Best Apps For 1st Grade Math

I’m always looking for new ways to help my kids with their math. I’ve tried flash cards, worksheets, and other apps, but none of them really made a difference in my child’s ability to learn the basics of math.

I decided to do some research and find out what other parents were doing when it came to teaching their kids about math. I found that many people were using apps for 1st grade math.

In this article, I am going to talk about why you should consider using an app instead of traditional methods when it comes to teaching your child about math. We will also talk about some of the best apps for 1st grade math so you can get started right away!

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best apps for 1st grade

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Best First Grade Apps
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Best First Grade Apps
Looking for fun, interactive games for your kid? The best first grade apps – including reading apps for first graders and first grade math apps – focus on foundational skills and reinforce classroom concepts. These engaging, educational apps are great for first grade, but they can probably be used at other grade levels too.

First grade is an important milestone for kids and is a time of great academic exploration. Using these apps will ensure that kids have fun as they learn and practice skills that are part of most first grade curriculums across the country.

The list also includes games that will place increasing emphasis on the academic – first-grade reading, math, spelling, and so on. Your children will have endless opportunities to learn with our best first grade apps.

Check out our favorite first grade apps that will get your kids excited to learn about reading, writing, math, science, social studies and much more.

First Grade Apps
First Grade Learning Games

  1. First Grade Learning Games
    (Android, iPhone, iPad)

With over 18 games, songs, and stories, First grade learning games encourages kids to learn through play. These games play on both iOS and Android devices. This app helps first graders practice essential math and reading skills.

This app is aligned with the Common Core Standards for first graders. Kids get to practice addition, subtraction, counting, money math, telling time, simple geometry and word problems. Children will stay entertained with help of voice narration, colorful images, animations, and lots of fun sounds and music.

Price: Free

Available: iPhone, iPad and Android

First Grade Splash Math

  1. First Grade Splash Math
    (Android, iPhone, iPad)

Perfect for 1st grade children, kids, and students who need a fun and entertaining educational game to play. First Grade Math provides children a place to practice solving addition and subtraction problems, place value, telling time, etc. This app offers comprehensive content and cool interactive games to keep your first grader hooked. Splash Math is all you need to give him practice through the year.

This app adjusts to the needs of the child. There is no limit of time so the child can do it at their own pace. First grade math is quite exciting. Children learn math concepts like addition and subtraction, place value, telling time, etc.

Price: Free

Available: iOS

Reading Eggs

  1. Reading Eggs
    (Android, iPhone, iPad)

Reading App for First Graders
Reading Eggs is a popular reading app for first graders that includes first grade reading worksheets, reading activities, reading games, reinforcement exercises, and assessments. First grade reading activities within the app provides an opportunity for children to get a basic understanding of reading, identifying sight words, and writing spelling words.

This comprehensive collection of teacher-approved activities is designed specifically to meet the educational needs of your 1st grader. With this app, first graders develop their reading comprehension skills. They will also talk more about certain topics and gain a deeper understanding of what they read.

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Available: iOS and Android

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Hand-picked educational apps by teachers that will improve your child’s learning.

K-5 Science for Kids – Tappity

  1. K-5 Science for Kids – Tappity
    (iPhone, iPad)

Tappity teaches 100+ science topics with fun experiments, stories, and games. Children will learn every step of the way, from complex science topics and leading real science experiments to try their best. The app is interactive and content is approved by teachers and aligned with science standards. The app tracks progress of the children through a science journal that marks what they have covered and learned.

Price: Free

Available: iOS

Barefoot World Atlas

  1. Barefoot World Atlas
    (iPhone, iPad)

Spin, pinch and zoom in on animals, indigenous people, places, religions and other topics of interest around the world. Students can find something that interests them and learn more about it through descriptions and photos.

Each country, city, animal, bird or landmark can be expanded to provide further information and detail. This app is stunning and the graphics are beautiful. The globe moves effortlessly and the app provides detailed information that truly enhances the users’ experience.

Price: Free

Available: iOS

Sushi Monster by Scholastic

  1. Sushi Monster by Scholastic
    (iPhone, iPad)

Sushi Monster is a popular first grade math app for children to practice their addition and multiplication skills. Sushi Monster, a game from Scholastic, promises users the ability to practice, reinforce and extend math-fact fluency. Due to the simple math skills needed and ease of play, Sushi Monster is a recommended app for first graders.

Price: Free

Available: iPhone and iPad

codeSpark Academy: Kids Coding

  1. codeSpark Academy: Kids Coding

codeSpark Academy teaches kids in 1st grade the basics of coding through interactive puzzles and games. Kids learn to program by solving a series of puzzle challenges, using a visual coding language. codeSpark Academy makes learning how to program seem like playing a video game. codeSpark Academy distinguishes itself from other coding apps because it is so much fun to play and develop problem-solving skills.

Price: Free to try

Available: iOS, Android

Color Quest AR

  1. Color Quest AR
    (Android, iPhone, iPad)

Color Quest AR is an education app for first graders where kids can color characters that includes body parts or fruits and vegetables and learn health facts. Augmented reality (AR) feature within the app brings their artistic creations to life.

Kids have the opportunity to play with color combinations and express their creativity when coloring different fruits, vegetables, organs. Fun tools and accessories such as stickers, coloring pages, spray paint, stamps, typing, and rainbow brushes help kids’ stories come to life. Images can be saved and printed and shared with classmates and families.

Price: Free

Available: iOS, Android

Moose Math

  1. Moose Math
    (Android, iPhone, iPad)

For younger elementary students in 1st Grade, Moose Math is a great way to practice math skills. Kids can learn early skills like counting, addition, subtraction, colors, and shapes. The verbal cues are easy to follow and can help kids with listening and following instructions.

Kids work toward a goal — building their town — as they complete the mini-games. Moose Math is aligned with Common Core State Standards for 1st Grade.

Price: Free

Available: iOS, Android

Math Bakery First Grade

  1. Math Bakery First Grade

Math Bakery First Grade learning app is an engaging set of games to help young children build basic addition and subtraction skills. There are six games for each operation, each with increasing levels of difficulty. There’s also a “Dual” mode that pits two players against each other on either of two levels of difficulty, to add a pleasantly competitive element to the fun. In addition, a few “mini-games” within the normal games spice up the action, making for productive mental breaks.

Price: Paid


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