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Welcome to our blog, where we break down the best apps for android tv box 2019. You may have heard of Android TV boxes, but what are they? And why do you need one?

An Android TV box is a small device that connects to your TV and allows you to stream content from the internet. It’s basically a mini computer that can run apps just like your smartphone or tablet—but instead of being used on a flat screen, it’s designed for use with your TV.

This means that you can watch movies, listen to music, and play games on your TV without having to connect any cables or use an external device like a laptop or phone.

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best tv apps for android box


The 20 Best Android TV Apps Worth Installing ASAP
UPDATED AUG 23, 2021
Just bought an Android TV device? Here are the must-have Android TV apps to install on your device today!

So, you’ve bought an Android TV device. Congratulations! But now what?

A few apps—like YouTube and Netflix—might come pre-installed. For the rest, it’s up to you. For the best experience, you need a mix of videos, music, productivity, and system apps.

With that in mind, here are the essential Android TV apps you need to install right away.

  1. MX Player
    MX Player has long been considered one of the best video players on Android. Its qualities comfortably translate onto the larger screen.

The app can play a vast number of codecs and supports subtitle files. The interface is smooth and easy to use.

MX Player can also read both locally saved files and content from external drives, making it an excellent companion for anyone whose Android TV device has USB ports.

Download: MX Player (Free)

  1. Sideload Launcher
    sideload launcher app
    The Google Play Store on Android TV is a slimmed-down version of the smartphone version. Some apps are not Android TV-compatible, so there aren’t as many to choose from. However, the operating system is capable of running any Android app, making sideloading apps on Android TV a popular activity.

But there’s an issue. Apps that you sideload will not show up on your device’s home screen or list of apps. The only native way to access them is via the Settings menu. Thus, the solution is to install a third-party app. Sideload Launcher is the easiest one to use. When you open it, you’ll see a list of all your sideloaded apps.



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