Best Apps For Backing Up Photos

10 Best Backup Apps for Android to Keep Your Data Safe

In this post, we’ll be going over the best apps for backing up photos.

These days, it’s easy to take a photo with your phone and forget about it. But if something happens to your device, or if you lose it, all those memories could be lost forever. That’s why it’s important to back up all of your photos in case anything happens. However, there are a lot of different ways to do this—and not all of them are equal. In this post, we’ll look at some of the best apps for backing up photos.

best apps for backing up photos and videos

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11 Best Free Photo Storage Apps to Try in 2022
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Having access to a camera 24/7 has its benefits. We can photograph everything! The downside is, what to do with all those images? This article gives you our picks for the best photo storage app.

Our smartphones aren’t just cameras—they’re storage devices holding our music, files, and videos. Space is limited and runs out fast. These handy free photo storage apps can help!
A close up of a person accessing the best photo storage app on a smartphone [Note: ExpertPhotography is supported by readers. Product links on ExpertPhotography are referral links. If you use one of these and buy something, we make a little money. Need more info? See how it all works here.]

The Best Free Photo Storage Apps
We’ll take a look at the ten best storage apps out there. There’s something for every photographer—whether you want to share your images with others or have a trusty online backup!

  1. Dropbox
    iOS and Android
    Free (up to 2GB)
    Selective sync across devices
    Since its inception, the Dropbox app has been the go-to choice for many people. They offer the best free cloud storage, and it happens to be the best way to backup photos.

It is a relatively simple platform, which is perfect to avoid confusion. It’s best for photographers who store their images in folders, as Dropbox works similarly.

Although it is a phone app, you can download the program for your tablet, desktop computer, or laptop. This means easy accessibility across all devices.

From there, you drag and drop to store your images. For other purposes, it acts as a great intermediate. Simply add your pictures and pull them onto your desktop.

It’s a great way to back up your iPhone photos, especially when you realise that your iPhone storage is full. For the best online storage, look no further.

Screenshot of Dropbox photo storage app homepage

  1. Google Photos
    iOS and Android
    Unlimited Storage
    16MP image limit
    What makes the Google Photos Storage app great is that you can upload your images automatically. It means you don’t have to worry if your pictures are saved or not.

This is a tremendous advantage for photo storage, especially if you shoot like there is no tomorrow! You can even attach it to your computer for the same process.

Google Photos is one of the best online storage facilities. However, there are some limitations. You can only upload images up to a maximum resolution and size of 16MP.

If they are bigger, they will be downsized. There is an option around this, but you are limited to storing 15GB. It’s a substantial downgrade from ‘unlimited’. You can upgrade to 100GB for a small monthly fee in the US.

Google Photos might not be the best photo storage for a professional photographer. But it’s great for your family and travel snapshots.

It’s an excellent option for those photographers who want to back up Android and iPhone photos easily and quickly.

Screenshot of Google Photos best photo storage app homepage

  1. iCloud
    Accessible with Apple ID
    Free (5GB)
    Easy-to-use interface
    Synch across all devices
    The app for storing photos we can’t forget is the one that’s standard on iOS platforms. Whether we want it or not, the iCloud app is already on our iPhones and iPads

Most of the time, this app works in the background. It tells us when we no longer have space to back up our iPhone photos. We forget that it is one of the best free cloud storage options available.

The biggest benefit of this app and service is the ease of keeping your devices all connected. The cloud can pull images from your desktop, phone, etc.

This makes it the best way to store photos when using multiple camera phones to photograph. It’s also beneficial to get messages to let you know when your iPhone storage is full!

Professional storage levels are at decent rates per year for 50GB, 200GB, or 1TB! You can even tag your images with names and locations, making them easy to search.

Screenshot of iCloud file storage application on an iPad and iPhone

  1. Internxt Photos
    iOS and Android
    Free (10GB)
    Share photos directly to social media and messengers
    Access gallery without downloading
    ​​Sync across all mobile devices
    Open-source and built on blockchain, Internxt is a cloud storage service designed to protect users’ privacy. Their cloud photo service is an easy-to-use and ethical alternative to similar services offered by Big Tech.

All photos uploaded to the Internxt Photos are end-to-end encrypted before they leave your device. It’s perfect for those who work with confidential or sensitive images. They ensure that no first or third-party access to photos ever. The service is for anyone who worries about unauthorized access to personal information and data breaches.

Internxt has a clean and simple interface allowing users to easily upload photos. They offer a fully-featured free 10GB plan, and affordable 20GB, 200GB, and 2TB paid plans too.

Internxt Photos comes with privacy and peace of mind. Probably making them the most ethical and trustworthy photo storage app available.

images showing the Internxt application’s user interface

  1. pCloud
    iOS and Android
    Free (10 GB)
    Strict data protection
    Easy-to-use interface
    pCloud is a great new file storage site dedicated to protecting users’ data. The company is based in Switzerland and therefore follows the strict personal data laws that are in place there.

