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It’s no secret that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is subjective, and we all have different tastes when it comes to what we consider beautiful.

But there are some things that are universally considered beautiful: a well-groomed beard, for example, or a perfectly-styled man bun. We’ve looked at the internet to find the best apps for beauty—from the most basic to the most advanced—so you can learn how to make yourself look as good as your favorite celebrities.

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There’s an app for just about anything now – whether that’s booking on-demand beauty or wellness treatments (hair styling, manis, pedis, massages, yoga sessions – you name it).

Below are some of our favourite beauty platforms to make life a little easier (and a little prettier).

For at-home beauty and wellness treatments: Urban
Urban beauty app

Urban is a one-stop-booking-shop for beauty therapists. Whether you want a facial, hair removal, lash extensions, hair styling, massage, make-up or a mani and pedi, they can find someone (fabulous) for the job. It currently operates in the greater London area, Birmingham and Manchester, as well as France – should you be travelling. Beyond beatifying, the network empowers its therapists to maintain independent careers, letting practitioners take home 72 per cent of bookings (which is more than most).

For finding salon appointments: Treatwell
Treatwell App

If you realise you urgently need a brow appointment, or need a cut and colour near home sharpish, Treatwell can help you. The app will find an appropriate salon close to you, so that you can be enjoying your appointment in as little as thirty minutes. Or – of course – those who like to plan ahead can do too.

For salon hairstyling at home: bgX
bgx hairdressers app

Bringing your favourite hairdressers to you, bgX lets you book pro-salon stylists to come to your home, hotel or office for a freshen up. In partnership with Uber, no scheduling is required – you simply book on-demand. You’ll find some of the top salons listed, from the likes of Hob Salons and Toni&Guy to independent salons like Hari’s and Jo Hansford offering hair, make-up and nail appointments.

For nails on demand: LeSalon
Le Salon app

LeSalon lets you book a wide variety of premium nail, lash and waxing services via its website and app. Any time, any place within London, a ‘salonette’ can come to you, with payment for the pamper made securely via the digital booking. It couldn’t be easier.

For make-up appointments: Beyou
Beyou makeup app

Like having a wealth of make-up artists on speed-dial, Beyou connects you with qualified individuals who can do your make-up in the comfort of your own home. What’s better is that you don’t have to worry about sky-high prices or ending up with make-up you hate, as you are in control of choosing the right price bracket and look inspiration for you.

For tracking skin health: YouCam Makeup
Youcam Beauty App

If you’ve ever wondered whether your skincare regime is actually working (or your bad skin day is all in your imagination), YouCam Makeup’s latest Skin Diary feature is for you. Simply take a selfie every day and the app will analyse your skin’s age and health by tracking signs of wrinkles, spots, uneven texture and dark circles. It’s strangely addictive.

For trying before you buy: MakeupPlus Virtual Counter
Makeup Plus Counter Beauty Apps

If you’ve ever dreamt of accessing the latest beauty products without being overwhelmed by busy make-up halls, MakeupPlus’ Virtual Counter is for you. You can virtually sample actual products from brands including Givenchy and Charlotte Tilbury to see how they suit you before you purchase them, and there are also specific tutorials to ensure you know how to apply them perfectly.

For speedy beauty: Blow LTD
Blow LTD

Blow Ltd provides ‘Fast Beauty To Go’, bringing speedy and high-quality beauty treatments quite literally to your door if you live or work in the capital. You can book a blow-dry (or even haircut), make-up or nail service with a mobile qualified stylist with just a few clicks, and your appointment will be confirmed within an hour.

For luxury beauty bookings: Beautii
Hair, Face, Skin, Lip, Chin, Hairstyle, Eyebrow, Beauty, Hair coloring, Head,

London’s luxury beauty concierge can arrange for excellent make-up, hair, nail and beauty experts to come to you, plus top tier therapists and stylists for bridal appointments. They’re all bookable online – with a user-friendly mobile-optimised site – so you don’t even have to download an app.

For at-home massage: Soothe
Soothe app

If you’re craving a spa-quality massage at home, you need to download the Uber of massage. Soothe, the on-demand massage provider, has just launched in Manchester after arriving in London earlier this year. The top-class therapists bring a bed, fresh towels, quality oils and even music to recreate the spa setting in your living room. Divine, and potentially addictive.

For special occasion glam: Ruuby

With high-end salons and professionals in their “Little Black Book”, Ruuby is the perfect London concierge beauty service for big nights (or days) out. Removing the hassle of finding and contacting a range of salons, the app makes it easy to book make-up, nail and body treatments, all with a vetted specialist in the comfort of your home.

For gifting busy women: Prettly
Prettly – best beauty apps

This London-based on demand beauty service covers you for nails, hair, make-up and hair removal from early in the morning to late in the evening. If you’re wondering what to gift a friend that’s too busy to pin down for a pamper – Prettly is it. They do a selection of personalised gift cards that can be posted or emailed, making things effortless for everyone.

For skincare advice: Skin Matters
Skin Matters app

Considering so many people now look at the back of their food packets, it seems counterintuitive to not do the same with the products we put on our faces. Skin Matters aims to solve the confusion around beauty products’ labels by revealing the reasons why an ingredient is in your favourite cream and if it is beneficial or harmful for your skin type.

For bespoke skincare suggestions: mySkin
Best for skincare help: mySkin

If venturing into a department store’s beauty hall without any idea what product you need feels too daunting, then the mySkin app will point you in the right direction. By completing a detailed survey on your skin type and requirements, the app selects the wonder product which ticks all of the boxes. Promising an unbiased diagnosis, mySkin also allows you to track the results of the chosen products for your followers to see.

For holistic beauty at-home: Emily Rose Spa
Emily Rose Spa app

This luxury spa-on-demand services East and North London as well as the Essex area, taking bookings for holistic beauty treatments in addition to all your conventional beauty maintenance and pampering. Try at-home services such as crystal healing and reiki to combat stress and balance the body. The Emily Rose Spa app is easy to use, though you can also book via the website.

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