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Marketing is a key element of any business, and it can take many forms. One of the most powerful tools you can use to market your company is email marketing software.

Email marketing software allows you to send out emails to your customers and prospects on an ongoing basis with information that’s relevant to them, such as new products or services, sales offers, coupons or discounts, etc. It’s also a great way to keep your name in front of people who may have forgotten about you since they last visited your site or purchased from you.

If done correctly, email marketing will help grow your business by increasing website traffic and conversion rates while lowering customer acquisition costs (CAC).

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Php Email Marketing Software

Email PHP Scripts from CodeCanyon

Email marketing also known as newsletter marketing is a form of direct electronic marketing that is done by sending emails also called newsletters.
It is not only for businesses. Non-profits, schools, clubs, unions, associations, government agencies and other organizations actively use email marketing.
What can you do with email marketing
You can use email marketing in order to:
Communicate with your customers, employees, suppliers, peers, members, contacts, students and friends.
Announce your new ideas, new products and services.
Inform about developments in your field of interest.
Relationship building.
Advertise special offers, send coupons, seasonal and holiday greetings.
Energize your audience the way you want when you want.
Benefits of email marketing
It is fast, direct, personalized and cost effective.
It has the highest ROI (return on investment) than any other form of marketing. You get the most out of what you spend.
Email is still the king in electronic marketing outperforming social media.
It is measurable. You know how much you spend and whether your objectives are achieved. With the right email marketing software and other tools you can track the results of your email campaigns.
It is active engagement: you push your message to your audience instead of passively waiting for them to discover you.
It’s one of the first things people do when opening their computers; check their email.
Legal issues with Email marketing
There are legal issues basically around the concepts of data collection and right to communicate. You have to comply with certain laws. You can read more about these here.
Getting started
You need the right email marketing software to,
help you organize your various email lists, contact lists (and other sources) and transform them into actionable mailing lists.
Design your newsletters.
Send your email campaigns.
Collect and analyze campaign performance metrics.
Our self-hosted email marketing solution
nuevoMailer is a fully featured, self-hosted email marketing software (built in PHP and largely open source, ) that covers the whole cycle of email marketing from subscriber acquisition, retention, nurturing and follow-up.
Has a comprehensive set of utilities for mailing list management and segmentation.
Provides an integrated platform for designing, publishing, archiving and sending your newsletters.
Supports all types of email campaigns such as one-time campaigns, follow-up campaigns, recurring campaigns, campaign series, autoresponders, drip email campaigns.
Provides detailed, real-time subscriber activity and campaign tracking reports.
nuevoMailer is a classic, robust PHP script, uses MySQL/MariaDB databases and can be installed on Linux and Windows servers. Suitable for all types of hosting (Shared/Dedicated, Managed, Cloud, VPS and any other variant).
Discover more about: Performance & capabilities, Technical and system requirements.


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