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Introducing the Amazon Chrome extension for buyers. Now you can access the Amazon Buyer’s Guide even faster with a Chrome extension on your browser. The Buyer’s Guide is a free resource featuring articles, videos, and lots of tips and advice to help you shop on Amazon more confidently. Here are some of the features this plugin includes: -Access the Buyer’s Guide from any product page. -Search, filter, and sort all products in the Buying Guide. -Quickly navigate to any product on included in the Buying Guide. -See how many products tall or wide a piece of furniture is.

As an Amazon seller, you need all the leverage you can get over your competition – and Google Chrome is your secret weapon. Chrome extensions for Amazon sellers can give you the tools and insight to outperform your competitors while delivering an in-browser experience that improves your efficiency. With so many to choose from, this week we’re taking a deep dive into the top 9 Chrome extensions that every Amazon seller must have.

The top Amazon seller Chrome extensions

Product research, keyword insights, and price tracking are three highly important yet time-consuming tasks for your Amazon business. The following Chrome extensions are the best tools for making these jobs easier and more successful.

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1. Jungle Scout – Amazon product data

Source: Jungle Scout

Accurate, up-to-date, and informative data helps you to make the right product decisions, which is why Jungle Scout scores highly among e-retailers. This Amazon seller Chrome extension enables you to find and validate product ideas while browsing Amazon, and returns valuable data, including sale estimates (using their AccuSales™ algorithm), revenue projections, and keyword insights. In addition, you’ll receive useful competitor information such as seller ranking and review statistics as well as an overall Opportunity Score. Supported marketplaces include US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, and Spain.

Price: From $97 per year

Trial: 14-day money-back guarantee

2. AMZScout Pro – Amazon product research & FBA calculator

Source: AMZScout

Product research can be a tiresome task, but AMZScout’s in-browser extension makes it easier and more enjoyable. Simply type in your product idea and let AMZScout crunch the numbers to return an overall score, profit estimate, demand forecast, and competition analysis. You can then use the extension to access advanced competitor information, including seller ranking, stock levels, estimated revenues, and FBA fees (allowing you to compare the costs of FBA vs. an SFP fulfillment provider). A great all-around tool for finding niche products with high-profit potential.

Price: $29 per month, $99 per year, or $249 for life

Trial: One month free

3. SellerApp – Amazon product and keyword research

Source: Chrome web store

SellerApp’s Chrome extension gives you the insights to supercharge your Amazon sales while on the go. Supplementing the SellerApp web app, you can use their Chrome extension to conduct live research on future products as you browse the online marketplace. Stand-out features include pricing and listing quantity alerts, FBA fee estimates, keyword tracking, buy box statistics, and listing quality scores – everything you need for launching a successful product.

Price: From $149 per month

Trial: Seven days free

4. Helium 10 – All-around Amazon tool

Source: Chrome web store

If you’re looking for a Chrome extension that does it all, Helium 10 has the answer. This all-in-one Amazon seller extension helps you to find the best keywords for your Amazon products and lets you quickly copy ASIN information. It also tells you how your competitors are fulfilling orders,how much stock they hold, and lets you download, filter and analyze your competitors’ reviews, as well as provides all the information you need for comprehensive product research.

Price: From free

5. Keepa – Amazon price tracker

Source: Chrome web store

Keeping your Amazon products competitively priced is crucial for sales, search ranking, and buy box eligibility. Keepa’s Amazon seller chrome extension monitors your competitor’s prices in the background – alerting you to any price drops across and 11 other regions. You can also use Keepa to access detailed pricing history charts to inform your pricing strategy and use accurate data to predict future trends. This is a top extension for businesses hungry to compete but not yet ready for Amazon repricer software.

Price: Free

6. The Camelizer – Amazon price tracker

Source: Chrome web store

Another great plugin for online sellers not using an Amazon repricing tool is The Camelizer. With it you can create email and Twitter pricing alerts to be automatically notified of your competitors’ price changes, as well as view the historical pricing data of more than 18 million products – the perfect tool for any new and growing Amazon seller.

Price: Free

7. AMZ Base – Amazon product research

Source: Chrome web store

Product research should never be limited to Amazon alone, which is what makes AMZ Base such a vital tool. Users of this Chrome extension can quickly check the listing information on Amazon against other online marketplaces, including eBay. Other features of AMZ Base include ASIN number display, product sourcing information, and an FBA calculator.

Price: Free

8. DS Amazon Quick View – Amazon competitor analysis

Source: Chrome web store

The free to use DS Amazon Quick View extension gives you quick access to a product’s pricing history, BSR, ASIN, search ranking, and the number of FBA sellers – by simply hovering your cursor over the listing. You can also upgrade to the extended version for more detailed information on products across Amazon’s domains, including the lowest FBA price, Prime sellers, Amazon products, and pricing history.

Price: Free or $19.99 for the extended version

9. AmazeOwl – FBA research

Source: Chrome web store

The last entry on our Amazon Seller Chrome extension list is AmazeOwl. AmazeOwl enables you to conduct powerful product research for your FBA business, without ever leaving Amazon. Simply scroll through any Amazon keyword, category, or niche to generate a list of potential products in the corner of your screen. Importantly, AmazeOwl is incredibly user-friendly, with easy to understand color coding, hover information, and one-click functionality. And, to access more detailed information, click the “Market Analysis” button to generate a table that highlights data matching your product criteria. AmazeOwl is compatible with 11 Amazon marketplaces including US, Canada, and the UK.

Price: From free

Which Chrome extension is for you?

There are plenty of useful Amazon seller Chrome extensions suitable for businesses and budgets of all sizes. We recommend trialing a few keyword, product research, and price alert extensions to find the best one for your needs


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