Best Apps For Augmented Reality

Best AR apps in 2021: Augmented reality comes to your phone | Tom's Guide

Augmented reality is the next big thing.

If you’re not familiar with augmented reality (AR), it’s basically the digital world that we live in, but enhanced. Imagine if you could see your favorite celebrity standing on your street corner—or your favorite sporting event through a pair of AR glasses—and you get the idea.

The potential for AR is endless, and it’s going to change how we interact with technology forever. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at some of the best apps for augmented reality right now.

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    Top 10 Augmented Reality Apps
    From virtual interior design to catching Pokémon in the streets of your neighbourhood –augmented reality apps are in trend. We checked out the Top 10 and if they’re worth your devices memory.

For a long time, augmented reality sounded like a technology from a SciFi Movie. Meanwhile, it became a real thing and made new kinds of entertainment and media possible by providing an innovative way of mixing the virtual and the real word. The available apps range from interactive maps to multiplayer games and are produced by big companies and smaller developers. But whether a premium app or freeware, the software is always for using with a smartphone and camera to give the user a new view of reality. Due to the big number and diversity of AR apps, we had a look if the Top 10 apps are worth downloading onto your device.


Print goes interactive media! Layar is designed to bring print content into the virtual world, just by scanning it. Once the source is scanned, the augmented reality app can provide direct links to particular products or bring up videos in a few seconds. Furthermore, the app includes tools for sharing the content on social media platforms.

Layar Augmented Reality App
Image Source: Layar

Night Sky

A new sky guide that turns your environment in to a personal planetarium. It provides you with information about stars, planets, constellations, and satellites. Furthermore, it has some premium features like live sky tours, a solar system exploration or a deep sky zoom to investigate the universe. All you have to do is to point the camera to the sky.

Night Sky App
Image Source: Night Sky

IKEA Place

With this augmented reality app you can place virtual furniture from the IKEA catalogue directly to your room. A whole new interior design experience.

Ikea Place app
Image Source: Ikea

Google Translate

It’s not a 100 percent augmented reality app, but uses the same technology. You can make a photo of a text and google translates it in real time. With a wi-fi Connection you have access to 13 languages at the moment – more to come. But you can also download a number of language packs to use the app all the way offline.

Wikitude Wold Browser

The next generation of browsers is here. While using the camera in an area the browser provides you with all relevant information from useful background articles on Wikipedia, direction to the next ATM location, or the best restaurants at place. Also you can find hotels and accommodations trough Yelp, TripAdvisor, and other services. All in all a really good travel assistance.

Augmented Car Finder

One of the most useful augmented reality apps ever created. This is specifically designed to help guide you back to your car. Notably in crowed areas like stadiums, convention enters, outdoor concert venues and other massive parking lots. Once the position of your vehicle is set, the app creates a marker showing the location, the distance and direction to it.

Air Measure

A universal augmented reality app to measure objects in the real world. You can measure anything from small distances to far away points and heights. Additional tools provide you with the possibilities to calculate a person’s height, previewing virtual furniture and drawing in 3D Space.



Make the world your canvas. With this app you can create geotagged artworks on walls, sidewalks or any other building or object in the real world. You can share these paintings with other users by sending the location or making it public, so they can use their own camera to see them.


This app lets you try out tattoos without going under the needle. You can even load your own designs into the app, or use one of the pre-made artworks. While using the camera, you can put the ink on any body part to see how it looks. Previously there are only black-and-white tattoos, but the next update will bring coloured ones as well.

Ink Hunter App
Image Source: Ink Hunter

Pokémon Go

The probably most known AR app worldwide. The game quickly became viral and was all over the media. In this game you have to walk around and catch Pokémon just like in the Gameboy version, but in real world. The game uses GPS to get your location and move your in-game character, while you see the Pokémon through your camera. Additionally there are arenas and other users to fight and the game will became other new features like trading in the future.

Pokemon Go
Image Source: Pokemon Go

What do you think about augmented reality and what are your favourite apps? Leave your suggestions in the comment section below!

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