Excel may be the world’s most popular spreadsheet program, but it’s not always the most convenient. When you have to use it on a computer that isn’t your own, you’re at the mercy of the person who owns it and their operating system. Fortunately, there are plenty of apps for Excel on ipad that can help you open and create spreadsheets whenever and wherever you need them.


We have listed some of the best spreadsheet apps for iPad here that will assist you with keeping a track of your official documents while on the move. These programs meant for tablets running the iOS platform, allow you to create the concerned documents from scratch and even view or edit Microsoft Excel files. And as we have added some office suite to this list, you will also find alternatives compatible with other types of documents including PDFs, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Read on to know more.

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1 – Numbers:

Designed by Apple, Numbers is a software which only deals with these worksheets. It allows you to add tables, charts, photos, graphics and more to documents and is optimized for the Retina display of the device in question. Featuring as many as 250 functions, the utility is compatible with iCloud, allowing you to save your stuff on the storage service and accessing it through multiple other compatible gadgets.

As many as 16 templates have been added to the mix along with sliders, steppers and pop-ups to simplify entering text and it also extends support to Excel and CSV files.

Price: $9.99

2 – Google Drive:

Although Google Drive is a cloud storage service, it comes with its own set of document-creating features that makes it worthy enough to be included in our lineup. You can create Google files and worksheets and share them with colleagues and friends in real time. Changes made by anyone on these files show up almost instantly.

Thus, you can work on group projects from anywhere at all, as long as the utility is installed on your iOS tablet. And apart from the files in question, the cloud service can be used to store multiple other types of digital content such as pictures and videos too.

Price: Free

3 – Sheet² HD:

Sheet² HD by the developers of programs like Office² HD, Docs² HD, Slide² HD and more, has been designed to create and edit documents in the Microsoft Excel XLS and XLSX formats. It is also compatible with files created in Numbers and other similar programs and claims to work seamlessly with Google Docs. The program works in conjunction with MobileMe as well, for making it capable of accessing folders saved on iDisk. You can work in this software in both portrait and landscape screen modes and handles more than one worksheet at the same time. Complete with some organization features, it tags along cell formatting and other functions like alignment and text wrapping.

Price: $5.99

4 – QuickOffice Pro HD:

The next position on our compilation goes to QuickOffice Pro HD which can not only create Microsoft Office Excel worksheets, but also Word and PowerPoint documents. It lets you view PDF files as well. An advanced file manager has been built into the software and it connects to Google Drive so you can access your content saved on the cloud storage service.

Moreover, the productivity tool is even compliant with AirPrint to make it easier for you to print stuff out. It drags along a horde of advanced touch controls and a multi-edit toolbox for power editing.

Price: $19.99

5 – Smart Office:

This multi-lingual solution developed by Picsel can be utilized for the purpose of viewing, editing or even creating Microsoft Office documents on your handheld gadget. Once you’ve created the worksheets, you can just as easily share them with others via cloud storage services like Dropbox, Box or Google Drive or even forward through email.

And to save you the hassles of installing a separate printing utility, its designers have made it capable of supporting thousands of printers from companies like HP, Epson, Samsung and Canon to name a few.

Price: $9.99

6 – Polaris Office:

Polaris Office is another full-fledged office suite that has managed to find a place on our catalog. Like a number of aforementioned programs, it is compatible with Microsoft Office documents and even opens PDF and HWP files.

You can directly open attachments in this utility and even access digital content saved on various cloud services like Dropbox, and Google Docs. Built-in templates, 2D and 3D charts, camera mode for adding pictures and slideshow mode are just some of its many other features.

Price: $12.99

7 – Documents To Go:

And if those mentioned above are not enough, here we have another program that allows you to deal with Microsoft Office Excel documents on your iOS slate. You can open any Excel sheet in this suite and even edit it as and when you like.

Sheets To Go of this particular tool makes use of the InTact technology to retain original formatting of a file. Apart from its 111 functions, the utility comes with support for Freeze Panes and Sort and is capable of opening even password-protected documents.

Price: $16.99


The best spreadsheet apps for iPad mentioned above ensure that you do not have to go scurrying around for a computer or a laptop every time you have to edit your worksheets. So will you be switching to the Apple-designed Numbers, or one of the suites which extend support to MS documents is more like your thing? Let us know.


Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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