Openelement Free Web Design Software

OpenElement is a free web design software that has been around since the year 2000. It offers an open source platform for website development, which means that you can use it for free without any restrictions.

The program is available in both a web-based version and as a downloadable desktop application. You can also download it from GitHub if you prefer to work offline.

Because OpenElement is an open-source project, it’s constantly being developed by users from all over the world. This means that new features are constantly being added and bugs are being fixed on an ongoing basis as well. This makes it one of the most stable web design programs on the market today!

Openelement Free Web Design Software

Here is a list of best free web design software for beginners for Windows. To use these web designer software, you just need to have basic understanding of HTML and CSS languages. These software let you easily design web pages by providing support for ‘code auto-completion’ and suggesting tags.

Most of these web designers provide two editing modes: Design and Code. While you can create web pages in real time in Design mode, you can write code for the same in Code mode. You can add forms, tables, lists, multimedia files (image, audio, and video), text area, and other essentials to create a web page. You can insert different form input types like button, password field, text box, radio button, checkbox, tables, image button, etc. You can also add email links, hyperlinks, frames, notes, comments, date, etc. As you insert a function, the code is generated itself. You can specify corresponding information of each element like name, value, type, size, etc. Most of these software provide built-in debugger to search for errors in the code. You can also see the preview of the created web page in browser at any time.

Some of these web design software provide advanced functionalities too, such as: you can establish FTP connection and publish a project via FTP, connect to MySQL/ODBC databaseadd Apache modules, convert spaces to single tabs, and do more. You can also select doctype and character set, customize document properties, use spellcheck tool, search for a code within, etc.

You can also create and modify desired layout of the web page in CSS by adding background image, color, modifying font, customizing margin, border, and alignment, etc. All of these web design freeware for beginners provide basic formatting options. You can use these software as basic code editor or text editor as well.

My Favorite Free Web Design Software For Beginners:

openElement is one of the best web designers with great features and flexibility to create web pages for tablets and smartphones. CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor is another good web designer software. It provides a variety of features to create web pages with ease. I like Bluefish too as it provides some advanced features like connecting to MySQL database, adding Basic Authentication module, and more.

You can also checkout the list of best free WYSIWYG HTML Editors and Markdown Editors for Windows.


openElement is a feature rich free web design software. You can either start with a blank web page or import a desired template from the given list to create a website. You can also select an alternative language (French, German, Spanish, Hindi, Italian, etc.) to create a multilingual web page. It provides different tabs for source code editor and to see model details.

openElement is a good web design software for beginners as it provides nice templates of websites with flexibility to easily modify them. It is based on WYSIWYG interface.

To create a web page, you can add standard elements (horizontal line, image, frames, link to us, etc.), scripts elements (code block), navigation elements (accordion menu, named anchor, image link, tree view, language flags, file download, etc.), containers (collapsible panels, groups of elements, and accordion groups), mediaform (checkbox, drop-down list, submit button, text input fields, etc.), animation (google maps), interactive (edit RSS feed, disable right-click, iframe, etc.), community (social media bar), statistics (page hit counter and Google analytics), and miscellaneous elements (banner page, document, and W3C logo). It lets you edit element properties. You can then customize these elements by editing style presets, state, background, dimensions, margins, positioning, text, media, etc. You can see web page preview in browser any time.

It lets you establish a database connection too. You can make local connection or server connection by specifying type of database (SqlLite and MySql) and path. It provides a Site Manager section to view, organize, and manage resources, databases, layers (sitemap and home page), and recycle bin.

openElement also lets you create Responsive websites. This feature enables you to create websites which are also compatible with tablets and smartphones. Also, you can configure your website by enabling/disabling image optimization by default, setting up outgoing email configuration, SEO settings, and more. You can also set other preferences for maintenance, publishing, and some advanced settings.HOME PAGEDOWNLOAD PAGE

CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor

CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor is a free web design software for beginners. You can create a web page by adding new HTML and CSS files or editing already existing ones.

This web design software makes it easier to even learn creating web pages by providing some built-in codes for different elements of a web page. It is one of the best web design software for beginners because of its easy and intuitive user interface.

