Best Apps For Aspiring Rappers

Aspiring rappers, get ready to take your career to the next level!

We know how hard it is to make it in this game, so we’ve compiled a list of the best apps for aspiring rappers. These apps can help you manage your finances, promote your music and build a fanbase.

Some of these apps also offer an opportunity to collaborate with other artists and make connections within the industry.

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We’ve made sure each app has its own unique features that make it stand out from the rest. Check out our top picks below:

7 Best Apps For Rappers On iPhone And Android - Music Industry How To

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21 best rapper apps
21 Best Apps For Rappers [TO UP YOUR RAP GAME]
Published on: April 1, 2022 by PerformerLife
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Making it as a rapper has never been easier. While you still need some talent to come up with a hype-worthy song and practice to perfect your flow, mobile apps have made it easier to find ready-made beats, create beats from scratch on the go, come up with song ideas, gain exposure, and even size up the competition.

But with the internet flooded with all kinds of apps for rappers (some of which aren’t that great), it can be tricky to find the right solution when you want to address a specific problem quickly.

To help you out, we’ll be looking at some of the best apps for rappers out there, with a special focus on multi-functionality. We’ll also walk you through each of these apps to show you exactly how they can help advance your rap career.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Table of Contents

  1. Genius
  2. Rhymeo
  3. Soundcloud
  4. Tunable
  5. MixPads
  6. uFXloops Music Studio
  7. Autorap
  8. Rapchat
  9. Battle Me
  10. Rapscript
  11. N-Track Studio DAW 9
  12. Hip-Hop Producer Pads
  13. SongMemo
  14. Music Maker JAM
  15. Triller
  16. MyMixtapez
  17. Tape A Talk Recorder
  18. Rap to Beats
  19. Rap Wars Free
  20. Voloco
  21. I Am T-Pain
    Summing Up
  22. Genius
    Quite often, the difference between a novice new-school rapper and a veteran OG is how well they know hip hop culture and history. Veterans know that being well-versed with the roots and lingo of hip hop culture is important to a rapper’s street cred, but the same can’t be said of many newly minted MCs.

get to know rap lyrics with the genius app.
If you’re in the latter category, Genius can help you study up. Created by the same people behind Rap Genius, this app has all the meanings of lyrics of virtually any hip hop song you can name. Simply put, it’s your one-stop solution to understanding the references, metaphors, disses, word plays, and any other hip hop lingo in your favorite rapper’s songs.

If you’re a fan, looking to know more about hip hop culture or an artist looking to improve their street cred, Genius is an app you’ll want to check out.

  1. Rhymeo
    To succeed as a freestyle rapper, you need to know consonance like the back of your hand and be able to lock down a flow. Most importantly, you need a ton of practice.

get more into freestyling your rap with rhymeo.
With Rhymeo, you can do all three from the comfort of your iOS phone.

The app is specifically designed to help enhance your improvisational skills so you can take your freestyles to the next level, which it does by dropping you a beat to rap over as it suggests rhyming words to help you complete each line without breaking rhythm.

And if you end up creating something hype-worthy, Rhymeo allows you to save up to 40 seconds of it so you can share with other rappers. This is literal gold for anyone wanting to get serious about rapping!

  1. Soundcloud
    As mentioned earlier, practice is critical to succeeding as a rapper. But even with lots of it, your rap game will inevitably hit a plateau if you don’t show the world what you’ve got. If a warehouse rap battle (think 8 mile) seems too intimidating of an idea, a less harrowing way to show the industry what you’re made of would be to upload your music to Soundcloud.

soundcloud is an amazing place for new rappers to post their work.
With the Soundcloud app, you can get feedback on your music from fans and other rappers in a less intimidating way. This makes the app great for artists who are relatively new to the hip hop scene, especially those who need to work on their confidence before stepping up the rap battle scene.

So if you’re just getting started on your rap career and have no way to share your tracks with the world for free or simply want some feedback on your music, Soundcloud is an app you need to download ASAP.

  1. Tunable
    Tunable is an app you need to install if you love playing musical instruments with robust visual toolkits. With this app, you can play a good number of instruments with an innovative model that will help take your game to the next level. More importantly, it’s super easy to use.

the tunable app will help budding rappers stay in tune, among other things.
As for the features, there’s a ton; but the accurate visual metronome will perhaps be the most useful when recording. It’ll help you play at a steady tempo without inadvertently speeding up or slowing down and ensure metrically precise performances.

To top that up, Tunable comes with more than 18 tuning temperaments. There are also vertical and horizontal tuning displays, as well as a plus-sized, colorful tuning indicator. That’s not to mention the built-in code and tone generator, which gives you more options than you need when playing codes.

