Best Android Calendar App 2021

In this article, we’re going to talk about the best Android calendar app 2021.

We all know how important it is to manage our schedules in order to achieve our goals. But there are so many different things happening every day that it’s hard to keep track of them all—and harder still to manage them effectively.

Luckily, there are some great apps out there that can help you with this task. They’ll allow you to organize your schedule, set reminders for upcoming events, and even sync with other calendars so that everything stays up-to-date on all your devices.

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In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular options available today and discuss their strengths and weaknesses.

15 Best Calendar Apps for Android (May 2022)

Best Android Calendar App 2021

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The 10 Best Calendar Apps for Android in 2022
Keep track of events, tasks, to-do lists, and more
By Coletta Teske Whitehead Updated on January 3, 2022 Reviewed by Michael Barton Heine Jr

Best Apps
Payment Services
Staying organized while on the go with your Android device is possible when you use one of these best free calendar apps. You’ll find shared calendar apps, daily planners, booking calendars, calendars for shift workers, and more.

The apps listed in this article are compatible with Android 5.0 and newer.

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Best Overall Android Calendar: Google Calendar
The Google Calendar app showing an event, day view, and month view
What We Like
View by schedule, day, three days, week, and month.

Schedule events, reminders, and goals.

Syncs with other Google apps.

Google Workspace integration.

What We Don’t Like
Not as many features as the web app.

Can’t color code reminders.

Can’t format text in the event description.

Our Review of Google Calendar
When it comes to features, ease of use, and the number of users, Google Calendar is hard to beat. It’s your one-stop shop for all your calendar needs. It handles to-do lists, reminds you of events and appointments, and displays several views of your calendar. It can help you attain your goals by scheduling them. Use it to choose an activity for your goal, and find a regular time in your schedule. If you don’t do an activity, Calendar reschedules it so you stay on track. Now that Google Workspace is available to everyone, it’s also a powerful tool for collaborating with friends, family, or co-workers.

Download Google Calendar
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Best for Viewing Multiple Calendars: OneCalendar
The OneCalendar themes, an event, and month view
What We Like
Eye-catching design templates.

View schedule by list, day, week, month, and year.

Includes a search feature.

What We Don’t Like
Must grant permission to access your accounts.

May not display tasks from Google Calendar.

Can’t sync Facebook events and birthdays.

If you have calendars in various apps and for multiple purposes, consolidate your schedule and events in one convenient place. OneCalendar connects to Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, iCloud, and WebCal. After you add a calendar, apply a color to that calendar to identify it in your OneCalendar calendar.

You don’t have to switch between calendars to create an event. Set up the event in OneCalendar and choose the calendar app where the event should be stored.

Download OneCalendar
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Best Free Shared Calendar: TimeTree
Create a calendar, invite to a calendar, and view daily agenda with TimeTree
What We Like
All group members can edit a shared calendar.

Add custom calendars and Google Calendar calendars.

Sync with PCs, mobile devices, and through a widget.

What We Don’t Like
Doesn’t display color coding applied in Google Calendar.

Recurring events could use more customization options.

Doesn’t have a weekly view.

When you want to keep up with family members, friends, and co-workers, add everyone’s calendars to TimeTree. You can also create custom calendars for special events, family activities, class schedules, sports groups, and more.

TimeTree can store multiple calendars that can be shared with the people you choose, but it’s sharing capabilities go beyond that. Events can be turned into message centers, with chat, photo uploads, and memos.

Download TimeTree
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Best Organizer: WeNote
Create a to-do list, set up reminders, and view month calendar in WeNote
What We Like
Attach notes, photos, lists, and reminders to calendar events.

Lock notes and to-do lists with a PIN, pattern, or password.

Organize notes and lists with labels.

What We Don’t Like
Can’t delete a single occurrence in a recurring event.

A limited number of color choices in the free version.

Can’t attach PDF files to notes.

Some calendars just don’t have the room to keep track of shopping lists, to-do lists, the kids’ after school activities, and important events. If you need space on your calendar to keep yourself organized, try WeNote.

WeNote is straightforward to learn with features that include note-taking, color-coded notes and lists, reminders, and privacy. Your notes can also include photos, hand-drawn images, and audio recordings. Plus, you can customize WeNote with color themes, font styles, and color-coded categories.

Download WeNote
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Best for Managing Tasks: Task Agenda
Color code and edit events in Task Agenda
What We Like
Create color-coded event types that include an icon.

Add reminders and alarms to events.

Practical, efficient, and easy to use.

What We Don’t Like
It can’t import calendars from other apps.

Can’t create lists or make notes in an event.

Can’t add a duration to events.

If you want a personal organizer that keeps track of what you need to do every day, and nothing else, Task Agenda is straightforward and productive. Enter the details of your event, appointment, or task, and it creates a to-do list for you.

Download Task Agenda
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Best Visualization Planner: Sectograph
View calendar events visually with Sectograph
What We Like
Sync with a Wear device.

