Open Source Seo Tools Php

Open Source SEO Tools PHP is the best way to get started with SEO. It’s a collection of free tools and resources that can help you improve your website’s organic search rankings.

The project was inspired by the fact that there are so many SEO tools out there, but they are expensive, closed source, and hard to find. We wanted to create something that was easy to use, open source, and would make it easier for beginners to start learning about SEO.

Open Source Seo Tools Php

The 6 Best Free and Open Source SEO Software Solutions

1- Serposcope

Serposcope is a free and open-source website ranking tracker in Google search. It is built to help webmasters and content creators improve their SEO performances. Serposcope monitor and track an unlimited number of website and search keywords, which means it can help you to track your competitors and improve your keywords. Multi-user accounts are a primary feature for Serposcope. It also can run seamlessly on any local desktop machine or at a remote server. Serposcope is released as open-source software under MIT license.

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2- SEOstats

SEOstats is an open-source script built to retrieve several SEO metrics. It helps webmasters track their current stats at Alexa, Google PageRank, social visibility, backlink data, search index, and more. Currently, SEOstats gathers information from more than 50 sources which include: Google, Alexa, Mozscape, SEMRush, Open-Site-Explorer, Facebook, Twitter, and more. The project has not been updated by the developer for years, and it requires PHP 5.3 to run.

3- Advertools

Advertools is an open-source online marketing productivity tool. It features SEO crawler, analyzer, XML sitemap downloader, SERP importer, text analysts kit, text extractor, stopwords dictionary in many languages, social media analysis, and more.

4- Koalati

Koalati is an open-source on-site SEO checker and analytics tool. It checks your site and provides you with a list of suggestions to improve your SEO performance page ranking.

5- SEO Panel

SEO Panel is an award-wining open-source SEO control panel for webmasters and content creators.SEO Panel features include automatic directory submission, keywords position checker, search engine saturation checker, site auditor, MOZ Rank checker, PageSpeed insights, BackLink checker, Google/ Alexa Rank checker, and several webmaster tools. The project is free and open-source. It has a set of useful plugins which you can use to extend its functionalities.

6- Glomi Tools

Glomi tools is an open-source SEO package. It is built to help web engineers, security analysts, and SEO experts improve their websites. With its simple interface that features a domain search and returns the results in form of suggestions, it is straightforward for all sorts of users.

7- SEOMacroscope

SEOMacroscope is a useful tool that helps you to monitor your site for broken links and offers a good deal of other SEO-related tools. The programs analyze and scan your site links stats and report back about the broken, redirect, and other links. It supports multiple site scanning, multilingual websites, metadata extraction to PDF files, and offers a nice spreadsheet reporting.SEOMacroscope runs primarily in Windows, but you can run it with emulators in Linux and macOS. Keep in mind, the program is under continuous development, so expect more features in the future.

8- WordPress SEO

WordPress is the most popular open-source CMS, It comes fully packed with a dozen of SEO-friendly features like custom permalinks and SEO-friendly URLs. However, the webmaster has many tasks to make his WordPress install SEO-ready. Yoast is an open-source SEO extension (plugin) for WordPress, which automate dozens of SEO tasks and offers more SEO-customization option for your WordPress site. The developer generously released it for free as an open-source project while continuing to provide support and development for it.

9- SEOTools for Laravel

Laravel is a popular open-source PHP framework for developing complex web apps. SEO Tools is an SEO library for Laravel projects. It comes with a simple and friendly user interface, features titles and meta-tags editing, setting the meta-tags for Twitter Cards and Facebook Open Graph. If you are a Laravel developer, you should consider using this library to boost your SEO settings.

10- OSAT

OSAT is a collection of tools created to help webmasters and content creators keep tracking their SEO performance. OSAT tools include multi-user support, multi-organization support, Lighthouse score, SERP rank checker, Keywords finder, extractor (header, links, images), sitemap extractor, and content summarizer. Furthermore, OSAT also offers a security audit for websites which is a unique feature that you cannot find in other projects in this list.

11- HTTP-Status-Check

This is a command-line application for checking website and page HTTP status codes. All you have to do is: write a simple command and read the output log text file. It is a useful tool if you want something quick, reliable without a complicated user interface or complex options.

12- Keyword Generator

Keywords-generator is a command-line tool that helps you generate keywords with simple commands. As a python script, you can install it on your machine whatever the operating system (Windows, Linux, or macOS), with only one requirement: Python.

13- Python SEO Analyzer

A SEO tool that works as a site analyzer, check and warn against any SEO issues or problems. It is built also with Python, and offers two installation methods: 1) through Python PIP3, 2) Docker.

14- Keyword-list-generator

Keyword-list-generator is a simple tool that helps you generate keywords lists from any giving text. It ignores the common and stop words, skip numbers and symbols, and generates a clean sorted list output. The entered text should be clean from any HTML/ XML code.

15- Longtail keywords generator

A simple HTML/ JavaScript app to help SEO masters create long-tail keywords that can be used and targeted by content creators.

