Best Apps For Android Tablets

The 8 best drawing apps for Android

The Android tablet is a great device for entertainment, but it can also be used for productivity. In this article, we will discuss the best apps for Android tablets.

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage services. It is available on both Android and iOS devices and offers 15 GB of free storage space. You can use Google Drive to upload files from your computer or tablet and view them from anywhere. The app also allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, PDFs and more using Google Docs. You can share these documents with others using email or by sending them a link to access it via Google Drive.

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Netflix offers unlimited streaming video that can be accessed on any device equipped with an Internet connection, including tablets like the iPad 2 or Galaxy Tab 10.1.”

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15 Best Android Tablet Apps You Should Install Today
BySarah Hanks

So you just got hold of a shiny, new Android tablet but couldn’t get around your head on what apps to install? Well, when it comes to finding the best Android tablet apps, it can be confusing! While most Android apps are meant for Android phones only, most of them run and scale well on your Android tablet too.

Tablet users can download apps in different genres as per their liking. Be it entertainment, news, OTT platforms, music streaming, Android games, or any other niche – you can enjoy oodles of services on your brand new tablet just as you do on your smartphone.

Table of Contents
15 Best Android Tablet Apps To Bookmark And Install

  1. Amazon Kindle
  2. USAToday
  3. Google Drive
  4. Evernote
  5. Spotify
  6. Zinio
  7. File Manager
  8. Adobe Lightroom
  9. Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard
  10. Sketchbook
  11. News360
  12. Netflix
  13. Guides By Lonely Planet
  14. Libby By Overdrive
  15. LastPass Password Manager
    15 Best Android Tablet Apps To Bookmark And Install
    Let us help you decide on the top tablet apps to get from the Play Store. These apps run well on most Android tablets and should set you in the groove to download more task-specific apps later.
  16. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle – the most visited ebook store! If you are fond of devouring books in your leisure time, there’s no better option to help you. This single Android tablet app is your doorway to millions of books in different languages and genres. So, regardless of whether you love fiction or non-fiction, you will find whatever you want.

With Amazon Kindle, you can purchase and download any book of your choice and read them as and when you wish. What’s more, you can also gift books to your friends and family through this free Android app. So, if you want to hold an extensive library of your favorite books in your pocket, here’s the perfect tablet phone app to help your cause!

Download Amazon Kindle

  1. USAToday

USAToday has everything you need at hand for those who want the latest news in the United States. You can select the news updates you want to receive on your tablet and enjoy reading them at your convenience.

The USAToday tablet app also allows users to play games like sudoku and crossword puzzles and listen to podcasts for entertainment. In addition, you can turn on notifications to receive breaking news and updates about the topics you care about the most. USAToday is one of the best Android tablet apps to opt for on the Play Store to deliver the latest news.

Download USAToday

  1. Google Drive

Google Drive is an essential part of your life, whether you are a student or a corporate professional. It allows users to store important subjective and numerical data online and access them as per your requirements.

If you are used to the Microsoft Office suite, transitioning to the Google Drive suite will be a cinch for you. What’s more, the ease of access means you can work on your documents using your tablet if you are bored of working on a laptop.

The Google Drive free app offers a 15GB free storage space to hold different files like word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. That feature alone makes it a Google app too lucrative to miss out on and one of the best apps for tablets on the Google Play Store.

Download Google Drive

  1. Evernote

If you plan to use your brand new Android tablet as your mainstream Android device, Evernote is a necessity for you, just like your mobile device. This application allows users to jot down essential things on the go and create to-do lists for a particular period.

Having a note-taking app on your tablet or Android phone is always a good habit since it helps you note down important things that your mind might forget otherwise. Evernote also syncs with multiple devices so that you can access your to-do lists irrespective.

Users can also capture photos and do other productive activities, making it one of the best Android tablet apps on the Play Store.

Download Evernote

  1. Spotify

Love listening to music in your spare time? Then, you can go to Spotify to quench your thirst for music. The best thing about this application is it allows you to discover the latest songs in every possible genre you can think of. You can search for a song using the song name, album, or artist.

That’s not all; Spotify also curates a mix of playlists every day for different moods so you can have clarity about the sort of music you want to listen to at an instant in time. Users can also download the songs and playlists to listen to them offline. So if you are looking for a music streaming tool, Spotify is one of the best applications for an Android tablet.

Download Spotify

  1. Zinio

If you enjoy reading magazines on your tablet or Android smartphone, make sure you give Zinio a try. This magazine is famous and well-known for distributing 6000+ magazines in various niches in over 200 countries.

Zinio’s app has already won the trust of millions of users with the functional features it offers. For example, you can start reading a magazine and save it for reading in the future. Some of the most popular magazine niches on this award-winning Android app are Food & Home, Art & Photography, Fashion & Entertainment, and much more.

If reading is more than just a hobby, Zinio is one of the best Android tablet apps that ought to be on your phone!

