboards, and task management, you’ll always be up to date with what’s going on across your entire team.

Key Features:

  • Diverse teams inevitably produce varied thoughts, which can propel your business forward. Using Ayoa, your team will be able to track each idea as it comes up, assign tasks and re-engage on those ideas later.
  • Ayoa’s neuro-inclusive approach enables everyone to reach their full potential by eliminating technology barriers and providing them with the tools they need to communicate better.
  • Simply have a catch-up with a client or a meeting with your team without leaving the app by using Zoom integration and end-to-end encrypted Ayoa video.
  • With radial maps in Ayoa, you may create fantastic ideas and accomplish your objectives.


ayoa pricing

Ayoa offers two straightforward pricing plans that include the necessary features and integrations that your team might be looking for. There’s also the ability to have a free 7 day, fully-featured trial that should give you a good idea of how the program works:

After that, the paid plans are as follows:

  • Pro: $10 per user per month, billed annually
  • Ultimate: $13 per user per month, billed annually

5. Miro.

Best for bringing teams together on one infinite interface.

miro homepage

Miro is a cloud-based online whiteboard that allows you to collaborate in person across time zones, teams, and geographies.

Miro provides a fun, easy-to-use in-person collaboration environment with numerous choices for real-time or asynchronous cooperation on an online whiteboard.

It is simple to understand, easy to use, and backed by customer service that will help your organization get the most out of it.

With all groups being on the same page, you can have peace of mind that everyone is in sync and working together to improve collaboration and productivity.

You can collaborate with 1 person or hundreds of people at once regardless of your location. Miro brings everyone together in real-time allowing you to get input, make corrections, merge different versions, track changes and save everything in the process.

Having paperless meetings has never been easier. With Miro, you can create an infinite space for collaboration, whatever your needs may be.

Key Features:

  • With enterprise-level security and sophisticated management tools, it’s simple to use Miro across an organization (both nonprofit organizations or a profit making one).
  • You’ll have an account manager that will work to understand your needs and help find the right solution for you.
  • Miro provides an intuitive interface that allows everyone, regardless of their skill set or experience, to quickly master it. From importing files to hosting webinars, Miro is all-encompassing in what it can do.
  • You may work the way you want to with Miro’s infinitely zoomable surface and web whiteboard. These tools enhance your flexibility and let you communicate in the way that best suits you.


miro pricing

There are 4 pricing plans when it comes to Miro.

  • Free: $0 and allows unlimited team members
  • Team: $8 per member per month
  • Business: $16 per member per month
  • Enterprise: Contact them for a custom quote.

6. BoardPro.

Best for small and medium businesses that want seamless collaboration.

boardpro homepage

With BoardPro, you’ll be able to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on your business. With BoardPro, you can create quick meeting agendas and distribute them to everyone before the meeting begins.

Boardpro’s boards, chats, and polls let you collaborate effortlessly with project members – anytime, anywhere –regardless of location or device – using just a browser and Internet access.

Simplify complexity so that boards and leadership teams may work more efficiently, move quicker, and achieve more for their companies. Seamless collaboration is key for all businesses and BoardPro makes it all possible.

Key Features:

  • Eliminate the time wasted in conference calls by having streamlined, efficient meetings with BoardPro. You’ll have real-time communication tools to get everyone’s input and keep them on the same page.
  • Using BoardPro’s board pack builder, combine your meeting papers into a simple to read board packets automatically.
  • The BoardPro software enables your board and committee members to make critical decisions between scheduled meetings. All decisions are recorded in your decision register automatically.
  • Voting in BoardPro allows members to cast their votes quickly and easily. You’ll get the most accurate results in record time with this feature.


boardpro pricing

When it comes to pricing for commercial purposes, there are three BoardPro plans available:

  • Essentials: $1500 per board per year
  • Premium: $2500 per board per year
  • Ultimate: $4000 per board per year

7. Parabol.

Best for teams that require flexibility when connecting.

parabol homepage

Parabol‘s automated procedure keeps meetings moving, allowing you to focus on the conversation. Reduce meetings preparations and time lost by prioritizing the information that is most important to your meeting.

This means that you can get on with conducting your meeting and hearing what’s been going on in the background, without having to worry about missing a beat.

Get your entire staff involved with icebreakers, multi-player cards, reactions, groupings, and other activities designed to get everyone thinking in the same direction.

If you want to build team camaraderie and individual leadership skills, then parabol is the perfect tool.

Key Features:

  • With Parabol’s user-friendly voting system, you may give your staff an equal voice in your meeting.
  • Members can (either publicly or privately) vote quickly, giving you all of the information you need to make informed decisions about critical company matters.
  • Parabol’s comprehensive reporting capabilities make it easy to keep track of team progress.
  • Organize a private place for discussion and ensure that everyone is on equal footing. By design, contributions and voting are anonymous and provide an unbiased way to get everyone involved in meeting preparation.

which online meeting platform is free

Conference call providers have the technology to support large conference calling sessions with thousands of participants. With that technology, conference call providers offer businesses hassle-free conference calling and collaboration. In turn, businesses can save money on travel costs and increase productivity. They also offer various value-added features that make outsourcing conferencing services a cost-effective solution for businesses.

