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5 best iPhone apps in 2013: Drinksmixr – making drinks is now a breeze. With its hundreds of drink recipes built in, the app can make thousands of different drink combinations – coffee cocktails to tequila shots – at the touch of a button. A great party app to have on your iPhone. Gamebook – no time to read? The Gamebook app offers you interactive reading by turning your favourite book into an interactive game. Your choices control the plot, reducing the chance of spoilers for future readers. WeatherBug HD – for extreme weather fans, this iPhone app lets you receive severe weather alerts in your location – ideal for those who live with hurricane season or tornadoes in their area, whether it’s a tornado watch or

extreme heat warning. My Fitness Pal – This app helps you monitor your diet and exercise plan. Filled with calorie counters and nutrition data from more than 150,000 food items, it helps you keep track of your daily eating habits and find out how many calories you burn each day as well as helping you find when and why your weight fluctuates. Evernote (Web Clipper) – Get clippings on the go with this intuitive application that works as an extension of Evernote websites. Web Cl

Here are 15 must-have apps for your iPhone that you’ll want to download.

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1. Google Maps (Free)


Sure, you have the official iPhone navigator app “Maps.” But if you want an app that fully delivers, add Google Maps to your list. Maps has been notorious for causing navigation problems, which none of us have the time or patience to deal with. Let’s put it this way: Even Tim Cook, CEO of Apple basically told everyone to get Google Maps.

2. BillGuard (Free)


I’ll be the first to admit I don’t organize my finances as well as I should sometimes. This is why BillGuard is such a handy tool for iPhone users. Though it shares some of the same functions as a major bank app (Bank of America is mine for example and works fine), BillGuard goes further by helping you manage your spending habits. It’s geared toward keeping you aware of irregular spending and bills you need to pay for down the road. It will even notify you frequent charges for services you may not even use anymore.

3. Buffer (Free)


Want to be a social media whiz? Of course you (maybe) do. Buffer works a lot like Hootsuite. You can schedule Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus posts based on when they’ll be most effective. Want to tweet something at a time when most of your followers will be listening? Buffer measures this and assigns an appropriate time. You can even see the stats of your posts and see how they’ve performed.

4. Dashlane (Free)

latest iphone apps

If you like to buy things online, Dashlane is a must-have app for you. It automatically saves payment and confirmation info that would have otherwise been lost in your email. It allows you to keep track of your online spending and makes it easier for you to find your receipts (unless you’ve had the foresight to add things like tickets to your Passbook app). Dashlane is free, but the premium option is worth getting if you spend a lot online.

5. Zillow (Free)

latest iphone apps

I wish someone could have better prepared me for finding a place to live. Real estate is a cutthroat business, and I’ve often found myself at the mercy of websites that hide the best properties from you for their own interest (or lack of information). Zillow is a godsend, as a result of this. The app crawls pretty much every property and real estate in your area, ranging from buying to renting. It proceeds to give you the information you need to get in touch with the property owner or leasing office, and the simple design makes all of this a breeze.


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