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12 Best Apps for College Students with Autism

Hi! We’re the team behind [company name]. We’re here to help you find the best apps for autistic adults.

We know that many autistic people have problems with social interaction, sensory processing, and other issues. And we know that mobile apps can be a great way to provide access to information or activities that have been difficult in the past.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of our favorite apps designed specifically for autistic adults. We hope they help you find some peace and happiness in your life.

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Are your loved ones on the autism spectrum? Are you looking for mobile apps that may help your loved one with autism? Well, you came to the right place. This article will discuss 10 mobile apps that may be helpful to individuals with an autism spectrum disorder. The mobile apps discussed in this article will not only save your time and autistic individual’s time but also make you and them more independent. For example, this article talks about autism apps for nonverbal, apps for autism social skills, free communication apps for autism and apps for autism spectrum disorder. Moreover, there are also autism apps for adults to enjoy.

What is Autism?
Autism is a neurological condition that begins to effect behavior in early childhood. Autistic individuals typically have difficulty relaying and receiving emotions. Patients are often viewed as socially awkward and have difficulty with speech and communication. The need for repetition, whether it is a specific behavioral patter or ritual, is another common feature in patients with autism.

Top 10 Mobile Apps For Those have autism spectrum
The following is a list of mobile apps that may be helpful to use by those with Autism. These apps will help them to carry out their daily activities, learn and improve their communication skills. They may be able to make them more independent and confident. So why the wait, look at the apps and figure out which one best suits your or your loved ones need.

Time Timer

Time Timer is an award-winning app helpful for autistic individuals to manage their times effectively. High Functioning Autism individuals may use this app to set times for each activity. Through this they may be able to complete more of their activities in a specific time frame. The Time Timer app has specific colors, functions and more stuff that the users may use to customize the timers they put on. This will allow autistic individuals to differentiate between what activities they are involved in. The app is easy to use by many individuals. You have to touch or drag to create a timer. The timers can be for until 99 hours. This will allow people to set a timer for the tasks that are time consuming. You can play the timers again and again for the routines. This will allow autistic individuals to do the same or similar tasks in the given time frame. Another feature is that users get to choose if they want to display the times in horizontal or vertical view. Autistic individuals may choose which view suits them better and be comfortable with the app. (IOS)


AACORN is an AAC app available to help children that suffer from nonverbal autism. AACORN has an easy to use interface for children to enjoy the app with fulfilling experience. It designed the content to meet the requirements of small hands of children. Often autistic children may get exhausted by trying to improve their communication skills by improving their vocabulary. However, they may not know which word to use when and this may drain out their energy and drive to learn. AACORN creates a happy environment for autistic children to learn more vocabulary. The app predicts words children may want to use by analyzing their behavior and creating a word tree. Through this the vocabulary of autistic children would improve. The children may not need to go through a difficult time thinking of what words to put next during a conversation. (IOS)


Proloquo2Go app is perfect to be used by autistic individuals. The app has various features that can help individuals with an autism spectrum disorder to carry on literacy activities. Proloquo2Go app includes vocabulary function and editing function. The app allows users to edit the button and personalize pages according to their requirement. This will help the individuals to be more comfortable while using the app as it would be more personal. The app can also improve the language development of autistic individuals. They use motor training for individuals to learn vocabulary easily. This will help autistic individuals to increase their vocabulary that they may use while they speak with others. This app is helpful for autistic individual to improve in their communication skills and socialize with people effectively. (IOS)

Model Me Going Places

Model Me Going Places is a great app that may improve the communication and social skills of autistic children in a community setting. Model Me Going Places app is recommended for children with Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD) aged 2 years to 8 years old. The app is easy to use as the children only have to watch videos of other children who are aged 2 years to 8 years. The children in the videos travel to different places in the community in order to socialize more effectively. Through these videos, autistic children would see what other children their own age is able to meet people and move around the community, this will motivate them to do the same. They may get confidence by looking at these videos and be inspired by how these children communicate and learn from them. The videos are not too long, they last for only two to four minutes so your child may not get bored. The video also uses components like music that may get children with autism interested. This may encourage them to watch the videos attentively and enjoy at the same time. The app also provides a summary of the locations the children visited during the end of the video so you and your child may not miss out on anything important. This will also refresh your child memory of what was shown in the video. (IOS)

