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Are you looking for the best apps for android tablet 2021? You are at the right place. In this article, we will be discussing all the apps that you can use on your android tablets. These apps have been designed to work on any device and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

The first app that we would like to discuss is a browser called Dolphin. This browser has been chosen because it allows users to browse their favorite websites in an easy manner. It has a user-friendly interface and provides an excellent experience for its users. Users can also find many other useful features such as ad blocking, private browsing mode etc., which makes it a popular choice among users worldwide! Another great feature of this app is that there are no pop-up ads or annoying pop-ups while browsing through different sites!

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Another amazing app that we would like to mention here is called Amazon Kindle Reader App – Free eBooks & Audiobooks. This app was developed by Amazon Inc., which is one of the largest online retailers in America today and has millions of customers worldwide who shop online every day! The main purpose behind developing this app was to provide a platform for readers where they could buy books online via their smartphones or

best apps for an android tablet

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The 17 Best Android Tablet Apps of 2022
Get the most out of your new device
By Julia Borgini Updated on January 3, 2022 Reviewed by Lisa Mildon

Best Apps
Payment Services
With over 2.5 million apps in Google Play, it can be a challenge to find the best ones for your Android tablet. A tablet is great for watching movies and TV shows, editing photos, reading books, discovering new recipes, and more.

Sure, we could’ve just rounded up the usual tablet apps, but this time we thought we’d gather some of the more interesting and creative ones for you.

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Feedly app on Android
What We Like
Offers suggestions of feeds based on topics you’re interested in.

Easy to add the RSS feed from external sites.

Syncs between desktop and mobile versions.

What We Don’t Like
No way to search feeds for Feedly Free users (only Pro and Team plans can do this).

Not as aesthetically pleasing as other reader apps.

Our review of Feedly
Feedly is an RSS reader app that automatically downloads the latest articles and posts from sites with an RSS feed. The interface is easy to use, it syncs between devices, and you can follow as many topics and feeds as you want.

Follow a few topics or RSS feeds and then when you log in, your news feed automatically refreshes.

Download Feedly
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Pocket app on Android
What We Like
App is free.

Offers suggestions of feeds based on topics you’re interested in.

Syncs between desktop and mobile versions.

What We Don’t Like
Searching in the free version of the app only looks at titles and URLs.

Bulk tagging of articles must be done manually (you cannot select all articles at once).

Pocket is a free save-for-later online reading app that lets you curate your own news feed. Save stories, articles, news, videos, and more, from any publisher or app on your tablet. Use the tablet app to read all the articles you didn’t have time to read previously.

Download Pocket
of 17
Zinio app on Android
What We Like
The individual magazine subscriptions, rather than an all-in-one subscription.

Access to Marvel comics, which is normally not part of these kinds of services.

What We Don’t Like
The individual magazine subscriptions, as it can get pricey if you want to read from a lot of magazines.

Not many interactive elements while reading.

ZINIO is a digital newsstand app, giving you access to magazines from around the world. Use your tablet’s larger screen to enjoy a traditional magazine layout experience or use the innovative text mode for a more modern reading experience. Selected articles are free, while others require a subscription to the magazine.

Download Zinio
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PressReader app for Android
What We Like
Good search functionality to find relevant magazines or topics.

HotSpots give free users instant complimentary access to the entire catalog.

What We Don’t Like
More expensive subscription than other options (starting at $29.99/month)

Can only share/sync content with five devices.

PressReader is an online magazine and newspaper reader. For a monthly subscription, readers get access to over 7,000 magazines and newspapers from around the world. Even without a subscription, PressReader gives complimentary access to their entire catalog when you’re at one of their HotSpots; you can search for them easily from their site or through the app.

Download PressReader
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Libby by Overdrive
Libby app for Android
What We Like
Content is free with a library card.

Can read previews of books without downloading the whole thing.

What We Don’t Like
Need a library card to use it.

No way to control the lighting setting of the app.