  • To start with, you can set page title and page style (text color, background color, color scheme, background image, etc.). You can also adjust advanced settings like DOCTYPE (HTML, XHTML, MathML, SVG, etc.), Charset (universal alphabet, western alphabet, greek alphabet, etc.), meta keywords, etc.
  • Now, you can start writing HTML code to create a web page in the HTML editor tab. It lets you easily insert form items instead of manually typing code for each one of them. The form items include password text box, text box, radio button, checkbox, image, label, submit button, etc. You can then edit their name, values, etc. It also suggests elements, attributes, custom syntax, and selectors while typing for comprehensive code completion.
  • It provides Style Sheet Wizard feature to customize the layout of the web page. You can set font, color and background, alignment, margins, padding, and border. It provides a Format menu to make a web page look more visually appealing.
  • Other features to mention are customizing document properties, checking its weight and dependencies, setting bookmark, and more.
  • It also lets you establish FTP connection and share web designs via FTP protocol.

You can check the preview of created web page in a browser at any time. There are some premium features of paid version available in free version of CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor for few days. You can check them out on its home page.HOME PAGEDOWNLOAD PAGE


PageBreeze is another free web design software for beginners to create web pages easily. It provides different tabs which let you easily manage different aspects of web pages.

PageBreeze is good web designer for the beginners to create or learn creating web pages. It has a very simple user interface with a toolbar which lets you quickly access its key functions.

Normal Editor Tab:

Here, you can easily create a web page along with seeing its preview. You can add or edit text within the web page along with formatting text. It lets you insert form items to create a desired web page. Some of the form items are:

  1. Text box: You can add a text box by specifying name, value, type (password or normal), character width, and maximum characters.
  2. List box: You can add list box by selecting field properties like size, multiple texts with value, etc.
  3. Buttons: You can add radio, submit, reset, and image buttons with respective names and values.
  4. Table: You can add table by specifying number of rows and columns and customizing width, height, cell spacing, cell padding, headers, border size, and alignment. You can also add a caption and summary.
  5. Graphics and Others: It lets you insert local or online images (BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.), add hyperlink to text, insert special characters, and add a horizontal line.

You can also edit style sheet file to create desired layout of the web page.

Others tabs in PageBreeze are:

  • Page Properties: Here, you can add page attributes like page title, page background, meta keywords, and description.
  • HTML Source: In this tab, you can write code for your web page. You can manually add various elements (textbox, password, buttons, etc.) to create web pages.
  • Preview: This tab you lets you see the output of the web page you have created. It provides Internet Explorer browser view to do so.
  • Publish: It lets you establish a FTP connection and publish files (selected, HTTP, or graphic files) via FTP protocol.



Bluefish is an open source web design software for beginners. You can start writing code for web pages in the editor by adding a blank page or choosing a desired template (C header, HTML 5, PHP, or XHTML). You can select a desired doctype, add tags, insert form items, checkboxsubmit button, etc.

You can add elements like section, navigation link, article, aside, header, footer, figure, etc. It lets you insert form inputs, tables, lists, multimedia files (image, audio, and video) and other items to create a web page. You can also add auto submit select box, image rollover, warning procedures, etc. In addition, you can add frame wizards, frameset, target, etc. You can modify the font also.

It lets you add Apache modules which include ‘Basic Authentication’ and ‘Deny access to .inc’. You can also connect with a database by using cross platform of PHP and MySQL (or ODBC). It lets you create other database utilities which are execute query and fetch row. The Replace feature lets you convert spaces to single tab, tabs to spaces, strip font tags from a string, etc.

Bluefish is a web design software for beginners with code auto-completion support. It lets you customize various document properties like highlight syntax, language mode, tab size, font size, etc. It supports many programming languages which include PHP, C/C++, ASP .NET, Java, JSP, JavaScript, Python, and more.HOME PAGEDOWNLOAD PAGE


BlueGriffon is another web design freeware which lets you create web pages. It provides WYSIWYG, Source, and Dual View editors to write and design web pages.

BlueGriffon is a good option for a web design software for beginners. It reduces pain of writing code and lets you easily create web pages by generating codes for various functions.

To add assets to your web pages (in WYSIWYG tab):

  • It lets you insert media files like video, audio, and images to your web pages to create required design of web page. You can then customize the alignment and size of media files. While adding a video file to a web page, you can specify its width, height, preload type, add poster, and enable video controls, play automatically, and loop.
  • It provides a wide range of form input types to add to web pages. You can add text field, password field, URL field, radio button, checkbox, form submission button, email field, numerical field, file picker, color picker, and many more. You can also add other input types like fieldset, key pair generator, label, progress, etc.
  • You can also add HTML 5 elements (heading, footer, code, embed, details, etc.) to your web pages. You can also add table of content, characters and symbols, link, anchor, horizontal bar, processing instructions, markdown, etc.

