Amazon Chrome Extension For Sellers

The Amazon Chrome Extension for Buyers turns the power of Amazon inside out by allowing buyers to set price watch alerts on any product, search price history around the web, and view price changes next to your Amazon orders. The Extension is free and works right in Google Chrome!

Why Do You Need AMZN Seller Tools?

When it comes to running an FBA business and managing your FBA fees, there is nothing more helpful than a third-party tool. A seller tool helps you automate some of your most important tasks so you can focus on selling your products on Amazon.

A good seller tool allows you to do product research, profit calculations, sales estimates, and many more. Combined with your FBA calculator and Amazon FBA keyword tool, these third-party tools for Amazon help make your FBA business more profitable.

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List of useful Amazon Chrome Extensions For Sellers

Here is the list of all the handy Amazon Chrome extensions for sellers in 2022. These tools perform several different functions that aren’t only limited to AMZ but also help streamline the business of third-party sellers too.

Amazon Assistant Chrome Extension

What is Amazon Assistant? The Amazon Assistant Chrome Extension is a tool for Amazon that is geared more toward buyers and not sellers. Because this tool offers a comparison feature, buyers will find this tool very helpful when shopping for products. You can readily compare the highest, lowest, and average prices based on the last 30 days’ price data. Other functions include tracking orders and dealing with alerts whenever the price of a product you are watching suddenly drops.

Many people often ask what is Amazon Assistant and what it can do to help buyers. Simply put, it makes product comparison so much easier. So why did we include this on our list of best Amazon Chrome extensions for sellers? Simple. Because it can be very handy if you require a product or a price comparison tool. One of the best features of this tool is the ability to make price comparisons for products found on AMZ while you are shopping on other retail websites. It also offers product recommendations that you can purchase on AMZ. Because of this, it is quite easier to research potential products that you can sell.

More than 7 million users are using this extension and it is somehow easy to use. Its conventional and straightforward approach makes it user-friendly even to those who aren’t too techie. People can simply compare the current price listed on various shopping sites and purchase the one that is the lowest. It is one of the best Amazon Chrome extensions for sellers.

amazon assistant for chrome

LastPass: Password Management Chrome Extension

As a seller, protecting your private information is of utmost importance. Losing access to your store information such as your passwords can lead to many complications. This can even lead to you losing access to your store. This is why we recommend these Amazon chrome extensions for sellers.

LastPass Password Management tool is a free password manager that helps generate secure passwords for all your AMZ accounts. This Chrome extension gives you secure access to every computer and mobile device by encrypting your passwords. This means that you don’t have to bring a copy of your password whenever you log in outside of your personal computer or device.

LastPass saves all your user credentials including your passwords in a secure encrypted vault and automatically fills in your information when needed. It helps the time of sellers save valuable time and effort and helps to keep you and your family secure.

As a seller, it is fairly common to have multiple accounts with logins and passwords. And it can be easy to forget your passwords because of this. Sellers who are too busy with their business can sometimes feel that it is impossible to remember every login credential. This may have led to numerous instances where you had to reset your passwords.

With LastPass, you don’t have to remember any of your passwords across any device. LastPass will generate one encrypted master password that will unlock all of your other saved passwords. With that in mind, you don’t have to worry about losing access to your accounts anymore. And even if you reinstall a new operating on your PC and lose all your saved passwords on your computer, you still have a copy safe in the cloud.

Because sellers can have a huge network of contractors, employees, and virtual assistants (VAs), having a password manager only makes sense. There may be times when you need to have multiple access to one single account. You can share your accounts with your co-worker without sharing your passwords. This makes it so much easier and you won’t have to lose sleep over sharing your account.

Thanks to LastPass, you can share your details without losing control over your account.

lastpass : free password manager

Adblock Plus Chrome Extension

One of the most annoying things as a seller is to have an ad on your computer popping up every time you are trying to work. Also, being retargeted by ads can be quite irritating especially if you are trying to work on your listings. Not only do these ads annoy people, but they can also leave dangerous malware and viruses on your computer if you aren’t too careful.

To make sure that your productivity isn’t affected, one of the best Amazon Chrome extensions for sellers that you should have is an ad blocker. Everyaaaaa internet user should have an ad blocker even if they aren’t selling any product. Not only to protect yourself from annoying pop-up ads, but also to protect your computer from destructive malware, worms, and viruses that can hack into your private information.

If you are still not using one or you are not sure which one to use, Adblock Plus is the best Chrome extension for sellers. We highly recommend this tool because it can block only not display ads but also pop-ups that can be annoying. More importantly, it’s free to use and will help a lot in saving your data from the ads that track your data. If you want more comprehensive protection, there is also a paid version that you can use.

