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With the launch of Airbnb’s new Host Assist, we’re excited to introduce you to some of the best apps for Airbnb hosts.

Airbnb is currently in a race to be the first to offer a seamless experience for its users. With the addition of Host Assist, Airbnb has taken a big step towards that goal.

As an Airbnb host myself, I know firsthand how important it is to have a great app on hand when you’re working with guests. Here are five apps that can make your life as an Airbnb host easier:

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The 14 Best Apps for Airbnb Hosts in 2021


Lots of Airbnb hosts start their day with a dreary to-do list that never seems to end.

Do you feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with:

managing your Airbnb cleaning schedule,
responding to guest messages,
blocking out dates in your calendar and updating your availability on multiple platforms,
coordinating your teammates and assigning tasks, and
managing your check-ins and property access in person?
It’s easy to see how all these repetitive tasks would be hard for a single person to manage, even if you only have one rental property.

Luckily, there are lots of great apps and tools for Airbnb hosts to help you automate the most tedious tasks on your to-do list. They not only save you tons of time, but they can also give back the enjoyment of running an Airbnb business by letting you focus on the things you love to do the most.

In this blog post, we’ll list our favorite apps for Airbnb hosts.

If you like it, also check out our list of the top 35 vacation rental host tools you need to automate your Airbnb.

Host Tools provides an automated, unified calendar, messaging and more for short term rental hosts. Start your free trial today!

Table of Contents
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Why you should automate your rental with apps and tools for Airbnb hosts
The best apps for Airbnb cleaners
The best Airbnb channel manager apps
The best Airbnb property management apps
The best Airbnb smart home apps
The best Airbnb tools for guest messaging
The best Airbnb welcome apps
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Why you should automate your rental with apps and tools for Airbnb hosts
Before we jump into it, let’s take a moment to discuss why you should use apps to automate your Airbnb rentals.

The number one reason is time. As a property manager, time is your biggest asset, and wasting it on mundane operational tasks is not a good business decision.

By automating your monotonous, repetitive tasks, you’re freeing up time for yourself to focus on aspects of your business where you can actually make an impact: whether that’s growing your portfolio or experimenting with a new marketing technique.

Secondly, automating your Airbnb rental helps to minimize the risk of human error. Algorithms don’t get tired and they don’t make mistakes out of exhaustion. They can be trusted to efficiently carry out repetitive tasks better than humans can.

And lastly, adding some automation to your business enhances the guest experience. Nowadays, Airbnb guests expect property managers to be at least somewhat tech-enabled. The speed and efficiency that comes with having automated your rental are reflected in the quality of your guests’ stays. So don’t be intimidated by tech; use it to your advantage.

Now, let’s take a look at the 14 best apps for Airbnb hosts in 2021 so you can start reaping the benefits of automating your rental.

The prices listed are for the first listing, paid monthly. Some apps get cheaper the more properties you have.

Graphic listing the best apps for airbnb
The best apps for Airbnb cleaners
TurnoverBNB lets hosts connect with and get bids from local cleaners in their area. It also works as a centralized platform to manage all your cleaning projects and communication in one place. The app’s features help you make sure that your property is always ready for the next guest: you can schedule cleanings and make payments automatically.

Price: 1 property is free.

Properly has a marketplace of professional cleaners where you can find your new cleaning crew. The app also has customizable checklists of cleaning and disinfection protocols required by booking sites or government agencies, so you can implement them in your rental without missing any important details. What’s more, you can automatically schedule cleanings and track your cleaners’ progress.

Price: Upon request.

Breezeway allows you to automate your property care and cleaning operations. The platform offers innovative messaging tools, detailed property inventories, as well as scheduling and quality assurance tools for cleaning, inspections, and maintenance work. Thanks to its customized tools, Breezeway also helps you comply with rigorous cleaning protocols and safety measures.

Price: Upon request.

The best Airbnb channel manager apps
Host Tools
Host Tools is an Airbnb channel manager that lets you run your short-term rental business efficiently, without ever having to worry about double bookings. It’s easy to set up and use, doesn’t break the bank, plus it helps you win back your time.

Thanks to direct API connections with Airbnb and Vrbo, Host Tools allows you to synchronize your calendars across the two channels. This way, you can keep your availability up-to-date and have the peace of mind that your calendars are consistent at all times.

Host Tools also lets you add calendars from your other channels or your vacation rental website via iCal, so you can keep those in sync, too.

The platform has a handy multi-calendar where you can see all your bookings side-by-side, no matter which booking site they’re from. And, it centralizes your guest communication in a unified inbox, so you can manage all your messages from one place.

Host Tools multi-calendar
Host Tools unified inbox
All in all, Host Tools is an intuitive tool that helps hosts with one to a handful of listings adopt a lucrative multi-channel distribution strategy.