MyTalk Tools Mobile AAC

MyTalk Tool Mobile AAC is a great app if you are looking for one to improve on communication skills for individuals with an autism spectrum disorder . MyTalk Tools Mobile AAC app helps individuals speak what they want through words or images. It’s up to the autistic individual’s choice of whether to use pictures, speech or words to communicate with other individuals. Through this the autistic individual would feel in power and communicate efficiently with other people. The app is also easy to use by users. Therefore, autistic individuals can use the app independently without anyone’s help. This will save the caregiver and the autistic individuals time and make them more independent. The users are also able to personalize the app by adding their own photos and learn about organization. Through this, autistic individuals can learn and improve their communication skills together. (iOS, Android)


Pictello as the name suggests is the platform where autistic individuals may share their stories with others. Autistic individuals may use this platform to communicate with their loved ones and tell their stories. The app helps individuals read easily. Autistic individuals may read by themselves without anyones help and enjoy the story. The users may create their stories on Pictello and share it with Pictello and non-Pictello users. Through this, autistic individuals may be able to freely communicate virtually with other individuals that may slowly improve their communication skills. The autistic individuals may like to use this app as it gives them free control on how they want to make their stories through many features. The app also could be used in 29 languages. This will allow autistic individuals to use the app more efficiently in their language. They will also be able understand the context of the app better as well. (IOS)

Toca Store

Taco Store ia a great app for your autistic children to engage in business communication freely along with other activities. Toca Store app consists of a store where your children can be owners and run it themselves. Through this your children will be able to communicate with customers and yield to their specific needs. They can learn behaviours about the business setting and how to act on certain situation. For example, communicating with customers. This will help them learn about how to communicate with other individuals when you are in the position of power. They may also learn of how owners need to communicate when dealing with customers. In the app, your child can choose of whether he wants to be a customer. When they are a customer, they have to purchase stuff. Therefore, he/she can engage in meaningful conversation between the buyer and the seller. Your child may get an idea of what the customers conversation are about. For example, the price and features of the product they wish to purchase. Next time they go to a store they may be motivated to engage in such conversation with sellers if given the opportunity. Through this their communication skills may improve and they may be encouraged to socialize more often with strangers. (IO)


iCommunicate is an app that may be used by autistic individuals to organize and socialize with other people in the community. iCommunicate app allows individuals to make schedules, communication boards, speech cards and much more. These features will allow individuals to stay on task and communicate effectively with other individuals. The users are allowed to record their own voices for the boards or images. Autistic children may be comfortable by using the app in their own voice. Caregivers may also record their voice for the person with autism to hear later on when they require it. Through this, caregivers do not have to be around for autistic individuals all the time. They may become more independent and confident in their behavioral and communication skills. The app also offers text-to speech functions with voices available in many languages. The autistic users will be able to use the app comfortably in the language of their choice. They may also understand and comprehend the material better through this. (IOS)

Emotions and Feelings Autism Social Story

Emotions and Feelings Autism Social Story app would be great to use by those autistic individuals who have trouble expressing themselves. Emotions and Feelings Autism Social Story app provides a visual platform for individuals to communicate their emotions to other individuals. It contains a social story which portrays the types of emotions and feelings human experience. This app will be helpful for individuals with an autism spectrum disorder spectrum disorder (ASD). Through this app, autistic individuals can identify emotions to express themselves and judge what others individuals are feeling by their emotions. This will be very helpful for them during conversations as they can tell where the conversation is going with the other individual. For example, they may console a person who is sad and engage in effective conversation with them. They can also express something they like or don’t like to other people effectively. (IOS)

Aiko & Egor: Animation 4 Autism

Aiko & Egor: Animation 4 Autism app may be used by children facing autism spectrum disorder (ASD) by See Beneath. Aiko & Egor Animation 4 Autism app has an easy to use interface for autistic children to use without any complications. The app uses animation and underwater cartoons in the app may allow your child to engage efficiently with the app. It also includes videos that parents and children may view together through two ways. The first is through play video where you can watch the clips or whole episodes. Through this your child may feel as if they are watching a cartoon and have fun. It may encourage them to communicate with their family members about the episode. The other way is to learn together where you can watch the videos with brief bubble time in between. Through this, children with autism may pay more attention to the videos they are watching in order to succeed in the bubble time. This will help autistic children grow in their learning and communication skills. (Android, IOS)

Autism in individuals may prevent them from communicating effectively with other individuals. It is also important to monitor their behavior from time to time. Therefore, this article discussed some app that are available on your smartphone that may be helpful to improve the communication skills and behavior of an autistic individual. The apps discussed are either free or for purchase on and could be downloaded on your devices like the Ipad. Hope you will find the right app to use for the individuals with autism to improve their skills.

Children on the autism spectrum
Individuals who have an autism have more than just apps to assist them in their lives. They are also able to obtain benefits from Ontario. You may apply for Child Disability Tax credit for children and Disability tax credit for adults with Autism spectrum Disorder (ASD).


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