16- Keyword Extract

Keyword-extract is (as the name suggests) a keyword-extractor script from any web page. It is also a command-line application built with Node.js and released as an open-source under MIT license.

17- OpenSEO

OpenSEO is an abandoned open-source SEO tool project, which built on top of WebSharper framework.

18- SEOSuite

SEOSuite is a collection of SEO tools to help webmasters fix their SEO issues. It includes SEO Crawler: crawls any site and index it in a database, SEO Linter: check HTML for errors, ⁣SEO Reporter: outputs the crawling report in many formats, ⁣, and SEODashboard which displays the data in the browser. Note that, the project is no longer maintained.

all seo tools in one

SEO has a lot of moving parts. Successfully getting your content to rank highly and stand out from the vast ocean of blog posts, articles, website content, videos, infographics, and other types of informative and persuasive marketing pieces being produced requires making sure no component is missing and everything is working together.

Best all-in-one SEO tool suites

Optimizing all of the factors that can impact search ranking can be approached in different ways. One is to assemble a collection of best of breed tools; previous posts here have covered  tools for competitive intelligence, content planning, keyword research, rank tracking, and special-purpose SEO tools for functions like technical SEO, link research, and video SEO.

Another approach is to implement an all-in-one SEO tools suite, which covers most if not all the bases in a single package. Which approach is best for your organization depends on a variety of factors. Generally, best-of-breed tools offer greater functional depth, while all-in-one suites simplify management and integration.

If the latter approach sounds potentially attractive, check out these two-dozen-plus tools for managing on-page optimization, rank checking, backlink and keyword research, competitive benchmarking, and reporting in a single package.

1) BrightLocal
Google Review Count: 330

Top all-in-one suite for local SEO

The top all-in-one reporting platform for local SEO. Provides organic, maps & mobile search rankings; citations, reviews, and backlinks; competitor benchmarking; and integration with Google Analytics, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

Sample review: “Get a complete local SEO report in just 15 minutes. This (BrightLocal) audit tool runs over 300 simultaneous checks and presents these findings in a clear and professional PDF report. Each report covers 6 areas of local SEO including Google+ Local, Local Directory listings, on-site SEO and social media. Add your own branding to these reports and share with customers and prospects.” — Modern Marketing Partners

Pricing: four levels from free to $65 per month

Showcase reviews: Modern Marketing Partners, Robbie Richards

2) ontolo
Google Review Count: 306

A wide-ranging prospect discovery toolset covering content marketing (e.g., finding opportunities for guest posting or product reviews), social media and email contact information, website outbound links, advertising opportunities, competitor backlinks, industry influencers, link building opportunities, and more.

Sample review: “Although often labeled as a backlinks tool, this tool also puts a focus on content marketing. It helps you know how to prioritize your content to keep things moving, learn where to promote your content by identifying authors who link to your content, and gives you suggestions for link-building opportunities.” — Kissmetrics

Pricing: $97 to $297 per month

Showcase reviews: Kissmetrics

3) Screaming Frog
Google Review Count: 302

The SEO Spider Tool crawls any website you specify and reports on broken links, duplicate pages, meta tags, page file sizes, response time, word count, H1 and H2 tags, and other elements.

Sample review: “Use Screaming frog to do an analysis of the SEO optimisation of your blog. Really useful tool.” — RazorSocial (Technology)

Pricing: free or $187 per year

Showcase reviews: RazorSocial, Robbie Richards

Google Review Count: 297

One tool for link research, cleanup, and competitive analysis - Link-Assistant

“One stop” SEO software with functionality for rank tracking, website auditing, on-page optimization, backlink monitoring and building, keyword research, and reporting.

Sample review: “SEO Spyglass (from Link-Assistant.Com) is a great tool for budget marketers…After creating my content, I would grab the URL of each page ranking for my target keyword, plug them one-by-one into SEO Spyglass, and pull up their backlink profiles. Then I’d go through each backlink and try to recreate it for my own content.” — Robbie Richards

Pricing: $299, or $699 (one-time)

Showcase reviews: MarketingLand, Robbie Richards

5) Majestic SEO
Google Review Count: 284

Majestic’s SEO tools provide extensive backlink analysis, competitive comparisons, site audits, keyword research, and reporting.

Sample review: “By far the best link research tool for digging out competitor links and monitoring your own new and dropped links. Majestic also has a nice range of other tools like Social Explorer to help you find the most influential Twitter accounts in a niche.” — Robbie Richards

Pricing: four levels from $50 to $400 per month

Showcase reviews: Kissmetrics, Robbie Richards

6) Serpstat
Google Review Count: 271

Serpstat - competitive research tool

A simple competitive intelligence tool that shows how a brand and competitors are performing in paid and organic search on Google and Yandex, in multiple countries. Can also help with keyword research.

