Small Seo Tools Word Count

Small Seo Tools Word Count

The word count is an important tool for your text. With it, you can get the number of words in your text. It is also useful for checking the density of a phrase or word in the text. One way to check how many times a particular word or phrase is used on a webpage is through word count. The word count tool by small SEO tools is one of the best for counting words. With it, you can get an accurate count of words in your text.

You can use this tool to get the number of words on a page. You can also use it to check the density of a keyword or phrase on a website. This can help you know if your keywords are being used enough in your articles and web pages.

Small Seo Tools Word Count

7 Word Count Tips for Clear, Powerful Academic Writing -

Whether you are an established writer or just another Internet rambler, we are now all living in the era of word counts.

From social media character limits, to lengthy document requirements in corporate settings, if you’ve been writing words, then you’ve been operating with text counts, whether you are aware of it or not.

  • Twitter used to limit us to 140 characters, but later pushed it to 280.
  • Facebook wouldn’t let you post anything that is longer than 63,206 characters or even let you comment using using more than 8,000 characters.
  • How about Instagram’s 30 hashtags limit? The limited 2,200 characters they allow in your Instagram captions will even get truncated after just 125.
  • We even hear that for your blog post to break into a first page ranking on Google, it may have to stay north of 1800 words.

See? The era of character count limits is truly upon us!

You need to always stay on point, ensuring your content stays within the limits of these relevant platforms… so that you don’t unwittingly end up having to reduce or increase your count words back and forth just to meet some requirements.

For that to happen, you need a text counter tool.

But using a word calculator does more than helping you count social media post characters.


Well, first off, if you’re wondering why you should be using an online Word Counter Tool, then try character counter of your content manually. Before you get to line #7, you will realize that the exercise is quite difficult, if not practically frustrating.

And besides, who wants to waste precious time counting a lengthy document, when you can easily get help from a tool like ours.

Meet our counter and word finder online tool, Count Number of words with Small SEO Tools. It is a smart count word calculator which delivers results in an eye blink.


Word Finder is a tool we’ve developed to help you in finding and calculating the characters of your written content.

It is built to deliver accurate results and tell how long or short your content is.

But this free text counter is more than just a tool for showing you the number of words and characters in your content. It’s a sophisticated textual content analyzer, as you’d find out in the “HOW TO COUNT MY WORDS BY SMALL SEO TOOLS IS DIFFERENT” section below.

This means you can trust our tool to help you in your content related projects, whether you are a professional writer, an online entrepreneur, a student, a teacher, or just a social media explorer.


Our free Word Checker tool has a very simple and user-friendly interface. While it is sophisticated enough to deliver excellent results, it is EXTREMELY easy to use.

In fact, all you have to do just click on this link and paste your text in the text box provided and the tool will automatically run the scan and immediately show you the results.

You also have the option to upload content directly from your hard drive or from your mobile device, depending on what you’re accessing word finder with. Plus, there’s the option to upload content from Google Drive and Dropbox, too.


Of course there are numerous text checkers out there but our tool is extremely unique and better.

Apart from its user-friendly interface and convenience of usage, Text Checker by Small SEO Tools is loaded with features you hardly get from other competing text counter online.

It doesn’t just tell the number of words, it also does the following:

  • It shows you “Basic Count Letter Statistics” including total words, total characters with space, and total characters without space.
  • It shows you “Top Word Density” for 1, 2 and 3 words.
  • It shows you “Extra Count Letter Statistics” including the number of unique words, number of sentences, average word length, average sentence length, total number of paragraphs, etc.
  • It shows you “Length Statistics” including number of short and long words, longest sentences, etc.
  • With all these features, this tool is more than just your average word counter; it’s an all-inclusive, sophisticated textual content metrics analyzer.
  • Oh, and you get all of those for completely FREE.


It’s common for other online Letter Counter Tools to keep a record of your content in their servers when you use them, but we are different.

We do NOT keep or view your content when you use our tool, or any of our other SEO and content tools for that matter.