Download Zinio

  1. File Manager

If you are storing a substantial amount of data on your Android tablet, it’s essential to have a good file manager app that can help you access all the files easily in one place. The File Manager is a powerful and full-featured app that efficiently manages your files and folder.

Regarded as one of the best free tablet applications on the Play Store, File Manager has a straightforward user interface that makes it easy for users to understand how to navigate through it. The app also supports essential functions like copy, paste, delete, cut, rename, compress, decompress, transfer, download, organize, and more.

Download File Manager

  1. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a must-have application if you love editing photos and images on your phone or tablet. Of course, you can do basic editing using the built-in image viewer, but having this phone app will allow you to use many other features that aren’t available in the basic editor.

Users can organize their photos and also share them directly from the Lightroom gallery. You can also try out many Adobe Lightroom alternatives if you are using the software on your computer.

Download Adobe Lightroom

  1. Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard

How good would it be if your Android tablet device knew beforehand about the terms you wanted to search or enter? Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard is an intelligent keyboard that can learn your writing style and prompt you with correct suggestions while typing. These suggestions help you type faster than your standard typing speed.

Regarded as one of the best Android tablet apps, the Swiftkey Keyboard also allows you to enter emojis and GIFs to enhance your writing style. What’s more, this keyboard also saves your slang, emojis, and nicknames. In addition, there are 100+ colorful keyboard themes which can with which you can easily enhance your keyboard.

Download Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard

  1. Sketchbook

Previously known as Sketchbook Pro, Sketchbook is one of the best Android apps for tablets to have if you love drawing. If you are frequently traveling and any idea strikes, you can draw it out on this app and work on it later. The powerful sketching tools in Sketchbook will help you add different creative styles to your sketches.

If you are a professional artist and an Android user, you can use Sketchbook to draw top-notch sketches easily using your stylus. Tools like pencils, inks, markers, and over 190 customizable brushes can incorporate textures and shapes in your drawings.

Download Sketchbook

  1. News360
    News 360 is your pot of gold that brings you news about your favorite subjects from every nook and corner of the world. All you need to do is install this tablet phone app and choose your interests; the app will take care of the rest and make sure you get all the timely updates you signed up for.

News360 has a beautiful interface that allows you to scan headlines on the screen. You can click on the headline and read the full report as per your preference. There are more than 100,000 sources from which News360 provides you the required updates. You can also read the reports through the widget without opening the app.

Download News360

  1. Netflix

Well, who doesn’t love watching movies and dramas? If entertainment is the food you need after a tiresome day at work, leave it to Netflix to uplift your mood. If you love watching well-acclaimed social dramas, TV shows, movies, and documentaries, there’s no better place to be than Netflix.

Users will unanimously agree that Netflix is one of the best Android tablet apps for entertainment. You can browse new titles and stream movies and TV shows of your choice. The more content you watch on Netflix, it starts creating a list of shows and movies based on the content you have watched earlier. Users can make up to five accounts, and it allows you to personalize your account as per your requirements.

Download Netflix

  1. Guides By Lonely Planet
    Guides by Lonely Planet is one of the best apps for tablets if you traveling is your greatest passion. This application will help you explore new cities and places easily by giving you the tiniest details about the site you visit.

What’s more, Guides is also packed with offline maps to help you navigate easily in a new city. In addition, the audio phrasebook helps users get well-acquainted with the colloquial language of the places they visit. You will also have access to 350+ award-winning travel shows on Guides, one of the best Android tablet apps.

Download Guides By Lonely Planet

  1. Libby By Overdrive

If you are a bookworm, you ought to have Libby on your Android tablet. Libby is an e-library where you can borrow millions of ebooks and audiobooks with a Library card. You can browse and read books in various genres. You can also download these books for offline use or stream them to save space.

Libby’s user interface allows you to adjust the text size, background color, and book design according to your liking and is one of the best Android tablet apps. You can also search for a particular word or phrase and find its meaning. If you like a specific line or excerpt in a book, you can bookmark it or highlight it. If books are your passion, have a happy time reading books in Libby!

Download Libby by Overdrive

  1. LastPass Password Manager
    Privacy is an essential aspect of using any electronic device, be it a PC, phone, or tablet. We often create multiple accounts and passwords on different websites. However, trouble arises when we can’t remember each of these passwords. This is where LastPass Password Manager comes into play.

Regarded as one of the best Android tablet apps, this tool helps users store online account logins and passwords. This activity eliminates the hassle of creating a new password for an account every time you forget your old password. Instead, all you have to do is remember your LastPass master password, and LastPass will autofill web browser and app logins for you.

Download LastPass Password Manager

Android apps are predominantly used on Android smartphones. However, some of these applications also function well on an Android tablet. Hence, if you are contemplating buying a new tablet to fulfill your daily needs, you can refer to this list of the best Android tablet apps to help you with different tasks.

These essential apps are tools used for some of the most common purposes like reading news, listening to music, streaming videos online, managing files, and much more. But, of course, installing any of these apps depends on the user’s needs and experience.

(Updated on 8th July, 2021)

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