Best Apps For Baby Tracking

As a new parent, you have a lot to worry about. You have to keep track of your baby’s health, growth and development. You also have to keep track of all their appointments and vaccinations. You need an app that can help you manage all of these tasks.

You want an app that will be easy to use and will allow you to create custom reminders for each of these tasks. The best baby tracking apps will also allow you to send photos from your phone directly into the app so that they can be stored in one place.

Here’s a list of some great apps that can help you manage your baby’s life:

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The best pregnancy and baby tracking apps for expectant moms

best apps for tracking baby development

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8 Best Baby Tracking Apps
Posted on 26 July, 2021 | By Sassy Mama Babypost category – babybaby
baby tracking apps
We share our fave baby tracking apps so you can monitor and track breastfeeding, bathtime, diaper changes and more to make your new parenting journey a tiny bit easier
First time pregnant? You are going to love the pregnancy apps that can show how your baby is developing week by week plus there are such fun features like journaling and mood tracking. Once your baby is born when you’re running around sleep-deprived, it can be tough remembering when (and on what side!) to feed the bubs, let alone keep track of all those dirty nappies (and naptimes). Luckily, we’ve rounded up our favourite baby tracking apps to help you stay afloat with your tot’s day to day routine and chart their development – something that definitely comes in handy for your next paediatrician visit.

Here are all the nitty-gritty details about each app so you can choose one that’s right for you!

baby tracking apps

  1. The Wonder Weeks
    The Wonder Weeks is one of the best baby apps to track your baby’s developmental milestones so that you can help your baby through this fussy stage of a leap in their mental development. If you are wondering if your baby’s night waking is a sleep regression, teething or are they entering another developmental leap, then this is the baby tracking app for you!
    Get this baby tracking app: US$3.99 iPhone

baby tracking app
Baby Tracker by WhatToExpect

  1. Baby Tracker by WhatToExpect
    What to Expect apps guide you through every phase of your parenting journey, from preconception to pregnancy to the first years of your child’s life. This customisable baby tracking app not only allows you to record your baby’s sleeping, feeding and necessary diaper change patterns, but also has a handy list of recommended vaccinations. If you’ve got more than one child, you can add their profiles to your account as well! The tracker goes beyond what it says on the tin and even has an archive of guides to each month of your child’s development, medical advice and even playtime ideas for when your brain’s just too tired to come up with another game. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, never fear – you’ll get access to the What to Expect forum where you can ask other parents for help, or just rant to them about the two hours of sleep you got last night. Get this baby tracking app: Free on Android, iPhone, iPad

baby tracking apps
Sprout Baby and Pregnancy Tracking App

  1. Sprout
    Sprout is renowned for its physician-recommended pregnancy app and baby app with a number of awards (Apple named it their ‘Essential App for Parents’!). Sprout has you covered from fetus to baby’s first steps, with an easy-to-use interface and awesome capabilities like multiple child profiles, doctor visit planners and daily tips with their pregnancy and baby trackers. Developed by mothers-to-be and doctors to guide you down the path of motherhood, don’t forget about their pregnancy journal – after creating a beautiful list of memories with your partner, you can send it off to be transformed into a gorgeous hardbound book for your family to treasure forever.
    Get this baby tracking app: Free trial available. Available on iOS and Android.

baby tracking apps
Baby Feed Timer App

  1. Baby Feed Timer
    Recommended by NHS midwives in the UK, this baby app was designed by- and for- breastfeeding moms to keep track of feedings. The Baby Feed Timer reminds you what side to start on, when you’re due for the next feed, and much more. We love the giant buttons that are easy to tap with one hand when you’ve got a squirming hungry baby in the other. It also syncs up with other phones so your partner can know when to feed your baby if you are out. Also keeps track of bottle feedings, pumping sessions, diaper changes, and sleep timings, with in-depth charts and analysis.
    Get this baby tracking app: Free with in-app purchases. Available for iOS.

baby tracking apps
Baby Connect Tracking App

  1. Baby Connect
    Perfect for the mama-on-the-go, Baby Connect allows you to create an online baby tracker that can be updated remotely by anyone you grant access to: your husband, your parents, your helper, etc. With options to record nursing times, diaper changes as well as mood swings and milestones, you can be out and about in the Little Red Dot and still not miss a single thing. It even has its own in-app messaging tool! Baby Connect can turn your updates into easily digestible graphs and charts, as well as allow you to keep track of any trends you or your doctor should be interested in. You’ll even be able to make a profile for your child with relevant information about their allergies, blood type and birthday – everything’s all in one place!
    Get this baby tracking app: $4.99. Available for iOS, iPad and Android

baby daybook tracking app
Baby Daybook Baby App

  1. Baby Daybook
    Baby Daybook is a means of recording your newborn’s every last move – from diaper changes to breastfeeding sessions with the unique option of adding in crucial notes to record irregularities. For mamas with twins or triplets, Baby Daybook’s got you covered with multiple baby profiles that you can sync up with your husband or helper’s accounts so that they know exactly what’s going on every second of the day. With customisable app colours, the team behind Baby Daybook has even been thoughtful enough to develop a darker interface so you don’t wake up your little with a blast of light during their nighttime feedings.
    Get this baby tracking app: Free to download. Available on Android and iOS.

baby apps
Baby Nursing App

  1. Baby Nursing
    From the minds of American Baby magazine comes the Baby Nursing app, your free be-all, end-all breastfeeding app…and so much more! With options to chart your baby’s nursing progress as well as relevant doctors appointments and potty breaks, don’t forget to record your milestones with their in-built sound, photo and video capabilities! If you’re absolutely in love with the app, there’s even more paid-for content that will allow you to keep on top of bottle feedings, pumping, sleeping and more. Data can even be exported into a customisable Excel spreadsheet.
    Get this baby tracking app: Free, in-app purchases available. Available on iOS and Android.

baby tracking app
Feed Baby App

  1. Feed Baby
    It’s easy to forget things when you’re operating on infant-oriented sleep, but with Feed Baby at least you can monitor your baby’s meal times, baths, and bottle feeds. This tracker creates colourful timelines, graphs and reports based around your tot’s eating habits, even when they start on solid foods. With customisable themes in powder Vintage Pink, periwinkle Baby Blue or the more solemn Dark Knight, you and your hubby will be able to sync up your data between devices to make sure you both know exactly what’s going on wherever you are.
    Get this baby tracking app: Free, in-app purchases available. Available on iOS and Android.

First published in 2018 by Megan Hills, and updated in 2021 by Beate Baldry
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baby tracking apps
8 Best Baby Tracking Apps
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