Rank Tracker Seo Software

Ranking Tracker is a powerful SEO software that helps you to monitor your website’s ranking in Google. It comes with a free trial and a free plan for small businesses. The paid plans are affordable and suited for businesses of all sizes.

This software has been developed by a team of professionals who have extensive experience in the field of SEO. The team also uses the same software on their own websites, which ensures that Ranking Tracker is well-suited to meet your needs as an online business owner.

The software was designed with ease of use in mind so that you can start using it right away without having to spend any time learning how to use it. The user interface is simple and intuitive so you won’t have any problems navigating through it or using its features to get the most out of your SEO campaigns.

Rank Tracker Seo Software

What Can You Do With Rank Tracker?

USE RANK TRACKER TO KEEP TABS ON ALL OF YOUR RANKINGS ACROSS ALL OF YOUR KEYWORDS WITHIN ANY MARKET ON ANY SEARCH ENGINE AND FOR ANY SPECIFIC LOCATION YOU WANT.Our suite of rank tracking reports and tools allows you to track, tag, and evaluate your site’s SERP performance. Then do the same for your competitors to know where your site stands.

  • Track rank for both mobile and desktop
  • From Google to Bing to Baidu, use Rank Tracker to monitor your progress on any search engine
  • Evaluate your international performance: Track rank for any market the world over
  • Run efficient local SEO campaigns by using Rank Tracker to monitor the SERP by city or zip code
  • Analyze competitor performance on any device, for any market, and in any location
What Can You Do With Rank Tracker?

Discover the True Power of Your Rankings


Discover the True Power of Your Rankings

Know what your top rankings really mean to your site by knowing what SERP features are competing for the user’s attention and when you do and do not rank above the fold!

  • Know when you appear above the fold across multiple screen sizes
  • Gain insight into what SERP features appear on the page alongside your URLs
  • Easily isolate your SERP feature wins
  • Know when you rank #1 as a Featured Snippet
  • Discover new SERP ranking opportunities


Gain Access to Advanced Rank Reporting

DEEP RANK TRACKING ANALYSIS DOES NOT HAVE TO MEAN WASTING A TON OF TIME SIFTING THROUGH ENDLESS DATA!Start qualifying the power of your rankings and do it without spending a ton of time either! Go deep into ranking trends and stability across all your keywords.

See where ranking well results in conversions and where your biggest growth opportunities are.

  • Discover which of your keyword rankings are at risk at a glance
  • See which of your rankings are on an upward or downward trend
  • Isolate new ranking opportunities with ease
  • Pick up on keyword cannibalization in two easy clicks
  • Automatically compare the correlation between your rankings and clicks
Gain Access to Advanced Rank Reporting

Succeed with Custom-Tailored Rank Analysis


Succeed with Custom-Tailored Rank Analysis

Create graphs that enable you to compare your rankings to any and every key metric you can think of.

  • Easily compare your rankings to other periods
  • Determine the impact of your organic SEO efforts to your paid search performance
  • Determine the correlations between ranking and traffic on a single graph


Rank Performance for Speciality Search Engines


Rank Performance for Speciality Search Engines

Rank exists in all sorts of places beyond the space allocated for organic results on the SERP. Whether it be other Google-owned platforms or within Google’s SERP features itself, tracking rank beyond the SERP itself can pay big dividends!
Rank Tracker enables you to track rank across a diverse set of specialty search engines such as:YouTube • Google’s Video Box • Google for Jobs • Google Play • Google’s App Box on the mobile SERP

Discover the Right Keywords

GET YOUR RANK TRACKING OFF ON THE RIGHT FOOT BY FINDING THE BEST KEYWORDS TO TARGET!Before you can track your keyword performance you have to be able to find the right keywords to target. That’s easier said than done and there are multiple ways to go about finding the right topics, keywords, and related content areas. This is exactly why we offer a plethora of keyword research tools!WITH RANK RANGER, YOU’LL HAVE ACCESS TO OUR:

Discover the Right Keywords
Keyword Explorer

Keyword Explorer

A true keyword research suite that provides you with related keywords, topics, and questions. Analyze keyword relevancy and difficulty as well as construct individual keyword lists for content creation.