With such adjustability, you can customize your music to sound exactly how you want it to with an easy-to-use app. When done creating, you can share your songs with other people via social media in just a few clicks.

  1. MixPads
    If you’re looking to add groove to your music or remix some tracks, MixPads can be very helpful. It’s a great android app for making DJ sounds, and super easy-to-use thanks to its user-friendly interface.

mixpads takes a drum machine and puts it in app form.
Original music loops and over 30 drum pads are included, as well as a handful of important features that include:

A reverse effect that allows you to reverse your tracks as many times as you need to get things right
Ability to record any voice/sound and mix it into your tracks
A variety of Pro DJ sounds
Twelve one-shot pads
A finger drumming option that allows you to add unique rhythm to all your tracks
This app will be simply amazing for any budding rapper looking for cool loops and beats to rhyme to 🙂

  1. uFXloops Music Studio
    The uFXloops Music Studio app is exactly what it sounds like: a mini music studio. For upcoming rappers struggling to secure studio time, this app can be a career saver. While it doesn’t have the exact functionality of a full-sized studio, it provides all the important features you need to make a hit or remix your past tracks on the cheap. Yeah, I know the app looks like it’s from the 90’s but trust me 🙂

uFXloops music studio is an awesome app for rappers that want to record without the expense of a studio.
There are over 3000 samples and 200 free projects to inspire your creative process, and over 3000 instrumental sounds to help you create the perfect beat on a user-friendly soundboard. Also, you can use the pitch-shifting process on a variety of modes, and mix volume on up to four layers.

  1. Autorap
    Unlike many apps for rappers, you can use Autorap on both iOS and Android devices. More importantly, it’s free, user-friendly, and packs a collection of more than 100 beats from some of the best artists in the game. Each beat in the collection is unique, and you can easily choose one and rap over to create studio-grade music without having to pay for studio time.

autorap is an app that makes rapping alot easier and more fun.
However, what really steals the spotlight is the speech-into-rap feature, which allows you to incorporate your voice into tracks. It’s particularly useful when making hip hop skits, which are a staple for concept albums nowadays. You can use this feature with talk modes such as rap battles, normal conversations, remixes, and any other form of speech that you feel can add value to your single or album.

  1. Rapchat
    With Rapchat, you can create, discover, and share hip hop music for free on your mobile device. The app comes with more than 100 unique instrumentals and beats from some of the chart-topping artists and producers around the world, meaning you won’t lack something that brings the best out of you.

Rapchat allows budding rappers to easily get their work out there.
With such a variety, creating music on your smartphone will be as easy as simply selecting a beat or instrumental and laying down some bars. And if you need to scribble down some rhymes as part of your creative process, you can use Rapchat as a notepad app, too.

Once the music is ready, Rapchat will allow you to share it with your fans in less than a minute thanks to its user-friendly interface.

  1. Battle Me
    If you love rap battles, Battle Me is a must-have. Not only do you get to start battles with other rappers but also discover new hip hop hits with this easy-to-use app. There’s a diverse catalog of beats to choose from, and you can record your battles and use them in your next track (just make sure to get permission from all parties in that battle!!).

BattleMe is a great app that rappers can use to practise rap battles.
Speaking of recording, you can record both audio and video for free and share your creations via social media in a few clicks.

  1. Rapscript
    With Rapscript, you can easily turn your words into rap on both Android and IOS devices for free. It has a user-friendly interface, from where you can search for new rap challenges and test your game against other artists.

Rapscript is an app that gets you writing rap lyrics in no time!
There are three skill levels and ten speed categories to accommodate novice rappers and veterans alike, as well as six different languages to include people from varying backgrounds. Plus, Rapscript allows you to create stories and convert music using the wide variety of included beats. Rapscript helps you up your rap game in a fun way!

  1. N-Track Studio DAW 9
    Like the uFXloops Music Studio, N-Track Studio DAW 9 allows you to convert your smartphone into a virtual mobile studio. It’s popular among rappers who are just starting out and need a way to create a few demo tracks without having to spend on studio time. That said, it’s not uncommon for established rappers to use the N-Track to record song ideas when they aren’t in a situation to access the studio.

n-Track studio is just that….a studio…in your pocket!!
Despite being free, the N-Track Studio DAW packs all the features you need to create great music. Some of the key highlights include:

A MIDI tracker that allows you to manage your audio
A step sequencing system
Guitar and bass amp simulators
Complete DAW editing, recording, and mixing environment
Free premium soundbanks
Ability to play AVI and MPEG videos in sync with your tracks in a dedicated playback window
It supports multichannel USB
A 64-bit audio engine

  1. Hip-Hop Producer Pads
    The Hip-Hop Producer Pads app comes in handy when you’re looking to compose some quality hip hop music and remixes on the go. Basically, it’s a virtual drum machine and sampler in one.

compose hip hop tracks in minutes with this app Hip Hop Producer Pads.
With this app, you can use One-Shots, Loops, and Samples to arrange your music and control the tones and beats. And because rhythm is everything in hip hop, a Metronome is included to help with that. Sharing your music is also super-easy, and you can do that via any social platform in a few clicks.

