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macOS Big Sur Official - New Dock Designs, Updated Widgets, Fresh Control  Center and an Aesthetically Upgraded UI for Apps

The Big Sur region of California is known for its rugged coastline and natural beauty. The area is also home to a number of hiking trails and other outdoor activities. While there are many apps that can help you plan your trip, we have selected three that are ideal for this area.

  1. The National Geographic Trails Illustrated map of Big Sur

This app provides detailed topographic maps with high-quality satellite imagery, as well as elevation profiles and waypoints for many popular trails in the area. You will be able to access the map offline so it does not require an internet connection or cellular data plan. It also includes an interactive feature that allows you to zoom in on individual trails and see details like elevation changes, trail difficulty ratings and GPS coordinates for each trailhead. The app also includes information about things like wildlife sightings, environmental hazards and other points of interest along each trail route.

  1. Big Sur Guidebook by Pacific Coast Hiker

This guidebook contains information about all things related to hiking in the Big Sur area including trail descriptions, photos from different hikes, information about local restaurants and camping options as well as suggestions for day trips outside of Big Sur itself such as Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park or Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park which is located just south

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best free apps for macos big sur

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Best Mac apps in 2022: the best macOS apps for your Apple Mac
By Matt Hanson last updated January 24, 2022

The best Mac software both free and paid

The vast library of the best Mac apps rivals that of the best Windows apps. And, now macOS Big Sur brings even greater integration with iOS apps for iPad and iPhone, that library has just gotten even bigger. You can do just about anything your heart desires on your Mac, whether it’s creative work, productivity, entertainment or gaming.

The best Mac apps of 2022 cover so much ground, whether you’re considering something utilitarian like Evernote, the best note-taking app out there, the Stocks and News apps, to ones that make your life and workflow on your Mac that much easier and you didn’t know you needed.

We created this list to round up the best Mac apps for you, the majority of which we make use of every day. Though you won’t find every one of these on the Mac App Store, you should still consider them. Whether you’re considering music recording programs to free apps and utilities, these will take even the best Mac to the next level. And, if you’re new to macOS, here’s how to use the Mac App Store.

Bill Thomas and Gabe Carey have also contributed to this article

Check out our Linux vs Windows vs Mac – OS comparison video below.

Protect yourself online with the best Mac VPN
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Matt Hanson
Matt Hanson

Senior Computing editor
Matt (Twitter) is TechRadar’s Senior Computing editor. Having written for a number of publications such as PC Plus, PC Format, T3 and Linux Format, there’s no aspect of technology that Matt isn’t passionate about, especially computing and PC gaming. If you’re encountering a problem or need some advice with your PC or Mac, drop him a line on Twitter.

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