Add calendars from Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.

Has a customizable home screen widget.

What We Don’t Like
It may take some time to get accustomed to the visual dial.

Requires a Google calendar.

Doesn’t always sync quickly with Google calendar.

If you like telling time on an analog watch face, Sectograph replicates that experience in its calendar. It displays your appointments, to-do items, reminders, and events on a round dial. Along with showing your appointments, it shows the time left for the current event, the time until the next appointment, and a list of your events.

Download Sectograph
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Best Calendar for Shift Workers: Shifter
Use Shifter to set up shifts, view schedules, and display work and income summaries
What We Like
Get a quick start with the informative tutorial.

Share calendars as images, PDFs, or as an editable calendar.

Create up to ten calendars.

What We Don’t Like
It doesn’t import events from Google Calendar.

The alarm isn’t always reliable.

Calendars may not upload to Google Calendar properly.

If you work multiple shifts, have more than one job, do freelance projects at different businesses, or have an active family, check out Shifter. When your jobs or activities follow a pattern, it’s easy to set up your schedule. Enter the shift information, add the shift cycle to the calendar. Then, select a pattern for your schedule and apply it to a range of dates.

When you set up your schedule, you can set shift alarms, indicate if it’s a split shift, schedule rest time, and add your per hour wage. Shifter uses this information to display statistics about the shifts you work, including hours worked and income.

Download Shifter
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Best Calendar for Office Work: Business Calendar 2
Create events, view calendars in Business Calendar 2
What We Like
View the calendar by day, week, month, year, agenda, and tasks.

Sync with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and others.

Display only the calendars you want with one tap.

What We Don’t Like
Ads can be intrusive but only appear once every 18 hours.

It can take too long to sync.

Doesn’t have a pop-up reminder for tasks.

When you want to access your personal and work calendars in one place, give Business Calendar 2 a try. You can create local calendars for different activities and import calendars from your work apps. While it may not look as sophisticated as other calendar apps, it’s a good choice when you manage multiple calendars.

Business Calendar 2 has other benefits. If you keep important notes in your calendar or need to refer to past events, it keeps more than a years’ worth of data. The simple interface isn’t distracting with fancy backgrounds, so color-coded calendars, events, and tasks stand out. Plus, you can customize a widget, so your calendar looks good on your phone’s home screen.

Download Business Calendar 2
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Best for Online Booking: Appointfix
Get a booking link, view calendars, and display notifications in Appointfix
What We Like
Sync with Google Calendar is optional.

Optional text message reminders.

Online booking is intuitive and well-designed.

What We Don’t Like
Need a Premium account to send mass messages and view reports.

Only sends reminders to clients through a text message.

May not sync correctly with Google Calendar.

Do you own a small business and need a way to make appointments with clients but can’t afford a receptionist? Appointfix has a solution. It’s an online scheduling app that provides you with a link to your online appointment book. Share your link in an email, on your website, or on social media and make it easy for clients to schedule meetings.

Your booking page can be customized with your business name, services and rates, a description, a logo, and a photo. You can also add your contact information, links to your social media accounts, and business hours.

Download Appointfix
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Best Customizable Calendar: DigiCal
Create events, view calendars, and list appointments in DigiCal
What We Like
Displays the weather forecast on all calendar views.

Choose from six customizable home screen widgets.

Schedule appointments across multiple time zones.

What We Don’t Like
The Premium version may not be worth the money for some.

best free calendar app for android 2021

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These are the Best Calendar Apps and Widgets on Android: Google Calendar, DigiCal, and more!
August 29, 2021 7:00amCommentGaurav Shukla
These are the Best Calendar Apps and Widgets on Android: Google Calendar, DigiCal, and more!
Calendar apps are handy in effectively organizing your time. Still, many of us end up using whichever calendar app comes preinstalled on our Android phones. But the bundled apps are rarely the best ones around. Thankfully, there are many great options to choose from in the Google Play Store, and we present some of them to you in this article.

Navigate this guide:

Google Calendar
Business Calendar 2
DigiCal Calendar
Proton Calendar
Calendar Widget by Home Agenda
Month Calendar Widget
Calendar Notify
Everyday Calendar Widget
Best Calendar Apps and Widgets
Google Calendar
Google Calendar
Google Calendar view
Google Calendar event
Google Calendar view 1

Google Calendar is one of the better calendar apps on Android. It includes all the basics of a calendar in a pleasing design. You can toggle between calendar views, manage or view tasks, and get all your calendar data in one place. Being a Google app, it can automatically import events from Gmail and add them to your calendar.

If your team uses Google Workspace, you can check your co-worker’s availability, whether meeting rooms are free, or share calendars with other team members using it.

Google Calendar
Google Calendar
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Business Calendar 2
Business Calendar 2
Business Calendar 2 features
Business Calendar 2 design
Business Calendar 2 widget

Business Calendar is another popular calendar app. The app acts as your complete personal organizer, giving you features of a calendar, schedule planner, and task organizer. The app can also sync with Google Calendar, Outlook, Exchange, and other apps to show everything in one place. Additionally, there are several customization options, widgets, themes, and calendar views.