We ensure that your content is 100% safe and only accessible by you. You can also enjoy using our other Free Tools like Reverse Image Search and Keyword Position Checker.

academic word counter

One of the most agonizing parts of academic writing is cutting down your hard-won draft to meet a page, word, or character limit. This process can be even more stressful when you’re under pressure to meet a deadline just hours away.

Writing simply is the key to clear and concise content. But good writing is a craft that cannot be mastered within a short window before a deadline.

When you have little time to spare, small changes to your text can add up to the space you need. Here are a few simple tricks you can use to quickly tighten your text and meet the limit.

1.    Delete “The”

You can often omit the word “the” from your text without losing any meaning.


Original: The clarity of your writing depends on both the content and the style.
(13 words, 70 characters)

Revised: The clarity of your writing depends on both content and style.
(11 words, 62 characters) 

2. Erase “That”

Similarly, the word “that” is often overused in writing and can be deleted with ease.


Original: We found that cells that express the mutated protein migrate across the barrier faster than wild-type cells.
(17 words, 108 characters)

Revised: We found cells expressing the mutated protein migrated across the barrier faster than wild-type cells.
(15 words, 102 characters) 

3. Remove Adverbs and Adjectives

Adverbs modify verbs, and adjectives modify nouns. But good words don’t need modifying.

Most adverbs and adjectives weaken strong verbs and nouns, which weaken the power of your writing. Omit unnecessary adverbs and adjectives to make your writing stronger and more concise.


Original: The entire treatment lasted for four days, and the drug greatly improved the health of patients.
(16 words, 96 characters)

Revised: The treatment lasted for four days, and the drug improved the health of patients.
(14 words, 81 characters)

4. Use Shorter Words

Resist the temptation to use long words where short ones will do. Instead of investigate, facilitate, or utilize, simply use study, help, or use.


Original: We investigated whether utilizing the drug would facilitate improvements in health.
(11 words, 83 characters)

Revised: We studied whether using the drug would help improve health.
(10 words, 60 characters)Download Free List of Short Word Substitutions

5. Trim Wordy Phrases

Clear out the clutter in your writing. Look for needless words you can delete and lengthy phrases you can shorten.


Original: During the course of the study, the majority of cells died in response to treatment with the drug.
(18 words, 98 characters)

Revised: During the study, most cells died after treatment with the drug.
(11 words, 64 characters)Download Free List of Short Phrase Substitutions

6. Choose Active Voice

Active voice uses less words than passive voice. And active voice makes your writing clearer and more compelling, helping you tell a powerful story.


Passive: The samples were collected by the researcher.
(7 words, 45 characters)

Active: The researcher collected the samples.
(5 words, 37 characters)  

7. Revise Needless Transitions

Transitions can help maintain the flow of your writing—and make your reader’s job easy. But some transitions (e.g., indeed, then, furthermore) can be deleted with ease.


Original: Indeed, we discovered that the mutated protein affected heart function.
(10 words, 71 characters) 

Revised: We discovered that the mutated protein affected heart function.
(9 words, 63 characters)

8. Eliminate Conjunctions

Conjunctions (e.g., and, or, but, however) connect two independent statements that can often be rewritten as two separate sentences.


Original: Patients treated with drug X had no symptoms after 3 days, and patients treated with drug Y had no symptoms after 7 days.
(23 words, 121 characters)

Revised: Patients treated with drug X had no symptoms after 3 days. Patients treated with drug Y had no symptoms after 7 days.
(22 words, 117 characters)

9. Rewrite Running Starts

Sometimes writers like to get a head start on a sentence by using phrases such as “there are,” “it is,” and “the fact that.” These phrases can be rewritten to shorten your text and make your writing more direct and concise.


Original: It has been reported that the cells migrate faster when treated with the drug.
(14 words, 78 characters)

Revised: The cells migrate faster when treated with the drug.
(9 words, 52 characters)

10. Target Paragraphs with Widows and Orphans

When dealing with page limits, a great trick to gaining an entire line is attacking paragraphs with “dangling words,” also known as widows or orphans.

A widow is a lone word or short group of words that appears at the bottom of a paragraph, column, or page. An orphan is a similar unwanted word or short group of words that appears at the top of a page.

Look for paragraphs with just a few words at the end and focus on how you can shorten them to gain an extra line of space.


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