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20 Must-have Android Apps for Bloggers and Writers

Blog Introduction

Blog, short for web log, is a website where the owner regularly posts articles and other content to promote a product or service. A blog can help you build your brand, connect with customers and create valuable content for your business.

There are over 200 million blogs on the internet so it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. The good news is that blogging is easy! You don’t need to be an expert writer or designer to start a blog. All you need is a passion for what you do and willingness to share your ideas with others.

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If you want to learn how to start a blog, there are plenty of guides online that will help get you started. But if all that sounds too daunting and complicated then why not use an app instead? Apps like Blogger make it easy for anyone with basic computer skills to create their own blog in just minutes!

best writing apps for bloggers

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21 Of The Best Phone Apps For Bloggers
By: Lorraine Reguly Topics: Blogging More posts about: Productivity
Here they are – 21 of the best and smartest Blogging Apps

Essential phone apps for serious bloggers.

Apps that allow bloggers to blog more often, write better, and track their website and social media success.

Blogging Apps that enable bloggers to manage their time better and get more done!

apps for blogging

With technology changing, it is sometimes tough to keep up with all the new apps.

Plus smartphones quickly become obsolete and phone applications are constantly being updated.

In the end, it becomes difficult to know which phone apps to keep and which to delete.

This article will help!

The Best Phone Apps For Blogging
Our No 1 Blogging App: The IFTTT App
The IFTTT app (If This Then That) is an app that allows your apps — such as Instagram and GMail — to talk to one other. This process of talking to each other is called creating a RECIPE.

A good example of a recipe is when you can set it up so that all Instagram images are saved to DROPBOX. This is just one of many ‘recipes’ available. The IFTTT app is one of the most useful apps any blogger can own. For a more detailed look at IFTTT – check out: The Beginner’s Guide To IFTTT

(Download IFTTT for iOS or android.)

apps for bloggers

No 2 Blogging App: Buffer App
Buffer makes it super convenient to schedule (or reschedule) your social posts on the go. Great for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. I particularly like that you can add images directly from the URL. This saves you time because as an example you don’t have to save an image to your phone and manually add it to each Tweet. This is a nice feature of the Buffer app because Tweets with images tend to cause more interaction. (download for iOS or android)

No 3 Blogging App: WordPress App
Allows you to do just about all the things you would normally do from your desktop. For example, draft a new post on your blog, review comments and track stats. (download for iOS or android)

iphone app for bloggers, wordpress app

4: Evernote App
Let Evernote change the way you organize your personal and professional projects. Dive in: take notes, create to-do lists, and save things you find online into Evernote. This App will also sync everything between your phone, tablet, and computer automatically. For many bloggers, this is a must-have App! (download for iOS or android)

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5: Aweber App
Use the AWeber app (download for iOS or android) to check the results of your auto-responder sequences and broadcasts when you are on the go. It’s also very easy to see how many subscribers and unsubscribes you’ve recently gotten. There are no special functions to it, but the Aweber app just makes it very convenient to check your stats and it looks great.

aweber app

6: Google Analytics App
Access all of your Google Analytics web and app data from your mobile device. Monitor recent changes with real time reports. Share reports to anyone. (download for iOS or android).

Google Analytics app

7: Pinterest App
Discover, search and save great content from across the web. Use it for inspiration or practical ideas for everyday life. Use this app to save articles or ideas you wish to refer back to later. Also see: The Beginner’s Guide to Seeing Massive Pinterest Traffic

(download for iOS or android)

8: Google Keep
Google Keep allows you to add and store notes, photos and audio. You can then organize everything you decide to keeo into easily-accessible labels with various colors for ease of finding later. A really clever and useful app!

In addition, there are note reminders and the ability to record a voice memo and have it transcribed by the app later. Google Keep for Android | Google Keep for iOS.

google keep app for bloggers

9: HubSpot Sales App
Formally called Sidekick and also called Sales for HubSpot (download for iOS or android)

This App allows you to build a library of personalized email templates & sales content that you can access right from your inbox. With the metrics the App provides you can see which email templates get the most opens and clicked. This allows you to share the best approaches across your team.

It also offers great Social Media Integration. There is a Free Version and a CRM version.

10: Podcast Addict app
This is a great app with which to manage all your podcast subscriptions. You can download episodes and make playlists which is awesome because that way you don’t use any data when you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network. (available only for android)

Listening to podcasts is a great way to acquire more knowledge while doing other activities. Some recommended podcasts include:

Antipreneur by Ben Settle
Weird Entrepreneurs by Justin & D Verrengia
The Tim Ferris Show (obviously by Tim Ferris)
Online Marketing Made Easy by Amy Porterfield
11: MobileVOIP App
MobileVOIP is a free iPhone cheap calls app which lets you make (free) national or international mobile voip calls directly from your iPhone. (download for iOS or android or other phones). If you don’t have an iPhone there are various plans available that will save you money on your Mobile Phone costs by simply installing the MobileVOIP app.