Our short guide will prepare you to compare conference call providers on cost, integration & collaboration, and ease of use. Here are the 13 best free web conferencing software providers with video and screenshare:

1. Zoom

Zoom has a free plan and a paid one. The paid plan is actually cheaper than GoToMeeting. Zoom’s free plan only offers 40 minutes of conferencing. It also limits the number of call participants to three people. With an upgraded plan, businesses can have as many users as it wants, unlimited meetings and video conferencing that includes many more features. Some of the advanced features include active speaker view, dual stream for dual screens, and full-screen views. Participants can even call in to join the conference.

The web conferencing feature also includes an MP4 recording of meetings, a personal meeting ID, application or desktop specific sharing, private and group chat, and a virtual whiteboard. Zoom also includes mouse and keyboard sharing free of charge. It is also possible to share the screen of an iPhone or iPad app. The downside to Zoom is that it only allows meetings up to 40 minutes in length. However, users can hold an unlimited number of meetings. 1 on 1 meetings is not limited to any particular time duration.

2. Livestorm

Livestorm is an all-in-one platform that makes it easy for companies to build powerful video communication strategies. The platform is built for ease of use and collaboration. This makes it easy to organize every part of an online event, from promoting all the way to post-event analysis.

Livestorm allows marketing, sales, customer success, or HR teams to create online events for their audiences. From meetings, webinars, conferences, online training courses, podcast interviews, and product demos, Livestorm adapts to multiple types of events. All events are run directly from the browser, which makes Livestorm particularly easy to use.

3. Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting, from the company Zoho which is known for its security and privacy matters, is one of the secured web conferencing solutions in the market. There is no limit for the meeting duration and lets you hold unlimited meetings even using the free edition. Advanced moderator controls give you more control over the meeting and the participants. Not just from the computer, you can also share your screen from iOS and Android devices. If your participants are out of reach of the internet, they can still join the call from their phone. You can also have your meetings handy in your browser extension, GMail or Google calendar. You can rule out the OS dependencies like Windows, Mac, or Linux, as this tool lets you hold meetings from the web browsers without downloading any app.

The web conferencing features include keyboard and mouse sharing, recording and storage, embed meeting widget, lock meeting, application or desktop sharing, video conferencing, co-branding and local dial-in numbers. The tool is tightly integrated within the Zoho ecosystem such that you don’t have to jump between the apps to hold meetings or video conferencing. The free edition is limited to 2 participants with restricted features but Zoho Meeting comes at a cheaper price that makes the small businesses and startups use the tool for their video conferencing needs.  As far as security and privacy are concerned, it is perfect for large enterprises.

4. Pexip

Pexip is definitely one of the best web conference solutions available right now. What’s great about Pexip is that they allow you to host the web conferences yourself on-premise, or you can choose to host them on a cloud service like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or Amazon Web Services. The Pexip service is scalable and customizable and allows businsses to integrate traditional video systems.

5. TeamViewer

TeamViewer can compete with Cisco as far as security goes. TeamViewer’s home page claims to have 1.3 billion protected devices that are operating using remote support and participate in online meetings. The platform places an emphasis on support and solutions. TeamViewer’s features include the ability to run several remote sessions at the same time on Mac operating systems within browser tabs. Another feature is the sticky note feature. Users can leave a message to clients to inform them of any updates or just to leave a friendly message.

TeamViewer also has interesting add-ons, like TeamViewer QuickJoin. TeamViewer QuickJoin lets customers join meetings and presentations fast with little effort. The feature can be used without needing to have administrator rights or going through an installation process. It is also supported by Mac, Linux, Android, Windows, Chrome OS, and iOS. TeamViewer has most devices covered. There is also video and audio conferencing. Users can also use text-based chat. There are other good features, even though they are behind a paywall, includes Remote QuickSteps. Remote QuickSteps adds single-click shortcuts for their remote support actions. Anyone who upgrades to the paid plan will notice that TeamViewer offers great support and IT use.

6. RingCentral Video

RingCentral Video offers a superbly integrated video, message, and telephony experience that’s unified, fast, trusted, and open. RingCentral Video is geared towards organizations and teams of all sizes. With RingCentral Video, you get HD video and HD audio conferencing, as well as a guaranteed 99.999% uptime reliability. You, your organization, and clients can use RingCentral Video without having to download anything, since it works right in the web browser automatically. RingCentral Video also boats enterprise-grade security, and a wealth of integrations with the other apps you use every day like Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Slack, and more.

7. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is one of a few highly popular web conferencing services that people recognize by name. Even when using the free plan, this platform provides one of the easiest methods to host conference calls. GoToMeeting also has screen sharing capabilities. The one-click meeting solution makes it easy for beginners to figure out the software. Anyone who uses GoToMeeting can also start meetings using the app. Meetings can also be initiated using Microsoft Office programs, chat links, and email.

Anyone using GoToMeeting’s free option is limited to only audio conferencing. Video conferencing is limited to paid plans. However, the web audio conferencing comes with the option for VoIP voice chat. Teams can configure their conference calls to whatever meets their needs. The only other problem with GoToMeeting is the fact that the free plan limits the number of people who can join a conference. This platform only allows three conference call participants. While this may seem limiting and possibly problematic for larger enterprises, it’s ideal for smaller ones. Anyone seeking a quick web conferencing solution for a small team should consider this web conferencing software.

8. ezTalks Meetings

ezTalks Meetings is definitely one of the best free web video conferencing services available right now. ezTalks Meetings not only provides free HD web video conferencing, but also provides powerful online whiteboard collaboration tools, so that team members can all see the notes and sketches of their colleagues on the online whiteboard. ezTalks Meetings can also support up to 100 people on one web conference!

9. Cisco Webex

Hosted, owned, and developed by networking giant Cisco, Webex is high on many of the lists that rank the best web conference software. It’s one of the first conference solutions, but Cisco created a product that pretty effective. Like most other web conferencing systems; there is a free version of Webex. Webex’s free version limits the number of conference participants to three. Users can share their screens. Anyone who uses Cisco Spark will appreciate the fact that the platform can be integrated with Webex.

Webex is an ideal choice for large enterprises and small businesses that are concerned with security. If there is anything Cisco knows, it’s security. Spark has an insane level of encryption. It’s important to note that Webex’s best features are limited by the app’s paywall.

10. Skype

Most people have heard of Skype. Skype has a free, web conferencing solution that is also worth using. Even though this feature is not widely-known, Skype does allow screen sharing. What makes this feature even better is the fact that it is free. Skype is not as flexible as other apps that do not force participants to download any software. Anyone who wants to use Skype has to sign up. Users need to create a Skype name and download the program. In order to use the conferencing features, conference participants must be added to the contact list.

Skype for business is possible. However, this feature has different applications and It requires a Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) subscription. So, Skype for business may not be a good option for smaller teams looking to upgrade their service to a paid option. Skype allows users to host video and audio conferences that can host up to 25 participants. The number is participants is higher than most other solutions. Skype can also support desktop OS, Android, and iOS phone apps to allow on-the-go conferencing.

11. Apache OpenMeetings

OpenMeetings has minimal design and UI. It’s also not one of the best-looking solutions, but it’s a free web conferencing solution. OpenMeetings solution has video conferencing, whiteboard capabilities, instant messaging, and collaborative document editing. This solution has everything that most of its competitors have. Because this app is an open source app, it’s possible for teams to get a developer to customize the platform to suit the needs of the user.

Screen sharing and the ability to record the session’s audio are a few of OpenMeetings’ features. To make matters even better, users don’t have to devote their entire screen to video conferencing. It’s possible to select only a portion of the screen. Collaboration is effortless. People can create more than one whiteboard, if necessary, to discuss and edit files. Also, there is a chat feature built into the whiteboard. Again, the UI is not great, but the UX is solid and has drag and drop features.


This conference software was developed by the team that created the LogMeIn suite of tools for collaboration. is easy to use, even for beginners, and its one-click functionality seems to be the motivation behind the tools. Join.Me expands the one-click functionality beyond basic interoffice communications. It adds a layer that extends conferences to prospects, clients, and customers.

The free plan is limited to conferencing and screen sharing. The free trial of the advanced plans includes free audio conferencing that comes with its own dedicated conference call number in the U.S.and more than 40 other countries. There is also video conferencing. The one-click scheduling can be integrated with Google Calendar and Outlook to maintain and organize your invitations. Another feature is the creation of a permanent meeting location. This lets clients save the address to stay in contact with the business. The online whiteboard feature provides an extra level of collaboration, screen sharing, and presentation.

13. Google Hangouts

Google has several solutions and apps, like Google Voice. Google has so many apps that keeping up with everything they offer can be hard. Google Voice and Hangouts have similar functions. However, Google Hangouts is able to do more than place phone calls. Like other Google apps, Hangout can be free to use. This platform allows users to receive and send instant messages, receive and send SMS messages, and video chats. Google Hangouts also hosts VoIP calls.

Many people overlook the fact that Google Hangout gives users the ability to use screen sharing feature. Google itself stated that it wants Hangouts to become the future of the company’s telephony products. So, it’s not shocking that there would a host of great features. It is similar to WebEx and Skype in that users will need to have a Google account to use it. Also, users must add each other in order to chat or meet online. This fact makes Hangouts and ideal, option for smaller teams that want to use a strong, free platform. There are limits to Hangouts. Users cannot group video chat with more than 10 people at a time.


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