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If you’re looking for apps to help you find an affair, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best apps for affairs, and we’re here to share it with you.

Affairs are becoming more common than ever before. In fact, according to a recent study conducted by [company name], over half of all married people have had an affair at least once in their lifetime. That’s a lot of people! And if those numbers are correct, then that means there are a lot of people out there who could use some help finding their next partner.

Fortunately, there are plenty of great apps available on the market that can help make this process easier for you. With so many options available, however, it can be difficult knowing which ones are worth trying out first. That’s why we’ve put together this list—to help narrow down your options and give you some insight into what each app has to offer so that you can decide which one is right for your needs!

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best apps to catch cheaters


The Best Cheating Apps For Having An Affair (And For Catching People Cheating)
By Ossiana Tepfenhart — Written on Feb 12, 2021

Photo: Antonio Guillem / Shutterstocksad woman on the phone sitting on couch

Look, affairs are bad and they will eat away at your soul. They will hurt your loved ones, your reputation, and everyone around you.

However, if you’ve decided to have an affair, no one will stop you from doing it.

If you are going to have an affair or are sleep with random people behind your partner’s back, you might as well do it in a way that minimizes damage to your love life. That’s where cheating apps come in.

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In a world of technology, leaving a trail behind can get you caught with your pants down. Technology also tends to be the way to avoid getting caught, with many hidden apps that can disappear on your phone.

The apps that cheaters use are those that don’t leave evidence, whether it’s messages that disappear, photos that are blurred out, or contact lists disguised as people they actually know. Some apps don’t even need to be accessed through your partner’s phone!

Here are some of the best cheating apps to have an affair without your husband or wife finding out.

10 Best Cheating Apps

  1. Avira Vault
    avira vault cheating app

Want a safe place to save all those naughty photos you took, or a place to save things your mistress sends you?

Avira Vault is a cloud-based, encrypted vault that allows you to store the goods away from your partner’s prying eyes. More importantly, cheating spouses can get the paid version, which allows you to make a fake account to dupe your partner into thinking they searched your cell phone and found nothing.

  1. Signal
    signal messenger app

Signal is one of the most secure chat clients ever made, and is both password-protected and double-encrypted for extra protection. Much like Avira Vault, it also stores information, photos, and other sensitive data.

The best part? Well, Signal has just about every bell and whistle for privacy, and it looks like a business app.

  1. Vaulty Stocks
    vaulty stocks app

Vaulty Stocks is an app that looks like a stock portfolio app, but actually is an online vault where you can keep your illicit affair photos and videos. Needless to say, it’s pretty handy to have if you’re doing some sketchy stuff.

It acts just like Avira Vault, but, you know, it’s a bit more discreet and less obvious.

  1. Ashley Madison
    ashley madison app

If you’re going to try to find someone to cheat with, Ashley Madison is one of the best apps to have an affair. It’s just like the dating site, allows you to message affair partners, and also just lets you do it all with a “cover app” that looks totally innocent compared to what’s really going on.

  1. Facebook
    facebook app

Yes, Facebook! Believe it or not, a very large percentage of people find their affair partner of choice on Facebook.

If you’ve got the online messaging game that’s strong enough to do it, this app will be one of the most useful — and innocent-looking — of the bunch. (The same can be said about Instagram.)

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  1. Kik
    kik app

Kik is a bit more obvious than Facebook tends to be, primarily because its known for sending messages and deleting them shortly after. Still, this is explainable in most cases because many people use this app.

  1. Seeking Arrangement
    seeking arrangement app

Seeking Arrangement is an app created for financially successful men looking for young and attractive women. This app is exclusively used for sugar babies and sugar daddies.

On the app, you need to spend a lot of money to make the right matches. Women can sign up for free, but all male users have a hefty bill of $90 per month to use this app.

  1. Victoria Milan
    victoria milan app

Victoria Milan is used for very private affairs. Face-blurring technology is great for when you want to hide facial features in your photos, and you can even use an anonymous username. No personal details have to be shared on this app.

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  1. Adult Friend Finder
    adult friend finder app

This cheating appAdult Friend Finder allows for all types of casual dating and affairs. It’s especially helpful if you’re looking for threesomes or swingers, and if that’s the case, this app is one of the best out there. Plus, it’s user-friendly and easy to navigate.

  1. Viber
    viber messenger app

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Viber is a third party messaging app. This app allows you to create secret chats and the messages in the conversation that delete automatically after a certain amount of time. You’ll have the freedom to send images, videos, and incriminating messages that just disappear.

There are also hidden chats where your affair chats can be hidden so your partner can’t see it if they open your phone. But once you put your pin in, the chat will reappear.

Best Apps To Catch a Cheater

  1. mSpy
    mspy app

mSpy is the best app to catch a cheating spouse. You can track your partner’s Facebook, WhatsApp messages, activities on social media like Tinder and Snapchat, and more, practically monitoring every move they make on their phone.

Even their incoming, outgoing, and deleted text messages aren’t safe from you. You can also see their call history and GPS location. Overall, this spying app is great for catching a cheater red-handed.

  1. pcTattletale
    pcTattletale app

pcTattletale is a spy app you can put on your partner’s device, but to find out anything, you have to physically have access to their phone. Once you install it, it will immediately disappear and you will be the only one who knows it’s secretly recording.

You can see who they are sending messages to, talking to on Facebook, pictures they are sending and posting, and much more.

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Ossiana Tepfenhart is a writer based out of Red Bank, New Jersey. She writes primarily about lifestyle, food, finance, and relationships. You can follow her Twitter.

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