  1. SongMemo
    As an artist, you can never predict when the next big idea for a song is coming. Sometimes, it’ll catch you off guard, and you might not be in an ideal situation to jot it down. The problem is, you might end up forgetting what could have been a mega song idea in the midst of your daily hustle if you don’t write it down.

This is where the SongMemo app comes in handy.

SongMemo is a great app that rappers can use to get their first ideas for a song recorded.
It gives you a simpler way to take notes about song ideas quickly in a free, easy-to-use Android app. The built-in chord keyboard allows you to quickly scribble down chord progressions, and the app auto-detects every chord as you take notes. Also, you can switch up the key effortlessly using the capo feature or by transposing your song.

As for compatibility, you can use SongMemo with inter-app audio and AUv3. You can send MIDI events to other Android devices, or sync your songs across multiple iOS devices. There’s also a guitar chord diagram to help your creative process, as well as an easy-sharing user interface so you can exchange memos with other people effortlessly.

Just make sure this app is compatible with your particular phone, as some users have reported issues with certain phones not working well.

  1. Music Maker JAM
    Music Maker is a great app for creating, discovering, and sharing music on both Android and iOS devices. With this app, creating original hip hop music or remixes will only take a few taps and shakes—and of course, some talent.

To inspire your creative process, the app allows you to download samples from a variety of genres, such as hip hop, RnB, pop, house, EDM, techno, and trap. You can use the samples for inspiration or combine the different varieties to create a unique sound. You can also record your own acoustic instruments or vocals and include them in your creations.

Create and share your raps with Music Maker Jam.
The free version comes with an extensive studio-grade loops library. But if you find the free loops somewhat limited, you can get some free virtual currency and buy more of those. There’s a ton of free and premium FX & harmony features you can apply to all your beats, as well as an 8-channel mixer that allows you to record live with a flawless mixdown.

When you’re done creating, the convenient user interface allows you to share your music or unique sounds with a multi-million community on the app, or with friends and family via the various social platforms.

  1. Triller
    Thanks to social networks, you don’t need to spend big to make a name in the hip hop scene as long as you have a sick flow. With this in mind, the Triller app was designed to help you direct your music videos from a mobile device.

To do that, simply select a song and decide which bars you’d like to include in the video. The app will allow you to record numerous takes as it plays the selected song so you can sing along as you shoot the video.

Triller is a great app for new rappers to make cheap videos for their songs.
Once you’re satisfied that you have a hit, it’ll cut and piece them together to make a fully editable music video, which you can share on your favorite social platform effortlessly via the app or export to another platform for further polishing.

  1. MyMixtapez
    Although it was launched back in 2011, it wasn’t until recently that this app got the attention it deserves. While there’s an incredible team behind it, working with artists such as Lil Wayne and Meek Mill is perhaps what made MyMixtapez the streaming giant it is today.

Access mixtapez from some of the most exclusive artists (including rappers) in the world using this app.
Dubbed “Spotify for rappers and hip hop fans,” the app gives you a chance to stream or download rare mixtapes, B-sides, and singles as soon as they come out. In other words, it gives you access to music that—while precious for real hip hop heads—might fly under the radar. That said, MyMixtapez also delivers popular hits mixtapes. In fact, they landed exclusive rights to release Lil Wayne’s much anticipated Sorry 4 The Wait 2 back in 2015.

As an up-and-coming artist, MyMixtapez will be a valuable tool to show the world what you’re made of. Included in the user-friendly interface is a submission contact, which allows unsigned rappers to upload their singles or mixtapes for a chance to break out using the internet.

However, the vetting process is strict because the MyMixTapez team only works with serious artists. But if you get through, you’ll get a chance to get your music heard (or even downloaded) by millions of active users.

  1. Tape A Talk Recorder
    While not an app designed exclusively for rappers, Tape A Talk Recorder is a handy tool for musicians of all genres, students, lecturers, business people, and virtually anyone who needs to record high-quality audio. You can have it free or pay a few bucks for the premium version.

Tape a talk voice recorder is a free app that will allow you to easily record high quality rap vocals.
With the free version, you get unlimited audio recordings in the background. The audio quality is crystal clear when uncompressed, although this comes at the expense of extra storage space. If you’re looking to save space, you can always choose the lighter AAC format, which delivers decent sound quality.