Sample review: “SERPstat (is a) a competitive intelligence tool that helps me understand how my current rivals are performing, in both paid and organic Google results. It also has a great keyword research feature!” — Robbie Richards

Pricing: free to $299 per month

Showcase review: Robbie Richards

7) Authoritas (formerly Analytics SEO)
Google Review Count: 266

An SEO and content marketing software suite that includes features for competitive research, keyword research and rankings, technical auditing, content auditing, backlink profiling, and link building.

Sample review: A “great SEO software tool that allows you to do a competitive site audit and provides a wealth of competitive intelligence.” — Lilach Bullock

Pricing: free, $753 per month, or $879 per month, plus enterprise pricing by quote

Showcase reviews: MarketingLand, Lilach Bullock

8) Conductor
Google Review Count: 261

A broad content marketing and SEO tool suite with capabilities in content performance tracking, competitive research, rank tracking, on-page SEO analysis, keyword research, reporting, and paid search optimization.

Sample review: “Conductor for SEO promises to help marketers reach out and grab their customers with compelling content. The web presence management tool helps you create a platform using unpaid channels like organic search, content, and social. The technology also gathers the data aimed at helping marketers transform their brand.” — MarketingLand

Pricing: contact vendor for quote

Showcase reviews: MarketingLand

9) cognitiveSEO
Google Review Count: 250

An SEO tool suite encompassing backlink analysis, manual penalty avoidance/recovery, content auditing, competitive analysis, rank tracking, competitive analysis, reporting, and more.

Sample review: “I’ve not found a better (backlink checker) than Cognitive SEO. It’s awesome, and they are continually developing new features since I started using them 4 years ago.” — Robbie Richards

Pricing: four levels from $99 to $999 per month

Showcase reviews: MarketingLand, Robbie Richards

10) Raven SEO Tools
Google Review Count: 249

Search engine optimization tools for link building, competitive analysis, keyword research, rank tracking, finding and fixing technical SEO problems, and reporting.

Sample review: “Incorporating internal and external links into your blog content is an unparalleled method for better search engine ranking results. RavenTools’ Site Finder points out high-ranking links for your link campaign. Enter a keyword, and it finds top ranking URLs for you to implement in your content.” — Social Media Today

Pricing: $99 or $249 per month

Showcase reviews: Social Media Today, MarketingLand, Inc., Robbie Richards

11) WooRank
Google Review Count: 239

SEO and digital marketing tool with features for website auditing, competitive analysis, social media, usability,  keyword research, and reporting.

Sample review: “Just like you go to the doctor every once in awhile to make sure everything is up to par, your site should too. (WooRank) is a free resource that quickly gives you an update on the good, the bad, and the ugly regarding your site’s status.” — StoreYa Blog

Pricing: three levels from $49 to $249 per month

Showcase reviews: Kissmetrics, Siasat, Johnny Lists, Lilach Bullock, StoreYa Blog

12) SEOmonitor
Google Review Count: 218

Accurately measure and predict search traffic with SEOmonitor

Accurately measure and predict SEO traffic growth with this comprehensive tool featuring granular keyword monitoring, branded vs. generic keyword and search traffic segmentation, search visibility score, keyword research with difficulty score, competitive analysis, content performance, reporting, and more.

Sample review: “(Among the) tools that I would strategically choose not only because they’re really good but (also) they do things it’s harder & non-productive to do manually are (SEOMonitor for) SEO performance planning, prediction & measurement.” — Robbie Richards

Pricing: $24 to $199 per month

Showcase reviews: Robbie Richards

13) Moz
Google Review Count: 218

An all-in-one SEO toolset to track rankings, fix crawl issues, research keywords, get on-page recommendations, and compare against the competition.

Sample review: “Keyword research and optimization (are) one of your most important initiatives. Moz is the best tool for staying on top of your existing keywords, optimization tips and trends for discovering new keywords. While there is a cost in place, this tool is a no-brainer for your SEO strategy.” — SmartBug Media

Pricing: four levels from $99 to $599 per month

Showcase reviews: MarketingLand, Marketing Insider Group, SmartBug Media, Lilach Bullock, Robbie Richards

14) SEO PowerSuite
Google Review Count: 218

One platform for all SEO workl

Monitor rankings for your site and competitors’ on any number of keywords, analyze backlinks, research new keywords,  optimize content and on-page factors, monitor competitors, and report on results.

Sample review: “The company says its 4 powerful tools will deliver everything you need for SEO functionality in one package. SEO PowerSuite says it can help marketers find the perfect whole website optimization campaign with specific automated SEO tasks to push their websites to the top.” — MarketingLand

Pricing: $299, or $699 (one-time)

Showcase reviews: MarketingLand

15) URL Profiler
Google Review Count: 196

This powerful tool enables you to identify backlinks and associated metrtics, analyze competitor websites, find social media accounts and social engagement metrics, check page load speeds, and more.

Sample review: “I love pairing Screaming Frog with URL Profiler for the ultimate 1-2-combo on all needed URL stats.” — Robbie Richards

Pricing: $25 to $100 per month

Showcase reviews: Robbie Richards


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