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If you’re looking for the best apps for android free download, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the best and most popular free apps that are available on Android devices. If you want to get more out of your phone or tablet, these are some of the best options out there.

Let’s start with one of my favorite apps: Evernote. This is a great app for keeping track of everything in your life. It allows you to take notes, record audio and video, create lists and reminders—and it syncs everything across all your devices!

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Another app that I use every day is Hootsuite. It’s an easy way to schedule posts on Twitter or Facebook using an interface that makes it simple even for non-techies like me!

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The best free Android apps of 2022: the best apps in the Google Play Store
By James Rogerson last updated 15 days ago

The best free Android apps, tested and ranked

An image of an Android phone against a brown background with the words “best free android apps”
(Image credit: SoundCloud)
Finding the best free android apps on the Google Play Store can be a real chore, what with all the options out there. Who knew, when Google launched Android 13 years ago, that there would be this many available apps to choose from. You can find one to cater for every need, whim, or desire. And, a lot of them come with that magic price tag, free, so that you’re just a few clicks away from taking your phone to the next level.

But, just because there’s such a glut of apps out there doesn’t mean that most of them are quality. There’s a lot that you should probably skip. In fact, the Play Store gives you a lot of tools to parse through all the noise, from Editor’s Picks for different categories to recommendations for new releases or for apps based on your prior downloads.

You can also narrow the search by reading reviews and ratings or searching for an app you have and seeing what similar results pop up.

With that said, there are so many in the store’s library, that a free android app that’s worth downloading can still get lost in the shuffle. To help you find the best android apps that are free, we’ve collected our top picks here to make sure you have all the apps you could want or need on your phone or tablet, sorted into categories so you can more easily find what you’re looking for.

Not an Android user? You can use these apps on one of the best Android emulators.

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Every month we add a new app to this list, and you’ll find the latest addition below.

Screenshots showing Widgetshare on Android

(Image credit: Galew)
Widgetshare is a fun little app that lets you share photo widgets with friends and family. Just snap a picture or add one from your gallery, optionally edit it (which you can do in-app with some basic tools), and then get someone else with the app to enter a code, which will then share the image with them.

That image can be displayed as a widget on either of your phones, but the fun bit is that either person can edit or change the image at any time, and the widget will update accordingly. So it’s a fun way to send photos to each other and have them appear on your home screen.

There’s not much more to Widgetshare than that, but it’s free and there’s an iOS app too, with cross platform support.


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