Auto Buy Chrome Extension For Android

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What is the Auto Buy Chrome Extension?

All chrome extensions are made in such a way to assist you or to solve the problems which you are facing in the other sites. So we are here with our auto buy chrome extension. This will help you buy any type of flash sale products and it works on all the sites. It basically runs a script in the background to click on add to cart button. A normal human can click at max 1-2 times per second but the extension can click more than 10 times in a single second. This will automatically increase your chances of getting the mobile or any flash sale products.

How to Install Auto Buy Chrome Extension?

Just visit our Auto buy extension on Google chrome store. You can visit this page on any device but you can only install on Desktop chrome browser. Once you are on the chrome store page you will find an option to +Add to Chrome. Just click on that and grant the permissions which are necessary. It will automatically download and install Flash sale chrome extension. Once the installation is over you will get an icon in the chrome search bar. Follow the below steps to know How to Use the extension

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How to Use Flash Sale Auto Buy Chrome Extension?

  • After installing the extension click on the icon. Now you will get the list of Flash sale products
  • As I mentioned earlier it will work on all available Flash sales and on all sites
  • Choose the Flash sale product which you are planning to buy and click on the register button
  • Now it will take you to sale page where you will get a pop-up
  • That means your registration is confirmed from our extension
  • All you need to do is visit the same sale page a few mins before and it will add the product to cart
  • Complete the payment and fill in the address details to buy at any time

Can I install Auto Buy chrome extension on Mobile broswer?

Unfortunately, you can’t but we are working on Auto buy android app which will be out very shortly. For now, this feature is limited to desktop chrome browsers.

Where does it work?

Currently, flash sales are going on the below sites and it will work on all of them

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Mi Official Site


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