Our review of Libby
Libby by Overdrive is an ebook and audiobook platform tied to libraries around the world. Simply open the app, connect it to your local library, and you can borrow eBooks and audiobooks with your library card for free. Download books to read offline, send books to your Kindle app, and keep track of your reading history in the Activity tab of the app.

Download Libby by Overdrive
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Moon+ Reader
Moon+ Reader app for Android
What We Like
Many different themes for the app, allowing users to customize it as they like.

Supports gesture controls while reading.

Read in landscape mode with dual-page functionality.

What We Don’t Like
Need a Dropbox account to sync content between devices.

No built-in store to download content from.

Only supports local content files.

Moon+ Reader is another eReader app for those looking for a no-frills, basic reader for their tablets. It supports a wide range of eBook formats, has 10+ themes, gesture controls, auto-scrolling, and multiple device syncing via Dropbox. Get access to even more settings and ditch the ads by going pro for $6.99.

Download Moon+
of 17
Flipboard app for Android
What We Like
Smooth, modern interface makes reading a breeze.

Content partnerships with major publishers.

Offline reading modes.

Mute publications, topics, and hashtags from appearing in your feedd.

What We Don’t Like
Articles behind a paywall trigger the paywall option only after clicking the article to read it.

Coverage of trending stories may be repetitive.

Ads appear between stories and is hard to discern.

Our review of Flipboard
Flipboard is a news reader app where you can create your own virtual magazine. Simply choose interests to have it find related articles for you or add in your favorite site RSS and social media feeds to it. Flipboard displays everything in an easy to read manner while making it easy to share the stories back on your social media feeds too. While it’s great on a smartphone, it’s even better on a tablet as you can take advantage of the larger screen size.

Download Flipboard
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Amazon Kindle
Amazon Kindle app for Android
What We Like
Many free books to download.

Upload your own documents and books to read through the app.

Many font size options.

What We Don’t Like
Requires an Amazon account to use the app, even if you’re not buying any books through it.

Requires a credit card to download anything, including free books.

Our review of the Amazon Kindle app
The Amazon Kindle is a free app you can use buy and download books. Tablets make good ebook readers because of their larger screens. The Kindle app has a variety of reading options and settings, including downloading books for offline reading. The app is flexible enough to let you import non-Amazon books or documents too, including PDF and TXT files.

Download Amazon Kindle app
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Google Play Books
Google Play Books on Android
What We Like
App is free.

Has a good selection of available books.

Syncs across all apps to keep track of where you are in a book.

What We Don’t Like
Not as many mainstream books as some services.

The Google Play Books app is another good free ebook reader. Like the Kindle app, you can purchase books from the Google Play store or upload your own PDF or EPUB files to read. It also has a good free books list that you can download to your app.

Download Google Play Books app
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Netflix app for Android
What We Like
Wide variety of content available.

Easy to use on any tablet.

What We Don’t Like
Netflix increases their prices frequently.

Categories can be hard to find through the app.

Our review of Netflix
The granddaddy of all the streaming services, Netflix is great to use on your tablet to take advantage of the larger screen. It has a huge selection of shows, movies, and documentaries and streams videos in HDR10 and Dolby Vision videos. Use the app to enjoy your shows on the larger tablet screen instead of your smartphone.

Download Netflix
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Autodesk Sketchbook
AutoDesk Sketchbook for Android
What We Like
UI is clean and easy to use.

Works well with both touch input or stylus.

Offers good discounts for longer subscription lengths.

What We Don’t Like
Free version has a limited amount of tools available.

Free trial isn’t long enough to understand how to use the app fully.

Autodesk Sketchbook app is a digital drawing and painting app for tablets. Whether you’re a casual drawer or a professional artist, you can use Sketchbook to capture any idea you may have. Snap a picture of a drawing and import it into the app to finish it off with colors and effects. Draw with pencils, inks, markers, or one of the 190 customizable brushes available in the app to help you incorporate textures and shapes into your drawings.

Download Sketchbook
of 17
Snapseed app for Android
What We Like
Full edit history.

Portrait and Head Pose options to make people pictures stand out.