You can access your files on any device that connects to the internet. And you can also use this service to share big files with people who don’t use the pCloud application.

I’m a big fan of their interface and design. pCloud provides a simplistic way to sort and share all the files in their cloud drive.

Screenshot of pCloud file storage application on an iPad and iPhone

  1. Flickr
    iOS and Android
    Free (1,000 photos) with paid upgrades
    Keep original resolutions
    No sync
    Auto-uploader comes at a cost
    Flickr was bought by SmugMug a little while ago. But the latter is more a portfolio builder.

Flickr is a photography social media page where a community of photographers gathers. But it can be used as a photo-backup site. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support RAW files.

What we like about this photo storage is the space for 1,000 photos. You’re limited to 200MB for photos and 1GB for videos. But It’s still one of the best online storage options around. Plus, your photos also get exposure.

You need to download a different app for automatic uploading. But its unlimited storage comes at reasonable monthly and yearly rates. So it’s a viable option for online photo storage.

Screenshot of Flickr best photo storage app homepage

  1. Amazon (Prime) Photos
    iOS and Android
    Free (if a member of Amazon Prime)
    Order prints
    If you like Amazon and pay for the Amazon Prime membership, this option for free cloud storage is perfect for you. It’s one of the best ways to back up photos if you’re on the go.

It will hold unlimited amounts of images of your family and friends. Here, you can store your pictures in a ‘family vault’ that everyone can access.

Amazon is a perfect option for family and friends who live abroad. And only one person needs to have a Prime Membership. Now, you can even use ‘invite-only groups’ for a wider audience.

It’s is one of my favourite ways to backup iPhone photos. And you can order prints, calendars, and more from the Amazon Photos storage app.

Screenshot of Amazon Photos photo storage app homepage

  1. Microsoft OneDrive
    iOS and Android
    Free storage (5GB)
    Payment plans available
    Automatic uploader
    Although this is a Microsoft product, it is available for iPhone users with no storage and looking for free cloud options. The Microsoft OneDrive app gives you 5GB for free.

It’s great for picture storage, and it also lets you store and share any other types of files you wish. You can upgrade the space, but you need to pay for it.

Automatic uploading is available, making it easy. It’s one of the best free cloud storage possibilities. With this app, you can also use metadata to organise photos as you see fit.

Screenshot of Microsoft Onedrive Photo Storage app’s homepage

  1. Mylio
    iOS and Android
    Free (5000 images)
    Doesn’t use the cloud
    Editing tools
    The Mylio app takes a new approach to cross-device image sharing. Instead of storing your photographs on the cloud, Mylio will keep your images on the primary device you set up in the Mylio app.

You can access all your pictures from your primary device anywhere with each additional device!

I am a big fan of the other features that Mylio provides, such as the face and geo-tagging features. These small features change how I browse through my digital images, and I like how they are incorporated right into the app.

Screenshot of Mylio homepage – best photo storage app

  1. 500px
    iOS and Android
    Free with in-app purchases and paid memberships
    Original resolution
    7 uploads in 7 days
    If you are a photographer who likes only to keep your best images, this is an excellent option for you. 500px is an online photographic community that focuses on quality over quantity.

It allows you feedback on your images and licensing, so you can even make money. Like other social media platforms, you can upload and download your photos as you see fit.

500px is one of the best free cloud storage options out there. But, for the free users, you are limited to seven images over seven days. This equates to 2000 photo backups in total.

You can upgrade to monthly or yearly memberships, and the costs are reasonable. It’s is a viable option to back up your iPhone photos, especially if you are a professional photographer.

Screenshot of 500px homepage – best photo storage app

  1. Snapfish
    iOS and Android
    50 free photo prints a month
    Easy-to-use interface
    The Snapfish app offers photographers a more selective approach to photo storage. There is unlimited storage at full image resolution, but they must be selected manually.

You can do it in large batches, which makes it easy. Snapfish is one of the best free cloud storage options when your iPhone storage is full.

One of the best things about the Snapfish App is the easy linking between your Facebook, Instagram, and Google Photos directly from within the app.

But it isn’t just a free cloud storage app. The main business idea behind it is printing images. Once stored, you can add pictures to print for yourself or as gifts for family and friends.

You get 50 free prints a month, which is a welcome addition to one of the best ways to back up your photos.

Screenshot of Snapfish best photo storage app homepage

It’s easier and quicker than ever before to store your photos efficiently. Having a camera in our back pockets and enough online storage for all our photos has genuinely been a game-changing revelation.

These free photo storage apps are similar in that they simplify your photography process. You don’t have to worry about hard drives or archives.

Some are also excellent for sharing your work, whether you take them with a phone or digital camera. Hopefully, one of these best photo storage apps can make your life easier!

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Table of Contents
The Best Free Photo Storage Apps

  1. Dropbox
  2. Google Photos
  3. iCloud
  4. Internxt Photos
  5. pCloud
  6. Flickr
  7. Amazon (Prime) Photos
  8. Microsoft OneDrive
  9. Mylio
  10. 500px
  11. Snapfish
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