With an emphasis on convenience, Tape a Talk Comes with the option to record with your screen off. This comes in handy when you’re looking to capture melodies, speeches, or other types of quality audio without causing a disturbance. Once you’ve captured your recordings, you can listen to them with a single click and edit within the app.

As for the storage options, you can save your recordings to external and internal storage. And if you don’t want to lose your audio in case your phone gets stolen, you have the option to upload it to the cloud (though this is a pro feature).

  1. Rap to Beats
    With a rich collection of urban bangers and out-of-the-box hip hop alternatives, Rap to Beats allows you to try out new ideas, so you take your rap game to the next level. It’s packed with an impressive collection of high-quality beats so you can play around with different tempos and find a BPM that brings the best out of you as a rapper, spoken word lyricist, or singer.

This app is everything you need to make a new rap song.
Included is a lyric pad where you can scribble down your bars, save, and share them. You also have the option to save your recordings in your SD card, which, unfortunately, you can only do in Mp3 format. Speaking of limitations, it’s worth mentioning that the app works best with 50% of your device’s max volume. Also, there are lots of ads, which isn’t surprising for a free app.

On the bright side, it features beats from some of the most popular artists in the game, such as Gunna, Young Thug, Drake, Kodak Black, J Cole, Flipp Dinero, and many more. So if your flow is close to that of any of these artists, Rap to Beats is an app you’ll want to grab ASAP.

  1. Rap Wars Free
    Rap Wars Free is a great IOS alternative to the Battle Me android app discussed earlier, but with a bit of extra functionality. The idea behind the app is to provide rappers with a one-stop solution for meeting other rappers, showcasing raw talent, and of course, battling. So if you’ve been looking to test your skills against other artists and/or get some feedback on your music, this app is one way to do it.

An IOS specific app for people that want to compete in rap battles.
There are 100s of beats to choose from, some of which are free, and others paid. In case you don’t find something that brings the best out of you, you can always upload your own beats. And while it’s primarily centered on battle rap, you don’t necessarily have to use Rap Wars to battle other rappers. You can record solo tunes, rate other rappers, or simply sit tight and watch intense rap battles unfold from the palm of your hand.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to register for a personalized experience. But even without registration, you can still use the rap to listen to other rappers or have some fun rapping along the available beats.

  1. Voloco
    Voloco combines autotune, vocoding, and harmony in one real-time voice processing IOS app. This makes it great for not just rappers, but also RnB singers looking to enhance their vocals and gain some exposure.

With Voloco, you simply need to choose a track from the app’s collection of free beats or your music library to sing/rap over, and the app will guess the track’s key and automatically tune your voice to it. This way, you’ll sound great in your recorded audio or video without having to go through the hassle of sampling multiple keys to find the best fit for your voice.

tune up your rap songs to sound their best with this app.
When you’re done recording, you can easily share your creations by posting them to your preferred social media platform. But even though you might prefer other channels such as Facebook or Twitter, you’ll want to include Instagram as one of your sharing channels. That’s because if you tag Voloco in your video/audio and they like it, they’ll share it via their social media accounts, giving you instant exposure to millions of music fans.

In case you want to further work on your recording in a different app before posting, Voloco allows you to easily export both audio and video for editing and mixing elsewhere. It also allows you to check out some of the top tracks other users have created with Voloco, which is great for inspiration and sizing up the competition.

  1. I Am T-Pain
    It’s no secret that every voice sounds better with autotune. So if you’re a great MC who can spit mad bars but can’t sing, you can give your hooks a boost with the T-Pain Effect through this app. And yes, it uses the same technology T-Pain uses on his albums: in case you didn’t gather that from the name.

With I Am T-Pain, you can transform your average voice into T-pain-Esque vocals by simply singing into your iPhone’s mic. You can use the songs included in the app’s library or import your personal playlist from iTunes. Original beats from some of the hottest producers in the game are also included, some of which you’ll have to pay for. Speaking of paying, the app isn’t free, but the subscription fee is more than pocket-friendly.

If you don’t like autotune, you can still record a song without it on the app. Needless to say, that’ll require more than decent vocals. And as with many apps on this round-up, I Am T-Pain allows you to share your recordings on social media with a single click.

Summing Up
That does it do for our review of the best apps for rappers. With 21 multifunctional apps to choose from, you have virtually everything you need to jumpstart your rap career. So if you haven’t done it already, download some of these apps and give them a go. You never know; maybe it’ll lead to your big break.

Remember to always share everything you create. Without showing the world what you’re made of, you will never earn from your talent, and everything you’ve learned won’t matter.

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