Blocking video ad that interrupts your way to your favorite show or ads that come in between your work online is the most satisfying thing ever. Don’t you agree? Adblock plus is not only a great investment to protect you from annoying ads, but also to protect your information from being stolen through untracked viruses and malware. This is one of the top Amazon Chrome Extensions for sellers that we recommend.

adblock plus

GoFullPage: Full-Page Screenshots Chrome Extension

As you have noticed, the tools that we recommend in this article don’t focus solely on selling and buying. Most of them are for productivity and efficiency too. And when it comes to being productive, one of the best Amazon chrome extensions for sellers is the GoFullPage: Full-Page Screenshots. It shaves off a lot of time spent editing and cutting photos as well as sharing these screenshots with different members of your team.

GoFullPage is yet another simple Chrome extension that can be very helpful to sellers. It helps you to save the screenshots of the product research you are doing. It can quickly crop and share the website containing important information about your product listings. It can help capture images showing how to enhance your store and PPC campaigns. There are so many things that you can do using this tool, and it is also one of our most recommended tools for sellers.

Capturing and saving screenshots has become an integral part of sellers’ workflow. When it comes to studying and researching competitors, you often have to do screen capture and screenshots. GoFullPage can capture anything from the full-page layout of any website or an entire Amazon product listing. From top to bottom or full page of product results, this tool can make your cropping and capturing images easier.

full page screenshot tool

ZonBase Chome Extension: Product research, Price calculation, etc.

Although all the above tools are important in their way, Amazon sellers can easily manage running their business without using these tools. Yes, using those tools may ease the process. It makes the quality-of-life experience so much better, but not using them is also not gonna be a deal-breaker.

However, this is where the all-powerful ZonBase Chrome extension trumps all the other tools we have mentioned above. Unlike those tools, Zonbase has a specific niche that focuses on AMZ sellers alone. With different tasks such as product research and price calculation, you can make the most out of this powerful tool.

This is the best Chrome extension for sellers all around the world because of what it can do. It has all the powerful functions to find and validate your product ideas. With this tool, product research, for example, can be a lot more accurate and easy to accomplish.

You may have a product in your mind and you may think that you can sell it and earn a decent earning. But, there may be certain pitfalls and disadvantages about this product idea that you can’t verify using manual research alone. Access to history and statistics of sales makes it possible to make an informed decision about potential products you want to sell on AMZ.

What the ZonBase Chrome extension does is penetrate and dive deep into AMZ’s database. By crawling inside the database, it can see behind the product page to give you all the necessary information to verify if your product idea is plausible or not. With this informed decision, it can be easy to verify your choice instead of doing guesswork that can only waste your hard-earned initial capital.

Here are some of the information that you can scout and see when you use the Zonbase Chrome Extension tool for sellers.

  • Product Brand
  • Product Category
  • Product Price
  • Product BSR
  • Monthly Sales
  • Monthly Revenue
  • Star Rating
  • Reviews
  • Fulfilled partners

Seriously, this is one of the most powerful Chrome extensions for sellers. Getting all these metrics just by installing a simple Chrome extension makes it a very convenient tool, With Zonbase, you don’t have to worry about using several tools from different websites. This all-in-one tool will get you loaded and covered in no time at all.

chrome extension

ZonBase Chrome extension is a must-have tool for sellers because it can provide important metrics that will help you in determining which products to sell. One of the most important things about researching a product is knowing the sales history of the category and niche that you are interested in. By knowing the history and sales data, you’ll have a better estimate to make an educated guess if your chosen product is going to succeed. This will save you a lot of time, money, and upfront capital in the long run.

These are just some of the Zonbase Chrome extension features that make it an integral tool for all third-party sellers:

  • ZonBase Chrome extension gives you estimates about how many units the product is selling and project data in a real-time process.
  • Product ranking with top keywords with sales history for 12-month sales.
  • Eliminate your product ideas that are not eligible for page one and meet the smart keyword criteria.

Conclusion: What is the Best Amazon Chrome Extensions Tool?

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to deciding the best Amazon Chrome extensions for sellers. Depending on your needs and the tasks you need to accomplish, there is always a separate tool that perfectly suits up for the challenge.

Frankly speaking, the extensions that we have discussed earlier aren’t quite comparable to the ZonBase Chrome extension. The earlier tools may be important in certain aspects, but they aren’t really specific for sellers. To assist a third-party seller in securing a top-selling spot on AMZ, there is no alternative to the ZonBase Chrome extension.

The Zonbase Chrome extension is a one-size-fits-all, all-in-one solution that is meant to help make product and sales info research easier. With this tool, you can just sit back, relax, and let the tool research for you while you collate information. 

What makes it even better is the fact that it can be used for free via its free trial offer. Ready to try and see how Zonbase can help your business? 

See the power of this incredible tool today. This is one of the best Amazon Chrome Extensions for Sellers today. Make the right decision for your online business and start a free 7-day trial now.


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