In case you prefer writing code for the same, you can use Source or Dual View tab.

It provides options to apply text formatting like modifying font, typographical emphasis, etc., edit page properties, modify style properties (geometry, position and layout, shadow, border, transformation, transition, etc.), spellcheck, and more. You can watch its preview in browser as well. You can also add multiple tabs to create multiple web pages at a time. Other tools worth mentioning are ARIA, DOM Explorer, Script Inspector, and Internationalization Tag Set.HOME PAGEDOWNLOAD PAGE


HTML Kit is yet another free web design software for beginners to easily create a web page. It provides different sets of tools and functions to do so, which are as follows.


It lets you select doctype, add links, align text, and do more. You can format text as head, base, body, div, span, ASP code blocks, PHP code block, comments, frameset, etc. You can also add Server Side Includes (SSI/XSSI) and ASP/CGI/SSI environment variables.


You can insert a hyperlink anchor by adding deprecated attributes (methods, target, urn, etc.), events (onmouse, onclick, onblur, etc.), and other elements like id, charset, accesskey, type, name, style, shape, etc. In addition to that, you can insert images too.

Forms and Table:

It lets you format selected text as a form input type like button, method (post or get), text box, password, radio button, checkbox, appletvbscriptisindex, legend, etc. You can add tables to a web page by adding components like table data cell, table caption, table body, etc.


Using this menu, you can design the layout of a web page in CSS. It provides tools to customize stylesheet and CSS properties (padding, overflow, border, background, cue, display, float, etc.) and to add CSS selectors (input, code, acronym, address, applet, fieldset, etc.).

You can format text by modifying its font, alignment, adding typographical emphasis, list, numbering, bullets, block quote, etc. It provides easy navigation tools too. It lets you validate your code to check for errors using online tools; WDG HTML ValidatorCSSCheckUpW3C CSS Validator, and W3C HTML Validator.

Other tools let you check, correct, convert, and format HTML/XHTML/XML markup (using Batch Action), insert date and time, add HTML attributes, format colors, and do more.

HTML Kit provides sorted lists of functions to add to your web page which makes it easier for beginners to create web pages. It has a clean user interface.

open element web design

openElement is a free web authoring program developed for professionals who take on creative projects. It gives you the tools you need to create a website that is standards-compliant. Necessary codes are automatically generated so your website correctly functions and displays. This software performs that function without constraints required by other tools. In addition, openElement is a lightweight and straightforward tool. It was designed as a visual tool for web professionals so they can maximize productivity by optimizing workflow and streamlining tasks. Users can work visually and use several built-in functional, graphical, adaptable, and ready-to-use elements. The software supports HTML5, CSS3, responsive design, and jQuery. It lets you work from available templates or from scratch. It is compatible with XP, Windows7, Vista, and Windows8. openElement is completely free with no restrictions.
Product Quality Score
Features 8.2
Ease of use 8.1
Customer support 8.1
Value for money 8.2
openElement features
Main features of openElement are:

Intuitive Interface
Customizing Tools
Managed Code
Page Layers
HTML5 and CSS3
Cross-Browser Compatibility
Multilingual Websites
Web Design
Customizable CSS
openElement Benefits
The main benefits of openElement are its completely free plan, WYSIWYG interface, dedicated how-to page, and available elements.

Free Plan

openElement is a website builder software that is completely free. You can simply download the latest version of the software from the official website to start using this platform. It is also lightweight so it will not take up much space on your computer.

WYSIWYG Interface

openElement lets you build websites using a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) interface. This type of interface gives beginners a simpler approach. Professionals, on the other hand, can perform repetitive tasks faster with its WYSIWYG interface.

Dedicated How-to Page

The Wiki tab from openElement’s website contains detailed information to guide you on how to use the software. It is divided into sections like Interface, Elements, Configuration and Operation, Tips and Tutorials, FAQs, and more. A link to openElement’s web forum is also available for those who want to ask questions and engage with other openElement users.


You can insert pre-programmed objects into a web page using the editing pane. These pre-programmed objects are called ‘Elements’. Some examples of elements are text areas, image galleries, images, etc.

Standard content such as text, videos, and images can be customized using elements in the software. Interactive and more advanced content such as contact forms, photo galleries, and maps can also be personalized. Even those linked to a database including login pages, blog items, news, and product pages can be edited according to the user’s preferences.


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