You can also use the Business Calendar 2 app to answer meeting invites or invite people to your events. It’s free to download and use with ads. There’s a premium version as well, which you can unlock with a one-time payment. It removes ads and adds lots of advanced features.

Business Calendar 2 Planner
Business Calendar 2 Planner
Developer: Appgenix Software
Price: Free+
DigiCal Calendar Agenda
Digical options
Digical Calendar
Digical menu

DigiCal includes all the typical calendar features and also gives you access to sports schedules, TV schedules, weather forecasts, holiday calendars, and more. It also allows you to have a local calendar on the device that isn’t synced anywhere for extra privacy. If you do want to sync, there’s support for Google Calendar, Outlook, and Exchange.

The app also gives you seven agenda views, six widgets, and a dark theme. The DigiCal Calendar app is free to download and use. But you can opt for DigiCal+ to remove ads, get extra widgets, and other advanced features.

DigiCal Calendar Agenda
DigiCal Calendar Agenda
Developer: Digibites
Price: Free+
aCalendar view
aCalendar days
aCalendar months

If you want a calendar app that comes with lots of powerful widget options, aCalender is your answer. It has seven widgets that you can customize to your liking. Additionally, the app lets you easily switch between day, week, month, and agenda views. Year view and export support are present as well.

aCalendar is free to download and use with ads. But with in-app purchases, you can get a holidays calendar, more color options, business features, tasks support, and more.

aCalendar – a calendar app for Android
aCalendar – a calendar app for Android
Developer: Tapir Apps GmbH
Price: Free+
TimeTree chat
TimeTree reminders
TimeTree notes

If you’re looking for a calendar app for your entire family, friends group, or team members, TimeTree could be the answer. This shared calendar app allows everyone to view the same calendar and add events to it. You can create multiple shared calendars for different needs. Additionally, users can chat with each other in each event.

There is a memo feature as well in TimeTree that helps plan things. The app is free to download and use, but it does include ads.

TimeTree – Shared Calendar
TimeTree – Shared Calendar
Developer: TimeTree, Inc.
Price: Free+
Proton Calendar
Proton Calendar
Proton Calendar 1
Proton Calendar menu
Proton Calendar event

If you’re privacy-conscious and don’t appreciate your calendar provider having access to your data, you should try out the Proton Calendar app. From the makers of ProtonMail, the Proton Calendar app is currently in beta, so there’s a chance you might run into some bugs. It includes end-to-end encryption so nobody can see your calendar data, including Proton. Additionally, there are no ads or trackers to keep everything private.

In addition to the calendar basics, the app allows you to create recurring events and schedule appointments in any timezone. You can also add multiple notifications to any event. Proton Calendar is also available on the web, and an iOS version is coming soon. The developers promise to add more features as the app moves out of beta. It’s free to download and use.

Proton Calendar: Daily Planner
Proton Calendar: Daily Planner
Developer: Proton AG
Price: Free
Calendar Widget by Home Agenda
Home Agenda
Home Agenda widget
Home Agenda options
Home Agenda design

This paid Calendar Widget from Francisco Franco of Franco Kernel fame is another good option. It gives you a lot of customization options and even allows you to import themes made by anyone. You can choose to show just today’s events or a running list. Also, you can set the maximum number of days shown in the widget. There are several other options to help you tweak the widget to your liking.

There’s a free version of the app, but it’s pretty barebones, and only the paid version makes sense.

Calendar Widget by Home Agenda 🗓
Calendar Widget by Home Agenda 🗓
Developer: Francisco Franco
Price: $0.99
Month widget
Month widget style
Month home screen

If you’re looking for a neat calendar widget for your phone, you may like Month from Candl Apps. It includes several customization options, allowing you to tweak how the widget looks on the home screen. There are over 80 themes, but not all are available in the free version. Month also lets you pick which calendars show up in the widget. Lunar Calendar support is present as well. You may spot this app in some of our reviews as my colleague Aamir Siddiqui heavily relies on this for his homescreen.

Month is free to download and use with ads. But you can use in-app purchases to remove ads and unlock additional features.

Month: Calendar Widget
Month: Calendar Widget
Developer: Candl Apps
Price: Free+
Calendar Notify
Calendar Notify
Calendar Notify in notification shade
Calendar Notify options
Calendar Notify designs

While widgets are great at giving you a glance at your schedule, they’re only visible on particular home screen pages. So if you want to see your calendar at more locations, Calendar Notify is a handy app. It acts as a companion to your existing calendar app and puts your calendar on your notification shade. You also get regular widgets.

The app allows you to tweak how your calendar looks in the notification shade. Additionally, you can back up or restore your app settings. Calendar Notify is free to download and use. There’s a premium edition as well that unlocks a few additional features.


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