Keyword Finder

Keyword Finder

Discover new keywords according to length, CPC, search volume, format, and more. Use the tool’s array of filters to quickly pinpoint what keywords you should target next.

Site Explorer

Site Explorer

Find the sites offering you the stiffest paid and organic ranking competition. Determine where your site has a content overlap with your top competitors. Sift through a site’s top-performing paid and organic keywords on a per market basis. Filter out all of the keywords that your competitors won a Featured Snippet for and see what other SERP feature wins they are scoring.

Search Gap

Search Gap

Uncover what topics your competitors are taking up and where your next content marketing move should be. Hunt down gaps in your content marketing strategy so that you can create the content you need to drive users to your site and away from your competitors.

google rank tracker

Our free ranking checker tool can help you determine your website’s SEO ranking and find high-traffic keywords that will move you to the top of Google’s SERP results.

There are so many factors the Google algorithm considers when ranking your site. But, one thing we can guarantee is that incorporating high-traffic keywords on your pages will help move the needle.

All you have to do is enter a URL in the box above and hit “View Google Rankings.” You’ll get a comprehensive list of your keywords. Here is an example for “thehoth.com.”

Results of the Google SEO Ranking Checker Tool
This report will include hundreds of keywords. It’ll identify keyword ranking, search volume, how much traffic it’s driving to your page, and whether the keyword is trending up or down.

One of our favorite features is how you’ll be notified when a keyword’s ranking changes, whether it’s an increase or decrease from your last report. This is helpful for determining what keywords are working for your long-term strategy and others that may need to be replaced.

You can also export the list as a CSV or PDF for later reference or to include it as part of a report. HOTH subscribers have the additional option of signing up for our RankTracker program to get daily updates on their keywords.

We can also help you to add links to your site through HOTH Guest Post. Backlinks from high-authority sites will boost your rankings. In fact, this is one of the best ways to rank higher. With this service, you get a white-label, in-content link through a guest blog published on another site. Our team of expert writers can produce the blog for you and The HOTH can get it published on a high-authority site.

Video Walk Through
Are you new to SEO? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you every step of the way. There’s a lot of data to track to ensure your rankings are strong. That’s why we compiled all of these key SEO metrics into one tool.

It may seem intimidating at first but you’ll be able to take your SEO to the next level once you start using it regularly. Here’s a video to help you learn more about the tool.

The HOTH actually offers a ton of free SEO tools. After you watch this video you’ll see other how-to videos listed describing how to take advantage of our other tools.

This free rankings tool can be accessed on this page as well as under the “Tools” menu in your HOTH account. Anyone can create a free HOTH account in seconds to get started.

What Are Keywords?
Are you wondering how Google analyzes websites to determine which ones rank higher? Keywords play a vital role in this process.

They include any terms typed into a search engine to find particular information or a specific website. Keywords can be a single word like “SEO” or a short phrase like “what is search engine optimization.”

Google’s algorithm will crawl through all of your web pages. It will determine your ranking based on your keywords and several other factors like content quality, authoritativeness, backlinks, and more.

One of the first steps you should take when trying to improve your SEO is to find out what keywords your potential customers are using and incorporate them onto your web pages. This free tool can help you identify the right keywords for your site.

Keep in mind it takes some trial and error before you get the right mix of keywords. In most cases, significant changes to your SEO won’t be seen for months so be patient.

Factors That Influence Keywords
You can evaluate keywords based on search volume, competition, cost per click, word count, and intent. Considering these factors can help you narrow down your list.