12: Instapaper App
apps for bloggers

Save all of the interesting articles, videos, cooking recipes, song lyrics, or whatever else you come across while browsing. With one click, Instapaper lets you save, read, and manage the things you find on the Internet.

This app allows you to post to Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Pinboard, Evernote, and many others, using accounts you’ve linked to Instapaper. Even if you create posts when you’re offline, they’ll be saved and automatically posted the next time you’re online. One extra neat feature is that you can ‘copy’ a quote or part of a post as the text of say a Twitter Post and the app instantly produces a tweet that will post via your Twitter App. (download for iOS or android)

13: The Pocket App
This is a very clever app, sort of like an online scrapbook. When you find something you want to view later, put it in Pocket. Put articles, videos or pretty much anything into Pocket. Save directly from your browser or from apps like Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse and Zite. You will wonder how you managed without it! (download for iOS or android)

14: The Instagram App
Everyone is using this! (download for iOS or android)

Recommended Image Tool – Instasize – create visually engaging photos and videos to grow your social audience on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. You can also create videos on mobile with Instasize filters and editing tools. The free version is pretty impressive, but if you want to take advantage of all the filters, there is a monthly subscription.

15: The Cloze App
Cloze automatically keeps track of your email, phone calls, meetings, documents, Evernote, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. And everything from dozens of other services. It’s all organized for you — by contact, company, meeting, etc. It will also grab email signatures so your contacts are always up-to-date. It can also send you reminders of how long ago was your last email or when you were supposed to follow up. (download for iOS or android)

16: The Slack App
The ultimate productivity app – used by many, including Josh Dunlop. Team communication becomes a lot easier with this app. You can upload documents and keep everyone on your team in the know. A new way to get more done, spend less time in meetings, and reduce email. That’s Slack. (download for iOS or android) your desired device).

17: The Google Hangouts App
Use Hangouts to keep in touch. Message friends, start free video or voice calls, and hop on a conversation with one person or a group. (download for iOS or android or Windows phone)

18: The MagicJack app
Don’t pay for a separate phone or service. Just download magicApp to your existing mobile. You can even add a new business number! In your retail office, home office or on-the-go, magicApp keeps you connected. (download for iOS or android)

19: The Adobe Photoshop Sketch App
Create expressive drawings anywhere with Adobe Photoshop Sketch, the iPad app that lets you use natural drawing tools like pencils, pens, markers and watercolor brushes to get all the textures and blending effects you’d get on paper. (download for iPhone, iPad and iPadPro) – Touch-up and create images.

20: ColorNote
This app allows you to quickly jot down blog post ideas, make checklists, and write a few hundred words easily, regardless of where you are. (download for android).

colornote app

21: Pixlr Express – Photo Editor
A free and easy-to-use photo editor. No account creation is required, you can just download and start editing. Capture any moment and edit with over 2 million combinations of FREE effects, overlays, and filters.

Share your photos with ease using email, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter – most social networks!

Get Pixlr Express (Android and iOS)

Additional Blogging Apps and Business Resources
Recently I came across the article 27 Time-Sucking Blog Tasks You Can Outsource. Although it does not speak directly about phone apps, it does give you a wide range of tools you can use (or even outsource) to help you with your blogging and business needs.

You might also want to check out 15 Android Apps Every Blogger Should Have.

And if you’re really into marketing, you might like 45 Best Mobile Apps for Your Social Media Marketing.

Phone Apps For Accountancy:
The Ten Best Accounting Apps for Small Business Owners Who HATE Bookkeeping

Graphic Design Apps For Bloggers
Your budget is small, you are just getting started and you can’t afford to hire a Professional Graphic Designer?

What do you do?

Apps like CANVA, WordSwag and Typorama are our favorites.

Blogging Apps For Web Design
Of course, Apps need not be exclusively for smart phones. Increasingly there is a wide range of web apps to make your blogging life easier.

Among those we like are:

the smartest phone and web apps for Bloggers

Relaythat – Ideal for startups, freelancers, nonprofits and small businesses requiring affordable design. “No technical skills required.”

SNAPPA – Create highly engaging images without the help of a graphic designer.

Fortunately there are a lot more online image editors available these days – here is an article that lists 10 Alternatives to SNAPPA – some free, some have a modest cost. Well worth checking out!

Trello – A lot of content marketers swear by Trello. It can best be described as a project management tool. Ideal when different members of your team are responsible for different aspects of managing a large blog with numerous writers and editors.

Choose Your Blogging Apps Wisely
I could go on and on about how you can use different apps on your phone for blogging or business, but I think you can see that you have many apps to choose from! Your use of apps on your phone will be different than those listed here, and it will take some experimenting before you learn which apps you are comfortable using.

Some apps will make your phone an invaluable tool for blogging or business, and some won’t. It’s up to you to test out each app for yourself, decide if you like it, determine if you actually find it useful, or simply uninstall it from your phone.

Regardless of which apps you decide to use (or not use), your mind has at least been opened to some new ideas today!

Author Bio: Lorraine Reguly is an author, freelance writer, and editor for hire. You can reach out to Lorraine on Twitter.

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