And it’s not just a channel manager: the monthly price includes a whole set of useful tools, like a messaging and review automation tool, a smart pricing tool, and a smart lock automation feature.

Price: $5.00 per listing per month. Try Host Tools for free

iGMS is a channel manager that has direct API integrations with Airbnb, Vrbo, and It lets you synchronize your availability and calendars across all three platforms. And, you can import other channel calendars via iCal. Besides its channel management features, unified inbox, and multi-calendar, iGMS also lets you automate your reviews and messages, manage your cleaners and teams, and create financial reports.

Price: Starts at $30.00 per listing per month.

Looking for a channel manager? Read our comparison of iGMS vs Host Tools.

Zeevou is a channel manager that lets you synchronize your rates and availability instantly with over 200 channels. It helps you automate nearly all areas of vacation rental management, optimizing processes, and minimizing the risk of human error. Next to channel management, Zeevou has a myriad of other features, including a property management system, a website builder, and reporting tools.

Price: Starts at $53.12 per listing per month (Premium Plan).

The best Airbnb property management apps
Tokeet is is a one-stop-shop for vacation rental management tools. It gives owners total control over their business with tools like workflow automation, channel management, reservation and property management, and dynamic pricing. The full-stack platform also offers invoicing and reporting features, as well as an e-signature and document management solution.

Price: Starts at $9.99 per listing per month (Entry Plan).

Your Porter
Your Porter is an all-in-one vacation rental software that lets you manage your distribution, improve your guest communication, boost your reviews, and coordinate your team from a single platform. Its features include automated messages, a website builder, a mobile app, and a channel manager.

Price: Starts at $9.00 per listing per month. Minimum package covers the first 2 listings.

Need more info? Check out our comparison of Your Porter vs Smartbnb vs Host Tools.

OwnerRez is an end-to-end vacation rental management platform. It helps you manage your properties in a flexible and streamlined way. It has a wide array of booking management, messaging automation, channel management, and reporting tools that can help you save time and simplify your processes.

Price: Starts at $35.00 per listing per month. Premium features not included.

The best Airbnb smart home apps
Operto is an integrated suite of smart home solutions that lets you manage your smart locks, thermostats, sensors, and other devices from a single platform. It allows you to automate your Airbnb keyless entry, save on energy costs, and monitor the temperature in your rental. Besides smart home automation, Operto also offers tools for enhancing the guest experience and efficiently managing your teams.

Price: Starts at $15.00 per listing per month (Core Plan).

Keycrib is a cloud-based smart home software that lets you monitor temperature, humidity, smoke levels, and estimated occupants in real time. It also has a keyless entry solution to help you automate your check-ins and a sound monitor that alerts you of excessive noise levels. Plus, you can connect a motion-sensor camera to the Keycrib platform to keep unauthorized pets or guests from entering your rental.

Price: Starts at $10.00 per month (smart home devices no included).

The best Airbnb tools for guest messaging
Host Tools
Host Tools is an easy-to-use, budget-friendly tool for short-term rental hosts that lets you automate different aspects of your business, including guest messaging.

Thanks to its customizable message templates and highly versatile message rules, Host Tools lets you set up Airbnb automated messages in just a few easy steps. This way, you won’t have to type out and manually send a guest message ever again.

There’s no better way to save time and appear like an attentive host than sending your guests the exact information they need at exactly the right time. You can achieve this by using specific events that trigger the sending of automated messages, and fine-tuning your settings so all your messages are fully optimized for enhancing the guest experience.

Here’s how to set up a new message rule in Host Tools:

how to set up automated message rules in host tools
If you want to start automating your guest messaging, try Host Tools for free today.

Price: $5.00 per listing per month.

Wishbox is a platform that lets you manage every aspect of your guest experience and communication. It allows you to send automated messages, do contactless check-ins and collect guest information before arrival, provide your guests with a customizable welcome app, and increase your revenue with upselling tools. All in all, it helps you engage with your guests and automate repetitive tasks.

Price: Starts at $6.25 per listing per month. Only pay for active rentals.

The best Airbnb welcome apps
TouchStay is a handy digital welcome book that your guests can access via a link in an email. It’s fully customizable: you can add any practical information, local recommendations, or insider tips that you’d like your guests to have. TouchStay helps you become more efficient by preempting commonly asked questions and answering them before your guests even have a chance to ask.

Price: Between $2.00 to $6.00 per listing per month, depending on the size of your portfolio.

HelloHere allows you to streamline your guest communication with a digital guestbook, a destination guide, a marketplace of additional services, a live chat function, and an automated messaging tool. It comes in the form of a branded app that lets you market anything you want, with the goal of strengthening your brand, increasing your revenue, and encouraging direct bookings.

Price: Starts at around $8.49 per listing per month.


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