What We Don’t Like
No auto-save.

Some touch gestures needed to use features are not obvious to casual users.

Snapseed is a free photo editing app and offers serious tools usually only found in higher priced apps. Use the edit brushes or film-related filters to give your pictures a professional touch. The Portrait and Head Pose modes give you the ultimate control on selfies and other pictures with people in them, so you can highlight eyes, smooth skin, change the background focus, and more. The Undo and Redo options make it easy to try out changes to your photos without committing to them, and with a full edit history, you can remove or re-apply earlier effects easily.

Download SnapSeed
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Pixlr app for Android
What We Like
Easy-to-use collage tool.

Editing controls are easy to understand and use.

What We Don’t Like
UI is cluttered.

No help feature in the app.

Our review of Pixlr
Pixlr is a free photo editing app with a wide selection of tools and filters you can add to any picture. Edit your pictures with traditional photography tools like contrast, crop, and brightness, or adjust it with fun tools like color splash (turning all but one color to grayscale) or doodle (freestyle drawing on top of the picture). Pixlr lets you share your edited pictures directly to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, or you can simply save it locally on your tablet.

Download Pixlr
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Guides by Lonely Planet
Guides by Lonely Planet app for Android
What We Like
Over 200+ cities available in the app.

Travellers suggest new cities to add, so it’s not just the usual cities on there.

Need to Know section is perfect for trip planning or daydreaming.

What We Don’t Like
No Home button in the app, so it’s not obvious how to get back to the start after downloading a guide.

City names are only searchable in English, not in the local language.

For those of you who like to travel, Lonely Planet’s Guide app is for you. It bundles maps, recommendations, and budget guides for over 100 cities around the world. Discover where to stay and eat, what attractions to see, and uncover the hidden gems of these cities from Lonely Planet’s expert writers. You can even start learning some key phrases in different languages, so you’ll be prepared for your trip.

Download Guides from Lonely Planet
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TripAdvisor app for Android
What We Like
Has a ton of great info on cities to plan your trip.

Uncover new ways to explore cities.

What We Don’t Like
Can’t always trust the info in the app.

Advanced booking isn’t always available on the app.

A veteran of the travel app market, TripAdvisor is good for finding reviews about places to go and stay. On a tablet, it’s great to explore the photos and videos of cities, attractions, restaurants, and hotels. Customer feedback and ratings are one of the top features of the app, letting you sort through cities, attractions, hotels, and more based on the ratings.

Bookmark your favorites and come back to them to plan your next trip (or to simply view the pictures again). When you sign up for a profile on the app, you can see all of your favorite places, ratings, and more. You can also follow people through the app, which is especially handy if you find someone with similar tastes as you, making it easier to find new places to go and see.

Download TripAdvisor
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All Recipes Dinner Spinner
Dinner Spinner app on Android
What We Like
Features over 50,000 recipes.

Great pictures and videos.

What We Don’t Like
Need to sign in to save recipes.

Discover new recipes to try with All Recipes’ Dinner Spinner app. Featuring nice pictures, reviews, and clear instructions, using this app on your tablet makes meal time a breeze. Bookmark recipes to try them out later or share them via email, Pinterest, or Facebook. You can even check out videos of the recipes, to learn new techniques or just see how others make them.

Sadly, the Dinner Spinner feature isn’t included on the tablet version of the app, which lets you randomize a recipe based on an ingredient or meal type, but it’s still a great app for browsing recipes.

Download All Recipes Dinner Spinner
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Kitchen Stories
Kitchen Stories app on Android
What We Like
High-quality videos are posted on the site.

Simple explanations for complex cooking techniques.

What We Don’t Like
How-To section isn’t organized into categories.

Comments are repetitive and not always helpful.

Kitchen Stories is another free recipe app, but it features videos of executive chefs creating the recipes instead of just the text for it. Every day there’s a featured video recipe, along with an inspiration video to expand your cooking repertoire. It’s perfect for home chefs who want a little more instruction on new recipes than just reading a recipe.

Download Kitchen Stories
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