Search Volume: How many times are people searching for this term?
Competition: How many other sites are using this keyword and how often is it being ranked?
Cost Per Click: How expensive would this keyword be if you decided to pay for digital advertising?
Word Count: Is this keyword ranking higher or lower than others with a different word count?
Intent: Why is someone searching for this term? Do they want to buy something, find out information, or navigate somewhere else?
By using this tool you can discover useful insights on your high-traffic keywords. The next step will be creating a unique SEO strategy for your business. Based on the data you gather, you may decide to only use keywords with a lower competition or where it’s clear a user is trying to buy something.

You may be wondering why we mention cost per click or CPC if you aren’t buying ads? Getting a sense of what other companies pay for keywords in their advertisements can demonstrate value. A keyword with a healthy CPC may be one worth incorporating into your site.

And maybe, down the road, you’ll decide to purchase some paid ads to highlight a specific product or service. If this happens you’ll already know what the CPC should be.

Are you looking for help building an effective SEO strategy for your website? Simply book a call with us and we can help you decide what keywords to use.

Why Are Keywords Important?
Google’s ranking methods have changed a lot over the years. More ranking factors have been added and they continually revise how much weight is given to each factor. Through all of these changes, keywords still remain one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your site’s SEO.

In a matter of a few weeks, you can research keywords, add them to your website, and start seeing some modest improvements. More SEO work will need to be done to get your site on the first page but keywords are a great start.

Not to mention that keywords are still how people search for content on Google. No one enters complete titles or sentences into the Google search window. They use single words or phrases. Those terms can open the door for your content or web pages to be delivered to new audiences.

Choosing the right keyword becomes especially important if you’re running an e-commerce company. Potential customers will use it to look for a specific product.

For example, someone shopping for their Halloween costumes in October may type “men’s dracula halloween costume.” Your product will be delivered to them if this keyword is reflected on your site. That means more traffic to your site and more potential sales!

What To Do With The Results
Now that you researched high-traffic keywords with our FREE Google SEO Ranking Tool, your next question is probably how do I effectively add them to my website?

Your first step should be adding keywords to your web pages. This is called on-page SEO. It’s best to avoid ranking your homepage and instead focus on individual product pages. This means each product page should use one relevant keyword. You can insert the keyword in your title, headings, and descriptions. It’s also a good idea to include it in your meta description.

Next, your page will need high-quality content like blogs to engage and educate your potential customers on what you have to offer. These same keywords can be added to blogs in the same way you placed them on your web copy.

They should appear throughout the blog but you don’t want to overdo it. Stuffing keywords will result in a Google penalty so you want to strike a fine balance between using a keyword and providing quality content.

A user searching for information on the best weightlifting supplements to take, for example, could be connected with your blog about “The Top Four Protein Shakes For Bodybuilders.” They can learn about your product and proceed to the next step of purchasing it.

It’s important to regularly check on your keywords. SEO isn’t about setting it and forgetting it. Instead, you’ll want to see what progress each keyword is making. Keyword performance is often based on trends and it’s possible for high-performing keywords to suddenly drop as trends shift.

Need help with optimizing your SEO using keywords? We have two best-selling SEO products for you: HOTH Web Copy and HOTH Blogger.

Do you still have questions about keywords? Check out our FAQs below.

If you have time, check out some of our SEO case studies and find out how we helped our clients achieve success by researching and incorporate keywords onto their sites.

Your Next Steps
We hope this page taught you a ton about SEO and about the importance of keywords on your website. So what should you do next? Use our FREE Google SEO Ranking Checker to find out what keywords are bringing the most traffic to your site.

It’s important that you continue monitoring this report because keywords can increase or decrease in rank based on several factors. You’ll want to make sure your site is using the very best ones. Take these high-traffic keywords and start using them in your web copy and blogs.

Finding the right keywords is only the first step in a comprehensive SEO strategy. Contact The HOTH if you need help taking your site to the next level. Simply book a call with one of our SEO experts and we can discuss everything from keyword research to link building.


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