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The Best 360-Degree Camera Apps for iOS and Android | Digital Trends

360 photos are a fun way to share your world with others. Whether you’re looking for a new way to keep in touch with friends and family, or you want to make it easier for customers to see the products you sell, there are plenty of apps available that will help you create and share your 360 photos. Here are some of our favorites!

360 Panorama Photo Editor

This app allows you to take 360 photos using your phone or tablet camera. It’s easy to use, and it gives you lots of options for editing your images before sharing them. The app also offers filters and effects if you want them. You can even add text captions and filters on top of the images when sharing them online.

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Google Photos

Google Photos is another great option for taking 360 photos with your phone. This app lets users take up to 15-second videos as well as still images, which makes it perfect for capturing all kinds of moments from everyday life! It has built-in editing tools so users can adjust lighting and color balance as needed before sharing their pictures online or through other social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

360 Panorama Camera App by Google Inc

best apps for 360 degree photos

Android Applications

  1. Google Street View
    Google street view

This is an outstanding 360 camera app for iPhone. The owner is Google itself. You can explore the world monuments, museums, restaurants, small businesses, and the nature of the world with the google street view app.

Main features

You can use your phone camera without installing any camera accessories.
It allows you to capture 360-degree photos
You can share the picture on Facebook
By cardboard mode, you can immerse yourself in the picture.
Download: Google Street View Android Apps Now!

  1. Panorama 360: Capture + Share photos
    Panorama 360

360 Panorama app is the coolest application made by TeliportMe Incorporated. It is called Instagram for panoramas and it is one of the best free 360 camera apps. You can also watch 360-degree videos in this application.

Main features

Using the Panoramic camera app you can capture 360-degree photos
Automatic geotagging
To get a high-resolution picture, you have the HD option
It will directly share your picture on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.
Download: Panorama 360 Android Apps Now!

  1. Photo 360 degree by Sfera
    It was the first application of 360 camera capture on the google play store. You can take a fantastic 360-degree image without clicking multiple pictures and any manipulation.

Main Features

It has the functionality of “behind you” that will create a photo that will show the world behind you.
You can share your pictures on Facebook and Twitter.
It allows GPS location records.
You can view any object by simply tuning around it from the screen.
Download: Photo 360 degree Android Apps Now!

  1. Cardboard Camera
    Cardboard Camera

You can click the pictures and share virtual reality with the world.

Main Features

You can capture VR 3D photos
You can record 360-degree videos
It will let you share the pictures on social channels.
In the google photos app, you can save photos directly.
Download: Cardboard Camera Android Apps Now!

  1. 360cam

360cam is the application through which you can take pictures and videos from any angle you want. This application will run only through the Giroptic 360-degree Camera app.

Main Features

From the 360cam you can easily import your 360 photos and videos.
Even, you can play your 360 photos and videos using 360 players which are built-in already.
You can share your photos and videos on a social media platform.
You can experience your videos in the virtual reality headset.
Download: 360cam Android Apps Now!

iPhone Applications

  1. Cycloramic
    A few years back, it got the price of the best iOS app by TechCrunch. With the 20 million downloads, it became a great mobile to create panoramic images.

Main Features

It gives high-resolution images up to 42 Megapixels.
You have the hands-free mode for 360-degree images.
Phone auto rotation functionality is also there to record the full panoramas.
You can view the videos with the headsets.
Download: Cycloramic IOS Apps Now!

  1. Panorama
    Here, we have another panorama titled application but this is not quite simple. We meant to say that this application for both Android and iOS applies some scientific approaches in image stitching. It results in a 360 image appearance and gives a better view rather than flat and less spherical.

Main Features

It has a vertical or horizontal panorama selection for choosing the shooting method.
You can separate various original images into a panoramic view.
It provides thousands of editing features to get variety in results.
The Premium version is also available for Mac.
Download: Panorama IOS Apps Now!

  1. FOV
    It is formerly known as Photonomie and it is one of the best camera app 360 view for iPhone. It is not restricted to moving around your phone horizontally but you can move it in all the directions to make the perfect one.

Main Features

You can instantly share the picture after the click on Facebook, WhatsApp, and iMessenger. So we can call it the camera 360 apps Facebook also.
With this application, you get multiple options for choosing a place like New York, Paris, UK, etc.
Download: Fov IOS Apps Now!

  1. Fyuse
    This application is created full of fun features. You can mark your 3D image in sort of a special way.

Main Features

You can create your personal profile, click the picture and share it with others.
You can be part of the community and invite your friends.
It is connected to the social media platform.
It gives you the guiding arc while you click the picture.
Download: Fyuse IOS Apps Now!

  1. Twister
    Aren’t you excited to know about selfies with the 360 camera photo app iPhone? This application not only allows you to take pictures but also will cover all your surroundings.

Main Features

You can walk around the places and enjoy it as a virtual tour.
It provides a high-quality resolution for taking pictures.
It has video sessions, voice commands, a photo timer, social sharing, and many more.
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